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16. The Creator (3)

Seconds, transcendence… 7? Is Brahma back? Th-that makes things a little complicated. "Has there ever been a time when the divine being regained their moral character?" There were rumors in the past that they were very rare, but they have not been since the creation of the tower.

And now that he's done that,

Everyone will be appalled at this.

In fact, Abraham's Awakening was late.

As the fate of the alliance with whom he had been in a major relationship reached the end of his maturity, the other communities had acquired the status of imitators for a long time, and unlike the sub-Faust, Abraham had not been attempting to evolve.

It was also because there were few activities outside in the one-horned village to take care of Cesha.

It was because it itself had a considerable negative perception of restoring personality.

At one time, he was the one who sat down at the table of 'Deva' because he knew how annoying the new position was and how much jealousy and conspiracy they had.

I was so sick of heaven.

No, I was sick and tired of "quick tax" not just in heaven.

But after two years of chasing after Harmonia, the moment he returned to the forefront of history, he clearly realized.

I can't go back to the way things were.

What he originally wanted was freedom, but as long as there were responsibilities, that freedom was now constrained.

However, I did not like or dislike the constraints as before.

It's still a burden, but right now I'm just having fun thinking about how to deal with this obligation.

"Maybe he was rebelling against the clock." In mythology,_Brahma is expressed as' the culprit ', the fundamental principle of the universe. The culprit is the seed that spawned the creation of the universe, and it has taken many forms over time. In each age, Brahma reveals herself to the world with various personalities and faces.

And now Brahma's name was Brahma.

The most important thing is not to worry about the creation of space and order, but to wish only the health and well-being of your family.

If you look at it, you're the one who was beaten by Agares...! "Odin's pride in the fact that he was suddenly crushed by Abraham's hunger, blushed his face and pulled his brains up sharply.

If I showed weakness in this place where only one lord could remain, it would be over.

Khurruh-pazizizi! Odin's concussion falls over Abraham's head in clumps.

A planet the size of one was contained within it, with the power to tear it apart at once.

Fat! Abraham let the epilepsy out to his side just by giving it too easily.

Kuku beans! The wreckage of your brain has swept everyone around you away.

I was stunned by everyone's face as I watched a single strand of hair without a scratch.

I don't know if you know. "Abraham laughed very much.

"Asgard, the one you led, is already ruined. Well, if there was a boar, he would have gone to exact revenge... But he wouldn't be here if he had the courage, would he? Of course, I think I'll finish the job myself. Dare!" Odin spits out his anger again after piercing his weakness.

Or not.

Parallac! Abraham pulls the book out of his arms and opens it into the air. As the page quickly moved on, a variety of magic that he had written had appeared.

What he learned during his conversations with Boo-Fast, what he learned during his interactions with the Elder, and a new book of Mado Books (\ 38com) that summarizes all the things he had been inspired by looking at the Emerald Tablet.

Abraham had already recovered all of Brahma's personality and was on his way to a new era, acquiring knowledge of the unknown.

"Death is the foundation for a new creation, a spinning part of a giant wheelbarrow." Abraham and the Book of Pluto vomited a dazzling glow.

The Eternal Integrity. The moment the starter language was triggered, the spiritual whirlpool violently blew and pushed the whole plain away.

It was around that time that Fruit-Si Yeon-Woo's waist was sore.

His face is firmly fixed.

What's the matter, brother? Ralph's gaze comes to him on its own as the group prepares to pay the way to the place where Abraham is.

I thought maybe a counterattack would come from the sea of poetry. If so, there will be another fierce battle.

However, Yeon-woo's answer was completely different from what they thought.

“Abraham tried to transcend.” Artisan inspiration? “Oh, you're the father? Cha Jungwoo's monument and Ananta simultaneously reacted with an urgent face.

They knew how strongly Abraham despised his character. So it was hard to believe that he had restored his identity.

That means there's something else urgent.

Don't know why? “I don't know. If he did not disclose it," I still couldn't read him, but if I had regained my identity, it would have been more difficult.

Yeon-woo gazed at Laplace without a word.

If you are willing to cooperate, then you must guide me to the place where Abraham is right now.

Laplace repeats the straightening after folding the rabbit's ears to see if it feels good.

Since it is an instant stage and we have made it a mind-alteration, it is not difficult to capture the coordinates. But there is one problem > "What?” You cannot enter without 'eligibility'. "Eligibility"? ” Not if you are not a celestial entity." Why is it so? "The system was also abandoned and must be qualified. “ How can I just ignore and enter? Or can't we just wake up and walk in? "Laplace's smile grew.

If possible, try it. I don't know...! Aaaaah! "[Power, to purgatory] is triggered!] Yeon-woo thought she was hiding something, put him in purgatory, and called for wealth.

“These coordinates, open them. * Name. Heave." Pour emitted magical power while wetting the air.

Along the fingertips, a small ripple spreads, creating a magic circle and then disappearing. The orb in your left hand sprinkles a faint glow.

Something was definitely not working.

“Is it not working?" Face to Face. Y-you don't have it. C. Ugly.

Bee. Get out. Give it to me. "His head bows as he honks one knee. There was a fine mix of anger and guilt.

“What's the problem?” LOCK. System. Go. Too much. Doubtful.

Algorithms. E. Complex. So.

Interpreting. Plenty of time. E. that will take. I think so. Sorry. I can't break it '"?” The wealth was silent.

That was enough of an answer.

“Hana Yeon-woo had to break through with a black sword for a very short time.

But soon I had to remove my hair.

Even if he had acquired the Dagger, all he could do now was cause an error in the system, and it was impossible to completely paralyze the function.

I've been thinking about it for a while.

“…… I think I can help with that." "White appears to have been reinforced by the Elder." The long chase makes my face pale with bloodshed.

“No. Much bigger than that……" Do you know where Yeon-woo is from?

"No way?" But the thought of Yeon-woo didn't last long.

“Take this.” Because White held something in his hand.

It was a white orb.

“What... is this?” “The sixth system key. They wanted to take it from me so badly.” “Why are you giving this to me?” Yeongwoo's eyes slightly widened.

White had to cross the brink of death several times to avoid being taken away from the System Key by the Evil Party.

No matter how much you help me, you're going to give me what I've worked so hard to protect? Immediately, bitterness spread over White Yang's mouth.

“You already know what's bothering me, don't you?” “My days are numbered. I would have died if you hadn't helped me.

How are we holding up? ”His gaze was firmly fixed on the system key.

“But that's the limit. I'm having a hard time withstanding this.I 've worked so hard, and I want to rest now.” White's body is covered in noise. It seemed to be in jeopardy right away.

“But is it good to have someone to leave things to? Although White didn't know much about Yeongwoo, I was sure he could handle it well enough.

Isn't Cha Jong-woo and Ananta the people he's been seeing rely on?

Then you can ask me to stay back.

Ultimately, Yeon-woo had to nod quietly, holding the system key.

He was often accused of being mean or mischievous because he usually devised a plot.

I thought that such an assessment was actually a yoke that he used to turn himself upside down to run the Bureau.

So, the attitude of Yeon-woo towards White changed a lot.

“Thank you." Gore. ”White smiled.

“With it, you are entitled to come and go all the way except the 100th floor. No exceptions to hidden stages or instance staging. Of course, it's impossible to conduct trials because the system recognizes you as an administrator.” You can carry on with all your sins? I thought of the 98th floor where Olympus would be and the 78th floor where no one could set foot because of Olfowon.

'It won't be too late to think about it because you saved him and took all his other system keys. "As long as I have this system key, I'll have to keep fighting with the Central Administration.

Then: "" Please Flip "":! White slowly drops his head as he smiles.


The curse of Gaia breaks the mountain.

Yeon-woo took a moment's silence for him, then turned around and pulled Laflax out of the road to the netherworld.

“Since you were the Chief Administrator, you probably knew how to work the system key, but you suffered a terrible pain.

Laplace was quite weary.

Ha! Ha! Eventually…… # # # got it. Do you want me to teach you how to use it quickly? "Yes. And you don't have to say," "if you're gonna give me a useless collar." Don't worry about it. I told you, I'm on # # 's side. Can we get rid of the dragons at every end? The more I talked, the worse she was.

Can I ask you for one more favor later? Tiaya Can you give me back my life in that purgatory… ~ just now? "Ugh... Please don't think of anything at all.

Yeon-woo wants to know what's going on inside her head.

Or not.

Laplace, like a man in a sergeant, ran away, wrapped around my face with both hands, which feature fiery, coppery muscles.

What's hot and hot...! Just my style! Ow! Ow! Nice reward. "I grabbed Beagrid without a word.

Looks like we'll have to deal with this pervert before we cross over there.

Hey, hey, hey! You're not gonna stab that pervert with this father, are you? Hey, don't! Don't do it! Aaaaah! Only Chronos in the middle suffered brilliantly.

And then...

[Many chieftains in the heavenly world are interested.]