Second Life Ranker

17. The Creator (4)

H-he's a son of a bitch! You will be punished. I'm going to be punished! A monument of Chae Jungwoo came quietly next to Chronos, who had a depressing look on his face and hugged him.

"Dad, that's who you're supposed to be. Father, be patient." "Why won't that lousy personality get better?" What the heck. It's because there's so much pain every day.

Look at your face. You look like an inspiration to me. Yeon-woo looked at her father and her brother with steamed rice cakes in front of her, but she ignored them and turned her head.

Ow! Ow! Ow! Good reward! "There was nothing to see there.

The figure of Laflax, sagging slightly red, is too bizarre.

I feel like my eyes are going to rot at this rate, so I just put them away and put them back in hell as he wanted.

Fortunately, the use of the system key has already been explained.

[Tissue System Key (2)] Type: Unable to confirm.

Grade: Not verifiable.

Conditions of Use: 6th Chief Administrator.

Description: This is the sixth of the twelve system keys.

Access to the sixth compartment during system setup is granted. Large tasks such as backup and restoration of data on stage are also possible in the event of an emergency.

Not for administrators only. If this artifact is owned by a non-admin public person, you should report it to the Administration immediately. Failure to do so may result in disqualification of the minimum player and its corresponding penalties.

Not found. All features will be retired, and if found please report to the Administration immediately.

Unlike the first time, the system key that left White's hand was completely dull in color.

It looked so ordinary that I really wanted to get the system key right.

[Many beings in the heavens are interested.] The message that has just been sitting on the other side of the retina has just been telling us that everyone in this tower is so greedy.

“They've had a lot of patience, too." He chuckles, looking up at the sky where there's a soft heaven.

The people of the heavenly world that he had been experiencing so far, especially the gods, were the ones who would immediately be forced to take it away.


[The divine society, Olympus, is looking at the movements of other societies in the heavens. I strongly warn you that Athena, your surrogate, will impose immediate sanctions on you in the event of any unnecessary movement.] [All Death Gods observe the Divine Faction.] [All the Demons of Death observe the Devil's camp.] Athena is tightening her grip, and now even the God of Death and the Devil who swore allegiance to Yeongwoo are relentless in the eyes of surveillance.

And the burden of dealing with Yeon Woo and her family.

However, Yeon-woo was able to put their fortune on the line that their patience would not last long.

The power of the system key was substantial.

'I can roam all the stairs without any restrictions, have a little administrative authority...... I don't think I have anything as scamming as this.` Of course, there are conditions for the use of 'Superadmins with the title of' Company (2) '.

If you look around like that, there is a way to bypass it.

Whoo-hoo! The system key vibrates with a burst of magic.

I didn't pay my debts. Magic power is not absorbed. It feels like you're rejecting the magic of Yeongwoo.

[Manifest! You are not a suitable user for this artifact.] [Warning! You are not a suitable user of this artifact.] [An unknown force is attempting to hack the artifact.] [Successful breadfish.] [Defense succeeded.] [Defence failed.] [An unknown force hack has corrupted some of the existing data in the artifact. The item "Conditions of Use" has been significantly changed.] [A new phrase has been inserted in the item 'Conditions of Use'.] [New Condition: Viewer.] [A new feature has been added as an Viewer.] By the way! You are currently causing significant damage to this artifact through unauthorized behavior.] [Warning! This action is clearly against the regulations of the Administration. Please welcome the artifact to the Administration.] [list! The action……] The system message prompted me to stop warning, but I didn't care about that.

The Central Administration may have noticed this situation in Yeonwoo by now, but it was not moving easily.

It's because I lost three chief managers at once, so I risked my life to take the first step and take only the greater damage.

Moreover, the celestial landscape was now obscured on this side.

[Many chieftains in the heavenly world are interested.] [God's society, the "Bridge" keeps an eye on you politely.] [God's society, the 'Deal Moon' keeps an eye on you politely.] [All the gods of death watch over them more vigorously.] It won't be easy to sneak up on a judge like this, even as a central administration.

The honeycomb has pumped more magical power into the system key.

Oops! Unlike before, the system started to operate with a clear sound.

Immediately, a screen the size of a human body was created in front of the millennium, and a myriad of numbers were constantly changing on top of it.

[God's Society, Tour Herr de Dunnon, pay attention to your manners. "Oh, Odin? Odin has been defeated! What the hell is" “? His power moves!" It was a battlefield that was turning into ruins.

[God's society, Avesta, watches over you with respect. God's society, Memphis, watches over you with respect.] On the battlefield, Abraham was spraying a powerful force, spreading a strange black stained book.

Odin tries to fight back, but he vanishes in an instant, and the black shadow that spreads like paint along the green plains bewilders many gods.

Especially black lightning resembling lightning striking from the sky, and a fierce gust of wind clearly showed who was dominating this battlefield.

[God's society, Deva, watches over you politely.] [God's society, Deva, is astonished at the return of the old Lord.] [There is an argument between the Rokappalas who rule Deva `.] Several deities in [Deva] raise strong questions about the power of' Brahma '.] Deva was devastated by the fact that their old master had finally regained his rage, but at the same time he seemed confused.

In fact, the power that Abraham exerted was much closer to death or destruction than creation.

It became a colony of Yeongwoo, and as a new myth was built, a great change was added to the existing gods.

But stature had to change the way it was expressed, depending on how the god interpreted it.

It was not unusual for him to see 'rebirth coming after death' with Yeonwoo.

However, even though they were in great confusion because Deva was too different from the direction he was going, Abraham had already left Deva.

[All God's Society watches over you!] [Observe the battlefield unfolding on the Hidden Stage, "Plain of the Gods."] [Many gods are devastated by the unexpected.] [Few gods turn their heads in horror.] [A few gods gaze wet with fear.] [God's society, Malach, has nothing to say.] God's societies were all killing breath.

Though they had been in and out of their minds for a long time, they were all kings they once served.

I couldn't help but notice that the king was bleeding and the rope was dying.

And on the other hand, a grudge was raging against the sea of poetry that had created such a stage and had made the gods one day a clown of comedy.

Kuku! The sky is ringing with the eyes of the gods.

[All demons stare brightly. Le Infernal, the Demon Society, is delighted.] Timamazila enjoys the war in the Plain of the Gods very much.] [Kernunos watches the war with silent eyes.] On the contrary, the demons seemed happy that they were close to the opposing faction.

"But even though their king is dying in a line, why not intervene? `It was a surprise that they had expected to rob the system key soon and somehow.


Grrrrrrr! You hear a loud noise from beyond the screen and the system key vibrates loudly.

[The gods who were watching the Plain of the Gods are shaking violently!] [The demons who were watching 'The Plain of the Gods' cheer greatly!] I wonder what's going on.

That child...? for the first time to Chronos (his voice was trembling.

There was a lightning bolt that struck Abraham's storm the first time he pushed the other gods away. A flashlight filled with blinding golden colorfulness rushed to Abraham in no time.

Chronos realizes who owns the Golden Brawl and cries out.

The gods of Olympus are astonished at the appearance of the old king!] [There is a moderate fluctuation within Olympus.]] [The chief apostle, Athena, is silent. The Apostle Ares is silent.] [Apostle Hercules is silent.]] [Look at your brother with the shaking eyes of Poseidon.] Even though Yeon gave Olympus power, most of the brains couldn't completely ignore his influence as long as he was Zeus' blood.

So there's a fluctuation.

Abraham and Zeus, the former kings of Yeon Woo.

Whom should we cheer if only one of them has to survive? I can't believe you're shaking all the way to Kronos like this.

If Yeon Woo reappears, "not good." If Zeus, who was also missing, is already preparing for considerable effort to get rid of the shadow.

But it seemed worse than I expected.

"We have to intervene somehow. `Yeon gripped the teeth and operated the system key more loudly.

[Gate created.] [Instance Stage Attempts to Enter 'Plain of the Gods'!] and I'm going to step inside the gate.

Cough! Thunder falls from the interstellar sky, blocking the path ahead of the storm.

His impression was hard.

I knew exactly what this was.

[The Plain of the Gods' Watchers ask you not to intervene carelessly.] ['Punishment ( Vale)' is working!] [Allies, including Olympus, have entered the Alert State!] Yeongwoo's face is stiff.

A thousand bees were a punishment that could only work if at least two-thirds of one faction had the majority of their consent.

Naturally, it was very difficult to unify the opinions of each society that had a lot of bipartisanship, and I thought it was rarely used.

Thousands of gods have gathered their opinions together to prevent their intervention? Even though the allies, including Olympus, have been alerted to other gods, other societies have been more harsh about it.

[The gods who were watching the 'Plain of the Gods' strongly warn allies that if they interfere with this anomaly, 'punishment' will continue!] [God's Faction Shows Extreme Conflict!] [All demons gladly observe the camp against each other.] and.

[A message has been received from the allied forces, the Iranian group of 'Cheonjin`.] [Message: Four.] I know what Brahma is to you and how strongly you are hostile to the oceans of poetry and the Central Administration.] While the alliance was building a conflict with the other gods' societies, the bridge sent a message to the secret line separately.

“Four Kings" was the nickname used to refer to the lotus that had still been blinded.

It also contained the meaning of respect.

It meant all the Kings of Death.

[A message has come from the Iranian army.] [Message: But as an ally, I request and request formally, privately. Please do not intervene in that sacred ritual, and watch me through to the end.] [From the Iranian army 'message has arrived.] [Message: Although we who conduct sacred rituals with such barbaric things will_not_understand_... I know the sea of poetry is a stage made to make fun of us... but that's very important to us. It was the sight of our gods for a very long time that we were able to conceal their existence.] [A message has come from the Iranian army.] [Message: And I am confident that the Olympus you lead will not be too different.] “Yeon-woo's eyes slightly widened.

[A message has come from the Iranian army.] [Message: I look forward to your wise choice.] I said please, but if you try to run into the Battle Royale carelessly, you may not be able to survive the Allied Forces system.

Yeongwoo clenched her fist.

Then I remembered.

The gods have been divided over and over and over again, but how much they have yearned for the 'king of kings'.

Though Kronos was the closest thing to it when he became a new king, no place could be achieved by the fall of Zeus in the end.

But if only one of us could fight like that.

So, 'If he could have the Master Key, it wouldn't be strange if he were the king of kings and the one and only.

It was a plot to understand how well the sea of poetry dug into the psychology of the gods.

However, I couldn't just stand by and watch this.

The birth of such a creature had nothing to do with Yeouido. I also didn't like the fact that the sea of poetry attracts me to work.

No, no matter who wins or loses, at least one of them must die. We had to avoid that much.

So I grabbed Beagrid tightly.

[The Gods of the Plain are watching over you!] When the thunder strikes again.

Grrr! A white pillar descends from the sky.

[Here comes Michael, envoy of Malach!] Michael spreads his pure white wings and puts a slimy smile on his mouth like the first time we met.

The original arm that was drawn by Yeongwoo was regenerated.

I give you the message of the scribe.

When these conflicts escalate, a large incident may occur within the faction, mediating immediately, and representing the respective societies, including the Four Kings, for negotiation. Mikael's voice staged a stage immediately before "After This Society Exists" and "After This Society Exists"