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“What about food? Does he want some?” Twice asked, smiling bitterly and shaking his head.

“This could be a big difference.” “Twice sighs, saying," Get lost. "

Two years ago, after a sudden visit to Pace.

Even if there was nothing special, their party, which was not boring, everything changed.

Knoxton, who was going out to visit somewhere for a while along Faithless, came back a long time later, stuck in his room and still issued two doors.

Even though I tried not to put it in my mouth properly and took it by the King of Ice several times, I was tired of rejecting it.

If you keep looking for someone who's not motivated by life, even that person would be overwhelmed with helplessness.

No matter how positive the King is, it is difficult.

Moreover, since I can't explain what happened like that, I have to be more confident.

However, there was a change in the one-horned village, and it was a vague conjecture that it might be related to the rumor that he was invisible from time to time.

“Then I can't help it.” Twice frowns, eventually standing up with his bag over his shoulder.

The Ice King roasted his back head.

“Are you leaving at last?” You've waited so long, haven't you? They were mercenaries.

A mercenary who eats everyday on a quest.

It is a life unlike a winged arm.

Having rested together for two years in that position, she was able to protect her loyalty.

The Ice King nodded heavily as if he understood. In fact, he knew more than anyone that Twice was worried about last time.

“Well, he does, too. Even if Hannah retires, it's not you. What are you going to do with Grandpa? You gonna stay with that burn?” What should I do? "If it weren't for me, Asano would be dead soon.” Twice swells the night big.

“Grandpa keeps that burnt next to you, so that's how it works!" What should I do? "Fighting may be a wonderful thing, but in all the world, you are an ignorant child.” “How many times does that 'What do I do'...? Just leave it and come with me." ”What am I going to do?" Oh, I don't know! Grandpa, take care of it! I'm just gonna go! ”Twice, 'as if he didn't like something, turned around kicking a stone at his toes with a firm heartache.

He still waved his hand with a good smile.

There have been a lot of silly songs, but he still knew him like a granddaughter. I just wanted to get along well even if I went somewhere else.

Of course, I didn't doubt that I would be good enough to know that I'm talented and smart.

Then Twice takes a long walk and stops walking and turns around for a moment.

A clever face with a sense of refinement.

“Are you sure you don't want to come?" “Goodbye. Take care of yourself. You call sometimes.” “Oh, my God!” Twice was rejected until the last offer, then kicked back with another stone stuck in his toe with a clever face.

And then...

“Seriously! I'm the only bitch!” I came back this way, grumbling.

He looks so cute, and the king smiles unwittingly.

“Haha!" “Don't dress!” Even when Twice shouted, the laughter of the Ice King did not stop.

"Master, what should I do? This foolish apprentice is still...... I still don't know. Knoxton closes his eyes quietly with his scabbard bent. After many years, the visions that brightened my eyes did not erase at all.

He suffered.

And I wanted to find it.

What message did the King leave to himself?

What is the meaning of life?

The members of the rally moved quickly along the head office.

This time, the outskirts of the city, not the subway. As the forest of gray concrete quickly passed, a forest full of faintly dry trees and a field appeared in front of you.

“Is there another rally point? People have been rising ever since. The brains were constantly communicating with somewhere, and it was clear that they were receiving orders in real time.

'Typical siege. Where we are... roughly northwest. I think it's about the tip of the left wing of a formation. Where the hell did so many people come from? Even if I couldn't, it seemed to be over a thousand units.

Sixty-six floors is a pretty high staircase. Having this much manpower there meant that the sea of poetry had tremendous power.

After entering 66, it was a bit of a surprise for Yeongwoo, who was constantly stifling her senses.

On the other hand, I couldn't sense where the targets were that they were chasing, so I had to frown.

"Still, I'm glad Kreutz followed you." Meanwhile, Leonhart's sudden words attract the attention of Yeongwoo watching over there.


He was the commander of the Fantasy Battalion, and is now the leader of the Welcome Knights devoted to Artiya.

Maybe Kreutz wasn't on the sea side of poetry? "The two of them were having a conversation using the mechanisms of excretion.

Leonhard pressed down on the hood to keep his body from getting caught in the healing.

"If it had been that person, I wouldn't have left it there. He's my best friend. You sent me to see if you wanted to get involved in the Sea of Poetry. Similar. I wanted to make a personal connection with you. As a result it didn't work out. Yeon-woo nodded quietly.

Obviously, Kreutz wasn't reported to be related to the sea.

If that had been the mole, Doyle's investigation wouldn't have been compromised.

How many of them are there? I don't know. All I could see was one piece of them. However, one thing was certain: 1 Leonhart's voice was blazing.

Everyone in the tower belongs to them. Yeon-woo had to admit.

You can't call it a regular clan, not in the summer, but in a place where you can almost shove your head up the ceiling and the administration.

Moreover, I remember being represented by the sea of Yiye's nearness as a Trinity Wonder. This meant that the system was recognized as a transcendent society.

At this scale, how have we been so quiet without so much externality? Everyone would have a lust for power, but it was surprising that they could keep a secret for such a long time.

“We have to find Harmonia and pull her out, too. `When the eyes of Yeon-woo sank deep.

The players who were building the siege began to roar.

It was because the red portal opened and three people appeared.

Mighty people who might annoy the skin of Yeongwoo as a whole.

"You're pretty strong." Especially the man in the middle of the three was strong enough to guarantee a battle easily as a kitten.

At that moment.

Duquesne! The Dragon Heart in the heart of Yeon-woo shook violently.

The black-haired man picks up something, opens his eyes and turns around.

But unlike Yeon Woo, he couldn't find anything.

It was because Yeon-woo had once again hidden herself in the crowd and longed for her magic.

"What's the matter?" The black-haired man shudders to look for something, and the spirit woman who came with him grins, not turning her head with her hands.

The black-haired man frowns.

“66th floor, it must be closed, right?” What are you talking about? You were the last one to confirm it was locked by system privileges? ”The woman looked at me 'What's wrong with him?'

The other one of the three people who came along made a solid impression.

“What's the matter? Have you already detected their intelligence?” Black-haired man shakes his head rather than surrounding himself with a still dull face.

“No, I think I'm mistaken.” Suddenly, I was distracted by the thought of the Dragon Heart resonating, but I guess I was mistaken.

Well, there can't be a clan in a place like this. The black-haired man spills his clothes on the ridiculous household.

As the last of the summer queens went extinct, the capital of the dragon population plummeted. If they had moved, they couldn't have known. He was the first and king of all the dragons, and if you want to provoke him like that, you have to be that good... There must be enough of him.

So you must be mistaken.

It felt something, but it must have sensed the energy of the White Sheep and the last key hiding somewhere on the 66th floor.

But the cool aftertaste is still making the tip of the skin tingle.

Blackbald man frowned and ordered a siege throughout the entire army.


The soot that made the man with the black foot nervous for a moment was still in a moving siege.

It was because he could never know who he was.

Gene's Diablo.

The presence of the "strongest" modifier in conjunction with the managing director, Inquisition Clus.

And the other two who came with him were the same super administrators.

Laffith Lajuli of U (0).

Rosinante of Oh.

Lapis Lazuli was originally known to exist from the earliest days of the tower and was from the archaeologist who invented the great arithmetic equation (× rhyme mark) that forms the foundation of magic today.

And Rosinante may seem rational in appearance, but she is a photowarrior (866560060) who suddenly turns into a reckless person when she grasps the sword.

Diablos said, 'No, but they were tricky.

“Most of those who had once climbed to the top of the tower from the very beginning, or tried to evacuate, went over and over to Allfowon. 22For no reason, the Administration did not form the three major balance axes with the heavenly system and Allfowon.

He should never have been so fearful as to be the head of such a place.

"But the Bureau eventually lost control of the rebels, including Evil Kewaralabas... … The sea of poetry tries to replace Allfowon with its proper use. So two of the three balance axes go to them." Yeon-woo's eyes narrow.

“Are you trying to go to war directly with the heavens? Or is he planning something else? Evil, what were you thinking? Evil is the most secret of all managers, but it's hard to guess what's going on inside.

I need something speculative. There was nothing to cry about.

"I'm missing something. One word that goes through your head in that moment.

The sea of poetry recognizes each other through the phrase 'poetry.' However, it was not known exactly what poetry was.

I haven't wondered about Yeon-woo in a while.


“Ever since I got here, the word 'apocalypse' or 'he' or something like that has been bothering me. `" While I remember, they were familiar words somewhere.

Leonhard. What's the matter? The sea of poetry speaks. What the hell is that? So I asked Leonhard, just in case.

I don't know exactly... but it's some kind of prophecy. Prophecies referring to the end of the world. Yeon-woo could recall where she heard those words.

"God of the Other Side!" There's been a lot of crawling chaos.

About the apocalypse.

-Is the record of history and space-time, full of all universes and dimensional knowledge, the sacred words of the beginning and the sacred prophecy of the end, something that mortals can bear one day? You're mad! You're mad, Human! The end of the Gentile God says, "Father," when the Black King will wake up and destroy the world.

The Moon's child, Harmonia, was also the descendant of the Black King.

"Then there is a poem that they say...?" "That's when I went crazy.

I felt something between the stars.

Familiar substance.

Anantara's party.