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“Ah, ah, ah!” Leonhart has slit his throat a few times. I sat still for a long time without speaking, but it was a familiar voice.

Voice before vocal chords get hurt.


The body also went back before being punished.

No, there were no more reinforced sides to all the waste. The efficiency of the horsepower was unparalleled.

“Do you like it?” Yeon-woo smiled and asked, looking at Leonhard like that.

Leonhart nods, mesmerized by his reflection of the kith's pupil.


Not only did Yeongwoo 'reconstruct' his body, but also cleansed his soul.

Through the Divine Agreement.

“Rescuing a desperate congregation is the way to respond as a God2." You... are either a god or you're just looking at the battle pits that Inleronhart still can't believe.

With the knowledge he had, none of this had made any sense to him.

“Sort of." Miracle (Lot). That's the only way to put it.

Things that cannot be accomplished with players in the Summer.

All I can tell you is that the gods have touched me.

Yeonwoo told Leonhard, “I have advised you to live a new life.

Return to Olympus.

Become a follower for us. Then you will have a new opportunity.

Leonhard replied, and this was the result.

And in fact, he was getting a strong feeling that something huge was going on behind him, even though there was absolutely nothing there.

He could see that Olympus, who boasted in God's society, was defending himself.

Above all, if you felt lonely for a long time, you now have a place to rely and feel relieved. I never thought I'd feel this different just by having a background.

That's why Leonhart now feels like the kite is too far away.

The awe seems unattainable.

The opposing Pokémon now has a battle to win.

... I wish I didn't have a terrible joke about dying. ”When Yeon-woo first threw it, my heart sank. It was still a small joke even though I thought about it now.

“What's the price for this...?” Leonhard didn't think it would be free for Yeonhurt to heal himself. I knew how reluctant he was.

And I couldn't help thinking that I was still a sinner. Everything that had lived so ruined was just atonement for the past.

“Nothing.” Nothing...? ”“ Jump for Jungwoo.

What else do you need? ”“ But if you still want to do something, ”Yeongwoo narrows her eyes.

“Reclaim the phantom regiment after this is over. Maybe we can take it off the sea of poetry and build a temple (horn) for Olympus. If possible, you can make paladins (06 (045809669) or warriors 0318010) later.” It was natural that the larger the organization that moved in the name of God, the stronger their power became, the higher the personality of God and society.

Artija had already been propagating for Yeouido with a slight change in propensity, and already the destiny of Yeouido in the staircase was so great that no one could catch up with it.

It was all a myth, too.

“I... I will... I will do it.” Leonhart's ambition rises sharply. It was the look of despair that seemed to me when I regained the belief that I could pour myself out again (060).

Or it was close to the Cultist (8).

Khan was also pitying Leonheart from afar for thinking someone was snoring.

“More than that.” Yeon breaks Leonhard's mind.

“You said this rally was about catching the chief executive on the run, right?" “That's right. We have intel that he's on the 66th floor. And everyone in this room is somewhat positioned in the organization where they are hiding…… and it is much easier to build a siege." Yeon nodded as if she understood.

Not only the sea of poetry, but also the gaze of the clans who are being touched by it. If they move together secretly, it will be that easy to grasp.

“Then we'll have to blend in.” Yeongwoo searched for the most inconspicuous but executive figure among those who were still stationed.

Then one of them stood out.

The one who tried to stop Leonhard when he first summoned Yeonhurt.

“I'd like that one.” [Deadly Sul 00] As soon as I reached out to you.

Puck! He turned into fine particles, just like a sandcastle swept away by the waves, and collapsed in place.

Instead, his shadow was drawn to Yeon-woo, absorbing at his toes, and embracing Yeon-woo's upper half as Jeong-rang rose.

Woodpeck, Thud, and Skeleton distorted and significantly changed the body type, including the face. After that, he appeared, clearly belonging to an executive who had just died and disappeared.

He took his spirit away from the absorbed 'soul and disguised himself. I could never tell because it made me look the same.

Leonhart glances at you, dumbfounded, saying that there's nothing more to be surprised about.

“His name is Las. Among the executives who led the rally. He was my spotter." “Good. because it might not fall off.” I nodded my head because I thought I'd be okay with this.

“Do me a favor.” Bitch, "when this is over, can I take him?" Pronounce “was the most annoying thing he'd ever done.” Leonhart glares coldly.

Although he became a religious convert, Olympus was fortunately far from love and compassion, unlike many other places.


Yeon-woo smiles softly and nods.

“Suit yourself." “Thank you." And...

[The function of everyone exposed to the area is reactivated.] An attempt has begun to hijack the chief fugitive manager.

Gatherers are on the move.

Inside, Yeon Woo, Leonhard and Khan sneak back in quietly.

66 th floor, the city coffin at the end of the century.

In a cave.

“Ha, ha! Damn it.” White squeezes the bloodied abdomen with his bare hands.

At one time, he was the Chief Administrator, and he was also entitled by Company (82).

So he had all kinds of knowledge in his mind and was known to best deal with the central administration of the system, but this wound was simply incurable.

Guia's curse.

The poison that Everke hit him with when he fled.

“Where did you get this...?" ”Surely a mythical Gaia curse cannot be used without the earthly gods." How do managers use it? White rolled his head to find the answer to the mystery, but he could not find it.

After being chased for so long, he had no idea that Asgard had already been cursed by Gaia from the Sea of Poetry in order to capture the King. He only assumed that he was working with the power of Evil Kemomoma.

On the other hand, he blamed his past years for neglecting nothing.

I thought you only needed to wear your head when you were Chief Manager. It was now holding its own feet firmly.

Of course, the head of the Central Administration was good enough to make a plan and escape this far.

Everyone was forced to complain that this happened because of their shortcomings.

“Just a little more. If we go outside the tower, we'll find a way.” Anantara has encouraged him several times while building such a white gym.

Let's just go to Onehorn Tribe Village. Then there will be an answer. So let's stay strong a little bit longer.

It wasn't just a hopeful torture.

Even the Central Administration of Flying Machines, it was hard to touch the villages of the Onehorn Tribe directly.

The Onehorn Tribe is the descendants of Soho Geumcheon.

It was not something that the Central Administration presumed to inherit the spirit of Trinity Wonder could do.

And the cipher may have devised an antidote for some reason that she had been studying the curse of Gaia that had taken the King away.

If there is a problem, the Evil Party is in a frenzy, and there is no king left to defend them.

At least Anantara thinks it's better than being in the tower.

However, it was not easy to escape to areas outside the tower because the Central Administration's gaze was so widespread now.

Even though the Elders have become their own bait and are trying to keep them out of the loop, how far can they go?

First, the whirling of the whirlpool clock's needle in the corner-neck resonates.

“Huh-huh, huh-huh. I look ridiculous, too.

I can't believe that this guy named Chief Manager is helping you. If it wasn't for you...... I'd be dead right now. ”White drew the measurements of Wolcagon to the floor of blood. Over two years in pursuit, he had already laid down all his strength and magical strength. It's been broken for a long time.

Anantara had to look at the white with such sad eyes.

If only they'd found out sooner. It couldn't have gone like this.

“Don't say anything weak.” “does not.” White speaks in a tough but determined manner, with eyes as cunning and cunning as snakes, and fingers as swiftly as this moment of resolute will.

“You can't die like this. As far as Director Yang's concerned, the Milky Way grabbed the necklace hidden inside its collar.

This was the key.

The last key to unlock the final security system surrounding the system's source code.

It's a legacy left to him by the dead klaus.

After the rebellion at Iblke in Central Administration.

White was able to get the 'last key' from Director Cluss and escape from the Bureau. It was because there was an emergency passageway that he had set aside for a long time, just in case.

Since then it's been like this.

Being chased, running, being chased, running away: "In the meantime, Bilg found out that there was a sea of poetry behind the Evil Party, and that their ultimate goal was to hunt the All-Foon.

That didn't change anything.

There was nothing I could do on my own with this injured body.

Countering was not an option in the first place, and I was just worried that the Central Administration would catch my eye if I tried to plot something.

If Abraham hadn't shown up two years ago and rescued him, he would have died instantly.

Even now, Guia's curse threatened me.

At that moment, you hear someone rushing towards the cave where they were.

White turns away from her thoughts and looks back at you with Ananta.

The elder stands soaked in blood. The glasses that gave me an eye-catching look had been gone a long time.

“Here comes the dragon. Do you think we should get out of here as soon as possible? Anatta's face stiffens as she says she needs to run again.

White realizes who the pursuit is and mutters a small name.

“Diablo……” code name jeans (6). It is said to be the strongest of the chief managers, and the first one who is also a dragon reaches below the chin.