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20 Coins. common wire (1)

Harmonia became 'very funny'.

A man who had been eastern and western to capture himself had suddenly made an alliance offer and had no choice but to smile.

Next time, let's catch Olfowon and think. Is this it? Then she looked over at Abraham's side with her eyes.

Abraham's expressionless face was still staring at her.

But she had known his partner for a long time.

At this moment, there are all kinds of emotions in Abraham's eyes.

I don't think I should be looking him in the eye, but Harmonia purposely ignores his gaze.

Yeon-woo said.

“You know what my goal is? “ Taking down Olfowon, isn't it? ” That's right. There is a greater purpose.

In fact, Allfowon is just a long leg for that. “It's the same here. So if we just take care of him, we'll split up." I'm sorry, but we haven't seen any movement like this in recent years because of our difficulties. We had a substitute. But all I can see is that you don't want to go near it. “But to just call it a drink, you're a little coveted about the last key, aren't you?" Harmonia smiles suddenly. You continue to argue with Yeon Woo, and it looks like she'll only run parallel lines.

Why don't you come into the sea of our poetry? If you want, I can give you the heads of the house, as well as the clans under your command. "“ No. I don't think that's gonna work. ”You are also baptized in black. Shouldn't we eventually be focusing on getting rid of this old-fashioned tower and waking him up? “ You know my answer. ”You are a blasphemer who has seen His grace and miracles firsthand, and yet you do not like it." Harmonia has a huge head.

Yeon-woo's answer now would be blasphemous enough to be the leader of a group following the Black March, but Yeon-woo felt strongly that she was satisfied.

Then my answer is very simple. “Are You Independent?" Then, what will you do? You're not the only one with a proposal. " Hmm? Yeon-woo's gaze turned to the right.

Evile, what do you think? "Oh Hyo Hyo! You're really too kind, # # #.

I can't believe you're publicly opposed to each other. ”The room is open and the Goblin in the glasses settles quietly.

He said, 'I was going to die because it was so funny.

The proposal you just made to Harmonia was now to the Central Administration.

The central administration needed the system key anyway, so the plan could be accomplished however they wanted.

"Haha!" Harmonia burst into laughter as she tried to cut open her side.

Everke fixes her one-eyed glasses and asks.

“# # #, I have a question. Can I let you in?” "What is it?” “Do you have any inclinations, forges, personalities?" ”[Many demons nod in agreement.] [A handful of demons await your answer.] [Very few demons stare at you with dazzling eyes.] The demons' reactions were irritating.

Yeon-woo crosses her arms and smirks.

“Nothing. That shit.” That's a shame. If he had, he would have been "Huang." ”Oh Hyo Hyo! Oh-ho! Anyway, # # 's offer was" "! How dare you leave me! Everke was about to say something.

Zeus, who had been watching their conversation all this time, raised a golden brain with an angry face.

Obviously, the battle royale is being ignored, despite being yourself.

The golden branches connecting heaven and earth almost exploded like an explosion. The inside of the gem is shining more beautifully than ever before.

Zeus has the stone of charity 2308.

Contrary to Yeongwoo's arrogant stone, she boasted a temper.

Charity is the power to share and give.

In other words, the stronger and more opponents you encounter, the greater the amount of power you can unleash by yourself.

Yeongwoo opens Yongsin's mouth and grips the Serb Grid tightly. The pitch-black sword flashes along with him.

Zeus is going straight to the bell.

Vigrid shakes well.

Ooh, ooh-ooh.

Tsutz! Dark azirang clumps over Vigrid, revealing only his upper half, gazing closely at Zeus.

Zeus. "“: {} I heard you were back, but it's really amazing to see you. Yeah, I got a better reason to kill him! Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I'm following Zeus to the sound of thunder and lightning is about to fall on Yeon-woo's head right now.

Just! As Everke clenches her fingers, the light flickers out of Zeus' left eye, spreading a bright mesh.

His golden brain, which was about to explode, spilled like a lie.

Hmmm! You……! Zeus glanced at Evil K, bleeding from his mouth to see if he had been injured by the repulsive force.

Everke just grinned as she grabbed the back.

“Oh Hyo! Don't forget, Zeus. The philanthropist I gave you originally belonged to whom.

Am I still talking to # # #? You have to act like a horse (8), don't you? ”Baduk! Zeus stares at Evil K, who treats himself like an organ horse one day, grinning and grinning, but he still smiles.

If you don't like it, you can leave now.

But Zeus couldn't get out of the jewelry.

That must mean you're really fascinated by the power of adra.

Instead, he just hid his tracks, leaving only his tears.

Zeus. "Only Kronos looked at it with an annoying gaze. Then he looked back at Yeon-woo, and when Yeon-woo told him to let it go, he said good-bye to her and disappeared.

“Oh Hyo Hyo! She's so shy. Do you want me to tell you the rest of the story?” Iblke changed his glasses and looked over Yeongwoo and Harmonia.

The fangs that were broken out along my lips were shining thicker today.

[Scenario Quest (Birth of the One and Only) has been aborted!] [As there are no quest completions, the reward will be differentiated depending on your contribution.] [Begin interlocutory settlement.] [Current Quest Ranking] 1st Co-Op. Braham, Zeus, rooftop number four. No 5th. No [Many of God's Society show a lot of complaints about this quest.] [Many gods object to this quest.] [A few gods claim to open a new quest.] Some gods call upon the divine society, Malach, to mediate.] [The community of God, Malah, has rejected the request that this quest is decided by the agreement of the different lords and that they have no excuse to intervene.] [Demon Society, Le Infernal, greedy eyes.]] [The gods of picking are silent.] [A few gods are silent.] [Chief Administrator, 'Iblke has posted an announcement on the 98th floor.] [Notice (1): It's been a long time since I've been able to greet you separately, right? Oh Hyo Hyo! I know a lot of people are frustrated with this scenario quest. It's such a paralysis that inquiries and complaints can rain down on the administration.] [Notice (2): We are currently in the process of discussing a follow-up quest based on your feedback. If you can't wait, you're on your own.] [We are preparing an urgent reward and response for the sturdy scenario quest. Please wait.] [Discussion is taking longer than expected. Please wait.] [Discussion is taking longer than expected. Please wait.] [As requested by the Chief Administrator,' Evil ', the content of the scenario quest (the only one being born) has changed!] [A new quest (Celestial Liberation) has been created.] [Scenario Quest/Celestial Liberation] Description: This quest was created urgently by replacing the scenario quest (The One and Only).

The sole (-that or) statement was' as important as all the gods had hoped not to be made 'so urgently that the Central Administration sought advice separately from' Malach 'and' Le Infernal 'to figure out how to resolve it.

And after a long discussion, the conclusion was very simple.

Messiah (% 1659031).

God and demons were deficient in the tower for a long time, and they had to stay confined to the 98th floor.

What those gods need most is a strong charisma to lead them, and a savior to free them from oppression and restraint.

To do that, you have to break the chains and chains that restrict their freedom.

So move now to break the chains and chains.

The greatest god will be given such glory and qualifications.

Requirement: 1 Chain tied to the heavens, oh.

2. Depending on your contribution, you will be rewarded 'society' and 'given' differentially.

In addition, you have the right to claim the loot.

3. Record your highest score.

Limit Conditions: - Limit Time: - Reward: 1. Master Key 2. Unique Internal Affairs 3. Since the quest titled 'Messiah' was announced in the sky.

[The community of God, Olympus, has declared their participation in the quest!] [God's Society, 'Bridge' Declares Quest Participation!] [Divine Society, 'Deva' Declares Quest Participation!] [All new physicians, except 'Malach`, have declared their participation!] [I'm very happy that the time has finally come for most gods.] [Many gods are overwhelmed by strong ambition.] [A handful of peace-seeking gods shed tears at the many sacrifices that will soon take place.] [All demons gladly observe the Divine Faction.] The world was in peril.

A quest maker who suddenly changed that much weighs a lot.

The Battle Royale, which was just begun to protect the sole master of the throne, led to their liberation.

Allfoone Raid.

I've wanted to challenge many times in the heavenly realm, but it wasn't an event that failed every time.

But this time it was different from before.

It was a big event hosted directly by the Central Administration and it had a system key so it could prepare for the power of Allfowon.

The sea of poetry made its own decision, and Yeouido declared war with his family members, so it was considered worth a try.

Above all.

Not just by competing with each other, but by treating the one who made the greatest contribution, the ambitious toolkits were forced to pull it.

God's people are declaring war on you, too.

Yeongwoo nods satisfactorily as she looks at the messages on her retina.

'Since this is a public opinion on the quest content, it's just a good idea to put it up. We've had enough of this. "The sea of poetry, central administration, and beef negotiations were easier than I thought.

If there was a fight between them, they would just take a step back, but if they had a common goal, the story would be different.

And at this negotiating table, Yeon also added two other places.

[Metatron of 'Malach' is satisfied with the outcome of the negotiation and shakes his head greatly.] Baal of Le Infernal is very excited about the next tea party.] "I brought him to the heavenly world, so he could not 'do anything rashly | > The sea of poetry and the Central Administration did not only make him go after Olfowon, but also the heavenly world.

Yeongwoo once planted the seeds of division while some were hostile and some were drawn as allies to keep the celestial world from uniting.

In that sense, the quest that was decided now could have been the opposite of what has been done so far.

He didn't worry too much about this.

“Rather, there's a good chance that Olfo One will have an inside man along the way. Who are they? Who wants to see them sit on their head? It's a good thing you didn't do a backstabber. `" Yeon expects the alliance to not work out between them against Allfowon.

They had all kinds of positions, including those who had already received the Revelation, those who had not received it, and those who had not joined the alliance forces.

But even with that wave, it'll be enough to hold Olfowan's ankle.

If the city's oceans and central administration both go out. They made them use every paddle they had, and if they used a sonic sword on this side, 77 floors of maneuvers would be possible.

It is fulfilling the wishes of the King.


Yeonwoo was going to go even further and achieve her final goal.

to no one, not only allies or clans, but even Kronos and his brother.

“At the end of this quest… -77 insects, as well as this damn tower, the eyes of Yeon-woo shone in horror [The Scenario Quest (Celestial Liberation) begins!] [Good Society, Olympus, has entered number 77.] [God's Society, Bridge, has entered number 77. All the New Medicine Councils have entered 77 floors, except Malach!] Like that.

The last raid has begun.