Second Life Ranker

12 Tuesday, hour () 9

Kuang! The body of Laplace falls to the ground, drawing a parabolic line. Though not completely transparent like the Diablo, it was covered in blood that suffered minor injuries.

Pet! A lotus appeared as the void opened up in front of him. With a bright beagrid of dark red brainwaves in one hand, you plunge it deep forward.

The Khurung-Javelin Palm Pole was about to enter the Ogre (# poles) and boast of its devastating power.

Laplace's face was all twisted. It was always a smiley skinhead, but it seemed hard to keep a smile on the day just now.

“But I was also a savior and wanted to look at it:"_”He also lost three of his chief managers here. This was a fair loss for them. Losing Diablo despite his own protection was like a disaster summoned by arrogance.

“This is why I can't do it anymore because I'm annoyed!” Just before the lightning strike, the body of Laplace exploded like a balloon. And the surge of energy threw up an endless shadow of colossal magnitude.

It was a monster.

The monster of Lee (#), whose tentacles are tens of millions of bundles and whose eyes are dim, between the fog as dark as it is hard to tell the front of an inch.

Chaos and disorderly creation, which seemed to exist in other systems, was the body of Laplace, which had been seen in Yeouido even earlier.

He thundered his tentacles to the side of Yeon Woo. The shockwave that caught Sho's loopy in an instant exploded into the surrounding area while hitting the quarantine five pole.

Like a Christmas tree, there are countless destructions everywhere in the black fog.

E. V. Kei.

Oh, Ra. D. ha. Gulf.


I. v. No, look. Give me the dragon.

Gruh-Laplace was about to release an enormous amount of ambition and turn the stage into a Mahaha-like environment.

[At the request of the Chief Manager, all environmental conditions on the 66th floor will change!] The power to show is never small, even with the dramatic modifications made by the king of Mahea, and the entire stage has been consumed by his power as chief administrator.

Although it is covered with the shadow of the honeycomb, the essence of the stage above all is in the system. Working directly with it, the stage environment had changed completely.

The place that appeared was Mahanai.

A place filled with lots of magic.

Queek! Angle! Caaaah! As the waves roar violently, monsters of all shapes protrude out in succession.

They were the only things in my mind that would only eat sesame grass according to the orders of Laplace.

Each one of them was already something easy to eat.

Dear Colonel. Crab. Murder. Come on. Die. You deserve it. C. "Two Inferno sites appeared as the space split behind the lotus, and voids were opened and bundles of bundles were poured out.

Shannon and Ghost, Rebecca, and so on, now they can also be called Yeon Woo symbols. As Yeongwoo achieved the ghost and became closer to the concept of "death," those who kept the deeper language all jumped into the sea together.

The members of the order of death and the monsters of the elder brother were tangled together in a panic, as if they were drawing a picture of the world's guns. It was weird and glorious, and also beautiful.


[Death's reel flushes faster and faster!] Yeon-woo wraps around the reel of death at a more ferocious rate, as if she were going to catch Laflax for sure.

At that moment.

You hear something interlocking in your body, your senses, your senses.

[Tons of engaged helper wheels spin faster!] [Chain action has hit more gears! [Currently Engaged Teeth: 666] [All the gods of death are with you! All the demons of death are with you!] [The concept of 'death' works!] Mixing it.

“Come here.” Yeongwoo wrote the decree (the zemhall).

The cog means "death" as a god, a blunt god and demons.

Those cogs and reel mechanisms meant "concepts."

It was no exaggeration to say that Yeon-woo had become death itself.

All the Shinigami and demons who believed in the Black King were now accepting Yeouido as their successor, not just a successor.

Like this, the cogs and reel around Yeongwoo produced a result of bringing great power to Yeongwoo while forming the concept.

At the same time.

[Sixth Solution Awakening] [Power Front Opens] [Wings of the Sky] Overfishing, overfishing - skeleton twists and turns, revealing the wings of the Dragon with wings of the sky mixed behind its back. The scale of the dragon that climbed to the bottom of its chin was now shining in black.

The blacker the scale and the golden eyes, the more I owe you.

Kukukuqui! The power that spread along him is no longer able to shake the staircase, wielding the space around and creating distortions everywhere.

7. Black..

Wake up. Gun. Go. Dragon.

Ralph stared at the pond and said, Dozens of tentacles were tied in bundles, and they came after the Five Fingers like the hand of a sweet Giant.

Vyriric! It wasn't just his data and ego that the allies disassembled and reassembled.

Everything that is intimately connected to him.

Among them, of course, were the brothers of the Black King.

He taught Yeon-woo the concept of death, gave her many threats... and also taught her about air and dark.

by changing this in his own way. He finally gained a new attribute by being attributed to the ghost.

- It was supposed to be a showcase against Allfowon. ”The dark spirits of sensitivity along the kite have been ominously dreaming.

“I'll show you first.” [Death 'I like you!] [Part of the dark, deep in the void, reveals itself!] Yeongwoo was swinging a black beagrid across.

As the space became longer, the tentacles of the creature exposed to the trajectory were cut like reeds.

But Laplace's aggression did not stop there. Many tentacles diverge in the cut section, and the black fog pushes its shadow back and forth and opens its big and small eyes.

Hundreds of eyes had drawn a single arc.

I woke up the darkness.

No matter what part it is, there's no way you don't know what it means.

He was the descendant of the supreme exotic so-called 'sovereign'.

As a god of the other world, I had no choice but to summon the darkness.

No, no, no. Sure. Yeah. Dragon.

The irritation with Yeouido has long changed with his interest and interest in it.

So I was curious.

How much the colony has changed in the last two years.

Station. City.

Party. God. Silver.

F.s. w. Yeah. Yeah. Dragon.

Queek, hahaha! Laplace laughs strangely and shakes the stage several times.

I feel so good for a while. It was around that time that Chronos' voice resounded on the edge of the ocean.

I fell into a deep sleep because I couldn't talk to Yeon-woo during the pulmonary training, and after the aftermath of that, she was still unresponsive.

I woke up from a deep sleep because I was stimulated by the power that was strengthened together.

And he was observing the battle between Yeongwoo and Laplace very faintly.

Cough, cough! Over-excited - at first I saw the strange shape of the body of Laplace and showed a frightening look, saying, "What is that?"

However, I was greatly pleased with the strong energy conveyed through the reel soon.

that the concept moves directly beyond the status quo.

The sweetness it gave me was like drugs.

That's how you move the laws of the world! Grrrrrrrrr... and 'that means only one thing.

[Moaning reel spins at a more ferocious speed!] [The reel of death has reached its limit.] [The reel of the eel has been overloaded. The friction heating causes the teeth to start to wear. Chuen! Threshold reached!] [Chuckles! Threshold reached!] [Repair is undertaken to prevent damage to dull lobes.] [A new shape has been reinforced in the bud!] [The reel of death works perfectly!] when the presence of the leaf spreads.] It was that the reel of death, which had to only serve as an auxiliary for Yeongwoo, would play the engine role at the heart of the concept of "death."

The new king.

At one time, Chronos, who used to wrestle with many gods and concepts while bending the celestial world, finally managed to recover over the years! [As the reel of death takes on a new form, 'Vigrid` transforms into the new true name (Poso), 'Kronos'!] Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The thunderbolt with the Acolyte (0) quickly dislodged all the fog and tentacles that were blocking Yeon Woo's path.

I still haven't fully recovered the Tai leaf of time, so I still can't call it "the real" Chronos.

However, it was no exaggeration to say that he had returned in his prime.


Above all, there was a great stream of so-called 'Heaven (× Snake)' that distorted gradually around the rainforest and forced the law by changing its direction greatly.

Expanding your own tiny universe externally and changing the flow of the world to your will.

It's not just the carving of consciousness into the world, it's the twisting of the force.

One step further than consciousness.

“Mhysa! `Kronos wanted to pound hard if he had a knee.

I've done this a few times. It just felt so great to be Soho Geumcheon, who developed such a mechanism to interfere in the world without borrowing power or status.

And there is no king who altered it and passed it on to Yeon-woo! Wouldn't he be happy to see his youngest son grow up like this! While listening to the laughter of Chronos grinning.

“Sir!” Anantara grabs what she throws here in one fell swoop and ties it with a chain wrapped around her wrist.

Taste it! [Connected to the reel of time.] is very damaged. Many of the features are unavailable.] [Empowered to recover some of its functions.] First, the clockwise needle rotates rapidly.

[The Leaf of Time works!] [Fast forward at double speed.

Lightspeed ( 1 (). [Grunts] [Coughs] The giant eyes of the Laplace body wriggle between the thick black fog.

Up there.

Grrrgh! Vigrid's plugged in deep.

Between the shaking forehead, the dark particles were flowing, and her eyes flashed.

“Swallow.” With a simple starter word.

Kuku Kuku! [Hades' Sword Tries to Rite the Player, “Laplace"!] Blacks greedily serrated their teeth as they spread through the beagrid to the main body of Laplace.