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21. Joint Wire (2)

“Are you all right?” Yeon-woo smiles bitterly, looking back at Kronos with a blurry face.

Apart from the launch of Allfoone Raid, I was sorry to see Kronos hurt again.

In the event that Poseidon and others are still unable to recover their relationship, it will be more difficult to narrow the distance to Zeus.

As a brother-sister, Zeus and others, it doesn't matter if you face to face, but Kronos won't.

He must have followed Zeus and heard everything he said.

He looked like a rainy dog.

Even Yeonwoo couldn't quite understand how to comfort her father.

“This fool, no matter how much he got into Maestri's castle, doesn't make any sense like the geysers who drove them away." Maestri may have corrupted his mind, but to be precise, his life on Earth has changed a lot.

I felt like I knew just a little bit how much Mother had changed Kronos.

It could have been because I loved my husband so much.

“I also hated my father the same...... Is he no different from Zeus?" He is a father who is turned away from his children.

Yeon-woo said, "What a bitter smile. I accidentally peeked at my father's sincerity so that I could live this close, but without this opportunity, I still would not be much different from Zeus.

'In that sense, Jungwoo probably understood him best. "They understand each other best, but they say the farthest is the richest.

Yeon-woo seemed to be able to understand the meaning of the word.

In the end, the relationship between God, mortal, and parental child is no different.

"I... I'll figure out what to do later." "I didn't want to see Yeon-woo's wet Kronos anymore.

My father always wanted a wide back.

“Have you thought this through?” Huh. You look like shit. A little later, when Kronos came to his senses.

When Yeon-woo asked the question, he spilled his clothes.

When I'm with him on Earth, I think I only remember raising my voice.

Unlike in the days of peace, I wanted to be amazing because I was most connected with my son in a place like this where every day is a battlefield.

However, seeing her like this, I felt like I was feeling a little better.

It was just then.

[Entry to entry 77 has been denied! Olympus has been recalled to the 98th floor! [Divine Society, "Bridge" has been recalled to 98th Floor! [Sensitive_All Gods' Society Are Confounded by the Difficulty!]] ['Malach' wants to find the cause of the defect!] Open your eyes to the sudden message.

Kronos picks up his head as if he's picking up something.

[Bivasvat, Lord of the Sanctuary installed in Insects 77, strongly rejects the invasion of outsiders!] [77 floors are now fully closed.] Huh! You have a knack for not being able to pull the strings, so you can prevent others from pulling the strikes. "It was absurd for the gods who were about to attack.

When they had to pay a tremendous toll just to leave the heavenly system, they were suddenly blocked from entering.

[Central Administration would like to modify the setting permissions for 77 floors.] [Failed.] [Failed.] [The use of the system key has been denied.] In addition, Everke's attempts have been unsuccessful as to what happened.

Something I never thought of as Yeon Woo, etc.

Looks like Allfowon took out the hand he had been hiding.

[From Athens' message has arrived.] Message: The rainfall continues to fail. If you stay like this, you won't be able to carry out the quest. Can we find any other bypass? Message_arrived_from_Metatron] [Message: Baal finds reason and fun. "" Afurai also seems to have freed up 77 floors separately, like Hidden Stage, using her powers. He's the embodiment of the system, so we haven't figured it out yet. You must know a lot about him.] A message has arrived from Teetatron.] [Message: This cannot be solved by the system key. It's clear that Allfowan has more authority than the System Key... There is only one way left. Completing the master key any sooner. If you want to continue with the quest as we discussed, consider how to pre-craft the MasterKey.] As well as Athena and others, Metatron found Nabal less perplexing.

Even though they are leading the way, the understanding of the system seems to be lower than that of Allfowon.


'No, this is an opportunity.` Unlike other gods who were swayed by embarrassment, Yeon was able to guarantee victory in the reaction of Olfowon.

If he had seen Allfowon, he would have tried to defeat all the gods directly, even if he wanted to overcome them. Nevertheless, he shut the gates and shut off all communication with the outside.

"There must be something wrong with his condition. `I didn't know if the sea of poetry had anything to do with tying the ankles of Olfowon.

This was an opportunity.

“Making and handing over the master key now is a self-indulgence. I have to keep holding the squeeze. If the door is closed, we'll have to use the hole. `Around the time the thought of Yeongwoo was cleared, Kronos returned to the sword's brother and was sucked into the grasp of Yeongwoo.

And as the merger took place... I left a long line in the air.

The void is wide open.

[An unknown force attempted to hack the system!] [Hack failed.] [Hack failed.] [Hack succeeded.] [An anomaly occurred due to a system error. Vacancy opened!] [System has checked unauthorized viewing (4605008). The system's firewall system temporarily upgraded to Step 6, assuming the subject is a bug user.] will be forced into action.] [Access to this subject has failed.] [Access to this subject has failed.] has failed to eject the subject!] The firewall system has been disabled!] [Multiple spaces appear and disappear along the empty space.] [The system has failed to restore the void!] [The system has failed to restore the void!] [System key (2) has been activated, specifying specific coordinates in the empty space!] [Bypass to insect 77 has been installed!] [New information about the Viewer 'has been added.] The air seemed to fade away, and a white landscape of 77 insects suddenly appeared.

At that moment, the eyes of the attendants who were on the instance stage all spontaneously headed towards Yun.

Install a bypass? No matter how many system keys you use, how many alternatives are ""? "1 Viewing? Abuser? What the hell did you do? Have you disregarded the power of Olfowon? [" The Metatron of Malahath is greatly amazed at your achievements!] [Baal of Le Infernal shows great interest in the new phenomenon you see!] The state officials were alarmed at the lack of forced hacking of the denied authority even by the Central Administration, causing errors to form a bypass.

It's amazing to have a system key that can be empowered, but to be able to "hack" the system, this was a situation for them too.

What a new viewer is. The power was like a chimney to find out what the limits were.


[Many creatures on the 98th floor are attempting to re-enter the 77th floor!] When the gods of heaven repaid you for your service again, they had no choice but to turn their attention back to the 77th floor. As the stage rocked violently, several stars along the bright sky formed and a huge galaxy appeared.

And then there was a delusion that the Milky Way was pouring into the ground. Numerous clusters of shooting stars slipped into the void as a whole.

Meteor shower (\ Bo Bo Bo).

Numerous gods in the heavens were attempting to descend to 77 via an instant dungeon.

[A huge amount of zero pressure is added to 77!] [list! Zero Pressure Capacity Much Exceeded! Concerns of collapsing stairways and stages if more than severe are achieved!] [list! Too many sanctums declared! We're overloading the system! Watch out for collapse!] [WARNING! 77 stage durability drops rapidly!] [The Divine Society, Olympus, has completed all the rainforests!] [The Divine Society, 'Bridge' has completed all the rains!] [Divine Society, 'Deva' has completed all the rainforests!] ['Malach' gives blessings and blessings to all societies who have tried to come!] As the situation unfolds, the attendants hurl themselves to the bypass without delay.

It really begins now. "Kronos," he muttered, watching such sights.

He was also sacrificed by Olfowon, who realized he would have to make a pact with him someday, but he had no idea that such a chaotic war would occur.

When he was active, there was no tower, and the Divine Spirit and the Devil were each just wandering around in their own backyard, barely encountering each other.

Even if they encountered each other, they only overlooked each other face-to-face.

Even though he had been active in the tower for quite a long time now, he still came very strangely close to moving this large.

But I do know that this is the "real" first step to finding the soul of my youngest son, Jung Woo.

He wanted to suppress various emotions and empower Yeon-woo.

[Theseus has descended on 77 worms!] For a moment, the union that Kronos had nothing to say reminded me of my father's misguided feelings.

But wait a minute.

Kronos stops the mood swings and returns to his original position as a sword.

Buy a ball, buy a ball. Once, as he sat on the throne, he now knew how to help Yeon-woo.

Yeongwoo grips Beagrid hard.

“Then I'll go in.” Yes. Yeon tried to enter a stage where countless lights were extinct.

Attempt entry to [77].] [Depending on the extinction of the existing quest, the Instance Dungeon 'Plain of the Gods' will be extinguished!]