Second Life Ranker

15. The Creator (2)

“You've come a long way." Abraham spills his robe in front of you.

Above the endless expanse of green plains, a swarm of white light settles within.

[Instance Stage, "The Plain of the Gods" has been entered by God, Odin!] [Instance stage, 'Plain of the Gods', 'Marduk has entered!] [Instance Stage, "The Plain of the Gods" has been entered by God, "The Jade Emperor"!] Plain of the Gods.

The stage that the system temporarily created for the fulfilment of the pact was named after it.

Despite the fact that once all the promises are fulfilled, they're gone.

“They have a lot of pride.Those who want to enter here need two conditions.

The first would not have been a thousand.

Secondly, you would sit in a position that is, or would be, the main character in each society.

In other words, it was a place where only those who could appoint themselves as "kings" could stand.

Seeing that they were the most stubborn of the statutes, they were proud and arrogant enough to pierce the sky.

They were the only people who considered themselves to be 'real' gods.

Those who do not acknowledge themselves as followers, or rulers, or equals.

It was Abraham who had turned his back on the heavenly world because he hated this crook in the past, so I had no choice but to twist my stomach to look at it again.

After all, they are frogs in wells who do not know how vast and great the world is.

After a long time in the tower, it was clear that we still haven't faced reality.

“I was in the same condition as those things once, so there's nothing to say? 'Abraham smiled bitterly at the time of Sumishan (Shaham 0/), which had become a distant past ( 56).

"It's going to be settled here anyway, isn't it? Who will be the 'real' creator here soon, who will be the owner of the integrated system key, and who will be the replacement for Allfowon.

'And the one so elected becomes the only god (\ -\) representing the Divine Faction to grab everything in the tower, and Abraham knows that the longer he thinks about it, the more tips his tongue tips.

I suddenly remembered a thick book that I had disconnected a long time ago.

It's not a good thing, but it will still help you to sink the relentless frustration and devastation to some extent.

“No. It doesn't matter if you smoke. `It was because of what she said that he hated the smell.

And then she left, and she found out about Anatta dependents, and she never even thought to touch them.

However, after knowing that she thought she was dead, and that she was not enough, they thought that they would have to continue to joke about themselves by creating this ridiculous plate.

So Abraham opened the subspace and asked. When I smelled it, I felt the blood spinning fast. And I tried to light my finger on fire.


Ugh... I can't even do this. ”Abraham remembers young Cesha smiling this way. Because she looks like my grandmother. When the tribesmen tried to practice, they ran to her and nagged her. Because of this, there was no smoking cessation in the one-horned tribe.

In the meantime, if you put your clothes back on... you'll be in trouble, right? A lot.

Eventually, Abraham smiled bitterly and dropped his dog on the ground, rubbing his feet together.

“Hah!” But the thought of Cesha's cute face made me feel very irritated.

At that moment.

[Instance Stage, 'Zeus' has entered the Plain of the Gods'] Abraham's head held high in a retinal message.

'Here they come.' [All those who have sworn an oath are here!] [Block all external connections.] [Please refrain from breaking any rules and behaviors while the agreement is being fulfilled.] [Please note that violations may result in penalties at the system's sole discretion.] [If you have changed your mind at this time, please declare a departure.] [Countdown initiated. 10,9, 808 1, 0.] [A total of 0 people have declared a breakout.] [Then let the treaty begin.] [Scenario Quest (The One and Only) has been created!] [Scenario Quest/Birth of the One] Description: A very distant past that is not yet recorded, gods that ruled the entire universe and dimension were all thrown into the Tower by a sudden appearance.

It restrained the hands and feet of the gods and robbed them of their freedom by imposing limits on their power.

So the gods found a way to protest against the existence as a group or to get out of the tower, but they had to suffer a series of failures.

But the great gods never gave up, and for many years, they waited for the opportunity to fight back.

And now, the opportunity has come.

You have awoken from a deep slumber, following the pact you made with the Sea of Poetry.

The Central Administration is consolidating the 12 system keys that have been subdivided, and promising to give them to you.

The unified system key is the_only master key (\ 41380 & 60) that can access and modify the tower's source code.

It's also a versatile tool of creativity, harmony and order.

In order to own this, you must prove that you have the qualifications.

So from now on, prove yourself a worthy Master Key.

Requirements for achievement: 1. Battle Royale in accordance with the 'Covenant'. However, any sport is irrelevant.

2. Disqualify your competitors and rob them of their powers.

3. Stay the last man in the Battle Royale.

Time Limit: -Limited Conditions: -Rementary: 1. Master Key 2. At the moment of his determination, the fierce energy along the plain swept through the vortex, repeating each other's lungs.

Gugu Plain even trembled.

That's how much pressure the scenario quest gives them.

But this was also what they had hoped for all their lives.

In the meantime, it was divided into several factions and societies, repeating only Mount Lee, without much income.

But there was only one thing the gods wanted, and it was a place of God.

It was only because of my desire to honor myself in this world.

and it was also a position where they could drag down the “sulfur" that was about to stand on their heads without knowing the topic.

If I could just get my hands on the system key here, I wouldn't be so scared anymore.

Heaven and Summer and, furthermore, other universes and the gods of the other universes can all be laid at your feet! “Taking the tower as their sanctuary, not a prison... That's what they're after." Abraham read the greed hidden in the flesh of the gods and shed clothes.

No matter how good they were, what they ended up doing was no different than a group of mortal powers that despised them.

I don't think they're rubbing their knuckles. I've got a little wrinkle on my forehead.

Who is this? Isn't that Brahma, your sidekick? Abraham turned his head toward you with a dull look on his familiar voice.

“It's been a while, Odin.” Odin, the leader of Asgard, stands there.

With a slight smile on your mouth.

The scenario quest has begun, but the battle royal has not yet begun. We needed time to explore the power between each other, and we didn't want to get tired of each other.

What? Brahma? Why is he here? The beggars who heard Odin's voice turn their heads to this side, not looking out for each other.

Whereas he abandoned his tenacious position and went down to the river where the fabrics stayed. Devara is the head of a vast society, a fool who left with the most powerful powers among his followers.

That was the assessment of Abraham in the heavens.

I had no choice but to be annoyed by Abraham who didn't want to pay attention to them.

I think he's trying to trigger the battle royale by sacrificing himself as a medicinal…… but he can't smile too hard.

I don't know if you know that.

No, Odin's taunt, who judged him to be like that, grew even more.

I heard you had a tush, didn't you? “No, that's right. You'll see, won't you? I've already died once, so I'm barely holding on to my mortality.” As soon as Abraham was found out, he decided to go public.

Since his purpose was also in the system key given as a reward, Yes. I thought about coming in here like that. Odin quickly bursts up and down Braham and pops up Paan Daeso.

However, since I entered the plains, I thought I might be hiding something, but I must have tilted.

No, in fact, Abraham's condition was more 'pathetic' than when he first fell.

I think I lost my & '92; s body completely, too, so I'm wearing an artificial body. What did he say about that? Homeunculus? Ha! You look ridiculous.` Odin was only cynical when he thought that Abraham was hurting God's honor.

I thought of the old memories and tried to treat them with a big heart, but this is not necessary.

It's just a worm one day that's not worth fighting.

"I'll just get rid of it. `Odin thought so, but then he asked me a question.

By the way, you've never been sober before. How did you get in here? In order to enter the plains of the gods, we must make a "covenant." But in order to do that, we need to infect the data with a little bit of source code… Odin knows that Abraham was never the only alcoholic god or creator.

If I hadn't, I'd be in a long sleep like them. They were able to escape the aftermath of winter medicine because of the "pact" that they had made with the sea of poetry in their dreams, or they would still have to lie down.

But instead of a thousand words, there's a part of you that doesn't even have a sex life? Something was wrong.

Like Odin, the other gods watching this way are nodding quietly, whether they were wondering it or not.

Abraham smiled as he received their gaze.

A smile that is almost ridiculed without knowing where.

“Everyone seems to be mistaken.” Hmm? "I didn't. Me too." What? "Odin opened his eyes a little louder than he had ever heard before. The other lords were the same.

“You never know. I never went anywhere to talk.

But if you get a chance later, go to Deva and ask. Everyone will nod their head. ”Odin thought something was going wrong.

He didn't have any drugs on his side? Then why haven't they known about it all along? If they didn't know, there's only one reason to think.

I woke up after I got rid of it before anyone else noticed.


"Beyond that, long before we were in the tower...!" Odin's thoughts didn't last long.

Suddenly, it was due to the strong momentum that began to rise around Abraham.

Even Odin, one of the most powerful of all, is a magical storm that can be disgraced.

The other lords who were going to hunt Abraham all this time looked stiff.

“Really, no one seems to know.

In fact, it was Barona who was the earliest of the gods in the tower here. ”Odin began to pull his brains out to repel Abraham's momentum. All I could think about was getting this guy out of my sight.

Abraham's whole body was drenched in glow.


And transcendence.

He's been thrashed, but now that he's recovered, he's about to return to his original form! “And the first wave of CheonMa ( Pa), which you couldn't help but have to squeeze by the crossbow, begging for your lives, also said," Whoa! Brahma was there, the master of Kuku-Braham, or Deva's three-week midterm student, and mediating the world of Saba ().

He was lost, in the voice of God.

It was this body.