Second Life Ranker

24. Joint Wire (5)

“Hel An Yeon Woo slightly opened her eyes to the appearance of a creature she had never thought of.

At that moment, Hel shivers as if he were electrocuted. Then, I turned around, punching him in the back with a smart face. Her breath sounded rough.

C-can you sing me a poem? “": Hell? "Yeon-woo was impressed by the sudden appearance of Hell who had just climbed to the top, but she called her name again with a shaky expression because she still had something to help her.

"Gaaaah! # # # just called my name! Hell! Hell can't wait to die today! - > 7” Hell jumps from his seat and tries to die joyfully. It seemed so dangerous to have a sparkly eye, so Yeon-woo took a step back without even knowing it.

* # # 's ′: 4! When Hel acted like he was going to give Yeon-woo a hug right away.

"Hel! What are you doing?! First! You're just a nag again. Hel grumbled as if he was annoyed because his face had cooled down with a voice that rang from the air.

[Jormungan is coming!] [Fenrir is coming!] Black lightning fell to Hel's left and right, revealing snakes, Jormungands, little puppies, and Fenrir, each boasting a huge body.

King! Hanagales sits at Fenriwi, waving his tail greeting him.

Hehe! How have you been? "[Agares is coming!] I didn't know why the Eastern Prince's Agares was with Fenrir and so on.

His participation meant he had that much power.

Of course, it was hard to believe you were still a complete ally.

By the way, has it been a long time? You smell really good. Even now, her eyes were wet with greed.

In particular, Agares could smell something different than usual, and his gaze was firmly fastened with a whirlwind clock connected to a chain.

Familiar yet delicious… ~ smell like that. "Agarez was blessed with a red tongue.

Tsutz! The clock is shaking nicely, and Cha Jungwoo's monument slowly reveals itself. Spreading pure white wings contrary to what Agares has.

It's been a long time, Agares. Exactly! It was you! Ah-ha-ha-ha! Agares bursts into a frenzied smile that doesn't fit a five-year-old figure.

Then, I rolled up one side of my mouth while stopping.

It's so nice to see your brothers sitting side-by-side. Yes, very good. Still haven't gotten over your stupidity, have you? Get rid of stupidity? As I always say, your brother is mine.

I can't give or take away a soul like that! "You are not, in fact, coveting our souls, Peter.": Sim. "Shut up! Cho Jungwoo, even if you try to talk behind his back, I'll rip your mouth off! Agares growled loudly as he cut off Cho Jungwoo's waist. Immediately, the atmosphere rose hot as the frenzy turned into a furnace, but the bitterness in Cha Jungwoo's mouth did not go away.

There, I could see that there was another reason for Yeon-woo's crazy obsession with Agares.

Agarez is not a Cho Jungwoo monument, but is obsessed with the clock he possesses. The greed that had just appeared has now turned into a frenzied infatuation. I was strongly willing to take it anyway.

Even though it seemed like she was running to get her graceful watch right now, Agarez couldn't move ahead.

I'd like to teach you a lesson, Cho Jong-woo, who talks nonsense without a matchmaker in mind. Kuaa! There are more than one mineral dragon () coming this way.

First, I need to think after I've cleaned up all those annoying things! At that moment, tens of pairs of black wings spread out behind Agares' back, and they were enormously sized as if they covered the sky.

[At Agares' request, the "Dong-man Army" appears!] [Allies, The Dong-man Army has declared war!] The Black Wings seem to be crumbling, and every time the demons that make a powerful margi appear in between, they grab one or two of them and start fighting.

King! Penricorn quickly snapped the neck of the nearby mineral dragon, transforming into a massive form, then swung his claws and popped his head.

A message said that Jormungan and Hel were busy running around and that the demons of Niflheim had descended, this time spreading with a swarm of black light.

"Brother." “Yes. Let's hurry.” Heh, heh! [Time's reel flu has sped up!] [Current speed is 4x.] Moves her body back to the center of the stage, slowing the world around her as much as possible.

[The reel of time is winding at maximum speed. The current speed is 8x.] [The reel of the phoneme flushes fast!] [Two reels working at the same time!] [Your body is overloaded!] [Attention! If both reel lobes wind too fast, the wear and damage of the cogs can be severe!] [Attention! The two reel winds are so fast that they can cause immense damage to your body!] If I wrapped two reels at the same time, I had to follow the pressure. Even though it has become immature, especially if it is a mortal body that has not yet been degraded.

It's probably the only thing that's going to make it this far because of this bizarre meta-human.

But Yeon-woo was not overloaded or under pressure at all.

[WARNING! The two reels are winding too fast! Your body's durability is slowing down at an accelerated rate! Please note!] [WARNING! Time's reel wear and damage is far beyond expectations! I recommend stopping!] [With the synergy of the two reels, the concept of 'death' has been reinforced!] [Conceptual grant enhances unknown power!] Instead, Yeon-woo spreads out the timber sword, putting all the power derived from it into the beagrid.

in the form of a lightning rod.

Cough, cough, cough, cough! Every time I wielded the beagrid roughly, I was scorched in the world of light with a lightning bolt overlaid with the concept of death.

All the fangs rushing to catch him have been swept away.

[An unknown power wants to destroy the Great Sanctuary, the 'Greater Area ( Saturn)'.] [Failed!] [An unknown force wants to crush the metropolitan area, the 'metropolitan area`.] [Failed!] The world of light tried somehow to withstand the brutal violence, but it was rarely easy.

[An unknown power was successfully implanted into the metropolitan area and death!] [Moaning] The durability of the metropolitan area, the metropolitan area, decreases at a rapid rate!] [All blessings are suspended.] [All blessings have been stopped.] [All functions have been disabled.] When I got to the Pole, I finally opened the gap.


In the theater, the firewall completely collapsed.

[An unknown force has succeeded in shredding a portion of the firewall! [Specified 0] lands another side of the broken barrier.

It was a world that was invisible because it could not be white.


That's what Earl Perenz used to call it in the memory of Kronos.

“Earl! Where are you, Earl?" ”At that time, the Vampire Monarch, who was following Yeon Woo, called out to Earl Perenz in a bitter voice.

She used to always look dodgy, but now she has a burning face.

“Erl!” But it doesn't seem that easy to find prisoners in this prison, whiter than the outside world.

When Yeon-woo tried to give Hwaseong-jeong together.

“Ma'am!" Far away, you hear the voice of Earl Ferentis.

“I'm here, madam!” “Where the hell are you? 7/} 44 * '>'!” Clearly, his voice was close. But I never saw him. Are they listening to the hallucinations of Allfowon?

“No way?" Then I suddenly thought, "I'm casting air into Vigrid."

What he wanted to cut was not this prison.

It was a system beyond that.

[An unknown force has paralyzed the fire system installed in the sanctuary.] [Fire fighting system, 'Welcome' will be stopped.] Tsutz! Like a white curtain on a stage, a place where the world of light was layered away and a place filled with many people appeared.

“Back“ “Last few “ Madam! Is it really you? ”For hundreds of years, Earl Ferentis and the Vampire Monarch, who had never forgotten each other, were stroking Tom face to face.

The person in front of me was really right, or if I was seeing my own visions, or if I was touching them with my fingertips, and I smelled the body with my nose. And they hugged each other.

['Summon Lion' has been activated.] [Who would you like to summon?] “Lana.” Whistle! And when their daughter Lana was called, The three of them fell into tears.

That's how the parents and children who wanted to meet again in their lives met. Earl Perenz's heart ached, especially when he returned his daughter to her dead soul. He was also the one who had to watch his daughter's death from here on the screen, so I felt even more pain.

But their families did not lose their minds, even though they were about to shed tears.

I could have missed out on a moment of emotional distress.

“Kro… ~ Earl Northwestern Perentz looked over the kite's back, gazing at his wife and daughter.

Kronos smiles, his gaze on this side of the body.

I kept my promise back then. "When Kronos was planning to use the help of Earl Perenz to escape the prison with an 'awl,' he asked the Earl excessively.

If you get out of here, what do you want?

- My wish? Haha! I'm so happy to imagine. We can hope for a judge who doesn't even know if he's planning it or not.

- So tell me. Imagination is your own treasure that no one can take away from you. Do you want to get out of here, or do you want to know the whereabouts of your family? - Home, if that's really possible.

- Look at that. Yeah, what is it? - I want to see my family.

- Not because you wanted to escape? - I don't want anything else. If only I could hold my wife and daughter's hands... - If only I could do that once before closing my eyes...... That would be enough.

Even though he said that, he laughed bitterly, asking if he could. And what he had completely forgotten, Kronos had not forgotten, but had finally fulfilled his promise.

Thank you so much for that.

Earl Ferentis glanced at Kronos and the pond with shaking eyes, and slowly knelt down, dreaming of one knee as if he had committed something.

“The Black Faith, Nadershudi Chachite Ferenz, vows here. The flesh of the flesh that forms this body will follow only you forever, even if you live and die.” Later, the Vampire Monarch and Lana dreamed of one knee.

“The Dark Faith, Ercheffet Battori, also vows here.” “Lana Perentz, a dark believer, swore an oath here.” A timely follower has sworn an oath!] [New followers have declared an oath!] [Faith has exceeded a certain number.] acquired a floating black attribute.] acquired a floating black attribute.] [Death 'concept has been reinforced.] [Gain more worshippers and believers. The higher the number of Faith, the greater the amount of black you can use.] [The Black King recognized you for the first time!]