Second Life Ranker

22. Joint Wire (3)

“Heh heh! That look on your face, it's not working out, is it?" A world filled only with pure white snow, like a pile of snow.

However, for those who had to live here, in a prison, Olfowon finished meditating and slowly opened his eyes.

The first thing that came into view was Earl Ferentis, smiling this way.

He looks so happy that he's going crazy.

Queen Dowager Allfoone said nothing.

He was stuck in debt anyway, so he didn't show his face, but he didn't want to show any color.

But I've seen Olfowon for a long time, and I've known Earl Ferentis who stood up to him all the time, never giving up, ever since he got stuck in this white world.

Allfowon is being ruined. "I looked everywhere on the screen and I saw quite a few people recently trying to deflect or transcend. The king of the one-horned tribe who bothered you many times, not to mention the Elder... Those who fled from you or hid from you seemed to have noticed something.” ______ ^ "Your father's follower Lee just transcended, did you see? Earl Perentz did not miss the faint sound of Allfowon's breath.

He is so ignorant that he once waged a war of war.

He knew too well that his weakness was in his' father '.

For Allfowon, the existence of "father" was the object of affection.

A thankful person who has allowed him to live today, but an abomination who has caused him to live like this hell.

“What a pity. I was going to run around naked trying to stop them... But I've been forced to tear up a lot of people, and now I have to go back to the old days. I think I'm going to be turned upside down too.!” Comfort, and my valley was filled with laughter.

“So what are you going to do now?” She said nothing to the end.

Just sitting there like a doll.

Immediately, Earl Ferentis, full of laughter, frowns brightly.

“Say something! And you're not the one who's always bragging like a smartass | Then you have to say something again!" The laughter turns to tears.

It was the sadness of the head of the household who had to stay here after being forced away from his wife and family.

But even with profanity and ferocity from Perentz,

Aiolfo Woman was quiet.

All I can do is look at Earl Ferentis with a calm gaze.

Ferentis finally realized that he was the only one to lose by casting his castle here. As always, it must be difficult to shake that stony Human.

Peek-a-boo! Earl Ferentis glances at the pavilion to sit on the floor. The twisted mouth was filled with laughter again.

“Your sown things are returning. From Kronos, who once fucked with you, to the gods # # #. What will you do there?” I see.

Olfowon slowly opened his mouth.

A fixed voice.

It was a voice that felt as awkward as when I opened my mouth without speaking for a long time.

Just the same as usual. Along with that, Olfowon closed his eyes again and entered the face wall.


His consciousness sank down deep.

When I opened my eyes, this time a world full of golden waves appeared.

There, Allfowon only extends his arms long into the air. It's like he's trying to hold on to something.

Kirik! Kirik! The golden world was in a strange shape, with large and small gears of all sizes and reels all interlocked together, as if it were looking into the inner parts of a machine.

The unconscious world of Allfowon, and the living things in this world are called the other side of the world. Idea.

The big and small gears that go around here are all the 'laws` that make up this world.

because it's a physical law, and it's a civilization-made concept.

Often, gods and demons put their gears together and said,

Conceptual god (\ son).

or Go instead (81486 < @ 009).

Being born together from the moment the universe was created, there is no such thing as an ego after all these years, and only a conceptual being remains. However, the universe has been able to continue to grow, and it has been able to support it to differentiate into many kinds.

The Mother Earth began on one of them little cogs. Now it's gone and gone, but this big world hasn't stopped moving just because one of those little pieces is gone.

The mysterious universe was vibrant, and it could never be stopped. The stationary universe had no choice but to die.

Nevertheless,_Allfowon stood there deliberately, forcing them to adhere to the concept and turning only what was necessary.

With no one, alone.

They are performing a ridiculous miracle.

Could this be how the world used to look like in the old days, when we were doing great things in the Creation? He also performed the 'turning' miracle of Idea himself, but it was a surprise when other gods and demons saw this miracle now that Allpowon was seen.

But that was also a day or two, even if it exceeded the 'annual' unit.

[Register! Excessive data processing is causing massive system overload. Please stay one step away from the scene of the problem.] [Note! Some of the system's functions have been paralyzed by the amount of information far beyond the allowance. Recommend restarting the system.1 [WARNING! The location was already being outputted with warnings due to the limited functionality of the system, but Allfoone was intentionally ignoring them.

Since a few years ago, conceptualism and high lords have been waking up for a long time and going down to the Celestial Decree to force Idea to turn.

The precise cause or process of why they wake up from their sleep and have such 'will' by themselves is unknown.

But since then, Allfowon has always had to allocate more than 50 percent of its consciousness here to prevent their descent.

This is why Olfovo, who appeared before when Yeongwoo escaped Tartaros from the Persians or attempted desertion from the Sky Library, could not project all the power.

Now it's so far beyond that, it's always stuck together.

Above all.

Zwick, side! Hochtam has managed to tie him up here, and there's an obstacle to catching him by pulling his strength out.

A chain that squeezes along the black swamp is bound tightly around Olfowon's hands and feet.

As the chains tighten, you try to force Olfowon back inside, but he's still hanging in there.

Darkness is coming. You of all people should know that light is hidden in a dome like that.How long do you intend to repeat this pointless resistance? At that time, a part of the fox opened wide, revealing one eye of Harmonia.

He awakened his sleeping concepts and high lords, and touched the world in his dreams to Edea and pulled his power out with a chain.

"Rather, you were the one who wanted dusk to come, and now that you've had the chance to relieve yourself of such a heavy duty, why do you want to stay tied up here? Olfowon gazed quietly at Harmonia's eyes. Under cover of white light, his face remained still, apart from the toughness.

"That's the duty of this body to look young. Didn't you hate that obligation more than anyone else? Didn't he hate a life where all he ever wanted was to repeat himself? If we abandon our duty because we dislike it, and our karma is bored and we lose our backs, the world will be filled with nothing but blasphemy and indiscretion. If only there was one fool like me, the world would be safe. I felt even the dizziness in Olfowon's voice, which I confidently felt.

"Is it not the same that you are secretly continuing your duties and achievements even though others do not know it? They all say," Even if the things that made you young were actually forced to leave like your father ran away? Nevertheless, my thoughts are not wrong. Nor are you difficult to understand Not difficult to understand. I'm just walking quietly through what you, me, and each other are after. It's a collision there, and it's inevitable. No matter what you say, even if it falls here, this body won't stop walking. It's called persecution. Harmonia smiles bitterly, "You should have been born a monk. And that would have made him a famous saint and benefited the world.

I wouldn't just be grumbling right now. Where I was born, there are words like this. At that moment, I thought that Harmonia had flashed her eyes, covering the light that covered her face.

Kill Buddha when you meet him, and kill Master when you meet him. Olfowon's voice was full of strength.

"If I don't go to hell, who will? Likewise. You shouldn't be in a place like this. You look like you've been_covered in blood..., so..." Harmonia's voice was solemn.

Out of respect for you, I will now let you sleep in peace. It won't be easy. This body is Olfowon (4 | (0 000), the apex of all things and exists alone and is the existence of the toddler zone (quantum pole\ effect).

Vivasvat (01038030, My Mother's Father, who was the mother of all mankind, must have personally bestowed Your respect. Kuku Kuku...! Idea flutters along the scent of Olfowon.

In it.

Allfowon roars.

Who can stop this body? Try me if you can. [This is the 77th floor, the Coffin of Light.] [Begin the trial of 77 insects.] [Crucible: 'The real world you see is like a shadow on a cave wall'. Every substance has a universal shape that Bondi can never transform, and the world that it is in is the truth that will never change.

This is the world that imitates the immutable truth.

In a place where your senses and perceptions don't work properly, your mind must only look to the debt that the white lobster sows.

Recognize the light and get the "something" beyond.

If so, your soul will gain something.] When Yeongwoo crossed the bypass, all I saw was a new white world.

A place I've seen in Chronos' memories.

A world filled only with debt.

If I was exposed to it, I felt like my soul had cleared up and my complicated thoughts had vanished.

But Yeon-woo was offended by it.

because he had to go through something he didn't want to go through. Perhaps it's a strategy to take away their power from the stage here.

[Unknown force forced to cancel stage effect!] [Status: Atalacsia 'has been disabled.] I felt like my eyes were open.


[Warning! This is the sanctuary where the power of the player "Vivasbat" is reaching. Unauthorized trespassing may result in further penalties. I recommend going back.] [Warning! You are currently occupying someone else's sanctuary illegally. All kinds of debuffs occur.] [The attribute resistance has decreased due to the stripes.] Anti-Magical strength has decreased due to the T-Buff.] [System key (2) is activated to terminate all warning messages.] Beyond the myriad of rising warning messages, a group of debt boasting all kinds of colors has spread with powerful shocking waves.

Kukukuku! The gods of heaven are attacking the Great Sanctuary as they try to come together.

Especially, the actions of the various lords who wanted to enter the world of light to find the body of Olfowon a little faster were the most dazzling.

"Son." At that moment, Kronos' voice echoes wildly.

In fact, before coming here, Chronos asked Yeon-woo for a favor.

Get me Earl Ferentis, who's holed up somewhere in here.

Maybe you were the savior who helped him who was forcibly dragged from the tutorial by Allfowon. Yeonwoo also said yes because she knew that she could meet Icronos today because of the Earl Ferenz.

Most of all, he's not even the Vampirist's husband.

... It's been a long time since I've seen a black azimuth bloom behind Yeon Woo.

The Vampire Lord Bartory narrows his eyes and looks at the world of light. Her eyes widen with many emotions.