Second Life Ranker

1. Squite (1)

The world was beautiful.

Unlike the light of Allfowon, which forced the exposed beings to rest, the light they forged was a mixture of the energy of death and the energy of struggle together, boasting a completely different substance.

You have acquired the properties of Floating Dark.] [Faith is accumulating at a rapid rate.] [Faith level has reached the first threshold! Partial access to information about the 'The Black King's Template' has been disabled due to its qualifications and conditions.

Please check the info window for details.] [Concept of the Gospel has been reinforced.] [Concept of the Gospel has been reinforced.] [The power of the powers you possess has been enhanced.] [Death's loyalty to you has increased.] [Death Demons' loyalty to you has increased.] [The Black King's perception of your dependence is getting stronger.] [King Chilhock is starting to have a little interest in 'this dream'.

I want to give you a gift!] The black king of Yeon takes an interest in himself and tries to empower him.

It was also a pleasure to meet you, but I was nervous because I was afraid that you would be hard on him.

You are still a handful of sand compared to the Black King.

It was because if he had his heart, everything he had built would have been wiped out. Rather, it might be better for him now.

On the other hand.

"In this dream message, a poisonous word was revealed to me.


What the hell does this mean? He knew that Harmonia had taken the 'dream', just as he had taken the 'death' from many concepts that the Black King had.

But precisely Harmonia is simply about infiltrating people's subconscious and leveraging the power of emptiness by flying freely through the dream world. It seemed a little different from this.

"This... means there are other dreams." Yeon tries to quickly make up her mind in the quickest stream of consciousness.

I had a hunch.

- What "me" are you? A peek into Kronos' past.

As a child, Kronos had visited the Dark Past with other brothers at the behest of Uranos.

The compartment that was discarded in the beginning of the universe. There, Kronos meets Mars, saying he devours all beings without distinguishing between gods and demons. That was the question he asked me at the time.


- How many times do I have to bet? - Well, that's fine.

- We can try again this time.

Furthermore, I prayed for other words.

Chronos had doubts about those words, but he didn't have long to think about running into a fever caused by Mars. And after I had barely recovered, like a lie, I forgot all those words.

It wasn't erased. I just unconsciously decided that it wasn't a very important memory, so I buried it in the middle of that deep memory. Yeon was reading Chronos' memories and confirming it.

So Yeon-woo asked Kronos if he knew anything about this.

No, I had no idea. You know, I was just an apostle of the Black King, because I didn't know anything about him at all. Most of the things I learned about power were just "by myself" by Maasthen. In the end, the details indicate that Maestro knows everything.

“Once we break this tower, we'll have to deal with the Black King.

I was going to be late someday.

Then... we'll figure it out.What is the “gift" that the Black King said he would give me? The message came to mind.

[The Black King cut off a single acronym on his left hand.] [A gift from the King of the Black!] Whistle! The black orb settles on the palm of Yeon-woo's hand.

A beautifully glittering orb that looks like it was carved out of black.

[Dark Jade Nail Patch)] Type: Unable to Measure Grade: Unable to Measure Description: Holy Spirit from the King of Black (Horn #\). The useless bird is unknown until we find out.

The description is too short.

Seeing that the type and grade were determined to be 'non-measurable,' it was definitely something that was hard to figure out about the tower's system.

The black sheep and quality contained within were running from all the objects I had ever seen.

I was reluctant to even lay a hand on her until she was high enough to look under her feet.

[The gods attacking the 77th floor sense the sacred, "Dark Jade" and stop for fear!] [Most gods look at the "Dark Jade" with a frightening face!] [All the demons are in great shock! Metatron is silent.] [Le Infernal 'account, Baal has no answer.] The reaction of the celestial system was no different.

Even the gods are busy dealing with Allfowon.

Most shocking.

“You cut the ring?" This is nothing compared to the power of the Black King.

From the looks of things, it must have been the one that cut off a finger...... If I could send this much power, I had no idea what the other body was.

Moreover, the biggest problem was that the useless bird never guessed.

It was definitely unnecessary if I couldn't figure out what it was for. That's why it was useless.

'I think you're being teased.' I thought that King Black Lion had done this to watch the self-optimistic for gifts, or to test them.

Fortunately, the question didn't last long.

"This… 1“ Chronos' reaction was unusual.

“Do you know what this is?" ... Aldama. I can't help it. "Chronos took a deep breath and said.

The main core of Squite. The Shyanic retard looks at the Dark Jade and opens his eyes very wide.


A substitute for Chronos' use in the time of the new king.

Kronos recommends Squite as the only thing that can cut down the 'Light' of Allfowan, and Yeon-woo was thinking of making it one day. And now that Allfoone Raid was started, it was also a necessity along with the Sword.

However, most of Adamant, which is the most important part of making squite, was being held by the sea of poetry for a while.

Originally, after infiltrating the world of light, after saving Earl Ferentis and others, I decided to go directly into the production of squite.

I could say it's absurd in a pressing situation.

Like the only competition, the sea of poetry seemed unusual, and Malach and Le Infernal were trying to show their own movements, so the situation was changing so urgently that they could not control it.

However, I didn't worry much about making dosquite at this urgent moment because I had something else in mind.

Once the same goal has been made, there's no reason to continue monopolizing Adamant in the sea of poetry.

By the way.

I was surprised to get the squeege-related materials from the Black King in a way I had no idea.

Of course, Adamant is not the only one who needs to make squites. I also need other ingredients to change my temperament...... Most of them are said that Fofowaffe can help me somehow, so I didn't worry about it. "But you never mentioned the Dark Jade?” Because there's Vigrid. No matter how much it was piled up, it was made of black jade itself, so it didn't have much to do with squeeze. ... In short, you're saying that you would have a lower Squite if you had done this. ” Since you've strengthened the reef of death so much, I thought I could easily fill that gap. But... Kronos mutters as if he were a fool.

It will be given suddenly like this.

Chronos has gone through countless quests to acquire the Dark Jade in the past, remembering all the hard days and shaking his head.

However, I had to feel that my soul was trembling.

It's completely white in my head, son? Yeon-woo heavily nodded.

The secret to squite production, which you haven't told any of your party yet.

However, the Black King was in a deep slumber and was not conscious of everything about himself.

It was even weirder if the fear didn't take on itself.

Trying to take a test. Yeon-woo nods heavily for her succession.

Dark Jade was still admiring the terrifying wavelength.

“And you want to make a delegation (8hand) together? Given that it was 1,000 horses that put the Black King in the bottom of the void.

And given that_Allfowon is such a child of Heaven, this was actually natural.

As the Black King, he had no choice but to succeed in raising Yeouido and Harmonia Olfo. That way you can flatten the thousand horses. Only then will we be able to figure out a way to wake up.

So it seemed like he was trying to lend his strength to Yeon-woo. Perhaps other heirs, Harmonia, had similar support.

“I'm offended 2." It was not enough that her plan was full, but that she was exploited.

This was separate from the support of the Black King. It was totally self-harassment. The oppression of the overwhelming existence was always an annoyance.


First, I'll give the Black King exactly what he wants.

In that moment, the slowed world's time returns.

Kukukuqui! Now - I see prisoners turned into followers of Yeon Woo rising into thin air.

Through the blessing of darkness, they were overcome with deception and speculation, as if they were pouring out their suppressed years and tears all at once. Earl Ferentis and the Vampire Lord stand at the forefront and rush the rays from all sides.

Laplace is still in a great commotion as if he were happy.

Perenz, buy as much time as you can. Off the stage, have Athena and Olympus cooperate with Denny. I will follow my orders. "Earl Ferenz didn't ask me why. Just blind loyalty. For them, this fight was a struggle against oppression and a temple (horned) for God who gave them new opportunities.

I've given Athena, the chief apostle, his own plan, and he will lead the situation accordingly.


Dead Giant.

A lion.

It's Artie.

Faith in the temple.

And so on and so forth.

In the name of the March of the Dead, everyone was active. Black was spreading gradually over 77 insects that were full of only 'debt'.

With this.

"The plates were made." As I wanted, the heavens, the Bureau of Administration, and the sea of poetry were also in place.

And now all that's left.

`Capturing the king there.` And in order to do that, I needed the last stone.

'Squite. "Yeonwoo closes her eyes.

The consciousness sank deep.

[The reel of death spins fiercely!] [The reel of time is slowly winding!] The clock is slowing down for the first time on your neck.


The whole world flowed very quietly, as if it had been "stopped."

Just in case. Here you are again. "The place where Yeon-woo opened her eyes again was the abyss.

Deepest in the unconscious world. From time immemorial to present, Harmonia was still standing like a gatekeeper in front of the giant 'door' of a clustered circle of awareness (3 years) and mindset (& 06-1000) that many living creatures and souls possessed.

Previously, I had to pass a lot of time to pull this far, but I was able to get there easily because I had already been pulled once.

Yeongwoo looked at the 'door' behind Harmonia for a moment and looked at Harmonia with strange eyes, but soon she caught attention and looked at Harmonia.

“Let's cut to the chase and get down to business. I need Squeeze. Adamant, how much do you have? ”