Second Life Ranker

13 Hours (Class) (10)

Having been fully aligned with the Black Shadow, Hades' caricature had already gone beyond the simple scope of power, it seemed to have instincts of its own.

The giant teeth that ate away the body of Laflax felt nothing but appetite.

But it seemed like it would take a lot of time to eat and clean, because it was so big.


Queek! Queek! Every time the tooth moves, the strange crying that spreads through the body of the Laplace feels terrible enough to hear it.

It was a tearful tearful tear, but in some ways it sounded like a joyful laugh.

Ha. Ha.

F.s. w. Yeah. Yeah. Dragon.

No, I didn't even know that was a laugh.

Despite his own existence being eaten. Ralph laughs loudly. The ecstasy of the mind was so much more than the level of flow (%\ #) that it felt like a fall ($).

It looks completely different from what they used to see when they were in trouble.

"Son, you're out of your mind, son." I empathize. "Ever since I was wearing a rabbit ear on my black leather head, I should have known better when I was making a mesmerizing voice.

Chronos was as bored as Laflax, who boasted he'd seen as many lunatics in his long life.

I feel like I'm going to go crazy if I keep dealing with it, but I pushed the beagrid deeper into her eyes.

Hey! Stop pushing! I can't stop feeling this awful baby! "Who told you to keep the sword?" What? This bastard...! Yeon-woo castrated Vigrid as he listened to Chronos, streaking along the road or not.

The lightning has struck again. A dark red flame was drawn along his huge body.

It was to somehow split him up and get eaten by the Hades Ritual Sword a little faster.

[Time's reel has sped up!] [Current speed is 4x.] [Time's reel flushes much faster!] [Current speed is 8x.] [There's a tremendous overload on your body! [Puff] A fountain of fountain gushes up with a fountain of nasty odor through the cracks.

Poisons that can melt just by pulling on them, each one of them has the temperament of chaos.

But they had already evaporated and disappeared after him even before pulling on Yeon Woo.

Of course, even if I had diarrhea, I had nothing to worry about because I had debt poisoning.

Above all, his physique is now Ghost (6 years).

Rather, there were times when these things worked for him.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Ha. Ha.

Despite the fragmentation of the mane, Laplace does not stop laughing. Along with him, tentacles protrude, and various miraculous signs thundered like a storm, but never crossed the wall of the ghost surrounding him.

Stop it, you fool! Overlooking, Guang- Aaaah! The youngest son abuses his father by pushing him into a sticky, sawy, weird place! This is not a consideration! "It was Dum that followed Chronos' lamentation.

This is really upsetting! Stop it! "

Spook! Inside the beagrid's open eyes, there was a black man's skinhead rabbit ear wrapped around a strange cell.

“Oops. You really came all this way?? Ralph says," Yikes! `I clapped and opened my eyes wide. It was clear that he was enjoying this moment even in the face of death.

Yeon-woo turns away from this bizarre hobby and swings the beagrid to the side of her head without answering.

“Stoop!” That's when he suddenly raises his arms high.

I think I have something to say. I stopped right in front of Beagrid's razor-sharp neck.

"What?" “I surrender! So will you look at me, please?” Yeon-woo's eyes twitch. You've been fighting so hard, interrupting me like that. Surrender? “I'll tell you everything, and I'll do everything I can to cooperate, so can you put the knife down?” “If you want to hurt me even by looking at my cute ears, that means you're a very bad person.” The rabbit's ears flinch cute. Then, while holding my hands neatly together at my mouth, I felt like tightening my eyes like a cat in boots... I wanted to hit my head right away.

Black muscle machonan with sun-kissed skin would only be terrible if he used his voice with a low voice.

Looking at him like that.

Yeongwoo lowers the beagrid right in front of Laplace's neck.

“Fine. I'll take care of it.” Oh. Then……! There are conditions instead of ”“. ”" What's wrong? "Yeon-woo rolls one lip up.

“Die first.” Firm! [Player, 'Laplace' has been eaten successfully!] [The concept of phonograph music has been successfully engraved on 'Laplace'.] [All the gods of death are satisfied. All the demons of death rejoice.] "Oh my, you're too much between us. How can you think of putting a knife to a creature with such a cute little bunny ear? # # # must have been a bloodless, tearless villain in his past life." Salasalasala.


After resurrecting from the ghost, Ralph sits on the ground, muttering his scolding words as if it were raining.

Despite his obvious intention of surrendering, he complained about swinging the knife first.

Of course, the appearance did not change much this time.

Yeon-woo told me to stop dressing like that, but he didn't even think to listen.

Is this who you really are? I had to let him do it in a stubborn barrel like a child that he would never cooperate if he didn't let me stay this way.

In my mind, I wanted to burn in hell until all the bad business was gone.

"That will only buy us a lot of time." You've already noticed in the sea of poetry that you've finished your training and started chasing after them.

It's an emergency right now. I couldn't take the time to interrogate him.

That's why he paused when he said he would surrender.

Of course, I was annoyed because I couldn't understand it all the time.

“What the hell are you talking about?” What kind of relationship do you think. And the muscles that have fallen apart. A psychic sympathizer! Have you forgotten all the wonderful times we held hands together? Yeon-woo was strongly urged to just throw him in purgatory for a moment.

At that time, Chronos asked with a faint voice.

Was that your hobby? He pretended to be solemn, but he thought he was going to die because he was funny.

“Father." Why? How thoughtful is the voice of a serious answer.

Yeon-woo said in a cool tone.

"If you don't want to be stuck in that pervert again, quietly, Acronos, the overseas girl, decides that there's nothing good about continuing to provoke the alliance.

"" "" It was a monster, not a child. Chronos' gaze turned towards Macho Nam, the rabbit ear.

Can you shut that noisy man up? At this rate, you're going to get an earwax. Yeon-woo frowns and says something.

Then Anantara and the Elder come this way.

“Are you hurt?” “I'm fine.” Well, that makes sense. ”The blacksmith dresses up and down the kite while fixing the silver glasses. His eyes twisted. It was a sudden realization of the period of time during the rainy season.

As opposed to the solar system of the one-horned tribe.

“Maybe you woke up the music sword after all?" Yes, "yes. I see...,” the commander nodded quietly to Yeon-woo's answer.

A face where emotions intersect complex.

The secret of the black sword that the clan has been seeking for all these years must have been unraveling. And maybe the one who solved the problem was the King's apprentice.

“As he said, his myth still persists through his disciples, but the 2nd Elder mutters so quietly, nodding, clearing his mind and narrowing his eyes.

“As you can see now, even after Nayu, even after me, Allfowon still hasn't stepped up. For some unknown reason, the sea of poetry is after this opportunity. Abraham is on the move to stop it.” Yeon-woo's eyes were young.

“Where all the gods are holding a thousand horses, did Abraham go, too?" “That's right. He said you have to go directly into the tiger's den to catch the tiger.” Yeon-woo shed a tearful cry.

Ocean of poetry. Probably because of their grudge and affection for Harmonia that they're planning to replace Allfowan.

Perhaps the next place to move was a battlefield where all kinds of givers would gather.

This time, it was hard to dive as easily as it is now.

Obviously, the sea of poetry was trying to get in the way, so I had to find the exact insides and beat them up.

“Laplace, what the hell are you up to?" All eyes of Yeongwoo and her group are on Laplace.

How many people have taken such an interest in me. I'm a conduit. I'm very resourceful. "If you play any more pranks, I will put you in hell and never take you out again.” Red Red Red Red! Let me just get one thing straight. The Central Administration, controlled by Iblke, didn't exactly go to the Sea of Poetry. The purpose was just to hold hands' "Ralph exclaims excitedly.

Just one example of what two places want. Disable existing systems.

And to the birth of a new system, reset 86500. I think you should think so. "Reset?? Yes! The current system represented by Allfowon is too different from that pursued by the Central Administration of the Sea of Poetry and Iblke." What is your purpose? ”At that moment, Laplace's playful eyes sank deeper for the first time.

What could it be? It's a disruption of order. Either Evelke considers the balance of triangles made up of the All-Foon Administration and the heavenly realm to be a root evil that staggers the society of towers that should be dynamic. "Collapse of Triangular Balance……. Yeon-woo seems to have finally caught a glimpse of Everke's thoughts. The first manager and director to watch the history of the long tower. If so, it was not at all strange to see that he had any ideals about it.

“What about the sea of poetry?” What the sea of poetry hopes to do is much simpler than the ideals of Evil K.

The two eyes of Yeonwoo slightly widened. "

It was because I knew exactly what it meant.

What they call poetry.

The Apocalypse means the fulfillment of the end of the book of Revelation.

And that means one.

All you have to do is open your eyes to the thousand horses lying at the bottom of that tower.

Then everything that happens in this world will vanish like a dream.

“... You intend to resurrect the Black King. ”"