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Damn…. How can a mortal suffer such disgrace? Thor bursts into a furious cry. It was hard to recover the coolness because of the upheaval from the inside.

Yeon Woo and Ung. The mistreatment by the two priests was the worst for him to have survived a long time.

This is a shampoo for those who can't even beat themselves up.

Wasn't that the result of God's entire society, not just himself…! Moreover, there were fewer afterstorms.

[God's society, the Bridge, denounces Asgard as unfaithful to both sides of the war!] [The divine society, Deva, downgrades the assessment of Asgard.]] [We embark on a discussion of restoring the realm of God's past to the 'Deal Moon'.] [The Devil Society, Niflheim, prepares for war against Asgard.]] [Demonic society, the 'cult' has skeptical reactions to classifying 'Asgard` as a large society.] [They say Bimarzilla is not worth fighting.] [Kernunos_wishes to forget the existence of 'Asgard`.] [I would like to plead guilty to Asgard for the destruction of the alliance negotiations!] Asgard's statue, typically within the heavens, is plummeting to the ground.

Even the small-scale societies that normally didn't care about them were shaking in trust, even in the middle-school societies that questioned the power of Asgard and gave them sovereignty.

In the past, places where there have been collisions, such as Dilmoon, have been rebuilding, and the hostile Niflheim has been searching for means to press Asgard forward.

It's hard to raise the phase, but it's very easy to drop.

Already, the assessment of Asgard was no more than "a fool whose trust could not be found."

Especially to further aggravate Thor's anger.

[God's Society, Malach, holds a public statement about this incident.] [The demonic society, Le Infernal, has expressed unpleasantness in the disrespectful behavior of "Asgard" and has issued no statement.] The main members of both factions who represent absolute good and absolute evil have no opinion of them.

Malach and Le Infernal sought to intervene in a manner befitting of conflict or conflict between persistent societies.

Sometimes I was annoyed that I thought it was a domestic interference.

A place where allies and coalition forces tried to get out of their way, but the silence was being maintained for now.

It wasn't that they didn't have a reason.

In fact, Asgard was negotiating a truce with the Allies with the help of Malach and Le Infernal, thinking that after Olympus had crossed over_completely_to the other side of the border, there was nothing good for any more war.

He then held hands with the sea of poetry to take Yeongwoo's relatives hostage in order to take advantage of the negotiations.

That's why the bridge went crazy, saying that it was both sides of the money (pretending to be beautiful 00).

But the biggest problem was that those attempts failed.

Malach and Le Infernal were displeased with the fact that they were exploited and turned their backs on Asgard, taking their hands off all negotiations.

There is no one left to help Asgard.

In fact, all of these things were self-inflicted.

Thor, who had already begun to squint once, never thought of it that way.

All of this happened because they saw the alliance, and it was created by the existence of Yeouido.

In his view, the whole kingdom was a gathering place for idiots. Why is everyone thinking about waving their tail instead of feeling this humiliation with mortals? It didn't make any sense at all.

"Odin, where the hell have you been? So, the more powerful it is, the more we have to defeat our enemies and capture the interior that is shaken with a powerful charisma.

Their lord, who had to do such things, had disappeared somewhere and had not appeared.

"No. This is an opportunity for us..." Then Thor decided to change his mind.

Sometimes crisis breeds opportunity.

What if Asgard were wise enough to overcome this obstacle in the midst of an incision? What if we could capture the shivering Asgard and give her a new face as a god? Then we can go down with a new myth, meaning the birth of a new king! Thor clenched his fist. Imiodine has abandoned her mission as a Lord. After all, Asgard needed a new king.

And there was no one more fit for the throne.

So what do we do now? Thor thought we should start with internal division.

The Allies could have declared war.

"Hong. If you allocate a few proper realms for the war, it will soon be quiet again. Even if Malach and Le Infernal complain about Amyria Sgard, they will never tolerate the imbalance between the factions.

As soon as the balance deviated, they knew the heaven would burst like a powder cellar, and they were collecting the opinions of the heaven together against Allfowon, so they almost tried to fix it somehow.

If so, Asgard was protected by Malach and Le Infernal, and threw away some territories that would not be used to appease the allies.

It's been taken away. We'll fix the interior later, and then we'll get it back. I felt comfortable leaving it to them for a while.

With that in mind, Thor feels at ease.

There was still a resentment about Yeongwoo, but there was a euphemism that was often used by bridges and bridges.

His vengeance is not a decade late. Thor decided to think so.

The current humiliation must have been an opportunity to make love.

Then I must first appease those who are under penalty. Thor slowly got up from his seat as he finished his thought. The penalty for forced termination is substantial. If he's still shaking, maybe the other personalities are wrong. First, I felt I had to appease their indignation.

By the way.

'Wait.' Thor pauses, not trying to leave the war.

"Olympus...? Why hasn't he responded to anything? `Messages from different societies were still being updated in real time.

However, there were no fools who chose to receive Yeongwoo anywhere, Olympus.

At that moment, an unknown anxiety rose along Thor's back.

[The Polish of Olympus (Tarot) has been changed to "Destroy Asgard"!] As if to ridicule his anxiety, Olympus' message immediately came to mind.


The ideology and policies of society, they've been altered into nanogoals like that? [God's Society, Olympus, announces its citizenship to all societies in heaven!] [Present all opinions that oppose or voice concerns to the city.] [No one intervenes in the war that is about to unfold, and I declare that if there is anything to help or to stand in the way of Asgard, it will be regarded as an evil deed.] [Olympus has declared war on Asgard!] [Alliance, Bridge 'have stated their intention to support!] [Allies, Niflheim has expressed their support!] [Allies, the' Dong-man Army 'has declared to cooperate actively!] [According to the Alliance resolution, the reinforcements will be dispatched.] [Declare that the divine society, Malach, will never intervene in this matter.] [Demon society, Le Infernal, claims they have no interest in this war.] 4. * 4..! There is only one thing that comes to mind when I see a message in a row.


The opposition of Olympus and its allies was much bigger than he expected, and Malach and Le Infernal, who knew they would take their stand, were trying to abandon them! The moment I thought something was wrong and wanted to see the other identities.

Guayaow! The sanctuary surrounding Asgard is shaken with a massive explosion.

[Olympus has infiltrated the Great Sanctuary, Igdrasil's Third Hammock Branch!] A message has come from Metatron, the chief scribe of Malach.] [Message: We will not intervene in this matter at all. Normally, a big event like "annihilation" would be the right thing to do, but if you let something like this go unpunished, there will be few people who doubt the authority of this society in the future. It is defined as a sacrifice to prevent this.] Teetatron has sent a message.] [Message: So just do as you're told to do with the Declaration of War, but please do not let the fire go anywhere else.] [A message has arrived from Baal on the 'Le Infernal' account.] [Message: why would we oppose breaking one of the giant pillars that support God's camp? However, there is a risk of new conflicts, so we hope not to greatly escalate them. And Agares... Hah! I want that son of a bitch to take good care of him somehow.

This is a personal favor.] Metatron and Baal. The two leaders of Malach and Reinfernal sent a direct message as soon as Yeouido started the war.

The content was very simple.

They will never intervene in this case. However, it is unacceptable for the state of war to manifest itself elsewhere.

It was like this.

Asgard decided that expelling them was beneficial, and the decision was to somehow limit the influence of the tide of the rains that grew stronger every day.

The purpose of this extermination war was revenge, so I did not want anything else, so I did not have to hang the four tribes.

Dory was thanking the astronaut and Niflheim for their decision to send reinforcements. Especially, even though the Emperor's disappearance kept him busy, he had to be thankful to leave without his feet.

After all, Olympus, who oversaw Athena, began an invasion of Asgard.

Purpose is Summer (subtract #).

It was completely different from the previous wars of Uranos.

It used to be an expansion of power through the charcoal, but now none of Asgard intends to live, so it won't bring back the King.

But I wanted it to be fun for him.

That's it.

The King's funeral has begun.

Fire! The symbol of the one-horned tribe is fire. It was because their great-grandfather Soho Geumcheon was the sun god that the red fire purged the soul and cleared the world of clouds.

In addition, there was a belief that the soul of a person who was cremated (%) would be able to return to the Council of Refugees in Soho.

The fire that burned in the center of the village continued for three days and nights.

There was wailing and fever among the tribesmen, and silence all along.


Yeongwoo entered the cave where the King had entered for enlightenment at the age of five, cut off his communication with the outside world and began the training of the closed tube.

Capture all the legacies left by the King.

It was to awaken the Tongue Blade.