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19. The Creator (6)

A black shadow and a golden lightning bolt across it.

It was at a time when the only gods, Dathom, would flock to the pattern of waves between Abraham, Zeus and the two.

Between two centuries of conflicting colours, a white glow suddenly appeared.

A third hand that neither Brahms nor Zeus ever thought of.

Grrr! Brahms and Zeus quickly turned their backs as they sensed that their hands were trying to push the power they had made.

The first time it came down to itself, it was a losing battle.

"Where are you guys going to have fun? I put it in there too], I said," Two people, a white sparrow with the most sparkle;,. Humpty humpty humpty humpty humpty humpty humpty humpty humpty humpty humpty humpty, "," Murdovey ".

If you look at such a creature when it is not easy even if it is egg heels, it is Grubb Rain. "The most powerful person in Sumishan (Sethi/), which was long ago, was indeed the rooftop emperor.

He was also the one who became 'Huang' by taking away the many kings of Sumisan.

Though completely outside of the laws of ethics, he fell to the ground on a thousand horses of self-esteem.

After that, he was barely breathing on Mount Samsin, but the Jade Emperor was still as weak as he was in his prime.

However, the Emperor still boasted of dominating the other lords.

Seeing him smile so loudly, my skin was starting to tingle.

Zeus didn't take much notice of how dangerous the Jade Emperor was. I just blow a condensed lightning bolt at him.


The cake is too sweet. The tea was trembling. The chief clerk, did you change the shop? Or have you changed your mind? Then I'm disappointed. "Unfortunately, that house you mentioned was closed not long ago." What? It's one of the best restaurants in the whole world. This Year's Strawberry Farming is Famine. Like that……! The pinnacle of that cake is strawberries! "Strawberry Cake"? What the hell are they talking about?

If anyone sees it, it'll be a gourmet meal.

Yeongwoo looked at Metatron and Baal, who were talking in a serious posture, backwards and backwards about the entertainment refreshments on the table with a ridiculous look.

The same was true of Athens, which was planted behind his back to protect him.

Absolute and absolute. If two beings, even representative of each faction, were to have that kind of conversation, who would believe it? "Oops! This seems to have been a long conversation since we left our guests. # # # seems to think that we are no longer men. " Cakes and tea are the only support for me to survive in this god-awful heaven. No concessions! Baal crossed his arms and twisted his beans.

A sturdy face.

Metatron laughed and told Yeon-woo.

"Did you know Baal and I usually have a purple seat? Yeon-woo nodded.

It was said that the conflict between God and the Devil was a day away, and it was Malach and Reinferenal who were running barefoot in the middle to prevent this from spreading into a great war.

Metatron and Baal, the heads of the two, often have a place to negotiate.

So Yeon-woo was a little surprised that Baal was in Malah, but it was not entirely strange.

"But if you say you have a seat so often, isn't it always obvious? But the shape of doing what's best on the outside has to shine, so they both have a hobby of bringing time together. In short, it meant that I was interested in dessert as well as killing time and being face-to-face.

Yeon-woo smiled.

Though Metatron's looks were so subtle that he could not tell if it was a boy or a girl at first glance, it was because Baal, who had a macho impression, had never adapted to flipping strawberries on a cake with a fork.

In particular, it was much different from the usual image of Baal, who was always in trouble because of Agares.


You should never disregard this tea party.

Intervention means that the influence of two societies in each faction is just as great.

The fact that the leaders of two societies often have a seat means that they are easily reconciled.

"It was like the true obscure politics of the heavenly world (Timber & '92; s) that no one would have thought that the great matter of the heavenly world beyond the camp could be determined according to their tastes.

'You might have noticed by the time you get to the top of each society…… but you'll only have symptoms. It's the same thing you can't do. "If Malach and Le Infernal hold hands, who can touch them?

Given that there are so many points that all societies secretly rely on two societies, it will be difficult to move forward easily.

Metatron and Baal wanted to show this to their allies.

"Delicious." Yun smiles as she cuts the Tea Party's strawberry cake with a fork, which is a defense against the obscene politics.

I thought you might like it if you brought it to Edora.

'I need you to pack one for me on the way back.` Thinking about that, Yeon-woo quietly put the fork on the table.

“Why did you invite me to such a tea party that even the common gods don't know?” I think we can see that # # # is a very convincing person. As you might have guessed, Baal is still busy looking for strawberries hidden in the cake, and Metatron drops his cup quietly and smiles.

Are you inviting me here as a member? ” If we add new members to our boring meetings, shouldn't we be energized by them?" You can dip one foot in the politics of darkness. "

It was definitely not bad.

It means that two places are strong enough to notice and care about themselves.

“As expected, mediation negotiations were a lie to call me here." ”Isn't there a very good word for justification? Yeon-woo rolled up one end of her lips.

This made me confident.

"As expected, Malach and Le Infernal are not interested in the only competition this time," the negotiation distance Abraham told us was clear.

You know, we Malach call ourselves "angels," not "gods." He has not come down to this earth yet, but he believes that he will come to meet us someday, so if there is a creature created there, it is an unacceptable heresy for us Malahs. Baal, who had found and eaten all the strawberries, rubbed his mouth slightly with a handkerchief.

So do we. There's no reason you'd like to make a strong god. “That doesn't mean I'm going into battle royales or collecting all the system keys at once.” Yes, I saw it correctly. "“ And what do you want? ” Are you also aware of this? Of course not. Yeon-woo smiled.

"'Hour (\)'. Metatron wets his lips with a red tongue. At this moment, Yeon-woo felt similar to the mythical serpent that he tempted the first human being to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

It is always lacking, no matter how much you collect and collect. Lemegeton, held by the Sea of Poetry. So, the book of Revelation is thought to be a copy not found in the tower. So if you get it, I want you to share it with us. "What is the price?” Baal quietly lowers his fork and smiles coldly.


That's what I heard.

"It was good and evil, wasn't it? It is not for what was eaten last time.

It means that we can give several of them to each other at any time.

But he certainly doesn't make any promises because of his position as a politician, rather than a demon.

If \ # # takes any position, we will not make a statement. Then other societies will have to wait. It meant that the heavenly world would not be able to withstand chaos without intervention on this side, whether Yeonwoo only seated Abraham or interrupted the battle royal.

It was a typical super-strength logic that anything else could be ignored if they could only benefit from it.

I liked Yeon-woo more than pretentious.

I mean, yes.

“You can bring the celestial system to a horse on a plate lined with the sea of poetry. Then I can immediately pull it out in the direction I want. 'I quickly finished the painting in Yeon-woo's head, and slowly opened my mouth.

“Now that you mention it, can I offer you a counteroffer?" Phew. What? "What? Metatron and Baal showed tremendous interest.

I've always known that Yeon-woo is quite good at plotting and plotting.

Yeon-woo explained it roughly, hiding it.

The two of them blew up a huge façade.

Very satisfied.

"Ha! My wretched son has turned into three different people. What's the world coming to...? Grinning Gloomy (?) Even though only Kronos saw three of them and only saw one of them.

Of course, Yeon-woo simply ignored it.

After one light smile.

As you can see, God is an unreasonable people. With arrogance, I don't have any other ideas about my goals, I just go straight. things that # # # can do to get their power up or their desiccation up and running.

And after the Asgardian apocalypse and the imperial transcendence, they never realized. Metatron frowned slightly.

Trying to lead those foolish things on the right track... ~ It feels like the grounds are corrupting the soul differently. "Then, when I saw Yeon-woo, Metatron smiled brightly.

"But unlike those stupid teeth, I'm glad # # # is rational, thoughtful, and communicative." "I think it's a good thing the deal is done, too. I'll get up first." Baal got up from his seat first because he was away for a while and it seemed like some madman was in a commotion again. "

Kukukuku! Zeus was outraged when he met an obstacle and got blocked, unlike he had assumed he would gain the only god (-1 @) and rise to the rank of the Creator (Deforestation Herb).

This is the only reason I keep my ankles tied.

If so, it would be a victory only for wounds, and it could be beaten behind the scenes.

They had to show overwhelming power, worthy of the nickname "God Killer." "I can't help it. So Zeus decided to straighten out the spleen he had been trying to hide until the end.

Brahms and the Jade Emperor's aggression falls on Zeus' head, and he suddenly taps the ground.

At that moment, the gaze on the boundaries of the two men shifted toward you.

My back stood still without even knowing it.

Zeus' strength was no different than before!... There's something!) Abraham considers Zeus to be doing some tricks and quickly lays a layer of shadows and takes up defensive positions.

The Jade Emperor was furious with the fact that he had alerted himself for even a moment, or flew in at once.

At that time, Abraham looked away.

that Zeus' eyes were smiling faintly.

No, actually, the left eye is shining strangely like a jewelry eye 608! “It can't be... Seon Seok Seok?? Abraham later realized that Zeus had Lucifer's adra.

Meanwhile, Zeus' gem has massively amplified its power with a strange glow.

I don't know how he got hold of the Seongseok. However, Zeus' golden thunderbolt, filled with the strength of the lead stone, sliced through the rooftop while plowing through the plain.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the rooftop emperor was hiding behind a large curtain at the end, but more than half of the body was torn apart.

Zeus' intention was to quickly end the battle by twisting the lightning bolt towards Abraham.

“The draught of Abraham quickly strengthened Pluto's resolve, but appeared to be in jeopardy in front of Zeus' powerful attack.

The moment the golden concussion set in motion.

A timely participant enters!] You want to open a space in front of Abraham, and the condensation pops up and wiggles the beagrid hard.

Grrrgh! The golden concussion dragged me out into all directions to draw them in.

Zeus recognized that the eggbeater was Olympus' 'new god-king,' which he had learned from Evil K and pierced his impression of the quarter from one side of his heart.

“Why don't you stop watching with your eyes? It won't be good for you if this gets in the way.” Yeon said, treating Zeus as if he didn't have one, looking behind him.

Zeus tries to shout again, his eyes hurryingly glance back at the aura behind his back.

Above the collapsed plain sky, the air was white as the space was sliced open.

It's like a black paint spill.

Abyssal. Beyond that, Harmonia looks this way.

What are you trying to say? An old lover who thought he was dead, he blushed his eyes.

Zeus is firmly impressed by the appearance of a creature that had come to him in his dream of experiencing a long time ago.

Or not.

Yeonwoo and Harmonia exchanged stories as if there were only two people in the world.

“Whoever wins here anyway, the last system key is with me, so your goal doesn't accomplish anything.” Why don't we just take it? "Are you confident? The giant eyes of Harmonia are only slightly clothed, but have no answer.

Instead, I asked the question.

"So?" “Here, let me give you this.” Yeon showed off the system key received from White.

Immediately, greedy at the edge of Zeus' eyes, and Abraham quickly withdrew from his seat as he shed two drops in his eyes.

However, Yeon-woo's attitude was firm.

There were no answers from Harmonia for a while. It's like trying to figure out what Yeon-woo's thinking is.

Then I asked with a serious attitude.

"What's the price?" A common front to catch Olfowon.

What do you think? ”