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Triplets. Mixing Agent (3)

[You have chosen to proceed.] [The system will administer a vaccine to remove the bug-specified target.] [Character Change Begins!] “If you have any complaints about me sitting here, come out now!” The pant has taken all the time in the world.

Roaring (\ verb).

His voice was full of anger and jealousy, just as a hundred kings and lions roared.

The King's funeral was not over until a month after his achievement and in remembrance of the Longevity.

Due to the notion that we cannot keep the throne empty, the competition for the throne has begun anew.

The position of choosing a new king had to be closer to the festival and the banquet as usual.

But I haven't been able to.

The one-horned tribe is filled with anger as they grieve over the great king. They were about to start a war. It was a tribal vendetta unlike in the war against the Red Dragon.

On the other hand, they longed for a new anamfath to be stronger than anyone else in the world, and they longed for a strong charisma to lead their clan.

Fishing is never acceptable. I had to be strong and powerless at the same time.

And it was quite natural for me to be a fan in such a position.

He was also a member of Artiya, but he didn't care about that at all.

He had received permission from Yeonwoo to leave Artiya and join her clan as an ally, if necessary.


Pants were the first to move forward as soon as the reign of the king began.

The earth echoes, and a bloody thunderbolt descends from the sky without rest. The gust that spread along him was so strong that I wanted to be able to stand up to him.

Thanks to this, the tribesmen had to open their eyes wide together.

I knew that Faithless had already risen to the level of Fant in the chaos, but I realized it was more than I had expected.

It was about knowing how many battles he had been through and how harsh he had been taught by the elders.

When the elder said that it would never be greatly undermined compared to the Mushroom King, they were all just pupils, and I knew they were just saying that, but they were not empty words.

It was the royal people who were anxious to become new kings.

Not only the brothers of the King, but the brothers of Pants, who were mostly getting ready to leave, Pants caught the victory first.

I almost couldn't even pick up the bones from the first mistake.

So everyone notices each other.

“Is there no one here?” Guarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The town trembles with a tremendous tremor of blood mines as the pant rages.

Suddenly, the mouth of the smith burst into laughter.

Some of the brothers who noticed with a tense face stepped forward with their eyes closed. Here, Miragan could not continue to receive the support of the tribesmen.

The Fant smiles as he looks at them, his fangs turning white. Though I have no desire to say this to them.

Still, you don't seem to have enough to prove that you deserve to sit on the throne.

That's it.

Gurrr! Competition has begun to defend the new king.

The program you are missing is interfering with changes in the subject's nature.] [The target wants to block access to your antivirus by installing a firewall.] [Failed.] [Failed.] [Firewall destroyed.] has successfully entered the Merchant Program. You are about to initiate a deletion by tracking the target's code source. [0086086 & 160130190]] is generating timely code.] [Failed.] [Failed.] [Successful.] [The generated virus program was successful in deleting and launching your anti-virus program.] Your firewall is blocking access to new anti-virus programs.] “Daddy, Daddy! Mr. Pants has become king!” Really? That's how you sing, and then you do it. Cho Jong-woo's monument glanced at the newspaper, opened the door wide, and saw Sesha rushing towards her.

While he and Anantara and Cesha were resting in their chambers, resting their stamina and stamina, Pants would occasionally come to their families for company.

Both Cho Jungwoo and Pant were able to quickly become close to each other because there was a bond of empathy called "painful brothers" in the nature of love.

Pant said, 'Sometimes I used to confidently shout in front of Cha Jungwoo that I would succeed my father, but I finally fulfilled my wish.

“So what should we call Mr. Pants now? Mr. King? Chae Jungwoo was so cute that she stroked her head with her hands. The recovery speed of the monument has recently gained momentum and is now free of this physical contact.

Let's call him Wang-jae. "Mr. Wang?” Sesha laughed at the thought of all the strange titles.

“Good. Hehehe! From now on, Mr. Pants is Mr. Wang!” Soon, I smiled brightly.

When Cha Jungwoo heard that from Cesha, he was really looking forward to how Pant's face would change.

At that time, Anantara came to Cho Jungwoo's grain with a basket full of fruit.

“What are you looking at?” Tales of the Outer World. “How's it going?” What's the big deal? It's working just like you asked. Cho Jungwoo's monument folded the newspaper he was looking at and threw it on the table.

- Artie, declare conquest! A newspaper with a very explicit title was now telling us exactly who owns the tower.

It declares that the order of the eight generations that followed_long ago has finally come to an end, and the world of Artiya has come to an end.

That means that the siege of the White Dragon and the rest of the Darwood Brotherhood is over.

Thanks to you, King Asak's new position was being reorganized.


Five of the positions of the kings, the Cha Yeon-hee Sword, the Kanpoxy Tail, the Doil Somu King (9 > Fo-Fo), the Archbishop of Pandahui, the Archbishop of Edora, the Holehardtal, and the Einholm Dogs of Leon Hartdall belong to or are filled with figures related to Artiya.

Anantara had no choice but to look at it and feel strange.

It's Artie.

The place where Cho Jong-woo set up but fell, he finally woke up again from his brother's hands and finished all the revenge. Now, virtually all the people who could harm them in the summer, except Olfowon, are gone.

I knew the world had changed greatly since I opened my eyes, but I was surprised to see it like this.

The sea of poetry is still teeming. Cha Jong-woo's monument still frowned over their troublesome existence. It is the final obstacle to what has happened so far, and for Ananta, 'the subject of love is the head.

I had to find them somehow because I didn't know what they were up to in the unseen.

How are you feeling? “It's amazing. The Elder also told me that recovery is very fast.” Thank goodness. "After Anantara awoke from her sleep, the blacksmith took a number of elixirs out of a family report and gave them to her. With the elder's wit, she was able to recover at a rapid rate, and now she's almost at her peak.

I too have quite a bit of magic supplemented. Then... I guess we should move, right? Anantara nods heavily at Cha Jungwoo's memorial.

I tried to wait for my brother to return, but I couldn't delay it any longer. The lotus that entered the Abandoned Tube training does not show any signs of leaving.

But the news of Abraham is still dark. For them, their worries grew as big as a mountain.

Maybe they lost track of the sea of poetry.

Given that Abraham was also Brahma, Deva's creator, he could have been dragged somewhere, like Zeus or Odin, who disappeared.

Of course, the latter was usually a phenomenon that was only owed to those who had suffered from asthma, but I still couldn't let myself go.

He told Cesha that he was going on a trip for a while and asked Edora to take it for him.

In fact, it may be dangerous for only two people to go on like this... … but I wasn't really worried because I had one more companion besides them.

Then let's go. Ananta nods and shuffles his gaze at the nearest pocket watch on the table.

And when you came out.

“Are you ready? Are you ready? The Elder is waiting while he repairs his glasses.

Bloody Wise Man.

It was a moment to break the silver with the legendary Haven Wing of the Tower.

[Character changes are accelerated for unknown reasons. We're at the last stage.] [Currently, the rate of change is 89, 90, 91% Aah 96% Wiebgna_] [Property change is complete.] [Final Completion Rate: 103.1%] [Negative energy begins to fade into one.] [Presence is implemented.] Soften eyes slowly.

“How... how long has it been?" In fact, he has not been caught for very long.

It was because I was developing Parallax Scratch Skill, which made my accident speed so fast that I lost my memory during the process of deconstructing my mind while I was still self-conscious.

There was a risk that the first one could be completely erased without a trace.

"But it worked." Yeon was aware that her constitution had changed completely.

Complete dismantling and reassembling of the spirit.

In the process, all impurities disappear and become completely negative.

Even though the soul was already immature, it didn't change much.

Even though the soul and body were reborn at all, it was no exaggeration.

[The god of Olympus, 'Tanatos' looks at you with the eyes of Chantan.] The god of Memphis, Osiris, would like to write a letter for you. The bride and groom look down at you.] [The god of Aea, 'Nergal' sighs deeply at your soul.] The god of Teba, Khitigarva, would like to ask you a favor. [Devil of Niflheim, 'Hel wets his lips with a red tongue. Shake with joy.] [Ishma-Daiba' is no doubt now that you are the true descendant of the Dark Lord. [All the gods of death marvel at you.]] [All the demons of death worship you.] [The dull lobe has been completely restored.] [Fortified with the reel of death, we have been able to engage with the cogs in all the death statues in the heavens. The concept of death is now in your hands!] Ghost (\ 0).

Yeon-woo called it that about her soul.

To enlighten the sonic sword, I changed from the root of the soul to a creature of utter negative temperament, and as a result, the stature of death was incredibly enhanced.

As long as I saw God, there was nothing in heaven that could compare with him.

It was also natural that the God of Death and the Devil were the first ones to show such a stubborn posture.

If you try to desiccate it like this, the ghost will become completely enlightened, creating a new concept of death.

You put all the statues of death at your feet.

And just as he welcomed his ideas.

Pot! [Shadow Area "has been automatically set.] [The Chief Apostle will come temporarily!] As the shadows spread, Athena sank suddenly.

“I give you Olympus.

"Athena bowed down and did not even think of raising her head.

It was because I felt like my soul would freeze if I looked at him strangely, even though it had not changed greatly or changed greatly.

The substrate surrounding him has completely changed.

She quickly pulled out four of her stored skulls, even though she was terrified.

Fresh, frightened, vivid faces, like they just died.

It belonged to the leaders of Asgard, including Thor and Heimdall.

“Asgard has been completely annihilated, and the sanctuary they were in has been turned into the land of the dead as you commanded. Currently, allies, including Olympus, are in pursuit of the escaped remnants, but they are holding back those who are setting up a day here with the destruction of Asgard." Without any answer, Yeon-ju nods, just as if it were natural.

Then I swiped my hand and broke Thor's head. All the spilled mystical forces were absorbed into Athena.

Whoa! Athena's eyes twist on their own. The power of Thor and the gods of Asgard must be enormous, but they gave it to themselves without absorbing it. It was under control.

But as a kith, I have no doubt that Asgard is doomed. Rather, if it hadn't been settled, it would have been less disappointing for Athena.

There was something more important to him than that.

“How long has it been since I started my pulmonary training?” Athena's head bows deeper.

“It's been about two years. ”