Second Life Ranker

Double.Mixing Agent (2)

Immediately before Yeon-woo entered the closed tube training, the cipher called him separately.

It was a inferno = located in the spirit (ham).

Traditionally, no one is allowed to enter unless it is a cipher and her successor.

where the sun brewery (&) 8, the symbol of the Joseon zodiac, landed, was unusually impressive, where the spirit was resting on Edora.

“I heard you called. I've never seen you face to face like this before, have I?” With Edora's help, the spiritual spirit raises a silver smile on his mouth.

I thought it might have sounded a lot younger than the voice of a conjuring spirit, because I was always having conversations with her out of control. Her voice, however, contained a profound history that naturally captivated people's consciousness.

The cipher was blindfolded. While the funeral was raging, she was cheering up in the spirits.

Originally, she, the priest, held her own funeral and had to sacrifice to Soho Jin Cheon to give rest to the soul of the returning being in his arms.

He had no intention of doing so because he was badly injured in the Ralph's raid.

Fortunately, Edora was almost finished with the necessary steps, so there was no big problem.

The cipher is blindfolded and smiling openly. as if he was facing Yeon-woo face to face.

It is said that witchcraft was inherently blind.

So, even in Cheongram, even though the child was born after a long time, he did not have great expectations due to disability. It was because I thought I would never pass through my training as a cipher.

However, the cipher did not give up, but rather succeeded in sublimating her disability to her advantage.

It was inherently blind, so it wasn't fascinated by fast-paced editing.

It was able to sense the truth beyond.

That way, she was able to sit here as the youngest ever, instantly gaining insight and being judged to be the most extraordinary of all spirits.

Did he propose to you in spite of that enthusiasm? When he sat on the throne, he had to marry and have children with the spirits of more than 50 families, but spirituality was the only thing he truly loved.

_'Because she was against the appearance of the inner self, not the appearance of the king, the two of them were able to live in harmony.

Perhaps it was natural for Pandit and Edora, who were the fruits of two people, to stand out among the brothers.

It's the same now.

Even though Yeon-woo was clearly not looking into the eyes of the spiritual, she felt like everything was being dug out of her day.

Ordinarily, it might have been very unpleasant...... but strangely, the psychic gaze was not.

Maybe it's too warm.

It reminded me of a gaze I had forgotten a long time ago.

._Gan_“Mother. One side of my heart shook.

Yeon-woo tightly suppressed that feeling, and slowly opened her mouth.

“No, that's two.” It's not the first time. The expression on the cipher changed a bit oddly.

"Haha! I don't remember that. When?” But Yeon-woo smiled without an answer.

The spiritual woman suddenly burst into laughter after realizing the meaning of Yeon-woo.

“That's Yal Goodness.” You'll notice that Yeon-woo talks about when she came to save her life in crisis over Laplace.

It was never an issue to be reckoned with in the first place.

Over time, she seemed to have recovered some of her wounds, so she threw them away playfully.

It would be a hard prank if we weren't as close as the circle.

By acting like that, Yeon-woo was able to close the psychological distance with the psychic medium in a snap.

“You look so much like my teacher in this regard. It doesn't look like it at all." Yeon bows her head.

“I'm sorry if I offended you." “No. In fact, he said Knoxton resembles him the most, but not when I saw him. You're the one who looks the most like him.” The cipher smiles beside her mouth, nodding her head as if agreeing to even hold her still. "

Yeongwoo's chest slightly flutters, but she shakes her head without making the most of it.

“If you say it like that, it makes me feel bad.” "“ What? Hohoho! Am I allowed to insult a widow in front of her? “Actually, you know..." "Madam (0 Pa, Teacher's Wife).” … your wife knows that. The teacher's personality.I think I've been hurt the most. ”“ Hohoho! That's what he was like. ”She seemed even more remarkable in the eyes of the realm because it was a witchcraft to live with such a godless king.

I didn't mention that.

“What fun. I know it's been a long time, but it's been so much fun talking to you. I have a son because I live in my finest taste, and I can't share stories with my daughter, but I don't want to squeeze one or two times every time I don't listen to her.

You don't have that. ”I smiled more at the mouth of the cipher.

“Do you want to come in and live? Even Daryl welcomes us.” I don't think that's something my father would disagree with. "Ooh, ooh! Beagrid, who was hanging on the back of the kite, trembles as if responding.

“Maybe, right? You still don't show a refusal to be a son-in-law.” “Mother.” Edora pinches her psychic forearm slightly, wanting you to stop blushing.

The more I do, the more I mock the psychic.

“Look at this. Why is my daughter saying that she's ashamed of herself again?” In the end, Edora pops out her lips because of Sally.

I just glanced at her like that.

While the funeral was going on, I was worried that I had lost my strength and lost my appetite, but I didn't think I needed to do it anymore.

That must mean Edora took good care of her by her side.

“Anyway, let's wrap up the small talk.” The psychic went straight to the point with a warm voice.

“Actually, I called you here to give you something” ~? "You have something for me? Yeon-woo smiles because she wants to do something. Soon, she opens her eyes wide when she sees the spirit smiling.

It was the key.

A key the size of a palm of a hand made of real gold.

“This, this……?” “Hoho. I've been there once, so I can figure out what it's for. That's right. It's the key to your fear of money.” Fear of the Nua one-horn tribe (Rasome #) consists of stages of gold, silver, copper, and iron, of which there were alliances and iron.

It was born there, and since then, it has become the foundation to support his body firmly.

You're going to let me enter a place that no one else could have, except for the King of the Boulevards and his permission? “The throne is vacant at the moment, and I am acting on its behalf.

Of course I'm qualified to give you this place. ”The spiritual voice is still sweet, but it settles deep one day.

“His wish was for you to resolve the last grudge of his clan.

As you know, Assignment was already solved by Edora, and this time successfully pioneered into something more than that. But... you know, that wasn't enough. ”Yeon nods heavily.

Edora made sure to use the transfer to protect the cipher from Raflath, but she couldn't do any better.

It was true that it was infinitely lacking compared to the potential of Taegeung Hye anti-sword, which the King had expected.

“That's because it's not in harmony with the other half. There's nothing special about the sword and the amniotic sword. Only together can I reveal myself...... and then the system will curse me.” “And as you know, we can no longer delay the completion of the black. My family never forgets a grudge. I will come after you to avenge him, and in order to do that, I must first resolve my grievances.” The cipher takes a short breath, then asks with a serious tone.

“Is it possible to open it?" Yeon-woo did not answer for a moment.

The last sights of the King against Knoxton pass through the snow. It's been a few days, but it's been drawn clearly as it was a moment ago.

Every move, every breath, every mystery, all of it.

Will you be able to follow all the statutes of the King? If you can't keep up, can you keep up? No, I don't.

Will you be able to surpass it? I've multiplied them by one.

I confronted him there.


I realized.

The King's touch is all he has left to pursue.

He reminded me of what Yeon-ju said while looking at the spirits that the breath of the King everywhere he walked.


“I will show you that your work continues through me, that mortality is wrong." There will be an answer like 65 0 40.

I thought this answer would be better than that.


Then, even the mouth of the serious spirit spread a smile.

“Good job,” and time returns to the training hall.

'Teacher's work... No, I'm a myth. "The footprints of the King are already written ahead of him.

Yeonwoo is a new footprint from there.

I was also worried that the King would take the light path to a completely different place.

Yeon-woo was going to lose that weight on her own.

_'Cause it was invincible.

I've already been scared.

Throughout the history of the one-horned tribe, the absolute secrets and neogenetics collected and invented were all in Yeongwoo's head.

Based on these, 'I had to disassemble what the king left behind, fix it to fit myself, and interpret the music sword that was all around the veil.

No, it was not to be interpreted.

“The black sword hasn't been opened to me all this time, maybe it doesn't fit me very well." Transfers were opened to the one-horned tribe at the end of a long palace because they were born with solar delays. On the contrary, the sword did not open.

The same is true of Yeongwoo. It may not have opened because it is not close to the Tongue Blade.

If so, you should change the body type accordingly, or change the acoustic sword.

The fact that Yeon Woo had already put her soul to completion changed her constitution meant that everything would be turned upside down from the very beginning, but it was an impossible realm.

But if I could only open it, I was going to try.

Even if he loses everything he's built up over it.

'Restore and pile up. The road that has already been lit once can not be paved twice.

[Parallax cracking] In a world of slow consciousness.

Noble light (03% 6) appeared over the eyes of Yeongwoo.

"The sheep have a spreading and rising nature, which makes them an unmatched match for Edora, who wants to explore the world through her mind, as she expands the spirit world into the natural world and becomes a fairytale." Time flies.

"Whereas mm (@) sinks in clumps, it doesn't fit the sparking horn. Conversely, we need to turn the world inside out. Rather, the natural world should be captured in the spiritual world. `Without fail.

How much time had passed was beyond me.

'In that way, even though I can get close to the dagger left by the teacher, I can never realize it. This is because the ratio of the arms (%) made to interpret the yin and yang sets limits on the nature, even at some level. We have to disassemble this.

Not with your arms, but with your basic qualities. `sink.

"And it's not just the sword that disassembles at this point. Everything I have has to follow. Skills, power, status...... even ego, depth.

'Disassemble everything, sink it, and replace it with a negative to regroup it. The notes will bring together the spread.` Deep enough that no one can pull.

[Authority, 'Declaration of Land' has been deleted.] [Authority, 'to purgatory` has been deleted.] [Authority, 'Shadow Realm' has been deleted.] [Authority, 'Artman System' has been deleted.] [You have been compromised.] [Your identity has been removed.] [Myth has been dissolved. [Disassembly commencing!] [The self has vanished.] [Decommissioned Energy tries to change temperament based on the crude spirit.] CREATED! You cannot measure how much time it will take for a personality change to take.] [Warning! Significantly less likely to succeed. Failure can lead to complete disappearance.] [Warning! The system detected an anomaly and identified the target as bug or e-raggler. A security system may be triggered that attempts to remove the target. Do you still want to proceed?