Second Life Ranker

22. King of Fire (16)

Huaa! The King can clearly feel the tempest (\ beep) running along him.

“It's definitely not the same.” He was actually quite satisfied with his accomplishments and never paid much attention to deprivation and transcendence.

It was something you could do anytime if you just decided to, but you didn't have to worry about it because you only raised your temper to do good for Olfowon without any action.

When you complete the Taegeung Hye anti-gum, it will be done. That was it.

But as I was running toward transcendence, I felt like I knew why so many beings were strangling themselves here.

And those idiots in the sky have so much sense of transcendence once.

Once transcendence is achieved, there is no turning back. It was because the 'egg' that came out once could not be twice. Therefore, it was good to wait for the soul to complete and then transcend, but most ordinary beings were rushed just to reach the position of deprivation and transcendence.

But the King was the exact opposite of those of his predecessors.

Even though Allfowon had to endure, somehow his soul was reaching the limit of image-growth.

In the meantime, the karma piles up and piles up, and the statutes are already strong enough to be underfoot.

How big and explosive will it be when they bloom all at once?

The King slowly walked away, feeling the rising power.


In fact, he could feel the whole heaven and earth shaking with every step he made. I was confident that if I just decided to do this, I would shake it all the way to the far tower. It was a force I'd never felt before.

On the one hand.

“If I do this wrong, I'll fly straight to the sky. `The King had to kick his tongue with a slight frown.

In the one-horned tribe, there was a word called "mythological lamp line (Z1)." It meant, 'Lighten like a feather and ascend to heaven,' which was usually said when the elders who reached the end of their lifetime closed their eyes quietly.

But now he looks just like him.

It seemed like my body would crumble as soon as I failed to control my strength a little. The rate at which the sublimation took place was that fast.

I tried to slow down the transcendence as much as I could, but it didn't seem that easy.

"Approximately……," he quickly calculated the amount of time he could endure.

“About five minutes?" Less than I expected.

The taste was a little bitter.

'We're going to have to hurt them somehow.` That was the only time I had left.

The King's gaze at the beings who were trapped within the boundary was more fierce than ever before.

That's enough. It's not enough. It's overflowing. It wasn't just Knockton who was trapped. Asgardian priests. He was going to boast to his disciple and get rid of all the people who had made him sick.

"Damn it! Why isn't it opening?" Open up! Open up! I can't feel the heavens! Aaaah! Son of a bitch! Why do we have to go through all this humiliation in the summer? "The statues of Asgard had not been able to return to the kingdom of heaven just moments ago, and they had lost their cool and were throbbing.

How can he not be embarrassed when he feels the displeasure of being overwhelmed by substitutes, or concepts, in an imperceptible state? They were rather envious of Thor who went first.

Huh, huh? Oh, here he comes! Then, when I saw someone moving this way, I was terrified. The moment all the spectacular gazes of the Divine Spirit turned towards you.

“You had me playing a prank on you, didn't you? I'll give it back to you." Light! The King suddenly ruled.

It appeared to be a very gentle gesture, but the result was not at all. It was because the regime's confronting space was fruitful and settled, and the cracks spread in a split time and came to the area where the priests were united.

The fruit punch! What he broke was not just space. Everything above the space. Atmosphere, particles, laws, existence… everything is broken. If personality is a component of idea, it was because sulfur was able to turn those parts around directly.

Which means it's also possible to break parts.

Ugh, ughh! Don't, don't, don't, don't! Half of Asgard's stature is swept away in one blow. It was unclear in the current situation whether the body was torn to pieces or if the existence itself was erased.

There was only one thing they could know.

"Run!" It's only death if you look straight at it! “Where are you running away from?” Overglare, madness! The King slits his hand across the statues. Whenever they did, they had to suffer embarrassment, like screaming and limping, or bursting into flesh.

Some of the livers tried to counterattack, but they couldn't hurt the King.

In the beginning, all of them couldn't fight properly before the King tried to desertion. It was like a rat in poison now, like in the sanctuary he built.

Eventually, they burst into a line.

W-we can come back to life even if we go like this. But you don't, Chuck! "The last remnant of Heimdahl became bloodied, drawing a harsh breath and cursing the king.

They are the bodies in the kingdom of heaven. They may die here and be punished later, but the king ridicules them that they will be consumed by the curse of Gaia in a little while.

However, Heimdall's words did not last long. The hand of the flying king suddenly caught him and blamed him.

Heimdall breathes heavily. It was hard for me to breathe, but I was the only one angry at him.

Your complexion pales. Your soul trembles.

Apart from Odin or Thor who fell asleep, Heimdall was also considered a great substitute for Asgard, but he was utterly bored with such an incomprehensible disparity.

Staring at the man who's completely engrossed in fear.

The King shines his eyes coldly through his bald hair.

“Don't get me wrong.” No matter how cold it was, I thought the spirit froze just like this.

“I didn't touch you all the way, because I didn't tie you up. My disciple will visit soon, so wait until then! The king, along with his words, puts his hand to the throne of Heimdall. There was no time for Heimdall to speak. Fast, he's completely disconnected.

This concludes Asgard's great rainfall. However, they should be very nervous in case of the wrath of Yeouido who doesn't know when they will fly in the heavenly world.

Since the penalty would have been enough damage for them all, it would have been hard to cope with the pitfalls. We must continue to be overwhelmed with anxiety and fear. That was the punishment for the Unsullied.

“Transverse“ “Dear ^" And where Heimdahl had left, the embarrassing Plank, who was holding his bowl, closed his eyes, just before his breath was gone, with a brightly shining King even wetter.

As a child, I was satisfied because I could hold my brother's image in my eyes for the last time.

Maybe. In fact, what he wanted was for you to look like this.

The King has released him from his hands.

Like all vessels, the plant has been reduced to dust before it was pulled to the ground.

But there was no time for the King to rest.

There wasn't much time left, and Knockton moved again, just looking into the imperial massacre, keeping his distance for a while.

Oops! Knoxton opens a space in front of the King and draws his blade up and down. The light bulb rose vertically while the space was sluggish.

If the wheel is swept away, the existence itself can be cut off. It was energy with a stop code based on the system.

The king was bitten backwards with a paralyzing torso. Little by little, Knoxton was clearly a difficult opponent, regardless of the gap.

That's why I needed Tae-sang Hye's anti-sword. While mumbling like that, the king turned around and gave up the kingdom at the same time.

Warrior Glass #\ 9) poured out like a rainstorm.

Pufferfeng! There's a lot of explosions going off.

The two hands and feet were greatly enveloped, and the sum quickly came and went. Arms and arms slammed, shins and shins slammed. The punching position, angle, foam and timing all collided equally.

They looked exactly the same as if they had copied and pasted them, or if they had brought a mirror.

The teacher and the disciple. Knockton was a child who said he was his apprentice no matter where he went. Is that why? Even though Knockton was so angry with his master, he was furious at the fact that he was doing the same without balls.

Even the same power cannot be achieved by spreading the same weightlessness.

In the collision between the two, it was the Tree King's domination.

Knockton's arm is raised when his arm is bent, and his shin is crushed when his shin is crushed. Your fist shatters when it collides. The King pushed Yeongpu Knockton away, and when he did, Knockton quickly restored his body using one of the powers of Allfowon to strike back.

You…… You……! Knockton's voice was full of tears. He stood here because he wanted to break up his past relationship completely. I put the master who treated me as Mormoth in front of my eyes and denied all those years and wanted to start again.

It was his own consciousness (% rule).

I felt like I couldn't live with myself if I didn't do that. In fact, he was thinking about suicide.

By the way.

In doing so, he found that the more time passed, the more strongly he was subordinated to the King than he had ever imagined.

His stride, his almost hand gesture, his breathing, even his busy heartbeat. Everything was touched by the King.

Even the way he wants to deal with the King, all of it! Although he consciously tries to use the powers of Allfowon, it is only a minority. People like to be instinctively familiar and react and act based on their existing completed habits. Everything he was working on was actually King's work, so it was impossible to get rid of it completely.

The more she fought him, the more she could find herself, and she felt suffocated by the fact that she would not be able to escape his horseback for the rest of her life, even if she managed to defeat him.

But what makes him the most self-absorbed.

It was that he treated himself as Mormoth until the end.

I told the youngest priest to watch the fight to the end. And the King was actually showing clean and powerful herbivores in order rather than flashy and fancy movements throughout his collision with them.

And it was leading him to pull out everything he had.

You told me to help her. By telling them to climb higher, Knockton's pride is crushing them all! Eventually…… Until…! Until the end, he was only teased by the teacher he believed in.

Knockton became even more distressing.

The inferiority that had lingered in my heart lifted my head.

It cried.

However, the King slammed them away and swooped inward, striking Knockton in the chest with his elbow. With the sound of light, the wind blows a hole through your head.

Knockton takes in the wind and heavily pushes back. However, his eyes were still burning intensely.

“Stupid thing.” The king who saw him dressed Gabe with his tongue. How could you be so stupid?

That attitude made Knoxton angrier.

“Don't you see?” What! “Though I raised three disciples and had more than a dozen children,” The King narrows his eyes.

“The only thing I can say is that I'm a handyman.” Knockton felt suffocated by what he said.

“It was you. ”