Second Life Ranker

24. King (Joe) (18)

The deep silence settles.

No one thought to open their mouth.

All the heavenly sanctuaries that were shaking the towers were gone, too.

So, until just now, the forces that were shaking everywhere disappeared like when.

The turbulence that landed on those who were there was never small.

It meant that there was such a great shock that the King imprinted on them.

Nor the Elder, nor the White Tiger. The rest of the tribes.Dead Giants, lions...... and Kronos, Cha Jungwoo, Yeon and Knockton.

Even the gaze of the heavenly world that was watching this place.

[God's society, Malach, is silent.] [God's society, Deva, is silent.] [God's society, the "Bridge" is silent. Le Infernal, silent.] They had no idea what to do or how to react.

The birth of Hwang (Pope), who only listened to words.

And extinction.

Who dares to criticize for this?


“…… Summon Lion.) A long time later, Yeon-woo will barely wear it. I strangled the rest of my voice. My lips were trembling.

Wung, Wung - Only the three brothers of King Heavy Black who were all stone-hardened just trembled according to the will of Yeouido.

['Summon Lion' has been activated.] [Who would you like to summon?] “Ferris wheel [I can't find the target you summoned.] A cold message.

Nevertheless, it did not come into Yeon-woo's eyes.

"Summon lion.” ['Summon Lion' has been launched.] [Who would you like to summon?] "Nayu.” [The summoned target could not be found.] “Summon lion.” How many times.

['Summon Lion' has been activated.] [Who would you like to summon?] "Nayu" Yeon repeated the same spell.

But every time.

[The summoned target could not be found.] [The summoned target could not be found.] I can only imagine the message of power failing.

[The summoned target cannot be found.] [Further searching and exploration of this target has confirmed that existence has been completely erased from all universes, including this region!] [No more searches for this target.] [Error Source: Delete Existence] [Error Source: Delete Existence] [Unable to show competence for the target.] Then, when a message like killing confirms he can no longer call out the existence of the King, Yeon-woo's anger rises to the top of his head.

To achieve detachment and transcendence means to completely deviate from the wheel of the carousel.

The notion that such a creature is to die does not mean extinction to the afterlife. Even the soul flows completely.

Howling in the great position of Hwang, the myth and myth of Gaia's curse were all shattered and could not be regenerated for all beings.

It was a completely different case from the soul of Cha Jungwoo, who was known to have crossed over into the dark.

Therefore, it was impossible for the Dark Lord to call back the "lost" existence no matter how great the power of the Black King was.

And only at this moment are you fully aware of that.

All I could think was that Yeon-woo had to wreak havoc on all of these things.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! It rises up like a black flame Ispark around it. Vigrid pulls up the mines sharply.

Until then, I was not dreaming, leaving the ruston in.

Despite the straightforward execution of the sword, he seems reluctant to resist. It seemed like he was going to die just like this.

And then the moment the lightning strikes.

“Grab him!” At that moment, the elder urgently shouts.

Then the Pant and Onehorn Tribe Great Warriors who had been waiting all along rushed to Yeongwoo.

As usual, most of them had to fly to the quarry, but the quarry suddenly snapped like a lie.

As the kite stops, the Panthwa Warriors dangle sharply on the limbs of the kite, preventing him from moving.

“Let go of me!” Yeon pushes them away, pulling her magic up sharply, but it doesn't even fire. No. Instead, he tried to force Yeon-woo into bondage. Chronos read the mind of the Elder and tried to restrain Yeouido's body using a unified state.

However, his rage and strength were not just given, but threatened as if he were about to push them away. If he wasn't exhausted and exhausted to break the barrier, he would have come right out.

I pressed Yeongwoo as hard as I could, even to the elders. Then you yell at Knockton, who is still halfway out.

“Go! Go!" At that moment, the focus returns blurrily to Knockton's eyes.

~... Why are you trying to save me? ”He still had to look at the elders and the warriors who held the tide with confused eyes.

“For you, I am but a burden to your king.“ Right. I want to feel sorry for your head somehow! ”He was a commonly known blacksmith, but even now his face is blushing red. It meant I was angry like Yeon-woo." But why...? “That's what he meant!” 200077 "He was so damn worried about the rest of his disciples! You, Cain, all of you! That's what he means. You don't want me to follow him? Noise! That would only dishonor his wishes!” Knockton couldn't say anything for a moment.

The words that were left before the King left were still deeply embedded in his heart like a stigma.

- It may have come from him, but even the illusion that the system created, it was you who ended up being you. - So don't wander off. Don't spill it. Don't be afraid. What's the need for that? You're living well, and puberty has been a long, dirty day. Right? Knockton's heart trembles.

- That's what you do as a teacher, as a parent, and as an adult.

- That's great.

Knockton seems to still be there. The teacher stroked his hair gently.


It was the same when I first opened my eyes as "Knockton." The King was right beside him, and he taught me many things by staying in his decision all the time. And He stroked his head, saying, "Well done after doing the hard things." He was wandering around trying to find a memory that was not there, and patting his back said, "Cheer up whenever I was born."

That warm touch, I just remembered.


Knockton grips his teeth. Then I got up from my seat, pressing the feeling that was going up and down.

You must live.

That's all I could think about.

It was the only thing he left to himself (Calchon).

“So go! And don't ever show your face again! That will be the last chance my clan and I can give you. The next time I faced him, the" blacksmith "stared at Knoxton like that, revealing the murders in cold blood.

“I might take your head off myself.” Knockton left after a traditional greeting from the one-horned tribe with his right hand on the palm of his left hand.

Population (Infer).

An example of a master in a relationship with a master. In other words, Knockton showed his gratitude to the elders as a disciple of the King.

The smith did not take his eyes off Knoxton until he was completely distracted. It was to protect the last remnant of the King.

I told my disciples that it would be immortal. After that, he did not know how the Immortal King would take his place.

The stories of the future did not belong to the likes of you, but to Yeon or Knoxton. All he could do was help put the story in place.

“Brains! Let go!” Meanwhile, Yeon-woo was still struggling. Suddenly, the dead giant appeared, and the lions, even Shannon and Rebecca, were on the ground in a barrel holding a moat. The wise Kronos looked at him with a mischievous glance.

The smith glances around them, and raises her head in a daze.

Yikes! You're making a lot of noise. There were traces of softwood cheesy valleys.

Kronos' eyes widen, and the dead giants and lions all turn to the elders. Pant became concerned that Yeon-woo would rush to the elders.

But the actions of Yeouido were barely stopped.

The smith still looks down at him solemnly and asks, “Are you sober now? I showed her that I couldn't see her.” After a long time, Yeon-woo was barely conscious. The pant back looked at each other and slowly fell away from Yeon-woo.

Fortunately, Yeon no longer appears to be pursuing Knoxton.

I'm just sitting there.

“I'm sorry for you, too. You're the one with the biggest regret. I feel like a fool." Yeon-woo bows to Pant as well.

At that moment, Fant's eyes slightly shake, but soon he blurts out as if he was fine.

“Hmmm? I've been fighting lately. Why do I hear voices? There's no way my tough-looking brother can say sorry to his brother.” Yeon-woo glanced at such a pant and soon smiled bitterly.

The commander said, "Instead of standing still like that, I left. Chronos and Pants followed.

It seemed like I needed some time to sort out my thoughts on my own.

“I'm sorry.” The smith bows directly to Kronos.

Since they raised their hands on their children in front of their parents, it was natural for them to apologize. Of course, Kronos didn't care about that at all.

No. He used to be a man who was fearless and crazy in the world, so I had to get it right. I think I'm going to miss it from now on. 'Be fierce.' Even the Elder was able to smile with relief.

“You're transferring your parents' work to someone else.” Ha ha. Home education is my most difficult area. Isn't it good to have an adult? The two of them exchanged small talk with each other.

Then Chronos clears his smile and asks.

What will you do next? “An unexpected turn of events..." The whole clan seems to take a while to get settled. Maybe we can just wrap things up after that. ” The more you do this, the more you will stay sane. If the grown-ups don't get it together, everyone's shaking." Chronos gave sincere advice based on his experiences one day.

The blacksmith nods as he repairs his glasses.

Despite a very short greeting and full name, the two of them had already been in touch.

~ The wind is pretty windy. ”I can't believe the atmosphere has already cooled, despite the King's rampage. The traces he left are disappearing so quickly. The smith mutters so little.

It was about that time that Yeon-woo suddenly woke up again, other than tidying up her thoughts.

... I can't feel it. There was no word from the Ghost who sent Pairing to find Edora. I was distracted by the King and didn't care about you, but I didn't hear back from Han.


The fight doesn't seem to be over.