Second Life Ranker

23. King without King (Joe) (17)


That one word stops Knockton's movements for the first time.

The king flies the clan without missing the opening (\).

Pufferfeng! Knockton wakes up late and tries to defend himself by pulling his arms together, but again, his arms explode.

Fortunately, his arms are restored by their power, but his face is distorted. It wasn't because of the pain. It was because of the idea that the King was making fun of himself.

Ridiculous...! The King was still as lively as he was.

“Why do you think it doesn't make sense?" What? "“ Watch now. "” Knockton looks down at his body, as if he didn't even know it.

Suddenly, he stops shaking and counteracts. I found a space to squeeze my arms and arms, and step to close the gap a little bit. Even at this short notice, the mystery of the Arctic Circle was swirling, swirling and swirling. It's like giving or taking away the Grail of GO (Week 0).

“You follow me very well.” There is a sigh between the lips of the King and a whistling wind.

“I can only do this one of the guys I raised. It was just you.” W- ~ Alnocton felt momentarily stumped. There were many things I wanted to say, saying not to shout, but I was strangely unable to go outside.

"I did it from the start. Since I first opened my eyes and became conscious. My instincts were to follow my breathing, to mimic my unconscious habits. At first, I thought there was something like this.” The smile on the king's mouth grew stronger, whether he spoke when he first met Knockton.

When a baby duck breaks an egg and comes into the world for the first time, it recognizes the first person it sees as a mother.

And you learn what you need to live in the world by following your mother's back. How to fly, how to kick water with your feet, and how to catch food... Only after that can you become an adult and become independent. Then you meet your partner, you nest, you lay your eggs just like your mother did.

Knockton did.

He had no memories, so he instinctively wanted to learn everything from the King.

Even if it was a defense mechanism, he learned nothing.

Even though he was annoying at first, I always saw him with a strange gaze.

Knockton literally resembled everything he had one day apart.

From the beginning of habit, whether it was using a shaman or self-organizing, I was no better than the shaman.

The speed of development did not make any sense. I admired even the elders who had seen so many talents.

Even though he was born talented because he was originally a vision of Allfowon, he absorbed unbelievably fast.

And I had no choice but to look at Knockton like that.

The boy who accepted him as a disciple follows himself well. And where are the teachers in the world who will not like them if they grow up to target themselves?

What's the difference... personality? Unlike the overbearing king, Knoxton was as calm as the original Allfowon.

However, it was no exaggeration even if the other was a copy of the King.

This was the middle hand.

Light! A whirlpool filled with fever echoes through the same clash of King and Olfowon.

At that moment.

His right arm breaks like a sandcastle and rises to the sky. The particles of light spill brightly into place with the arms.

[Transcension has reached a critical point.] [Guia's Curse Crashes.] [Sublimation Accelerates!] The folklore has begun.

The king didn't care about anything there.

Right now it's just...

It was more important to talk to the disciples and clear up any misunderstandings.

“I'm sure you're right. The first time I brought you here was out of greed.

You were in the last compartment at the time, like the only rope to me that was thrown against the wall.

I was crazy. "The King admitted his mistake.

He was crazy at the time, even when he thought about it.

No, it was beyond that category.


Shouldn't we call it that?

It didn't seem much different from usual, but no one could touch him at that time.

It was around that time that they started being called Walking Disaster.

It was a violent act, like someone was picking on it and blowing up the whole castle because they said gossip. It was around that time that the notoriety rose sharply.

It was all the result of frustration and hatred that came from not being able to cross the enemy Olfo Forever, no matter how hard he tried.

Then I thought to myself,

If you can't make it across Allfowon, let's find a way around it.

If only he could take the visions of the only trace he left of the appendix, 21 floors outside and study them. It was in my mind that there wouldn't be a way.

The method was not as difficult as I thought.

I had to use the blind spots of the system, but it was possible if I could use the proper use of the spirit passage and the collective public values that I had no use for.

“But would you believe me if you were the one who humbled me like that?" I wanted to yell at Knockton for no distractions. I can't believe it either. I wanted to shout, "Wasn't everything you did a lie?"

But it still didn't open. In the kind but gentle smile of King Neo, as he made an attack and felt it at the end, Noughton realized that every word he said was the truth.

“I thought it was just a welcome, but you were a 'person' with a self. The teacher said he could use a child following Polapole as a test subject...... Even if I just left, it's not that stubborn, this _~. Gan: " So I wanted to tell you every time I saw you trying to somehow remember the lost past, but I couldn't help it. I couldn't keep my mouth shut. ”At that time, the bottom of my left foot was broken.

However, the King moved quickly without losing his balance. Until then, Knockton's vision has been narrowed and he doesn't realize the sublimation of the King.

Th-that way of saying it won't make your sins go away...! "No. It was impure somehow, and I was the one who hid the truth. So... I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

The words settle too loudly on Knockton's chest.

When did he ever say this?

“But that's all I know.” I drew a silver smile around the eye of the King.

“No matter what anyone says, you are my disciple." _^ ____! Guayaow! Half of the debt that King Knockton was in was blown away.

The whirl that was spawned by the over-shaking waves has now reached the sky.

Knockton groans in agony. It was because one word from the King shook my heart.

And then I could see it clearly in his eyes.

The right flank of the King who passed by with a faa-gust... ~ became tiny particles and was crumbling like a sand castle. You can see the glow aggregating down there.

Knockton's eyes shake for the first time.

I knew I couldn't stop sublimating any longer. As Knockton, the death of the King I longed for was near. Strangely, I feel like I'm wrapping my chest around my hand.

On the contrary, the King smiled.

Very funny.

“You are not Allfowon. It's not a vision of Vivasvat. It may have come from him, but even the illusion that the system created, it was you who ended up being you.

Isn't it? Knockton's fist shakes.

The King dug deep without missing a chance.

“I ask you, did you live according to the will of Allfowon? Or did you stay with my doll? Are the memories you have now and the memories that Orlov holds for you or Olfowon? What do you think you're doing? Whose is tardiness?” Firm! The King wraps his left hand around Knoxton's right hand. Knockton tries to take it down, but the King comes closer and tighter to restrain him.

“So don't wander off. Don't be sleepy. Don't be afraid. What's the need for that? You don't have to live stressed out in a weird place when Orloth is living well. And he said," At that moment, he could feel his body stiffening. I didn't even have a weird dream. Later, I realized why. What the King is holding back.


His source code (500006 0006).

How the hell did it read? As long as it's dependent on the system, it can't be vaginal. Even though he had just achieved desertion and transcendence, the power he gained was no different than that of Olfowon. Using the system's code was the same.

The King is touching something even the Chief Executive can't touch? “If you are a disciple of this Nayu, you should have a little guts. This Polbo says," King 120980 twisted Knoxton's abdomen with all his heart.

Kuang! At that moment, Knockton's body was comforted, and the debt crowd that had been surrounding him all along turned out to be just like a lie on the inside.

Eyes filled with awe and confusion.

The transcendence based on the system will only be forcibly revoked.

[System error!] [System error!] [Transcension has been cancelled.

The player, "Knocktin", is downward adjusted.] [The system cannot interfere.] [The system cannot interfere.] [System error!] [All systems applied to the courtyard layer, 'Knockton' will be suspended.] Despite that nonsense, the king laughs as if it were nothing. The sublimation suddenly covered more than half of the upper half. His gaze gradually fades, but he forcefully raises his eyes and barely looks at his disciple's face.

“Still, I'm glad to hear that you can rebel against your teacher. Once a baby duck who didn't know how to follow me...... Now he can fly with his own wings. You've finally found your way, haven't you? Puberty's been a long, dirty day. Right?" Puberty.

Before we become adults, we all worry a lot about who we are, what we're going to do, and who we are.

When the King saw it, Knoxton did exactly that.

It's because pretending to be an adult so early has stopped and rebelled against him for the first time. And if we can tackle this moment wisely, we can be reborn as spectacular ducks.

“But you know what? Even during puberty, you have to be angry if you're wrong, right? Fat! The king who moves like that again is clearly smiling.

It's like this moment is so exciting, it's driving me crazy.

“That's what you have to do as a teacher, as a parent and as an adult.” Knockton closed his eyes. No matter what King did, he was nothing after the system was shut down. Even if the King sneezes, he will die. There was nothing left to resist.

By the way.

- Sir? ”Unlike the tension he was in, I felt a warm hand above my head instead of pain, and I opened my eyes secretly.


The King smiles warmly.

I stroked my head with a gentle hand while gazing at the older disciple.

“You're great." S0 >! On the spot.

Fluffy Knoxton sits on the floor, his tears running down his face.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it!” Light! Fruit! Yeon says, 'Wielding the beagrid like crazy. To somehow break the barrier in front of you.

According to his command, the Deadly Giant and the lions sprinkled popcorn, but the result was not dreamy. Not a scratch, not even a soot.

The more she did, the louder she got from the inside and the more she was measuring her tears.

Anger covers my eyes.

Stupid teacher. Why are you trying to do something like this? I don't know what else to see. What is mortality? What is immortality? Those kinds of things are just as good as dead. I don't want to brag about what's going on.

There were so many things to say, but there were no birds in my valley.

Even in the meantime.

The monarch has dominated Knockton, shining beautifully, and is slowly crumbling.

And then Knoxton finally loses all his light, sits on the floor and drops his head. When I shed tears of regret.

Yeon-woo stopped without my knowledge.

The king said, "Turn your head this way. Sublimation was now so much more disappearing than the rest of the body.

No more than half of his face.

Maybe that's what they're holding back.

To leave you with one last note.

Annihilation (hawk\).

As if the candle had been burning for the last time just before it went out.

He was shining bigger than ever.

It was blinding.

“Did you get a good look?” Yeon-woo wanted to say anything. But they weren't the words to my valley here and now.

It was the last image of the teacher. I didn't think I should show him the ugly look of crying.

That's why I nodded, smiling forcefully while crying. And I managed to keep my lips steady. The rest of my voice was so small.

Xxxxxxxxxx ”The King nods, satisfied with his final teachings. And looking at the two remaining disciples and their son, who is looking at them sadly from afar, and their families alternately.

“If I'd known this, I would have poured myself a drink every now and then, not just with my disciples, but with my children." That's too bad. Find Gabe's tongue.

It disappeared so quietly.