Second Life Ranker

25. Joint Wire (6)

Tsutz! I'm flattered that black is rising like a haystack around Yeongwoo.

The look of being clever just by looking at it.

Yeongwoo felt that the concept of death surrounding her was reinforced more tightly. She felt more elaborate in the reel, which was engaged with 666 cogs.

Perhaps this is what the message of learning more about the properties of darkness means.

However, there was a message in Yeon Woo's eyes.

Says the Black King recognized him.

It was because it was never small.

"The Black King... He's conscious? Or did you just sense that I was unconscious? 'I've never received a message like this before.

According to Thousand Horses, the Black King was tightly tucked away under the tower and was asleep for a long time because of the shock at the time. Then, various concepts such as antimatter, disorder, dreams, death, and chaos appeared in this world (0005 a pi692000).

Because he was close to conceptual existence, such a ritual or ego could not be established. It was sometimes expressed as' I fell asleep long '...' Awareness' must have a lot of meaning in many ways.

I still have no idea whether it will benefit me or harm me.

In the position of borrowing the power of the Black King, I'm sure it will convey more power in the future.

That way, I'll be more and more incarcerated by him.

Moreover, as long as there is another descendant named Harmonia, I can't take the power of the Black King with me in mind.

Perhaps. The Black King had no idea he was competing against Harmonia.

Whatever his intentions were, it resulted in a reminder to Yeongwoo that she needed to be more alert.

If only the Black King was keeping his eyes peeled for Harmonia and the sea of poetry. I could never just ignore it.

But that's it, and right now it's not enough to focus on hunting the Orphon.

Yeonwoo looked down at the families of Earl Ferentis, who had sworn obedience and reverence, saying that she would accept herself as a god.

“The triumph of the Faith... is a good way to gather such a large and large amount of Faith, and quality Faith." The God of Death and the Devil had already sworn to take him as their master. "

But that didn't mean that he would always follow us as king and monarch, but that he would always follow us as "God."

The king and God seemed similar because of the notion of 'following', but had completely different characteristics.

“Follow the King" means that the target has a leadership aptitude and may represent the realization of his or her interests, if it is close to a deal that follows.

“Following God" could be said to be a subject who obeys, worships, and blindly follows the target in his heart.

It contains no computational content, such as transactions. It was because selfishness (&/2) could not be blind. It is a pure heart that gives up even if the target does not look at himself, and it is a pure heart that does not resent even if the target does not look at him forever.

Sometimes such purity becomes madness, and sometimes it becomes editorial and causes damage. The Horsemen did. The sea of poetry did not.

But fundamentally, faith is more like filling a "lack," which anyone can have, so it has a positive effect except for a few special cases.

So, it was loyalty that the God of Death and the Devil offered to Yeon-woo, not faith. It was because their faith was solely for the Dark Lord.

What if Yeon-woo forfeits the position of successor to the Black King? The Shinigami and the demons must have turned their backs on Yeon-woo instead of looking back. And he's a traitor, and he won't hesitate to point the spear at me.


Yeongwoo smiled at her family the whole time she saw Earl Ferentis' family.

They were originally dark lovers, and Olfowon, who was wary of desertion and transcendence, succeeded in gaining the power he needed to hold on to.

They swore an oath of abdication.

And the target was no longer the Black King, but an individual of Yeouido. It was already their faith, so they had to go up that quickly. The spirit, which had no place to grow, felt even more flustered.

Though I've already been promoted to the god of the Dead Giants and I've been working with the lions. It was a completely different feeling.

And this was also a favorable phenomenon that Yeon-woo personally wanted.

Bringing up the shame of the Faith.

Concentrating all the faith below 77 floors on yourself.

That's the key to this Allfoone Raid.


Yeon-woo did not say anything differently in front of their oaths.

Experience shows that sometimes not speaking can make the target feel the right weight.

Instead, I looked at the other beings in prison.

In fact, Yeon-woo wanted to raid the prison first because Kronos begged him to keep his promise to Earl Perenz, but there was another purpose.

~ The prisoners who sneaked around behind the scenes of Earl Ferentis turned their gazes to the other side in a hurry as soon as the snow met Yeongwoo.

It's like people sneaking around trying to steal stuff.

Everyone seemed to get a little wet without knowing where it was. I felt even the dreaded aura as I looked at this side a little further. Since Allfowon forced them to bring it, everyone's temper seems to be great... but it seemed like something was getting in.

“Earl." “Heg.” What happened? ”Yeon-woo did not speak respectfully like Kronos. If he decided to defeat himself as a god, it was most important to secure the proper hierarchy. Sometimes language was a measure to distinguish relationships.

Fortunately, Earl Abandoned Lenz seemed to take that for granted. In regard to the question that she asked, she seemed to have completely understood even though she had been omitted.

The Faith Ship (6), which is invisible to Yeouido, gives us a clue as to his will.

“Restrained freedom and long years are enough to ruin a day, no matter how well forged a spear is.” “You mean rusted?” Yes, Yeon-woo narrows her eyes.

It meant that all the prisoners in this prison were already fully willing to fight Allfowon.

It once represented players and rankers, all of whom had enormous ambition and outstanding skills to target even the subordinates of Allfowon.

It was certainly similar in Chronos' memory.

Only thing that interests the captured Kronos is the Earl of Perenz. The rest were either indifferent or just mild curiosity. Asthenia rules over them.

Of course, no matter how long it took those in position, I couldn't believe that not one or two of them would be equally willing.

"Rather, they were such stubborn creatures that once broken in front of a larger obstacle, it might be difficult to restore. Or if Allfowon continues to be exposed to the same effects that he was trying to apply when he entered the first 77 floors of prison, he will be forced to gradually weaken.

Perhaps Earl Ferentis hasn't gotten involved yet, because he's the most recent of them all.

"This shouldn't be happening. `Yeon-woo narrowed her eyes. I encouraged the prisoners and tried to act as a word against Allfowon (0). And like Earl Perenz's family, he was rich on obstacles that he had never even thought of, which he had planned to exalt himself and raise his faith.

But that made it impossible to let them go.

"Like the dead polyps, Yeon-woo decided to go fierce, because it would only cause trouble if she belonged to Olfowon."

Olfowon said he was busy dealing with various personalities, but it was not long before he noticed Yeouido's cousin who had infiltrated his sanctuary. Before that, I had to finish everything.

Lead the way! Yeon-woo has unlocked as much darkness as she can.

Then, from the tip of Yeongwoo's feet, a shadow spread out like food, following a land with no shade.

[Realm of Shadows] "Huh? Huh?" What, what, what is this! Arrgg! "The prisoners stagger back and forth to escape the daylight, but they cannot escape completely.

The Shadow immediately flooded the prison black.

Zwick, side! From there, the chains protruding from them tightly bind their hands and feet.

The prisoners turned their backs to break the chains, but they couldn't defeat what the Mother Earth couldn't.

['Summon Lion' has been activated.] [Who would you like to summon?] “Laplace.” Tsutz! "What to do, Joo. Phosphorus.

"^ ^“. 'Park,' she said, 'although she seemed to have heard a word she shouldn't have heard, she ordered briefly through intracerebral filtering on her own.

Fortunately, Ralph seems to have caught wind of Yeon Woo's instructions. He went straight back to the main body, and quickly put his hand forward.

At the same time, a beam of white debt particles is projected this way from the inside, where the shadow has not been pulled.

Fortunately, the rays splintered into dozens while hitting Laflax's hand and fiercely burned elsewhere.

Looking at Laflax's half-broken hands, the prisoners all had to feel clever. What would have happened if they had been exposed there? He would have died without leaving a trace. Allfowon is on his way back.

"In fact, I was the chief administrator and sometimes wondered." Laplace's gaze was constantly gathering particles of light to form a human form.

[Player, 'Vivasbat' is coming!] "Obviously, we are in charge of maintenance and management to make the system work, is there a self-contained incarnation separate from that? That doesn't mean they're cooperating with us... I wonder why they need the Bureau. So the conclusion was very simple." The size of Laplace was much larger than the titanium we had seen in Tartarus before, so we could hardly see our faces below.

But I felt like she was neighboring me.

I hate wild horses that are pointed out for free, but I only came up to the tower to play red roses (Red\).

It was just to see if you could slap the incarnate. Then we'll know how the system works. And now, my master has given me such a wonderful opportunity? "Such magic, after finding another new excitement, roughly swings its regenerated arm toward Olfowon, with a sharp excitement.

Despite a mere swing, the space in its orbit was shattered.

[A part of the sanctuary has been permanently destroyed!] [A part of the sanctuary has been permanently destroyed!] [Tom says, 'An unused new form of matter is contaminating the sanctuary!] Regardless of whether you are qualified as a player, the components of Laplace are chaos and disorder. If he went to another system, he could have been classified as an exotic class immediately.

On the other hand, Allfowon was attributed to the light representing balance and order, which originated from the heavenly horse that built the tower.

Of course, Laplace, who had the opposite attribute, had no choice but to be the first point to him.

It wasn't like other players or transcendents who were completely subordinated to the system of the tower and devoted their faith to him. Ralph was one of the few unchained in Allfowon! Of course, Laplace's attack was the only way to inflict 'pain' on Olfowon.

Fruit! The struggle between the two was enough to have a profound impact on the stage.

A crack started spreading across the stage that seemed to be full of debt. Like the ink on his clothes, he splattered all over the place, and the prison volcano that had been tied up with so many prisoners was broken.

Ralph laughs very loudly.

His fanatics echo across the stage. All the gods and demons were watching him.


Tsurlock! As he pulls the chain tighter, he asks the prisoners with faces still full of fear.

“I'll give you one last chance. Freedom and redemption, what are you going to do?” If you want freedom, you will have a painful struggle, but if you want a comfortable restraint, death will follow.

Of course, if I chose the latter, I would be forced to use the latter. If he didn't have the will to fight, he could have been forced to beep up like Marco.

I was going to give you a chance if you chose the former. In the meantime, we can reestablish our phosphorus will.

Struggle and death were both symbols of unity, so he made no difference whatsoever.

But he only asked their doctor once.

“I) We" “. ~ And their answer from there is.

“Shhh, I'll fight.” Please... let us help you. "” It was the last remaining desire to fight.

You saw a very small fire of hope in the presence of numerous personalities surrounding the prison with Earl Perenz.

A smile spread over Yeongwoo's mouth.

“I will help you do that." The timely faithful have sworn an oath!] The Merry Faith have sworn an oath!] [The preliminary figures are piling up rapidly!] [Faith has exceeded a certain number.] acquired a floating black attribute.] acquired more attributes of black.] The prisoners of war, or now the new believers, have been baptized in black.

At that moment.

A light came to mind (suction ) along with the congregation.

Dozens of debt flocks seemed glorious and frightening to me as I drew the world together.

The energy hidden in it is fraud.

It was a speculation.

Excruciating fruit! [Struggle] has been strengthened!]