Second Life Ranker

25. King of Clubs (19)

Light, overlight! Whenever there is an upheaval, the earth rots. The sound of the explosion hits the street, black flames make my eyes dizzy.

“Hi-hi... haha...! 7? Edora is busy breathing rough while relying only on Shinmado.

I heard that they have the same internal skills as the Great Sea because they are renowned for their martial arts skills.

And while the quality of the spiritual medium speeds up recovery with a Birth Watcher (% sec > ), the damage done by the Witch was extremely difficult.

“My goodness, you know you shouldn't have come at me like this. No matter how self-respecting I am, I'm not worth it.” I'm stopping Laplace. "I danced with a knife in my nine-sack on the floor. It was beautiful, but I was even dead.

I tried to stop Ralph from coming to where the cipher and Edora are. Of course, it was almost impossible to defeat the king of the sea.

Just hang in there.

But even so.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Every time the blade hits the power of Raflath, it breaks apart, and the crisis is headed this way as big as it does.

Ralph was very relaxed, as if he had gone for a walk, unlike them. Swing, swing. The right arm of the hunchback spills out as it crumbles.

"Mother, we have to protect... the Eye." `Ralph and his family were in such confusion that they didn't have to ask what they wanted.

It was clear that they were trying to take Siman (68).

Like Edora, children who are born with the qualities of spirituality can open Hye 'an after a long work and effort.

Hye-in can break prejudice and dishonor, and make the eyes see the truth in them. Its roots originate in Idea.

However, Hye-in is just one of the essential conditions for becoming the next perpetual. It needed another condition to properly bloom.

It was welcoming.

The witchcraft must be the priestly priestess who brokered and preached the will of Soho Geumcheon, the forefather and guardian of the one-horned tribe.

I had to be able to 'contact' Soho Jin Cheon through a unique way of welcoming.

And when such contact is able to represent Soho Jin, the reception itself sublimates to new (\ ). We can spread His power on behalf of Soho Jin, who does not want to appear on this earth.

And only then can Hye-in be reborn as a conscience. Through the blessing of Soho Geumcheon, I observed Idea, and through it I was able to catch my eye in every corner of the world, and sometimes even in the future ( bones).

It was not that they had the name Young An (Hol Kiss) or Xin An Hyeol 08 for nothing else.

For thousands of years, the one-horned tribe abandoned its status as a transcendent species, but it was the reason why it was able to remove its status as the strongest race within the tower.

Of course, it was never easy to open the heart, including the novelty.

In fact, there were many times when there was no such thing as a spirit during the long history of the one-horned tribe, and even if there was a short period of time, there was a king.

However, this great spirit was different.

It was born about the same time as when the king sat on the throne.

Therefore, the one-horned tribe was able to form a larger foundation when the elder was a bloody sage.

The most powerful anarchist and priests in the world have no place to look. If these two lead the clan, how can they be shaken? Moreover, the successor was strong.

A pant that is considered to be worthy of being invincible against the Five Mushrooms after conquering the Forge.

Edora has already passed the reception and reached a new level.

There was nothing more to worry about with the family's eruption.

By the way.

Suddenly, there was someone who appeared to take the Eye and the Mind.


Once, I was the Chief Manager, and now I have a ridiculous position as a player… Personality.

I didn't know how he was going to take his mind off things.

However, all channels with Soho Cemetery have been temporarily closed due to a recent raid. It was not only that the results were all broken, but that they were almost halfway to the prison.

It is easy to observe the world without rest and exert power, no matter how many spiritual beings are chosen by Soho Geumcheon.

That's why the spiritual medium never leaves the sanctuary, the spiritual sanctuary. That was why, even though Yeongwoo had been in and out of the one-horned village for a long time and had established friendship with the cipher, she had never actually encountered her face in person.

Because of this, the spiritual medium has been in great shock ever since the spirit was destroyed.

Edora tried to protect Mother like that, but there was no choice but to stop Laflas with an uneasy advantage.

'Just a little more... Just a little more, somehow: "!' But Edora gripped her teeth.

She firmly believed. Soon the capture of the throne will be over.

No matter how fast Faith tries, she won't be able to pull him off by herself.

If we hold out much longer, my father will defeat them and come to save my mother. There will be lotuses in it.

So Edora peered at the opportunity to perform the transfer. Thanks to Han's time, I can only focus on recovery, so if I can regain my strength a little more, I think I can feed Laflax a knife.

By the way.

Ew…… Instead of choosing a breath called Rayagon, I turned my head toward you in the voice of my suddenly fluttering mother.

'My eyes hurt so much, and tears were pouring down through the cleft of the spiritual hand that was covering my eyes.

Suddenly, Edora's heart felt like it was shrieking. I haven't heard anything yet, but something seems to rise out of me. I choked. I felt a crisis that I shouldn't listen behind the scenes.


“My father... is gone." She wipes her face with her hands. Her eyes are wet, yet strangely unfocused in the pupils. I feel like I'm staring away. Edora felt that her 'eyes' were strange.

“You're a bad person. I told you to be careful with that... One last time.” Mother, what do you mean...! ”In the end, Edora had no choice but to stop the carriers, turn around and shout.

Right then.

Guaang! "" With the sound of a huge explosion, I fell behind Edora in front of a broken head.

He tries to get up, relying on the sword somehow, but even so, he has to fall down again, broken so easily. It was hard to recognize the shape because the places on my arms and legs were shattered.

“Crimson. You can't do that. Ghost, you were the player I've been cheering for since I was a manager, and you've been playing around because you belong to the # # # savior. But if I keep talking, I can't freeze.” Ralph had reached the foothills one day and picked up his index finger. It seemed like it was hard to play anymore.

The Eye has been fully redirected this way through code hacking. All that was left was the complete deletion of the original data.

There's nothing good about sharing this great feature with others.

I'm a little sorry for Yeon-woo, who is like a savior, but that's good for him... I'm sorry, but I have to keep talking more { Raflath's thoughts didn't last long. It was because of a mockery thrown by Ghost.

He instinctively rushed out the back.

Grrrrrrr! A dark red thunderbolt strikes from the sky to catch him.

Too much light! Kukukuku-... Oh my. You almost got me in trouble. ”Ralph smiles awkwardly as he sees the collapse of his place in an instant. It was the land that flowed overnight, with a tense expression on its face.


In order to hunt such a rappel, the void opened wide to the space next to the star compartment. Yeon woo shows up with a expressionless face and wields the beagrid in horror. Thanks to the combined effort, the lightning was very intense.

Fruit-Raflash is like, "Ha-ha-ha! `I cried out,' and even though I was far behind, I activated my power. The mystical power that was scattered throughout the area worked. As the space became dizzy, all sorts of strange creatures appeared, or tentacles poured out in bundles.

It was expressed because it was the King of the Sea, which originated from the other gods as well as the player. Physical law is shifting according to the reform of the mind.

But no matter how much I poured it out, it was inevitable in front of the overwhelming firepower.

Yeongwoo was pouring out a lightning bolt in front of Laplace.

Macro (200)! Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! With the devastating power manifested, Vigrid quickly cuts Raflath's throat and passes by.

A coppery skinhead with rabbit ears pulls up into the air.

The trunk is fun at the crack of the moment, the headache spins like a puff and stops at a low altitude.


Whoa! Behind Laflax's head, a long oblique line draws across the sky, swirling open to the left and to the right, revealing a massive void.

No, it was hard to call it a simple void.

Deeper than that. It seemed that countless souls were flowing along the river, shining like starlight.

Yeon-woo has been to the Maw before (4.

The last dragon reveals a part of its face that is unmistakable in size... … perhaps even compared to the gear-sized chaos that once was planet-sized.

Since the objective is already preexisting, why don't we put the prank to bed, Laplace? "The voice belonged to Harmonia, the head of the sea of poetry.

Her inner presence was not at a level that could be expressed verbally, but that all beings on earth were completely overwhelmed by it.

It was enough to sit on the first floor, but fortunately, they were soon able to regain their relaxation.

The kite suddenly exploded the same way, pushing Harmonia away and defending them.

“Too bad. It's been a long time since I met Silver Man and I wanted to find out more about the use of the Eye.” Laplace 'lost his torso, but he talks very casually.

Harmonia 'frowned slightly and grabbed the head of Laplace with her hands, or nails, to be exact.

At the same time, the vacancy begins to close again.

"Son." Yes. Don't worry, I won't use it. ”With Kronos' worrying summons, Yeon nods quietly.

He doesn't want to chase Harmonia and Laflax into the void.

Now that we know that all this is a sea of poetry, we need to make sure that the Mahana administration is connected to them in some way.

“Not now. `Yeon-woo was furious, but she decided not to continue fighting for a while.

The King vanished and the Spirits were badly wounded. As a one-horned tribe, it was the crisis of Nuran, so I had to fix it somehow. In addition, the sudden departure of the Lord and the Creators, the unknown behavior of Olfowon…… Everything that seemed completely unrelated was strongly instincted to be connected to the sea of poetry.

It's the veil of everything.

Finally missed.

Yeongwoo defined the sea of poetry as such.

Every day, as a vessel, as a successor, it develops fairly. It's a good posture. Kuku - Harmonia reads the thoughts of a lotus and draws a curve at the edge of her eye in a peculiar way. When the vacancy was about to close completely.

Ugh, Mom!? Anantara, who has been falling behind, hurriedly jumps in and screams. Unlike my childhood memory, it was too big, but I could never fathom the substance. I was greatly surprised at the fact that my mother was there, who thought I was dead all this time.

But Harmonia didn't seem surprised. She had always known Ananta was there.

You've raised me well. Thank God. "That's it.

With the sound of the Queen Door closing, the void is completely closed.

Anatta falls to her knees, losing her strength. Cha Jungwoo's monument suddenly appeared and rubbed her shoulders together.

What are you going to do now? Chronos looked at it bitterly, and asked Yeon-woo.

When everything got complicated, we had to quickly determine our priorities.

“We should have a funeral. But first," Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.

“I'm going to be an estranger." How? “We will punish those who rebel against us. So that no one, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever comes to our doorstep again.

The highest order was given to Olympus in heaven.

Athena, now invade Asgard. Whatever is in that sanctuary, light it up and build everything that surrenders.

Make Asgard a place where no one can live. If they have things to cooperate with, so do all of them.