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2. Squite (2)

[The reel of time is winding slowly at a very slow rate!] [Your status is active.] [Incomplete status.] The longer the reel is active, the more damage it can cause.

This may cause permanent damage to your first self, so please be cautious.] While reel is active, the 'small roller' surrounding the 'tower' slowly rolls.] [The little rollers' influence doesn't recognize this.] [Small roller 'adds weight to the reel of time.] [The reel of time is overloaded.] [The Iron King is very interested in your actions!] time's reel.

With death, Kronos sat on the throne in the past.

This allowed Kronos to lead Olympus' heyday by manipulating the entire universe.

Depending on the use, it could be a tool for a cell to peer into the past and the future (Forest # 0), and if you borrow the power of society, it could also be a versatile tool to turn 'the wheel'.

Of course, turning 'the wheel' is permitted only to great beings around 'Huang'.

It was because of the causality of many will and actions that forced the mixed records to be erased and converted to actions I wanted to use according to my tastes. That's why he rarely tries. And the aftermath of that was huge.


That's just a big wheel in the history of the entire universe.

If you have much less range than that, the story changes a bit. Even if there was less to touch, the burden would be reduced.

So Chronos used to use the reel of time at five points very useful.

Rolling the 'little roller' very slowly or quickly took advantage of time, or sometimes stopped to harvest death.

You can tear space-time apart. Where is the power close to the Mighty Forest?


Yeonwoo wanted to mimic that way of Kronos.

The reel of time has not yet been restored and therefore cannot be stopped. There was a limit to the slow spinning of the 'little roller'. If he was permanently damaged, he was concerned that his monument would be greatly injured.


Don't worry. I've been wasting my food. Don't you think we should do this now? Cho Jong-woo's monument tapped his chest by telling him to leave it to himself.

I practiced and studied countless times while I was on the clock. Maybe you can't keep up with me after all this time. So go now.You can fill your tribe with black. And he's here, isn't he? "If you connect the watch with a chain, the dark energy will seep into the reed. It replenishes the power to roll the 'little roller'.

"I know I can make it, but hurry.

If he notices, he doesn't know how to touch time. So Yeon-woo came into the abyss, asking her brother and father for help.

To complete the squeeze while they buy time.

One minute and a second were urgent.

Whilst swinging the stage of the 77 floors, slowly winding the "little roller", he/she completes the necessary weapon…… it is certainly your idea, as he/she had seen before. Harmonia was enormously well-built.

The size of the Queen's twins is so big that they want to be hit. On top of that, the color of the scales was like obsidian. It was unusual to think that the Summer Queen was a Red Dragon with a duvet attribute.

Maybe all the attributes changed from the very beginning as we made the Sea of Poetry and became the descendants of the Black King.

She disassembled and reassembled her soul once, and it was closer to the dark.

“I don't have that much free time. Why don't you just answer the question? Adamant, how many are there?” The 77 floors were not exaggerated by the whole stage, Allfoone itself. Since the celestial system and the underwater system are trying to attack up and down without any distinction, Olfowon is shaking the same way.

But as long as Allfowon was the incarnate of the system, he would have to win in the long run.

So we have to get the weapons in there somehow.

Yeonwoo said, 'I didn't want to waste my time here joking with Harmonia.

I think it's best to look at your face and talk about it. "Tsutz! Harmonia is a girl who tries Polymorphism as hard as it is to look at a lotus. It would be cute to hold a Big Bear doll.

Yeon-woo made an impression without me knowing.

“To put it bluntly, I'm Cesha's grandmother. Wouldn't it be embarrassing to look like that?” "Every individual has different tastes. Wouldn't you rather it looked like this? because you can play at eye level with yourself. Isn't it nice to be a friend... like a grandmother?" Kick Yeon-woo's tongue in layers.

I wanted to point out a lot of things, a lot of questions. Now's not the time to care about that.

As promised, he and the sea of poetry had a common front for a short while, and it didn't break until the end of Allfoone Raid.

And I had no intention of that as a brown cow.

If there was a lot of profit in hitting the back of the head, I'd start thinking about betrayal right away, but that's the only way it's going to happen now.

“I heard that not only was Adamant in the tower, but he took all of the Adamant from the sea of poetry.” “It's true. Can you split it?" “Don't you know the store? It's going to be expensive." “I'll pay you whatever you want." “I'm close to the head of the Buy The Table." It must be true, "Yun narrowed her eyes without answering for a while. The relationship between Chronos and Frezia has yet to be revealed to the outside world. How the hell did you know that?“ Inside…… I had a tattoo, but I didn't tell anyone about it, so I had to be creepier.

Maybe it was leaking information from the Buy More table, but given how thoroughly they originally had the security system, it was also a scary thing.

First of all, all the plans he's planning to make after that are going to get into Harmonia somehow.

Harmonia smiles as if she knew the idea of such a pittance.

“Didn't I tell you? We exist everywhere - even if we don't exist.” “But I don't know any more than that. There are limits to this.” Should I believe that or not? If we can trust it, how far should we trust it? How far do you think they'll go to deceive us? “Unfortunately, Adamant is just a collection we have to spare. It's hard to let it out.” At that moment, Yeon-woo's eyes lit up.

It's hard to come by.

It was not a rejection.

It meant that if the conditions were right, I could give it away as much as I wanted.

“What do you want?” A smile spread over Harmonia's mouth.

“Your favor.” I never thought I'd be safe again.

It was just then.

TIRING! [A party has been created!] [Scenario Quest (Black King's Nightmare 1) was created.] [Scenario Quest/Black King's Ambition] Description: Hurt by Thousand Horses, Traitor??? The Black King, who had been plunged into the deepest void by the fields, had succeeded in capturing two successors after a long wait.

The Black King had a plan to 'compete with the two successors to prepare himself for the day when he woke up,' but he changed his mind when he realized that the 1,000 men who had injured him were in the Tower.

They wanted to defeat the Heavenly Horse's flesh and see the Heavenly Horse in pain and despair.

So now, by the will of the Black King, kill the Thousand Horses' flesh.

If you bring us a great victory, the Black King will be your heir, especially according to his clan.

Requirements for achievement: 1. Join the other successors. During the quest, you will never lose your innards. When you are a foe, you can buy the wrath of the King of the Hummingbirds.

2. Awaken more Dark Power.

3. Defeat the Thousand Horse Blood and bring the Black King a victory he will be pleased with. The greater the victory, the greater the satisfaction.

Caution: This is a party quest. Please note that your reward will vary based on your Contribution Points.

Limit Conditions: Black King's Successor Time Limit: - Reward: 1.??? 2.??? Scenario 'Quest has been created.

It meant that the Black King, who had begun to recognize the incident, became even more interested.

Harmonia, despite the trembling of the same quest window to herself, was not at all favorable to you.

“I already know that you don't really follow him, but you have a blasphemous mind in your heart. But the prophecy must be fulfilled. And then you'll be standing right next to the throne where he's sitting. It means we have to cooperate.” Harmonia continues to speak boldly.

“But it's hard for you to continue to have disbelief in me like this. So I want to buy your favor.

How are you? I don't think that's a bad offer for you either. ”It was unbelievable for Yeongwoo.

When we first met in the abyss, when we flew, leaving a strange note saying, "Not yet."

Moreover, when I was deceiving Cesha, Anantha, and Brahms, when and how I can now be so audacious.

As long as Harmonia kept her insides hidden, and as long as she was on the lookout for the Dark Lord, she had no intention of doing me any favors.

However, I did not intend to refuse the favor of the other party.

It's never too late to think after thinking his thoughts.

“Fine. Fine.” “That brings us one step closer. Adamant collected, I'll give you everything you want." [Player, "Harmonia" Adamant x? 'provided!] [Automatically attributed to subspace. Do you need anything else? ”“ A lot. "“ As expected. You've got some nerve. "“ I'll do you a favor, but you don't have to refuse me. "And the King of the Blacks is asking us to hold hands, and we say," Once we have the Blackjack, the squeeze that will be made will be so powerful that it will be even more powerful than the original. Then the better the materials to enter it.

Fortunately, Yeon-woo's demands were kept quite a secret from the sea of poetry as well.

... How do you know these things? "Even relaxed Harmonia had a faint look.

“I'm a master craftsman, after all.” Yeon-woo decided to put a metal plate on her face, and decided to push it all the way out.

“The smooth ones are secured through the Buy The Table. But the more the merrier." “Are you done?” “Roughly.” You're amazing, in many ways. ”“ I'll take that as a compliment. ”" Ha! ”Shortly before leaving, Yeongwoo leaves behind Harmonia's bitter sigh, turning to look at the iron gate behind her.

A place where there might be a black king.


There was still no response.

'I can't help it. Then the next ingredient……… "Finally, as Yeon-woo moved to the next place, I quickly re-examined the ingredients, while touching the chilly black king mold on my wrist with my fingertips.

I thought you said information was up to date. Check the info window. `Tiring! I remembered the screen in front of the lotus.