Second Life Ranker

10 p.m.\) ()

- Their perimeter's getting too tight. I don't think I can hide anymore...... so run. Never look back. Forward.

Pod-Ananta jumps up and down his back. Because of the inheritance of the polyp's blood, the fundamental enchantments embodied by the will alone were increasing the speed of running, enhancing the power, and stacking of shields to create an external shock.

Of course, it wasn't enough to stop all the attacks. Moreover, the situation is difficult to counterattack now.

Fortunately, the clock was rapidly spinning around and the magic expressed by Cha Jungwoo's monument was strengthening and occasionally repelling the enemies, even though it was only necessary.

But Anantara had to run.

No matter the obstacles, no matter the hills, no matter how thick the siege looks, only in a straight line.

The elder opened the road in front of Manzi.

All the racers were the best elites in the city and sea, but the smiths were never defeated by them.

No, I was showing overwhelming power.

Light! Whenever I twirled my feet, the longevity of the earth sank for miles, and in the sky, a bloody thunderbolt rained down without Wil Bird, shattering the siege several times.

Whenever he ruled, the monsoon rains of intimacy and strength swept everything away.

Thunderstorms, storms, hooray...... There were literally no storms.

The city that was forming the 66 worms has been nearly destroyed for a long time.

Bloody Wise Man.

It was obscured by the prestige of the King and obscured by the years, and he once held the tower in his hands.

Obviously it was good enough to discuss desertion and transcendence.

Even if I put them all in one truck, I never blinked an eye.

Over-excited! Who couldn't properly impose sanctions on the Central Administration and the city's oceans.

For over two years, White was able to escape safely, not only because he was hiding well, but because he thought he was only a monster. But he was also amazing. The monument of Cho Jong-woo shook his head, not helping Anatta on the community watch, but occasionally seeing the overwhelming statue of the blacksmith.

I've seen this battle dozens of times, but I can feel one of my breasts tingling with every look.

A creature that summons a bloody lightning bolt and stirs up the world.

If he had been an atheist (Poker) - or a whole body (Ash) - who wielded the battlefield and overwhelmed the enemies by nothing, the blacksmith would have been exhausted.

In the category of "fighting," shouldn't the king give him a hand? What kind of group is the one-horned tribe that could expel two of those monsters, not one?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was a ridiculous clan.

If that man were to desertify or transcend, what would happen? "And if that happens, what will happen this time?"

With that thought behind my back.

Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough! The shock wave that would have been left to destroy the stage has already swept through it several times. The sight of the red flash prevailing made everyone tremble.

Ugh... “Crazy." Luckily, the shock wave didn't sweep them away, or they were able to get close enough to look at the elders with frightened eyes.

"There's more. The commander claps his hands, looking back at them. I didn't look tired at the way he patted his hands with a little soot.

With that, 'The hat and the right hand held the back of the bag seemed to provoke them and made them angrier, but at the same time they made them even more afraid.

Right then.

“Kuhahaha!” Suddenly, a loud laugh echoes out of the sky. You push all the blood mines that the elders were shedding and drop them to the ground.

Light! A fallout filling the floor of the stage lifts up the rod and creates a cloudy mist.

At that moment, the wrinkles on the elder's eyebrows deepened.

There's a guy I didn't want to deal with.

Rosinante of Oh.

Among the managers, the craziest one appeared.

When I first appeared with other managers, I boasted a selfish look, but now I don't see it at all.

“One Horned Tribe Blacksmith, Ahart! You are already a dangerous man in this administration. I'll start building you now.” [By the vote of the Central Administration, the system has designated the player, 'Ahart`, as a danger group.] [The system weakens.] Under the wide glasses, the eyes of the smith sank deeper.

“I don't know how long the Bureau's been playing faction games. Isn't it your policy not to interfere with the players' work?” “Policies and policies can change at any time.” “Of course.” The lip of the elder is twisted.

“Maybe we can leaf the road.” At that moment.

Whoa! Suddenly, a new aura spreads.

Unlike all the speculation I've ever had.

The body of the blacksmith was wrapped in a dazzling light (a little ).

It was completely different from the red color of the blood mine that I had been showing.

Rosinate's face twitches.

“Are you……?” “I had to clear a path.” Rosinante! Stop him! "Diablo shouts urgently.

Rosinate does not react, but instinctively pops out quickly, grabbing the knife in her hand.

But by then it was already too late.

[Player, 'Ahart` attempts desertion (8 @\)!] As the light sinks, a new form of energy shifts.

It was divine.


Guaoang! That light bulged up like a bullet from a cannon and swarmed Rosinante.

[Removal has been successful] [The rank of 'Ahart' has been upgraded from 'Player' to 'Invincible (Number)'.] [Preparing to transcend.] [66 insects have been declared a temporary sanctuary of 'Ahart'!] Despite only defeating Demigod.

The smith had already taken the stage on the 66th floor as his sanctuary.

It means that he overcomes such fierce and contentious beings. She moves just as fast as she does, and she rushes to Rosinante.

Rosinante swings her sword diagonally, reflectively. But the smith ignored the laws of inertia and stopped while running, avoiding the black, then sprayed his hand like a thunderbolt and smashed his chest.

The breastplate he was wearing fell apart. The pieces bounce up into the air countless times, and there is a man-headed vent in the impact site.

[System error!] [System error!] [Data could not be restored due to an unknown impact.] The original manager represents the will of the system. Because of this, 'data restoration' must be achieved by the system, but the blacksmith caused an error while the mystic interfered with it.

In the end, Rosinante sat on the floor, shifting from her eyes to focus.

I will die immediately.

The death of the chief administrator.

The player did it one day, or did he flip? Even though they fear the transcendents of heaven? [The part of God's society is in shock.] [Most demonic societies want to do a serious review of the one-horned tribe.] Players, of course, were shocked to learn that they couldn't believe the heaven they were watching.

Huarthock! Bress spills from the sky.

Diablo, who has just returned to the mainframe, is rolling down his jaw from the sky. He wanted to remove the elders straight away without giving Will a break.

In addition.

[Chief Manager, 'Yu (Map)' is blessed!] [Under the blessing of the Administration.] [The Administration is blessed.] [The status of the targets plus blessings has changed to 'Frenzy'!] Lapis Lajuli casts a wide magic spell based on a large arithmetic. Moreover, with the use of administrative authority and the protection of the system, the magical power has multiplied many times.

Players exposed to it burned their passion again, blinking their eyes.

With this power, we can do anything.

Such confidence blinded them.

Seeing that, the elder pulls the spirit that had been almost thrown all over the place inward. The concentrated energy is caught in your fingertips.

"It won't be easy this time." Despite the amplifying energy of desiccation, Rosinante has been eliminated, but it is not easy to deal with Diablo and Lazuli all at once.

Moreover, given that the system's authority is constantly interfering, and the urgency to open the road for Anantara and White to escape... it has been difficult.

Midwifery. It's hard to hold ten hands at once.

Do I have to transcend? 'For a moment, the smith was seriously concerned.

Achieving transcendence was not too difficult. But the problem is, after Baroque.

Is it possible to defeat them all at once after achieving their status? If not, then what? And after that, if possible? Is it possible to maintain existence? Olfowon has been frozen for unknown reasons for the past two years and is still on the 77th floor. I knew he wouldn't come to stop me, but he was still obliged to protect the one-horn tribe until Fant grew up properly.

Of course, I was reluctant to make rash decisions.

However, the smith tries to transcend, as it makes no sense to spare Diablo.

That way, even for a moment, we can escape the system's constraints.

At that moment.

[Unknown power erodes the stage!] A common message appeared over the heads of managers and players.

Grab it! Many of the players who were forming a siege net to the Stargate Elder and Ananta started swinging their swords at the nearby allies.

“Quick if“, all of a sudden! ”Wilson! What the hell are you doing?” Many of the players who were ambushed suddenly were stabbed to death or seriously injured.

Their shadows falter.

[An unknown force is attempting to trespass on all of the rights of the stage.] [Firewall has been destroyed for unknown reason.] [Permission infringed for unknown reason. Chuen! A bug has occurred!] [Attention! A bug has occurred!] The system has been suspended due to a bug.] [All effects granted will be lost!] [Blessing Cancelled.] [You have been cancelled.] [For some unknown reason, the status of players in "Sea of Poetry" has changed from "Frenzy" to "Chaos"!] [Wide area magic has been aborted.] [You will be penalized!] “Ouch!” Laffith Lazuli vomited blood all over the floor.

It was not enough that the magic was forcibly revoked, but that all the penalties were evenly imposed on her, blocking even the privileges of the system she was touching.

This, of course, is beyond the magical machinery, creating such a terrible shock that it will collapse.

The body of albino, albino - Lapis Lajuli's body became noisy, threatening the existence as if it were about to be destroyed.

Lazuli! Diablo paused and looked back at that fellow, but it was too late to imitate him.

The word common in the message made my spine cool.

"I know. No_Power (00000\ x6600 'or' Reason ').

It meant that an unknown force that could not even identify the system created this horror by directly affecting the system.

Without the interference of the managers! He had no idea what that meant, so Diablo had to be in a hurry.

GNOME 4: *! Hiding in the herd! Even if you are not an administrator, if you can cut the privileges of the system directly, something big will happen. I don't need a bureau of oversight.

And that also means that you have to be a natural enemy to the sea of poetry, to take control of the system completely.

But Diablo could not find the man who did all this.

Before that.

Oops! The black shadow suddenly rises to help cover the ground.

[Warning! Iregler has appeared!] [Warning! Iregler has appeared!] Unknown power is a powerful influence!] [Unknown power dominates the stage!]