Second Life Ranker

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“Trouble. If I'd known it was going to be like this, I would've just beat the shit out of him the other time. Dammit!" The pant distorts the impression of seeing the tower of paperwork piled up this morning as well.

Apparently, yesterday, yesterday, the day before, I was dealing with this much paperwork. Every morning, the new documents were given to me, but they did not show any signs of decline.

It was a continuous day like lightning that I thought I could wield the power of majesty by myself as king.

Apparently, the king he had seen so far, his father only remembered doing what he always wanted to do.

If you want to go to play, go to play, fight if you want to fight... But no one stops you.

“Lots of colorful things. Harem! This is what every man wants!" That's why Panther coveted the king's place.

To escape the nagging of my mother and sister Edora.

But sitting on the throne, it was the opposite of what I expected.

Every day was fixed just like Jack.

I'm not allowed to sleep late. When you wake up at 5: 00 in the morning and eat a simple meal, and have inquiries (sea cucumbers) with the elders and key executives at 6: 00 in the morning, and when you are done, you should explore the Emperor's shambles theory.

Starting at noon, we should review the main issues, and, from 3 pm, we should examine the documents that rain all over the tower. When this is over, you can usually only have dinner at 8: 00 p.m.... You should go to bed at 11: 00 p.m., or go to work on your work part-time.

The bedtime and wake-up time were fixed daily. Since the food has to be consumed evenly every time, there is only a line of green vegetables. Occasionally, the meat given for protein intake was chicken breast tenderloin, but cow meatloaf was all.

It was a crazy timetable for Pants who hated to die even though they were tied up somewhere.

It's a judge who will cause panic disorder if he doesn't stay like this. Sometimes he even tried to protest.

- Then I'll tell him.

- To the Elder.

_. Gan._,. Genjiang! I said to the teacher, "When I get back to tell you that I'm driving, I don't get out of insults.

The smith always tried to catch the king who was always in trouble, but the other king wanted to hold on tight.

On the other hand, I always had to buy a rat as a Panther. I couldn't bear the thought of rebelling against the elders. I haven't learned how to use my blood mines yet, but I don't see where they're going with this.

No, as long as the king gives the order and guides us, shouldn't the underlings take care of all this crap? But later on, my father seemed to be a bit of an outsider, and he had almost given up resistance after realizing he actually belonged to the sincere axis - in fact, because the cipher was nagging at my side every time.

The only way to relieve this irritating stress was to beat up rivals. Nowadays, no competitors have emerged because everyone has moderately acknowledged his skills and authority.

Ha! Pant sighs and begins to read the documents at the top.

Even though I complained that I was getting rid of this boring position every time, I couldn't do it because I knew that the order of my family would become dizzy again if I really stopped.


The eye of the unfocused pan was lightly touched.

The Pant's new statue has gone down. The lost document falls to the bottom of the nettle, and the pant wields his fist as it grabs the back of the beast approaching him one day.

Paziejo, Guarruh-uh - After training for the past two years, he has now risen to the 8th star with a violent thunderbolt. I'm just trying to take the pain away.

With a squeak - something goes wrong, the blood mine suddenly thumps and turns off.

And a sharp blade winds across the Fant's neck.

Jurlock! Oompant's movements have stopped. Blood flowing along the slight neck wound 'was also blood, but he suddenly looked back at himself and saw a relaxed smile on his face.

“You're doing well. You're walking fast.

Is it possible to reconnect the properties of the brain to the epilepsy? ”" Sir! ”The pant says, 'Mwahaha!" I burst out a big smile. The sound was much louder than when the blood mine just went off.

“You're out now? I didn't think I'd have to break into the training camp anytime soon because" Gragg "wasn't coming out! Hahaha! You're back now. But." The pant bursts into laughter and quickly sweeps Yeon-woo up and down.

“You think nothing's changed? She's a little gloomy.” Aren't you supposed to be very different after your pulmonary training? How come you came out like this means you woke up.

Pant smiled with a face full of curiosity.

Yeon smiles in overlapping laughter.

In the beginning, he couldn't achieve growth unless he had desertion and transcendence.

And yet, I spent all this time trying to change my constitution.

Now even in the status window where the numbers are not properly displayed. Properties "field contained only one letter.

Mm (@).

“Huh! You'd better not be so confident.” Pant shouted confidently to see if she didn't like Yeon-woo's answer. It wasn't just Yeon-woo that changed for two years.

“Yes“ it is. Do you know? It might be his turn to finally be a big brother. "

Pod! Yeon-woo swiftly wielded the beagrid in her hand.

Caaang! The pant has been pruning the beagrid out of its brick and mortar.

I could never have stopped it before, but now it's very simple.

“Haha! I didn't tell you! I'm not who I used to be...!" ”The pant had to hang up on him as confidently as he could. I was flying into a new punch line in the blink of an eye.

Paaaak! After Artiya's unification, the tower seems to have collapsed.

Everyone is a creature of adaptation, and we have lived according to the order of Artijah.

Of course, there are so many hemispheres gathering there, 'although there were movements to overtake Artiya everywhere, no one could accomplish a miracle beyond them.

As time went by, strange rumors began to circulate among rankers.

- You've started to change your ranking from the 61 that you've stopped! Clear rankings recorded in each insect system can be observed anywhere. And by the 60th floor, most of the names in first place were the same.

# # #. It was handled in private.

Of course, no one was unaware that it was the King in Chief of Artyria. Just wondering why it hasn't been processed publicly yet, the new ranking has been renewed since the 61st floor.

The silent # # # has emerged.

Obviously # # # took the top spot, and the difference between the top and second place was so high that it was hard to keep up.

But that wasn't exactly what surprised people.

Speed of breaking the records of 16 insect systems from 61st to 76th floors.

That was less than an hour ago.

[This is a coffin on the 76th floor and 10th day (+ #).] Ten.

Like a staircase with a unique name for the existence of ten nights, the stage was soaked all over the dome.

Just the moon hanging from the sky and a myriad of shooting stars shining down on the earth.

However, the moon was very different from what Yeongwoo had seen on the earth or several steps.

Very much.

I can't wait to get hit by a satellite.

Instead of seeing all the rounded circles, only about three or so parts appeared to span from the horizon.

Even the mottled surface looked too clear. It seemed like if the technology in space had been implemented properly, it could have gone directly to that direction.

"Isn't it hard for ordinary life to live because of the large gravitational car? Yeongwoo suddenly thought of that, but soon she cleared the world of all miraculous signs and magic with the idea of what was impossible.

Instead, I looked for a wealthy Laputa that was floating among the constellations and shined its eyes.

It's too small for the size of a satellite, but the impact on the stage is much greater than that.

It was the home of Arthya, who took 76 floors in place of the missing white dragon.

Yeongwoo folds the wings of the sky and quietly sits down on them.

In the yard, Doyle, who had heard that Yeon Woo was already coming, was waiting.

“Long time no see, brother.” “How are you?“ I'm always the chatterbox. ”Doyle was almost out of the Boy's Tea, looking pretty decent. He had a lot of fancy gear and he seemed pretty tall.

Now it's bigger than a box. `If it was a car, I'd be angry.

"What about the sea of poetry?” “I'm looking for that information, too.” “We have to get rid of them somehow.” Yeon-woo's eyes glow fiercely.

The king left a will to surpass Allfowon. And Yeon-woo, of course, intended to protect it. But not now. I had to hit the sea of poetry first.

They attacked the King directly and took the Eye from the cipher. I had to kill the public first.

And from sweeping Adamantine Nova across the universe, to the disappearance of the churchgoers, to the conclusion with the Mahai.

'Moreover, despite the frequent desertion and transcendence, Allfowon did not move.

The sea of poetry must have contained something. "No, even after all that.

There was no way to forgive those who did this to him.

"Abraham's whereabouts are still intact... and Jungwoo, or the Elder, who went to look for him, said he was disconnected. `It was clear that Abraham was still alive. It didn't break the connection. I just don't know what's going on because I'm blocking contact over there. But from what I could feel from time to time, it was clearly not detained or weakened.

Yun woo speculated that Abraham and others had gone to a completely free place, such as the stage where the sea of poetry had been chased.

Fortunately, Yeonwoo and Artiya didn't just stay silent.

In the meantime, Pant and Khan were outsided as if they were arguing over the position of Factor Two in accordance with the instructions of Yeon Woo.

“Fant has been emptying his wealth to focus on the one-horned tribe, making it easy for Khan to move around. There's a lot of pull-ups in there.” Yeon-woo gave Doyle a brief report. He quickly shuffles the contents and narrows his eyes.

From Pant - I've been memorizing the letters sent by Elder Cha Jungwoo.

Several pieces of information quickly merged into my mind and disappeared.

“There's a lot of people involved.” Many of them probably don't know they're involved. ”“ Get it all sorted out. ”“ I'm going to do it. And in the meantime, Mr. Khan has become very close to them, so he's moving on to saying there's a rally there. ”The sea of poetry is everywhere.

Khan has been pretending to be there for some time, and he was about to pick his fruit.

Yeongwoo's eyes glowed.

“Where are you, there? ”