Second Life Ranker

21 Thr. King (Joe) (15)

Han was busy moving to look for Edora, just as Yeonwoo instructed.

It was clear that the continuous swinging of the pairings associated with the kite was caught up in something unusual.

Now I'm more focused on following Yeon's orders than going that way.

It was because he could not turn the whole situation upside down just by looking for Yeon-woo, but also felt a strange 'anxiety when he kept looking for Edora.

'Something is wrong. This is the end of it? No, it can't be. There might be more. "Yeonwoo et al. was busy stopping the incidents that took place in the village immediately, but it took more than one or two steps apart.

First of all, the driver who set this up.

It only looks like a faceless face.

He must have captured the White Dragon and the Darwood Brotherhood and planted it within the one-horned tribe... But no matter how hard he looked, he was just a lure.

Han knew very well what was the nature of the Swordsmanship and Swordsmanship, which became the center of Faith, because he was once called Domsin in cleanliness.

At the time, they thought they were peaks and rulers. When the Red Dragon destroyed Purity and became part of the netherworld, and fought many beings in the heavens, I realized now that it was just a frog in a well.

In that regard, no matter how talented Faith is at flying, it was impossible to get her all over Asgard.

There was a palanquin called the "sword," but the whole community of conscience moved with just one water instead.

It was absolutely absurd to think about the political crisis Asgard was about to face when he faced the confrontation with Yeouido from Olympus.

"There's someone behind you. Obviously. 'Particularly the truth that Faith taught Knockton was not information that Faith could in the first place know.

There were only two people who could make it to the last compartment on the 21st floor. In the beginning, it was subject to the condition that if the player challenged him, he would never get out of there unless he died. In other words, the two survivors were the ones who knew the secret of the last compartment.

The King and Yeon.

Among them, 'It was the King who forcibly brought out the vision of Allfoone.

Yeongwoo could not fight because of the lost vision, but was only recorded as the first joint.

But the records show that the Swordsman down there knew about it? It was nonsense.

And the only contradiction is that someone else knew about it, so it was only evidence that someone intervened in the heavenly realm who could finally see the Summer the way he wanted.

And it was likely that the intervention of the celestial figure directly in this way in the lower heaven would be sufficiently striking against the causal rate.

How many could there be?

There were very few people willing to pretend with Olympus, who would have a smart castle.

A little guy who can defeat Yeon Woo and pretend like he didn't get hit too badly, but still be able to scheme this big.

Where? Or who? “Besides, the veil doesn't end with all this chaos. They weren't meant for assassination in the first place. It's good to succeed, it's good not to succeed...... It's just a screen to hide their purpose. They must be after something else. `" Though candidates who were likely to be enemies were swiftly passing by, there was now a longer delay.

If he's the main person who can be targeted for this... It's practically the same thing.

"Psychic Life." The highest priest, who obeys the words of Soho Geumcheon, has the 'Eye' to protect his clan. The 'Eye' is known to never be outdated compared to the 'Cheonan' of Olfowon.


Tak! The ghost was busy moving and could see where it was expected to be when it arrived at the spirits.

“Oops, oops. You read it sooner than I thought.” With its crooked copper muscles and skinheads, Laplace waves greedily, with a strange look with long rabbit ears above his head.

Six more beings with similar substances gathered around them to sharpen their eyes.

And in front of them.

“Help}. {0}. {/0} {0}: {0} 12291; 2}. {/0}” Edora, who was bleeding and leaning on the Faithful, and heavily wounded to help her, and the guardian warriors, who sat on the floor blindfolded with their hands.

Through the fissures of the hand that covered the face of the spirit... tears were pouring down.

Pufferfeng! “Eh" "Third z grabs his voice somehow.

“Why, Mother!” To ask why.

I wanted to know why the mother who relied on me so much was standing over there wanting to abandon herself.

The militia that risked their lives to help her and came with her to the other side of the tower was long dead.

The Summer Queen was blown away by a magical bombing that left no bodies behind.

Despite all that screaming, they tried to question the queen until the end.

Why are you raising their hands, not theirs? Are you being manipulated by the rest of them, or have you caught any weaknesses? If you tell me why, I will help you in any way I can.

That was how loyal they were to the word "loyalty."

From the time I was in the Red Dragon, if it was for the Summer Queen, my life would have been spared. Following Tsu after her death was only because she thought she was in charge of the Summer Queen's child and the most authentic successor. In that context, many deserters remained until the fall of the White Dragon at a rapid rate.

Wow, it was all because of these faithfulness that I sometimes doubted that the Summer Queen's powers were not properly passed on to me, and that she might not take them seriously, or that she might have another successor in mind.

It was because I believed that if the Summer Queen survived in any way, she would come to me at any time as long as these faithful people were there.

But the Summer Queen shattered all her expectations.

Although he appeared to be an ugly Bone Dragon, he didn't seem to be shaking much, and he didn't seem to be forced to be controlled by the necklace tied to the enemy.

Even the magical, left-handed dragon pressers were clearly no worse than the mushrooms.

Before losing the Dragon Heart in its heyday.

As the last remaining polyp, the absolute return that ruled the world of the tower for over a thousand years! Eventually, the rope melted away from her hand, or the rope of her henchman.

At the end, Ts, she was the only one left.

But Tsu was also as dangerous as they ever were.

Most of the strength in the original place originated from the Summer Queen, and even though they fought Ananta, they were already in great health.

Above all, there was no escape for the threatening black flame, as if it were going to swallow itself right away while sweeping the earth.

But there's only one reason to stay this way.

I wanted to hear why.

Why the Summer Queen is standing over there.

And abandon their families so recklessly.

If God told me that you were weak and that you were disposing of it because you were not as expected, I would accept it.

So I waited for an answer.

Overwhelming! The Summer Queen continues bombarding Hellfire with her senseless eyes, as if it wasn't worth answering.

And that's when.

Request for Salvation! Rescue Requests! "Suddenly, an urgent message was delivered from a clan headquarters located on the 76th floor.

"No way?" The wealthy Laputa broke through and entered the 76th gun! The Underworld is in danger! I hope for salvation! The Phantom Regiment Appears Together! The group under Artiya is emerging soon! Iron Throne, Children of the Forest... Damn it! Too many! I repeat! I repeat, Artiya has breached! Hurry up and get rescued... Khh! My Lady... This place is dangerous! Avoid the Queen in a hurry...! "Principle, Principle! The message that rained in a toothache - urgent tone soon ceased to be full of noise.

At that moment, I realized. While the death squad was fighting against the one-horned tribe, Artiya tried to rob the town.

I should have hit it fast, but it took me too long here. Perhaps the kite has moved Artiya that way since she appeared in Onehorn Tribe Village.

Plus, the whole battalion was wiped out... and the White Dragon was practically finished.

“…… You're not going to answer me until the end? I... - We were the only ones for her after all.

Ha, ha ha ha…………! ”Actins flashed coldly as they continued to bombard the catacombs with the number of catapults ($76 70), a rising tombstone of the shambles. The little tears around the eyes evaporated quickly due to the high fever and disappeared.

Then the black smoke rose and hid between the two of them for a short while.

That's why Tsu didn't see it.

The Summer Queen's eyelids were trembling for a very brief moment as she was clinging to her expressions.

“In the end, you were all the same!” Tsu shouted furiously.

It was a scream, and a cry. His voice seemed to be full of anger, but in reality he was depressed.

His parents were abandoned by the one-horned tribe, and he eventually plunged to the bottom while swinging at those who approached him pretending to be considerate. Then I finally caught what I thought was a leash, but I ended up rotting.

The life that he had walked in the first place was full of things that were ruined. A life where nothing is right, everything is messed up.

I thought I'd do my best to live. I thought that if I could hold on to it, not give up, and hold on, I could see my debt someday.

I thought I could get rid of all these damn chains and stand tall and show them to people.

Those who fall into a ditch like themselves can stand under a bright sky.

But in the end, it was over.

There really is a destiny in the world. Then it's too obvious. I didn't do anything wrong in the first place, but I did my best just earning every day. Why does everything have to be so miserable?

Why do I have to live like this? Tsu shouted at the sky with his heart, but he heard no answer.

“Haha, hahaha!” So at the end, Tsu burst out a smile. Giving up everything was not a laugh. It was a mockery. His punishment was to face destiny, to the heavens, to the end of the game.

At that moment, I realized there was a way to break this damn destiny. The right way to screw yourself over those who make fun of you. Nothing in this world was born or lived as I intended, but death is the only thing I can do.

That's why I let go of the conquest I was holding on to until the end.

She stops resisting and gives up everything she has on the Black Flame.

The black and red tongue greedily tried to eat away everything she had. It was hot and painful.

But that was it. Contrary to the flesh, the spirit was exhilarating. It was only then that I was able to finish the whole thing. I was able to get rid of the sick and be free of everything. Life in Tsu was merely a pain in the ass. As free as this was, Orlot was his own.

Gorgeous! When the Black Flame was about to consume the last remaining rituals.

It was only then that Tsu could see.

She stops attacking from time to time and looks at herself in the shadows.

Contrary to what it seems.

The bows are ridiculous. Why? Did you suddenly feel bad about sending him here? I wanted to say that, but I couldn't say it after the vocal chords had melted in the fire.

Daltz was crazy about something.

I suddenly realized something.

That's why my lips could be as sore as mine before the flames filled my sight.

- Thank you, Mother.

That's how he disappeared.

It was just then that the fierce black flame suddenly cleared up and sank.

The Summer Queen stood still and gazed at the lost spot. I couldn't help but look silent.

“Once upon a time, there was a very small commotion in the clan when Nayu defeated its rivals and ruled completely. Not according to tradition, but one of the princes who was pushed out of the race started a rebellion." Then, a smith appeared from behind and opened his mouth. The Summer Queen's gaze swept over you.

What are you talking about? However, the elder ignored and continued to talk.

“Of course, Nayu didn't let that happen...... and a lot of tribesmen died in the process.” Once the new king has been approved by the elders, all the other competitors withdraw from the field and return to their families as ordinary tribal members.

It was a family tradition that had descended over the years. It was also part of the Royal Competition to prevent overheating. And because of the atmosphere of the rise of the strong, ordinary competitors would give up all their rights on their own once it turned out that the new king was stronger than they were.

However, opposing it head-on meant challenging not only the new king, but also the prestige of the elders.

Of course, the King was furious, and the elders also wanted to rule the rebellion as bees and bees.

“But in the process, a couple ran away. We tried to catch them somehow, and in the process, the couple had a baby. Of course, I've been chasing him ever since.” W-why are you telling me this? “You didn't want to pass on your experience to your precious daughter? All you had to do was turn your head and live in anger all those years you couldn't. And that kid." The blacksmith changed his glasses and spoke boldly.

“He looks just like you. Even if they are not born by stomach, they are also children born by heart. You couldn't see it anymore." The 200 Summer Queen turned away, ignoring the elders. Then he returned to the Bone Dragon and raised a huge feather into the sea.

The smith thought that the back of the Summer Queen looked lonely. He was also competing with her, so he had some sense of her thoughts.

That's why.

The blacksmith took off his glasses and hid his eyes with his hands.

... My position will be no different than that foolish dragon. ”And as I swept down my face, I became a splenic face and slowly moved somewhere.

Right now.

As the Summer Queen has made a poor choice for her children.

The King was also trying to make a new choice for his disciples.

Watching the king's final moments as an elder to the end. And to help him stand up properly. That's your mission, isn't it?

And the smith instinctively felt that it was his last duty to be in charge.

Fant. Y-yes.

As you send the tone, the sinking voice returns.

The smith seems to know how he feels, but rather he speaks with a calmer tone.

If I signal you, grab your brother immediately.