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18. The Creator (5)

“Jobbing?? Yeon-woo became a fabulous face.

Even though it was an arbitration negotiation, he knew it was a trick to catch his own ankle.

On the other hand.

[Many gods are shocked by Malach's announcement!] [Few gods look at you with jealous eyes when you are invited to Mahone.] [The vast majority of demons are astonished] The gods and demons who were watching them were shocked together.

Eden (8400).

A large metropolitan area building a major position in the myth of absolute goodwill, which could also be the largest share in the world.

It was known as the first earth, and it was also known for its many angels' stays.

Given that Malach occupies a special position within God's camp, it would have been a great honor to invite him there.

Those who are classified as superior in each society must have special business to visit. Inviting Yeonwoo to such a place meant that he was not a promising person in heaven, but a skilled person who could stand alongside himself.

In some ways, it may be natural for Yeonwoo, who is now the Goddess of Olympus.

Given that he still possesses the power of mortality, it was not hard to be surprised.

This was the first time a mortal was invited to Eden.

Except for those who were banished for their sins in the past.

The secretary wishes to meet you in person and have many conversations. Michael gestured politely and painted a long arc with his own eyes. He was smiling as if he was enjoying the situation.

Here, it was said that if Yeongwoo refused to invite him, he could fight a great battle around the proper cause, and if he said he would accept it, it was also good.

Yeon-woo tried to shout, "Get lost."

Right then.

Abraham's voice was conveyed through a connection.

Yeon-woo quickly turned her gaze toward the gate.

Kukukuqui! Abraham was in the middle of a battle with Zeus.

Every time the bookshelf moves at a rapid rate, Zeus performs various miraculous signs, which he is shredding by dropping his epilepsy.

"Are you okay?" I'm fine. Please don't treat me like this. It's still rough. Hahaha. The sound of Abraham's laughter reaches this far.

Gave smiles, looking relaxed while facing Zeus.

Anyway, to cut to the chase. Abraham returned with a light smile and a serious tone.

I'm sure they have a public, but I think it's still a good idea to visit. -1Yeon-Woo calmed down.

"Isn't it obvious what you're trying to do to restrain me from joining the Battle Royale as an excuse to invite me?" So now it means accept their invitation. That way you can ask for something. You want me to insist that a deal should be made by exchanging things with each other? What? Don't forget our purpose. Your grudge against the sea of poetry may be enormous, but there must be something we can do first. Zinc Woo was able to intuitively recall something.

You hear a slight smile from Abraham.

^_ ~ ~ ~ ~ ° ~ 'l_' Are you getting any direction now? ^_ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 'l_` Vengeance is important, but you can have as much as you want. But connecting business () is more important than that. His last will and testament to you. "But_then Abraham ^ ^ ~ ^ ~! Can you not trust me? Yeon-woo had no choice but to sigh, saying," Away with the land! "

'That can't be true. "Then believe me again.

Since I've been such a jerk all these years, shouldn't I pay for my meals too? And. "The laughter spread again.

And I've come all this way to do what they say I should do, since I'm the only god. I don't like fighting, but I want to explore new forces. I could not help but persuade him.

“Very well. Be careful, I'll be right back." "You're the one who needs to stay sharp on your way. Who the hell are those guys who insist on coming there? This time, Yeon-woo also smiled.

Then it's a good thing I'm not. There's no reason to refuse to stand up and be fed to Olympus. ` Toughness. Haha! It's a good thing that you're different from Jungwoo. "Abraham's communication was cut off there. At the same time, as the bookshelf approached the last chapter,' I saw the shadow rise as high as the tide and twist Zeus.

Yeon-woo decided not to get involved in Abraham's work anymore.

The only way to help him is not to be considerate, but to hurt his pride.

"It's not that Braham hasn't been in contact, it's that he wants to be alone in Harmonia, not because it's dangerous." Abraham seemed eager to connect with Harmonia with only his own strength. Maybe that's why you joined the Battle Royale. We can get to Harmonia faster.

Yeon sweeps her face with her hands once, then looks back at the elders.

“I don't know what the sea of poetry will do. I want you to take this.” “Got it. Be careful.” “Thank you.

Yeongwoo 'lowers her head lightly and looks back at Michael while putting Vigrid on the road back.

“Lead the way.” As Michael looks up at the sky, a great pillar of light descends from the sky.

The ascension that only the chosen prophets in Malah's myth can ride (Ryuzbo).

The moment I signed it.

[The divine society, Malach, has invited you to Eden!] [The area is 98 insects. Insufficient ascension.] [System key (2) is active.] [Eligibility requirements have been met and will be moved to "Eden".] As she opened her eyes with several messages, she stood on a cloud of seven coloured rainbows.

[This is the 98th floor, the celestial coffin.] [Your current identity is' Supervisor '. You are not allowed to carry out the test of this account.] And on the plains of the clouds, a very large mass of earth was floating through the sky.

A land as big as a smooth continent.

The power of the spirit there was great.

Yeongwoo had also encountered several sanctums, but there was no place with such a clear energy.

It was a feeling of clarity just by watching.

"That place...... is more commonly known as the Garden of Eden.

The four rivers of Pishon, Gihon, Hidegel and Euphrates flow, and many trees open in abundance based on the food provided by the rivers.

I heard that the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil are also there.

At that time, Michael pulled out his cane and gave me the floor. In front of them, the heavenly stairway to Eden was created one after the other.


We'll be with you. "A crowd of dozens from heaven came down to Yeonwoo.

The pride of Olympus for Athena. He came himself as a self-confident example of protecting Yeon-woo, the Lord.

Many of them are daytime faces that I've never seen before.

There are many familiar faces. Chronos reflected the human form behind his back, and they all fell to the ground in horror.

"Khh, Kronos! Poetry, Poetry, Shining King!" They all knew that Chronos was with the Union.

When I met him face to face like this, my heart felt big.

Good to see you all. How have you been? Distinctive: “:! I know. It's hard to say in advance. You all must have suffered a lot because of me. Turoi But it feels so good to meet you all. Next to them, 'Yeon-woo, who was watching over them, smiled.

Even though there was such a solemn appearance of his father who had only shown him broken for a while.

It was because he was trying to give his authenticity in light of his face at the right time.

Perhaps many of them also had deep doubts about Yeon-woo.

The Lord who cannot ascend into heaven. Some may think, "What king does not sit on the throne?"

However, he had not been able to resist until now, Athena was so strong that she represented Yeon, and after taking Olympus from Titan-Gigas, Orloth was the force of Yeon, and all the excuses were with him.

Now, Zeus, who's been missing, reappears.

I had no choice but to hesitate about the benefits of tilting the balance in their minds.

Yeon-woo sat on the throne, but Zeus had no reason to pass.

Poseidon et al. have lost Olympus, but Zeus has only ever had a mild intoxication.

As Zeus was proposing at the Battle Royale, it was not hard for him to get upset, of course.

It soon became the seed of chaos within Olympus.

We have to decide where to put our weight, so we'll just have to make excuses for ourselves.

I'll try to see him with my own eyes.

At this time, Chronos was self-conscious and had the shape of a pond.

Of course, I had to lean the weight of the scale towards the extra pound.

Although Kronos was banished as the Emperor, there were still a few who honored him. If he wanted to collect the rent, there would be quite a lot of people to follow.

His influence was still sound.

Athena became a wet face when she saw that kind of fight.

I thought all the trials were over by the time I defeated Titan-Gas, but now I have a new challenge.

How can two people have such conflicts because they are their best followed uncles and relatives?

Yeon-woo's message was delivered quietly, as if to appease her.


Athena shivers slightly.

Do as you please. Whatever you choose, I won't resent it. You've been a big help to me and Jungwoo just by my side. "______ ^" In fact, it weighed heavier in Athena's heart.

I got a call from above. There's a limit to how many people we can accommodate. At that time, Michael said that the faces of the gods of Olympus gathered around the lotus were hard.

This is our king. I can't afford to waste my guard in a place like this...! Is it okay to accept that our Malach is considered dangerous in Olympus? Michael rolls up one side of his mouth. Followed him around like a flaming snake and disappeared.

Fierce speculation.

I took a step back with a flinching personality.

Just walk: "{“ Everyone stop. Eden will go with Athena. ” I hope so. Michael smiled and stepped back.

The gods of Olympus have risen to the skies, but there's nothing good about seeing Michael and Dadu here.

After the identities retreated one by one.

Yeongwoo and Athena began climbing the heavenly crab with Michael's guidance.

Throughout the climb, Yeongwoo could see countless' continental islands' unfolding below it.

Along the sea of white clouds, continents were floating like nothing compared to Eden.

Each of the continental islands looked different.

Some islands were densely wooded and looked like uninhabited islands, while others remained with massive temple structures on deserts. There were white urban troops of stone buildings and palaces and gardens on top of the mountain, like Machu Picchu.

There are all sorts of different environments, all sorts of structures, all sorts of different patterns, that you can't find unification at all.

It came as unrealistic as seeing a variety of worlds in a game.

“Floating on the canal (North), each and every one of them is a divine society.

I heard that the Devil's Faction is not an island, but I don't know exactly. ”Athena looked at where Yeon Woo's gaze was headed, smiled sideways and said.

It was only now that he realized that this was his first visit to the heavenly realm.

“They're all big.” “It's big. But for us, it's just small. Completely.” Yeon-woo nods boldly.

For those who once crossed vast universes and dimensions, a continental island like that would feel very small. For space efficiency, I had to keep my appearance in a human form, so I felt even narrower.

"And unlike other societies, only Eden is higher up... deliberately aligned with each other? And yet the divine spirit on the island is gentle. Instead of pressing it, Yeon-woo seemed to know what Malach's rule philosophy was.

Then Michael stopped walking along Yeonhua Athena's path.

The end of the steps in the sky.

There was a middle-aged man who was shining an intelligent snowflake with his wings flowing to the ground.


Welcome to Here . "Greetings and greetings." There was another person beside him.

He has deep, black eyes. He was telling me that the black wings on his back were not angels, but demons.

Those who don't fit in the Garden of Eden very well.

Nice to meet you. I finally meet you. "Baal, the head of the absolute Le Infernal."