Second Life Ranker

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[This is the 66th floor, the End of the Century Urban Doctor.]] "Is this it? The barren winds swoop in at the moment of the breeze and cover the entrance with a collar.

“This place isn't really the place to decorate something. `I was busy attacking quickly as a kitten, but I didn't get a chance to observe the stage properly.

However, through his diary, he remembered the characteristics of each staircase precisely.

And in his memory, the 66th floor was a stage where it was hard to find any other features.

The city at the end of the century.

It has a gloomy atmosphere of an apocalyptic city, as the name suggests.

Most of the gray concrete buildings that used to be skyscrapers collapsed, or were surrounded by a green dungeon or something.

Most of the asphalt roads that used to be well-mannered were split apart, and flowers and weeds were growing through them.

The vehicles in the accident are acting strangely, and there's a flat rubber tire or rubbish near the rusty sign.

In the original subway station, the underground passageway, which was thought to be a 'subway station,' was getting wet on the porch and occasionally vomiting rats and moles.

"Total annihilation by various nuclear wars and the ruins of 10,000 civilizations... Amalgamation, right?" I've seen a lot of zombie apocalypse films in the winter rainbow, so I haven't lowered much.

No, not that far away, but a place you can see in Africa or the Middle East, where civil wars are frequent.

However, this was an even worse environment.

It was a forsaken city because it was hard to find even people, and because radioactivity and biogas didn't have a fatal impact on their survival.

Of course, it didn't do any harm to Yeon-woo who was in debt poisoning.


It was' definitely not a good place to score something.

"But if you flip it over, it's the perfect place to have a secret meeting..." `Yeon-woo narrowed her eyes.

"Yeon-woo had left word that Jungwoo and Ananta were also coming here and had been disconnected. Yeon-woo had received a clue about the 66th floor from Panto, and when she got the information from Doyle, she was going to gather together and get the results.

However, when Abraham disappeared first, Jungwoo and the like were cut off after him, there was no reason to stand still anymore when he realized that all the places where Khan moved for the rally were the same.

There's something here.

Yeon-woo was so sure.

And now.

He was in disguise so that others couldn't recognize him.

Instead of a black coat, he wore a red blood cloak (horn bee show, cloak to block sand wind), a white head and a wooden mask on his face.

It must be hard to recognize a "king" from the looks of it, since Beagrid was thrown into the subspace and left with two long and short spears on his back.

He was strong enough, so he couldn't be measured unless he was King Ahom.

Yeongwoo heads to the place where the compartment moved.

Nearby subway station.

Signs with letters that can't even be read by the tower's systems run dangerously close to falling. The underground staircase through history (Ryu-suum) did not have a single bright spot, but Yeon-woo stepped inward rather unnecessarily.

After a long time of indebtedness, I was able to descend for a long time and reach the platform along the wall.

It was so dark and quiet that players would sometimes wander around the stage looking for Hidden Piece that they wouldn't accidentally find it, but it was also a clear place.

Nevertheless - Yeon-woo arrived at the landing platform through the toll gate without any disturbance. At the bottom of the line, you can see the rusty Tucson Railroad. I wondered what would pass up there.

When I waited for more than half an hour, something rushed down the tracks with a creepy sound from afar to the platform.

There is now an infrared circulation train coming into history.

Please take a step back outside the safety line. Noise came out on the broadcast. A train that moves where there seems to be no electricity or magical devices. Of course, it couldn't have been ordinary.

Yeongwoo's train stops at the platform, and the train starts running again as the door closes.

"Anybody else? `When Yeongwoo narrowed her eyes, she quietly wandered inside the sequence car. He was looking for pieces that he couldn't find in the diary, but he had no information, so he had to be cautious.

After that, the train stopped when history appeared, opened the door, and a few seconds later closed the door again and left. And all the time, no one was on board. If anyone gets on board, we can look after them. Yeon-woo has a bad heart and a bad tongue.

It was about 20 stations away from where he was.

It was unlike any other history I'd ever seen.

It was filled with various lighting panels that were illuminating the inside so that it didn't match the end of the century. On the stairs facing away from the platform, there was an arrow shaped lighting board as if to move here.

At that time, "Name” approaches the player who flipped the robe to the side of the lotus. It's hard to tell if it's a boy or a girl hidden in the dome.

Yeon notices that the opponent is a ranker class greeter at once. It seems to be the gatekeeper in charge of removing it as soon as it flows in.

“Abel." “I've never heard that name before.” “" Yeon-woo, who sounds like a fool, gently rolls up her left sleeve, farting.

At that moment, the light from the ceiling and the left forearm of the tongue glowed brightly. A strange tattoo sprinkled with fluorescence.

Seal (post 80) that Caesars take pictures to recognize their affiliates.

“Are there any brothers who tell you my real name? If I had a moron like that, I'd make a cut here first.” Shortly before departing, Yeon ambushed a spy Doyle had already spotted.

No matter how firm his convictions are, he cannot be overcome by torture using the flames of purgatory. He engraved poetry on his left forearm.

"Poetry" boasts different shapes depending on the affiliate to prevent copy. However, it was easy to recognize each other because they had common characteristics.

This shouldn't be too hard to get through.


“The Apocalypse.” “Oops. Was there an acronym? I had no choice but to speak for a moment as soon as I heard that there was such a thing at the rally.

At that moment, the gatekeeper moved. I was going to whip the whip around my wrist with a bracelet.

_First, I swallowed him completely, measuring his shadow sideways.

[Psychology (out) - Psychology (82)] Everything that became negative became subject to the will of Yeon-woo.

One of them is the shadow, and now it is not just its own shadow that can control the shadow of another. Of course, it's limited to weaker beings. Still, being able to control the shadow meant that the body associated with it could be somewhat constrained and controlled.

It was a shadow of mortals, as if it were on the palm of his hand.

And again when the shadow is complete.

The eye of the creature exposed between the robes was blurred. Meanwhile, the mass of the mass is injected into the body, and the soul falls into a state of hibernation. Now he's a puppet in distress.

"Annoying. I wanted to keep it up because I felt like I should have done this from the beginning, but it was easy for others to find out.

A little hint would do. Yeon-woo's hands lightened.

Then his pupil takes a step back as he regains his focus.

"Welcome, brother. I apologize for my doubts.” Not only did I use the synonyms, but I also pushed the implication that honeycomb was high, into the subconscious.

Yun shakes her head as she lowers her sleeve.

“No, I know that many heretics are trying to confuse the words of 'Him' because the world is so cluttered these days.

Even if it is the same brother and sister, it is natural to be vigilant. ”Thank you for your understanding.” How are the brothers up there? ”“ It seems more brothers have answered the call than I thought. ”“ Seems like it's been a gathering for a while. If I do, where do I go? Exit six on 66. Quite plausible.Good work. ”After the funeral, Yeon moved in the direction the gatekeeper pointed.

The gatekeeper retreated from such a pittance. I had a headache that made me want to do this all of a sudden, but after thinking about the announcement that the next train was coming, I went back to the original place.

"You're vigilant. `I narrowed my eyes to find my tongue.

Until it was out of history, I was annoyed with each and every one of the gatekeepers because they were inspected from time to time.

And why are there so many things hidden everywhere? The higher you go, the harder it seems to use shadows and ghosts.

“Quite a lot of people. `In the square set up above history, there were quite a lot of people.

Approximately 200 people.

Given that this is the 66th floor, where only rankers can enter, it is clearly a ridiculous number.

"I don't know if they were the only members of the Sea of Poems, or if they were the only ones with noses.

This was clearly proof that the sea of poetry had a greater power than it had ever known before.

"This gathering will be nothing more than an underworld effort." As soon as I got up here as I originally planned, I was going to storm the Assembly Hall and pierce their souls into the Soul Collection and find the whereabouts of tortured Abraham and others as a group.

"Let's wait a little longer. `I felt that Yeon-woo should look at the situation a little more. It doesn't look like it's worn out yet, and I didn't know there might be something else when the rally started.

The rally was solemn. People used masks together to hide who they were, and they didn't talk as much as they could. It was just a central monolith, waiting for the organizer to show up.

And within it, I could find the one who might have been named Yeon-woo.

He was wearing a mask and robe, but he couldn't completely change his trait, so he was quietly discussing something with a group that didn't know who he was.

Maybe they were the ones who convinced the Khan and eventually got the rally. I hear Kando has made quite an effort to make the sea and the ropes of the city.

At that moment, I turned my head to this side and met Yeon Woo's eyes.

Just as Yeon-woo recognized the Khan in a heartbeat, Kan recognized Yeon-woo in a moment.

Turn your eyes away. However, Ekkan's swift message turned his gaze away.

The person next to me laughs.

“Hmm? Do you know a face?” “Haha. No way. That's a big deal, right? This evening, for a moment, was a tea that suddenly made me worry about what to eat with you.” Haha. Humans, too.I can't believe how amazing this is for Khan. ”Yeon-woo smiles lightly as she looks at the small handed compartment.

And as I looked at the other rally participants, I wondered several times.

When should we hit them?

His shadow had already flowed underground and was confronted by theirs.

At any time, as long as a signal was given, their shadow devoured my master.

Like a bent animal.

"Let's attack.

After reviewing the gathering quietly, Yeon concluded that way.

I had hoped that there would be something in the middle, until those who appeared to be senile came up and started talking like this.

Those who care about secrets and security risk their lives for a reason.

However, his predictions were somewhat off.

Even though he talks as if there's something on the top of the statue, he doesn't have to listen at all.

And somehow the apocalypse, and somehow the opening wall, just poured out the nourishing sound of poetry being realized. I couldn't find any future plans. It looked like some kind of cult gathering.

The news of Abraham was disconnected, so I tried to hear it all the way through.

I thought it would be more beneficial to just grab everything.

I felt like I was part of a group of challengers to join the rally anyway.

So I touched the ghosts that I had put in each shadow.

[Wall of Ghosts] The moment when the shadows at their feet roamed like wildlings.

Tip! Suddenly, there's a hand in the back to grip Yeon Woo's shoulder. I'm turning my head to something.

Stay calm! A contradiction filled with urgent tone blossomed on the edge of Yeongwoo.

A voice I never thought I'd see in a place like this.

It was Leonhard.