Second Life Ranker

23. Joint Wire (4)

“It's mommy, mommy!” Cesha runs into the town entrance, finds Anantara, rushes in with joy, and gives a big hug.

Anantara stroked her hair gently.

“You listened to them while I was gone, didn't you?” Of course! Instead of answering vigorously, she turns her head to the side while dragging her horse tail. The small forehead looks like Tom's pubic bones are forming.

I can't lie to you. Anantara tightened her eyes and asked as she watched the laughter spread.

“What happened to you?” “Oh, no. Nothing." “Can you just tell your mom?” Well, that's... that's... "" That's not the plan, "but the boys keep breaking my rubber band. And the girls' skirts keep popping up. Yeah. You grabbed a" < ^ [unclear] ^ 4 ”?” Oh, no. ”Sesha wipes her fingers and writhes the well.

Anatta's eyes widen slightly.

“Then?” "Five..." "What? Hohoho!" Anantara laughs without even knowing it.

The one-horned tribe traditionally trains shameless since childhood. In fact, it was often pointed to fighting even when they said "play" among themselves, and it was almost never possible to defeat them at their age if they were outside the tribe.

Cesha scolded those rough children (9), so I could only laugh.

I knew Sesha had been holding the village children together for a long time, but now I think she's almost at peace.).

Is it because of Cha Jungwoo's blood or because of Abraham's early education?

“It's because of you. You don't want to lose if you don't want to." If Anantara knew what she was thinking, Cha Jungwoo would be furious about what she was talking about... but Anantara was already too aware of the personality of the 'cars'.

“So our Sesha scolded the boys instead of the girls." After knowing Anantara wouldn't scold her, she came back with a bright face and gave a big nod.

“But, Mom, Mom.” "What's the matter?" What about Dad and Abraham? ”Sesha wandered around wondering if the other families hadn't come.

Anantara smiles bitterly.

After rescuing White Yang, everyone else went to 77 to catch Olfo One along the pond.

Anantara landed because she knew it would only get in the way of the herd.

I left Sesha alone for too long.

It's growing brighter now, but it still requires a lot of parental touch. Even in my sleep, I felt like I was too irresponsible as a mother.

So Anantara hugs Cesha harder without any answers.

Sesha smiled, "Hehe," rubbing her face against her chest, even though her eyes were wide open, but her soft arms were good.

Anantara strokes Cesha's head like that and looks up at the sky.

"Jungwoo, come back quickly. Cesha's waiting like this. `Anantara desperately hoped and hoped that even if the attack on the 77th floor failed, they would return safely.

The Vampire Monarch has been sheltering in the shadow of Yeongwoo for a while.

It was because he realized that his strength would be difficult to help Yeon-woo because of his clumsy desiccation.

He was much stronger when I first met him in the Sea, but after he left the Library of Sky, he had nowhere to run.

This is why you should be ashamed to call yourself one of the kings of Mahea.

Even a five-year-old rival (even sub-Faust had surpassed her for a long time.

So the Vampire Lord tried to rehearse the pulmonary canal in the shadows.

Fortunately, Yeon-woo was once a descendant of Dark that she liked. If he was in his realm, he could be baptized in black, and he could mature his soul through the Revelation he had seen in the Library of Shadow.

The goal of the Vampire Lords was very simple.

New (W)

He was trying to complete his detachment, which was hard to know whether he had failed or not, and to achieve transcendence to gain his full personality.

When Yeongwoo entered 77 battles, she realized that it was finally her turn.


There was a ziabi that I had always dreamed of drawing.

The face of the Vampire Monarch, who always had a cynical young expression, was slightly red with excitement.

“You seem to be getting stronger.” “If it gets in your way, all the promises we made together will be for nothing. I never lie. And the Earl must be saved by my hand. Olfoone, you have to put a knife through his heart." Watching the Vampirist's burning eyes never seemed to interfere.

The completed personality was now considered to be ranked among the kings of the Sea of Mahea. Although not as far as Laflax, wouldn't it be worth a look at the Three Kings (= Joe) or the Four Kings (9 guns)? And then, after the Vampire Lords, the Elders went through the portal.

“This place is 77 worms. It wasn't easy for me to get through the 76th floor because I had a red dragon. It's a matter of a long life, too." Particles of light were pouring out around him, fixing his glasses.

It was completely different from before, to crush son-in-law in secret. The elder also meant to be transcendent. Yeon-woo could be sure as she looked at him. Even in the heavenly realm, one can face the elders now.

The shadows spread, revealing themselves in turn.

Shannon was finally inspired by the fact that he was dealing with Allfowon.

As long as he's still sharpening his knife coldly.

Rebecca maps the vicinity of the moat in a silent wind.

Ram maintains the ranks of the soldiers quickly.

Baldebich roars with great anticipation of the coming battle with the other giants.

The Summer Queen and Calatus are devoted to freeing the dead by exploring the world of light.

Boo-fast was actively burning the Inferno site behind the pond, floating hundreds of enchantments along the sky.

And Khan and Leonhard staring at those clans.

Subsequently, a large portal was opened, revealing the richest Laputa.

"You son of a bitch! If this was going to be such a fun event, you should have called me first!" Through Laputa's external loudspeaker, Pant's voice echoes loudly.

Pant, Edorah, Doyle, and the rest of the Argentinians, as well as the Huha Clan, were spotted at the entrance to Lafuta.

Their faces felt as tense as one.

One of the best players and a one-man clan is said to be dealing with Allfowon, but who can be nervous?

However, many of them were consumed just by the fact that they were standing in a new place of history.

"Let's get started” scares Yeon away.

The Bone Dragon, the Summer Queen, was the first to move.

He leaned back for as long as he could, and then he breathed.

The nature of death was added to the volatility she was originally acquiring, mixed to black, and Bress was incredibly intense in comparison to life.

It was not enough to burn the world of fire in the depths of the lid, so it spread like wildfire and pushed everything on the surface away.

Krara! Plus, as Calatus roars intensely, he attempts to descend, and all sorts of enchantments appear, slaughtering the world of light.

For the two lions, Allfowon was the arch-enemy who led his people to extinction by sparking the dragon war twice.

Having waited a long time and reached the destination, it was natural to move first.

It was enough to instill a 'good enough to try' perception in the players watching.

The laputa moves again. Players swooped into the stage with all kinds of buffs. Earth and sky were indistinguishable places, but the intention was to cover their eyes.

"I'm going to die drunk." Chronos looks for his tongue when he sees fireflies.

“I never left. If you die, you can reuse it as soon as you die.

You don't think there's going to be a power cut? Yeon-woo was briefly bold as if it were not bulky.

Kronos saw such a pond and was drenched for only a short while. I have lived as a god for a long time, and even my own time as a human has not been that long, but I felt distant from the fact that my son, who is like a human, has responded so harshly.

Even if death is near. Even though it was the fate of the players who entered the tower to die fighting, it was an attitude that regarded them as a "resource."

But I also understood the look of such a son.

'You still haven't forgiven this world,' said King Ahom, 'when the lines of the Eighth Clan and King Ahom are dead, the Yeouido's vengeance will only shine upon the dead.

Yeon-woo's revenge was not yet complete.

The great plague that drove his brother to his death was neither the Eighth Clan nor King Ahom.

Thoroughly guarded.

And deliberate disregard.

Haven Wing and Artija were only interested when they reached the age of majesty, but they turned their backs when necessary and all seemed to be accomplices to him.

Of course, I didn't do anything crazy because I couldn't slaughter all those players.

Yeongwoo said, 'I only look at myself and the flocks of flies who chased only the light of the clan as strategic tools, but I never gave them a thought.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! In the midst of countless explosions, large and small.

Suddenly Shannon and his clans all led the Discover Pluto, and the insiders tried to descend.

[The reel of the eel flushes rapidly.] [The clans are followed by the blessings of Struggle and Death!] [The March of the Dead begins!] As she looks at the world of shattered light, she pulls out her pocket watch and connects it to the chain.

Brace! [Connected to time_reel.] is very damaged. Many of the features are unavailable.] [Empowered to recover some of its functions.] Number one-- the clock is ticking fast.

[The Leaf of Time works!] [Fast forward at double speed.

Lightspeed ( Po1 ().] Paaaaah! Yeon-woo turned into a bright light and entered the path made by her family and her servants.

Beagrid in one hand. I cut down everything that stands in my way as we worked together.

[The reel of death spins at a fierce speed!] [Tons of gears coming together!] [Current engaged number of teeth: 666] [The concept of 'death' works!] At that moment, the world of debt, recognizing the existence of Yeon Woo, shook violently.

[When Sanctuary recognizes a dangerous presence.] [The highest grade firewall will be activated.] Tens of millions of pillars that had been shattered from the world of debt came together in a new form.

The moment I saw it, Yeon-woo's complexion hardened.

The pillar of light had all been transformed into polyps.

At one time, the dragons that challenged to over 77 and were slaughtered by Olfowon died and became the members of Olfowon! "Vivasvat! You are the end...!" Of course, the Summer Queen's fury caused her to lose her mind, and Bressdorder was forced to become more intense.

Calatus' roar raises the stage even more loosely.

On the other hand, players who could not cover the 76th floor because they could not even afford a summer queen were completely consumed by the Dragon Pier when they encountered the dragon directly.

During the chaotic war, five or six ancient polyps gather together and sprinkle Bress on Yeongwoo.

I'm just saying, it's not gonna be easy to ignore, but I'm gonna try to get rid of it with a lightning rod.

[Allies, Niflheim declares war! Hel's coming!] Grrrrrrr! I wonder if black thunder is falling in front of the starry stream, and Hel appears dazzling, spraying his rough hands and throwing all the Bress away.

How dare you lay your filthy hands on the Jade Hall of # #! I haven't done it yet, but I'm so jealous...... + Oh, no! I'm never going to be able to tolerate myself as president of a third-generation fan club!