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14. The Creator (1)

In the beginning, the sea followed the Black King and worshipped him.

Closed and mysterious (other than the atmosphere, it is also similar to the Heavenly Horseman.

But unlike the horse army, Thousands turned their backs and forsook God.

The sea of poetry was thinking of waking the Black King himself.

And that means one.

The last part of the book of Revelation was about to bring about the "end" that is to come.

"In Revelation, the universe is often described as a dream," which the Black King dreamed while sleeping. And the universe that's been going on since I woke up is disappearing like a single dream. "In other words, according to their interpretation, all beings in the world are an illusion created by the dream of the Black King.

To exist, you must be qualified to sit next to the awakening King of the Black.

"A big contribution to the awakening of the Black King...! Is this it?" I don't know exactly what they're after yet, so I'm just guessing. "Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.

“Just like the crazy apocalypse people. Is it bigger than the Horsemen, to say the least? At least - they do not say anything strange about destroying the world7} >, in fact, the horsemen and the sea of poetry are at the center of each other's existence, and the doctrines they pursue were completely different.

The sea of poetry is a fiction that will someday vanish into thin air. It will come to Ronald Far. If you repent of the original sin (Root Q) in preparation for the Day of Judgment, you show an empirical tendency to keep your body and mind straight and focus on practicing the doctrine.

The horse army describes the world as a representation of the free will (total lot) to strive diligently to defeat the thumb, which is represented by ignorance (& 00).

In other words, if the sea of poetry honors God to attract Him to the paradise promised after the coming apocalypse, the horsemen value their personal selves more based on their free will.

Though the doctrine of the Horse Army has become more and more mad over time, causing chaos during the course of time.

If you take the risks involved, you can't compare them to the sea of poetry.

Even though Yeonwoo was the descendant of the Black King, she had always thought of using his power, and never followed. If this power and God were to get in the way or become a stumbling block, they would have abandoned it immediately.

But Kronos, who was the apostle of the Black King, was no different because he was worth 1,000 horses and his brother's soul returned to him.

From his perspective, the thought of waking the Black King who was sitting underneath the tower...... was inevitable in many ways.

"But it's as big a income as finding out that the Central Administration and the sea of poetry aren't the same. `They held hands by necessity, which also meant that relationships could break at any time, so Yeon-woo organized her thoughts, narrowed her eyes, and looked at Laflax.

The situation is now roughly understood.

But there was still something that didn't make sense.

“Then what are you looking for?” Laplace.

Born king of the Mahea, he became the Chief Administrator with only interest, and is now a player running towards the end.

He is a god of some kind, so he may be involved in following the Black King.

But when Yeon-woo saw it, she was never like that.

“Evil seems to be moving away from the ideals of the pursuit or the cause the sea of poetry desires.” "Previous." Isn't it natural for Ralph to curl his mouth with a twist? "

Purely for fun. Sitting next to a winner and comfortably navigating a dynamic changing world. "Because the smile was crazy, it even looked that naive.

If only I could observe them all right next to me. I don't have to be the subject. I just want to see history change. "So it's okay to look like this. You're one of the few people who's going to change the course of history.

That's what Ralph was saying.

I knew this guy wasn't normal. Yeon-woo thought so.

But one thing was certain.

There is no loyalty to the Sea of Poetry or the Central Administration.

It was that he was a madman who could be loyal to himself as long as he followed the word "red rose."

Leonhart is half frozen.

Players were not enough to defeat the superadministrators who were like monsters in a row, so they were surprised to see the Laptop being topped up in the sea of poetry.

I knew he was already in a position comparable to his character and became Olympus's champion... But now that I've seen his status in person, it all seems to be coming true.

There was one thing that surprised him the most.

You're like a spinning sister.

How many times do I have to wave my watch so loud? There.

Wife, teach him a lesson. Huh? No? Ah. But listen to yourself... Hmm? There was a face I wanted to see so much.

At that time, the monument of Cha Jong-woo grumbling in front of Anantha turns her head, noticing Leonhard and rolling her mouth up.

It's been a long time, Leon. Don't you know by looking at it? I heard you had a good life. What's wrong with you? A cheeky, pouty mouth tail.

“Ah, ah!” Leonhart slowly approaches Cho Jungwoo with a trembling footstep.

I have already heard the story from Valdivihi, but still 'By any chance? I couldn't hide my suspicions.

The closer I got, the clearer I couldn't see it from time to time.

It is addicted to poison and completely different from what it looked like when your colleagues left one by one.

It was what I saw when I first met Tom.

Leonard scratched Cha Jungwoo's face with his bare hands.

"Ahhhh! I was creeped out by my arms, and Cha Jungwoo stepped back, freaking out.

That reaction was too similar to the past.

You're not Leon, are you? That perverted rabbit over there...! Cha Jungwoo's monument did not have long words.

It was because Leonhard suddenly sat on the ground and bowed his head.

“I'm sorry” _Fat ____ {{^ “What I did the other day. I'm sorry for all the things I've done to leave you behind. If I hadn't left then... I left with an excuse not to cool off for a while, but I didn't even think about how hard it would be for you. Don't tell me to forgive you. I just wanted to say this...... someday.” There was a lingering sense in Leonhart's mind.

I didn't even want to go back to the past.

It's just...

I wanted to apologize like this.

If there were any graves left in Cho Jungwoo, he would have visited them several times in front of it.

However, the grave was nowhere to be found, and the world had forgotten about Cha Jung-woo for a long time.

There was only one person in the world who remembered and honored him.

It was lonely.

And I'm sorry for making it worse. I might have come all the way here, struggling with guilt.

But didn't you meet her like this?

Leonhard was so grateful to Cha Jong-woo for staying like this.

Hey, don't cry! You don't want to see a man cry like that! Cho Jungwoo grumbled as he said it was daytime, but his eyes were slightly reddened.

Anantara turns her head to the side as if she hadn't seen anything for those two.

There seemed to be a lot of talk between the two of them.

“Oh-ho, Oh-ho! So the three remaining C.E.O.s now include me? Yesterday, it was the majority, but it's gone down like this.” Chief Manager, Evilke of Zaw (formerly) shakes his head as if he was embarrassed by Calem's report. "

But unlike what he said, he was smiling.

Even though three of the chief administrators were killed in the process, they still regard it as nothing.

Calem looks at Evilke and feels a chill along his spine.

"To Everke, we are merely horses on a long-term plateau, and we are loyal to the ideals that Everke seeks, and we are often willing to do so when the time comes for sacrifice.

She lived a long life that was unprofessional anyway, and she thought it would be good if she could burn the last one in spectacular light.

But Kalem had no intention of imposing his values on anyone else.

Some of the followers of Everke were also less than managers seeking self-interest in power, so this reaction of Everke came as a shock.

At the same time, I thought it was worth it.

A orb that spins like a puddle on the palm of an Yvelke's hand.

If I had that system key, which had 11 keys combined, I wouldn't have to worry about it, no matter how many super administrators died, no matter how many diarrhea all died, I would say, "In fact, he doesn't need any help at all." Everke was a man who would speak as if to fulfill his purpose and ideals. Even his own life.

“You look a lot like someone after you say that." The author who had made the government as rotten as the king before passed through Calem's mind.

Now also known as a player.

What did he say?

I remember that's what the system used to call it now.

'Now that the two lookalike have started the game of chicken……… then who will get on the arrival line first?' Calem recalls something else, his taste in this case, which he could never anticipate.

“No. Are there two more on the starting line?" One is Harmonia.

And the other one...

Kalem slowly turns his head to look behind him.

Everke's gaze was already there.

“Oh Hyo Hyo Hyo. What if - you don't come in, and you just stand there.” “You seem very busy.” Oh Hyo Hyo! Sense was the funniest thing you've ever said to me. When did you become so caring? ”Everke throws a sarcastic remark, but the man walks into the room, fearing as if not much.

The arrogant gaze of a man who had long blonde hair on his face was impressive. Every time I move, the atmosphere rises in a sprawling spark, breathtaking enough to make the space curve.

Calem almost falters from the air momentarily, but the blonde man doesn't care about anything like that.

The user has no consideration for the target. A king who has ruled the world without having to do so since he was very young.

The problem was that the blonde seemed to fit the blonde.

“I'll try to be_from now on.” “Oh Hyo Hyo. Fur.” "More than that.” The blonde man secured his greedy gaze to the rotating beads on the palm of Evil K's hand, as if he had no intention of continuing to joke.

"Is that the key you were supposed to give me?” Why don't you get this straight? As a new God of Creation (Haffolf), if you've proven yourself worthy, haven't you decided? "“ You can't lie about that, can you? ”“ Have you forgotten that you have made a pact with the system? ”“ I want to get it paid right away. ”“ No. That's not the way it should be. I can't believe someone younger than me is already showing symptoms of dementia. Is that how you get your credentials? ”“ If you had said that insolent thing in front of me a long time ago, you'd be dead by now. ”There's nothing uglier in the past than a man who's been ankled with royal luck. Oh Hyo Hyo Hyo!” Calem had to feel his shirt bleating with appetite.

Truly, when these two were having a nervous war, all he felt was being hit halfway through.

Even if Everke did, the blonde man had no idea what kind of guts he was dealing with. We may be able to get the key to the system if we look good in Evil right now.

I don't know if I've had an ankle attack in the past since I fell asleep. Then he was as likely to become the owner of the system key as zero. The role of Allfowan's replacement is not something you can brag about.

He used to be the most powerful man in the heavens to take down the new king Kronos, but he must have lost a lot of his powers after he lost his asthma. I didn't know what I was thinking.

“No. Don't you have to worry about that? Even if someone else becomes the replacement, and not the author, we have nothing." But Calem was wondering how that blonde man could replace him.

That's what my gut was saying.

Having been the Chief Manager for a long time, I have a trained sensation.

Such arrogance was merely a mask, and I heard strongly that there would be another figure hidden underneath it, "After being thrown out of the house, he was a eunuch who was consulted and eventually took the throne." Papajik! The blond man grins ferociously, raising a pale, golden glow blindly. "

“It will be a hole ($) to symbolize the new king. So keep your eyes open. I will kill all the opponents who face the" King "for this body and return soon.” Beneath the one-eyed glasses, the deep eyes of Iblke have drawn arc lines that cannot be foreseen.

“Then I'll wait here, Zeus. ”