Second Life Ranker

6. Hours (\) (3)

“Lu… O” Yeon-woo almost summoned him out of the blue because he had never thought of meeting, but soon he realized that there were many eyes around him, and turned to disobedience.

Why are you here? That's what I want to ask.

Why are you here? "Leonardo Hart's voice was filled with sudden panic and panic.

Yeongwoo could only recall what she had seen in the diary a long time ago.

Of course, Yeon-woo did not completely forget about the disappointment/Hugh 4/9 '4' 4 "to Le Onrtson 129.

However, he unconsciously said that he did not want to think of it as a defense mechanism.

In many ways, Leonard Hart was a target of affection for him.

I knew that he eventually got tired of trying to protect his loyalty to his brother like Valdivich. And from then on, even the sea of poetry came out and created a fantasy band to avenge his brother.

However, Yeon-ju couldn't forgive him for not being able to protect his last brother, so I sprayed his hands.

I didn't even think about it in the first place.

However, if you "accidentally" meet at the secret gathering of the sea of poetry, the story is completely different.

Has he not yet severed his ties with the sea of poetry? In that case.

“We should consider him an enemy. `I couldn't leave him here.

Huaa! A part of the shadow of Yeonhurt plunges deep into Leonhart's shadow as it stretches like a tentacle along the ground.

At that moment, Leonhard breathed the wind without my knowledge. The body, or something invisible beyond it, was caused by pain that seemed to pierce the soul.

In fact, the Awakened Necromancy by Yeouido is based on a shadow. To be precise, it is to borrow the physical space of the shadow, forcibly invading the idea-engraved conceptual space of the opponent. It was thought that "being" was a direct link.

“I" means the small world containing the existence of the small universe 4 > ) to be imprinted (80) not only on the opposition, but also on the natural space and beyond.

That is the Sword of the Union, and it must be a new power.

The presence exposed here was inevitable unless it had skills and skills that surpassed or could cope.

And Leonard Hart is also an outstanding high ranker who is called the new King of Awesome.

The transcendence (even though it was impossible, the desiccation was good enough to stare at.

Therefore, there was no way he could not sense the 'invisible hand' that immediately captured his soul.

He said, 'It was a bit embarrassing that Yeon-woo had an unexpected gift.

“What's going on?” Then a colleague next to me calls Leonhard with a suspicious face.

It was a secret gathering, so I had to be cautious of any suspicious behavior. He was carrying his hand to the waist dance, thinking of pulling out his sword as soon as possible.

But he had no other reaction.

It was because another branch of shadow that came out of the shadow of Yeongwoo was thrown through his shadow.

His body was hardened like a log. Breath sounds open, and the focus disappears in both pupils. However, there was no difference in appearance, and it was so secretive that no one noticed.

It wasn't just that.

Huaa! The Black Branch that came out of the shadow of Yeongwoo has penetrated the shadow of all the players that were there.

"The end is coming soon, 'He' is coming...!” Those who were chattering excitedly on the top of the statue became rigid during the process.

As if time had stopped flowing in this space, everyone who was at the rally had stopped.

["The reel of death" works!] [Stop functioning of everyone exposed to the area.] ~ Leon '' On-har-han Yi 'a is a 79fth, with the skill of the tongue 15 2 sheets of herbs | "Inscription of the fish as a skyscraper." Go Shin 1 Dog Leg It's just amazing. Five times as bad as the White One.

It was evil *: 2 That ~ Difficult = Loop Algorithm waxed cool. Nian Ga5mede:: I could not infer the mechanism, even though the shock was in the head of 05 92 Gumrongkarah Yi * end and: Go Bli; Hél, all the knowledge in the tower.

It was a mysterious trick to completely turn black common sense that was learned by Yeon-woo.

Based on this, the ghost was operating in a completely different structure from the system.

Conceptual Transition.

It was like his own "myth" was working.

"First, let me ask you why you're here.” Yeongwoo crosses her arms, ignoring the shock of Leonhart, and asks in a cold tone.

Leonhart finally regained his rage and slowly removed the hood that was covering his face.

At that moment, this time, the eyes of Yeon-woo opened wide.

Leonhard's face... is badly damaged by the burns.

Khan looks back and forth between Yeongwoo and Leonhart, his arms hanging long without a word.

I don't know what happened between them, but I knew I had nowhere else to turn.

It's so hard to talk like this. I hope you understand even if you talk nonsense. "Leonhard sensed by Yeon Woo had ruined everything.

His face was completely crushed. Her skin was covered in burns and her nose was pressed against her mouth.

One eye was blinded or unfocused, and even the other eye was damaged and not detectable.

Every time I could barely breathe, it sounded as if my vocal chords were broken. It also seemed difficult to talk forcefully.

Moreover, even though I had not known until now that it was covered with robes, my hands and feet were also bound with a sphere (% view).

No one saw the prisoner.

I don't know what the hell happened two years ago, but it wasn't always like this.

Yeon-woo feels her chest throbbing for a moment. I did not feel exposed at all.

I'm just going to ask in a blunt tone, “How did that happen?” For treason. "Treason"? ”The sea of poetry never forgives treason. That's what happened when you came out of the sea of poetry? But that's not what he was two years ago when he created the phantom regiment. I suddenly wondered in Yeongwoo's head, but soon I could understand why.

“Was he a double agent?" Sort of. Leonhart nods, smiling bitterly. The face that could not make a proper face did not look like that at all, but the voice was filled with repentance.

“I had no idea the phantom regiment was a sea of poetry's camouflage.” Leonhart goes out into the sea of poetry and creates a fantasy regiment.

Not only is it part of the new giant clan, but it will eventually be part of the eighth.

Yeongwoo has similar achievements, but it is very difficult for people who have nothing on hand to do in a short period of time.

But if there's someone behind it,

If there was a sea of poetry to support it, it was possible.

To be precise, many of the organizations that make up the phantom league are related to the sea of poetry. Many of the participants are also members of the city's sea. "I don't know how I convinced them.

However, Leonhart would approve of this because he thought Yeon-woo was cool at the time and would benefit from the sea of poetry that had already inferred its identity about Yeon-woo.

And demanded a lot of things.

Make contact with the honeycomb, or else tighten it. Such a need for attention.

But Leonhard did not succeed with this order. No, I didn't exactly try to succeed.

If Leonhard had truly intended to fulfill the command of the Sea of Theology, he would have sought to establish an alliance with Artiya in the absence of a kite.

However, Leonhart has been focused on driving the White Dragon away for a long time, and has not shown any such flair.

Yeon-woo seemed to know the reason for it somewhat.

Ugh... You've been investigating the sea of poetry behind them all these years, hiding their interest in me? ”Leonhard has been toying with the sea of poetry that has supported him all these years.

Realize that the sea of poetry has strong curiosity about the kite, and find nothing.

- I heard you went to the sea of poetry. - I was, but not for long.

- That's my house, isn't it?

- Everything was going wrong. Betrayed people running around with each other, so I wanted to make things right.

The day I first revealed myself to him as the owner of the Phantom Palace.

He was happy to say such things, but tried to teach himself that there was something else's intention to hide everywhere.

However, Yeongwoo could not see anything else, despite reading such a message normally enough.

And now that we're here,

Only when the sea of poetry was not foolish did he realize that Leonhard was working on it, and he must have sanctioned it.

That's what it was like now.

Yun felt distressed by the fact that Leonhard had become like this because of her, and that she had been distant from him without even knowing it, and that she still tried to protect herself despite her embarrassment.

It was worth a try. It was not much use. "But Leonhard was also sorry that it was his own mistake.

3 Freshly honed muhon2 Codugato xanthu soy sauce2. I wanted to say 'I'm sorry' to Wajun Old Honjo 097 -Gujong not a Hanmundo Jugoret 972 to Ki-gol Myeongchon Ho there, but especially the first monkey who was grumpy. However, there was no advance payment. I don't know if I deserve that.

Since I was forcibly dragged out of the position of the fantasy captain, all I can do is live as a prisoner. I was drawn to the idea of a rally...... but I saw you. It was a coincidence that we met here.

And that means...

“The truth." Neither in Yongsin, nor in the shadow that came into contact with him, was telling me that there was no lie at all.


Yeongwoo picks up the Shadow Branch that is connected to Leonhard quietly. Leonhard realizes that his invisible hand is gone, and he wants to but shakes his eyes slightly. He had never raised any doubts, but the more he did, the harder it became to say anything. What would have happened if I hadn't met myself here? Did he have to go on like this? I didn't know.

"That's why Yeon-woo turned the subject around.

Leonard still noticed that the sudden change in Yeongwoo's attitude was subtle, but his eyes sank calmly because the essence was more important.

Prepare to hunt Allfowon. - A word I never thought of.

Yeongwoo's eyes opened wide.

To be precise_in replacing Allfowon, a place to create a new incarnation of the system. At that moment, there was one fact that stuck in Yeongwoo's head.

The one that brought down many godly societies two years ago.

... Are you pulling out that wealthy incarnation amongst the thousands of drug-soaked gods? ”