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Create a new system incarnate? I don't know how the hell I'm gonna do that.

If that's really what the sea of poetry is after, there aren't many substitutes for Allfowon.


Did you know that? Apparently, he knows who Olfowan really is. "Leonardo Hart was a little surprised to see that not only did Yeon-woo improve her skills, but she knew something even the existence of the Summer would never know.

In particular, there are not many who know that the identity of Olfowon is the embodiment of the system.

He also spent a long time in the sea of poetry, exploring and reconciling the pieces of information he collected.

The nickname "saboteur" (808 ) was not used for nothing.

He was the Simulator of the old Artiya, and a brilliant member of the illusion regiment. After discovering that he was a double spy, the sea of poetry stopped punishing him without killing him, because he had that much talent.

Yes, the Celestial Decree, and the Lord God or Creator. This is the most important keyword. Shhh >! " I don't know if you know this, but since ancient times, the sea of poetry has served as a deterrent to Olfowon. Contrary to the King trying to overcome the system or the Queen of Summer, who had been preparing to cross the stairs on the 76th floor for a long time, they stopped Allfowon in the shadows. For some reason, it was a very famous anecdote that prevented the Sea of Siam from descending into the river.

Thanks to this, only the name was known at that time, but the assessment of the sea of poetry that had not been recognized changed significantly.

Of course, it was a reality that Olfowon could 'deter' or not 'remove'. Leonhard's eyes sank deeper.

That's what the head of the department grabbed. "There was something that touched Yeon-woo's head."

“Does the source code of the system have anything to do with this?” Th-that's it - are you out of your mind? It took me a long time to figure it out. “Because the quality of information available to you is different” Have you... become an apostle of the highest stature or concept? “Woman How can you do such information without it"...? It was also natural for Leonhard to be shaken. No matter how brilliant he is, as a player, he won't be able to guess what journey Yeon has taken and how hard she has gone.

“If you call yourself the Goddess of Olympus, you'll be in trouble." For the reason that I have continued to fight with the beings of the heavenly world, I felt this reaction even as a cow.

There was no reason to solve the curiosity.

“I don't know exactly.” Leonhard was still a savage kith, but he did not avoid the question. I heard a loud voice.

Th-thousand-and-a-half thousand words -- like (virtualized code. They devour infected opponents and eventually dismantle their existence. However, on the contrary, there was some Thousand Horses' code entitled to 'the only' access to the system. "Yeon rolled her head quickly.

You're the one who built the tower. Of course, it's a thousand miles to build the system that makes up the tower. He must be the only one with access.

However, it is said that some of the data that make up such a existence is part of the data.

Being infected by it means you have a little bit of access to the system! “That means you can literally drag and contact the source code of the system… This is what it means to create the incarnation of a new system if you can use it well. 'Of course, the theory is roughly correct, but the reality is quite different.

"You can't keep the system running like that." But as a sea of poetry, you'd think it was worth a try.

None of the gods who received their offer ever would have. You might think it's less likely to be a new all-foursome since your personality will only be dissolved if you stay like this.

Then they can play with the system of the tower they hate so much.

In the world within the tower, we are sitting in a firm position, no different from "sulfur."

"So, what was it you were trying to do at this rally?" Even if you have access to it because you are a thousand, extracting the source code is a completely different story.

Do you know how to do that? “No, two Leonards seemed relieved to learn that there was some information that Yeon-woo did not know.

Obviously, there is no way for ordinary people to "modify" or "extract" the source code. You need to have a complex multi-tasking security system. And they call it running. Leonhard's "voice" was heavily engulfed.

Supervisor. I was a child in Yeon-woo's eyes.

“You're a twelve.” That's right. "The Twelve Chief Managers, including Evilke of Man."

I didn't know they were supposed to be the security system.

At that moment, there was something touching Yeon Woo's head.

"What happened in the Sea of Mahea. `There, Laplace of the Cemetery not only had the power as a pagan god, but also evolved as a player. And the year's Rupee died, and Mummy's Tannex didn't do much damage.

'What if all that was just to break down the security system?` At that moment, my back became cooler.

Divided into twelve pieces, probably to prevent someone from carelessly touching the source code… but not completely secure. That's as long as one of them unifies the system. "Did something happen between the tithes?" Yes. Some of them held hands with the sea of thorns and rebelled. Then I could see why Laflax had joined the Sea of Poetry.

And the rebellion succeeded. I don't know exactly how dead or injured...... but the city's sea has succeeded in taking over the Central Administration.

And this rally. Leonhart swallowed a small breath and struggled.

I summoned the troops to catch the escaped survivors. Ugh >! ”Open your eyes wide.

You have a Supreme Administrator who survived? “You must put it in the water!" If you leave it like this, the sea of poetry will possess the right to modify the system. We had to stop that.

“It is still difficult to guarantee a battle with Olfo even now that I have awakened the Sword. But once that happens to the Sea of Poetry... I don't even want to think about it. Yeon-woo began to become slightly anxious.

But the more time like this, the calmer it is.

There's already a sea of poetry laying around, and you have to turn it upside down.

The user moves prematurely, but only watches its target.

First of all, Leonhart's thoughts on this matter were the most important.

“Then what were you going to do?” Leonhart's voice still holds bitterness.

Bystander. “What part of" prisoner "aren't you supposed to know? I only knew these innards because I wanted to know why. It would have been better if we could have found a loophole. Leonhart's uglily crushed lips twisted.

But nothing like that. No, it had nothing to do with me. It's a system, Allfowon, and it's like a world to me. Yeon-woo heavily nodded as if he understood.

Leonhart was clearly frustrated by the fact that he could not use his unique head to understand all of his anterior and posterior relationships.

Because he didn't have the strength, and he was desperate.

From before until now, there was nothing he could change.

I just get used to it.

With all that failing over and over again, pride would have fallen to the ground.

It was the same for Leonhard.

feeling of helplessness.

“Hey, Leonhard.” That's it.

What's the matter? I hated it so much.

“What will you do if Jungwoo comes back?” W-what does that mean? Leonhart's eyes, which were wet with depression, grew slightly larger. The disfiguring eyes are shaking.

The same face as our dear friend, Leonhard, who wanted to protect the past and the present.

"He didn't come back to life. But there are only memorials left to mark my intentions. And... I'm looking for a way to bring him back. Leonhard thought that Yeonhart was mocking him. He still laughed at himself for not clearing his grudge about leaving his brother, and accused him of being ridiculous.


The two eyes of Yeon-woo facing him were deep.

“If that's the case, I'm afraid you'll have to join me, Lady Ironhart." The ugly face trembles.

His eyes were shaking.

Unbelievable, but trusting face.

I thought it didn't make sense, but my eyes yearn for the truth.

Instead of a bold dialogue, Yeon-woo breathed his last and summoned the one who was looking at this place.

“Valdivich, are you watching?” Valdevique? Leonhart's gaze turned to one side and went back.

Something slowly rises up from there, following the long, crooked shadow.

A long time ago, a friend who had been disconnected from the news, Baldevich was looking at him with a mischievous look.

Although the height and height were even larger than then, it must have been Valdivihi as clear as the snow.

Now... yes? "It's been a long time, my friend." Yeon Loosened her arms as she looked at the two reunited people.

“About Jungwoo, Valdivi can explain more than me. Decide whether you want to be with us or not.” Leaving that behind, Yeon-woo made room for two people to enjoy the afterlife.

“When is it going to happen?” “Just now.” Then let me tell you something. But what are they gonna do? ”The Khan tasted it as he looked around. Watching the gatherers stop as if time had stopped, I felt overwhelmed. He went through all the trouble and thought he'd caught them all, so at the last minute he was wrong.

"There's no difference, nerd! Yeonwoo clenched Gabe's finger.

[The function of everyone exposed to the area is reactivated.] Then the participants stopped moving again as if they were lying.

Ugh... We will all be... for the day when the world will be cleansed...! ”No matter what the executive said on the stage, he kept shouting, but the other participants also finished what they were doing.

It seems like the time to stop has come back.

Yeongwoo put her fingers back on and stopped them again.

["The reel of death" works!] [Stop functioning of everyone exposed to the area.] “They have no idea what's happened to them. You can manipulate the memory to some extent if necessary, or implicate it, and the" "compartment spills out clothing as if it were fabulous. What kind of skill have you learned while practicing the pulmonary canal? The difference should be moderately.I was only apprehensive at this rate.

Yeonwoo did not insist that all those already in this place were subjected to her shadow, and her soul was also demoralized. In other words, they had already died and fallen as his puppets.

Yeon-woo was thinking of making the most of them without removing them.

'You have to mix in these gaps and catch the final manager who survived. "Rights to rectification were just as important.

"Abraham must have found out all these facts and visited 66. Jungwoo read about Abraham as well. 'Yeon Woo' was able to figure out what the complete picture was, as the pieces of the puzzle were put together.

Maybe there's a survivor nearby with Abraham and his brother. Even if it wasn't, there must have been a clue.

The question is, how do we avoid their eyes? As long as they have the eyes of the spiritual, we can read their movements.

Though I didn't think I'd recognize the situation here because I was still looking at the survivors, I still had to pay attention.

At that moment, you can see Leonhard walking this way after finishing Baldevihiwaiyagi. His eyes tightened as if he was determined to do something.

“Have you decided what to do or what to do?” Leonhard nods heavily.

"Together. Let me make the last atonement." Okay. Then let's start with the treatment. Fighting like that won't help much. ” Is there a cure? Leonhard's eyes slightly widened.

The tip of one lip of Yeongwoo dried up.

"Easy.” How? “Dead or alive." _~_:_? Leonhart instinctively backed away from anxiety, but Yeon-woo's touch was quicker.