Second Life Ranker

3. Squite (3)

[The information for this artifact has been significantly revised.] [Significant changes have been made to the artifact based on the revised information and additional public information. Please see details.] Will information ever change? Usually, artifacts rarely change unless they are enhanced separately or further refined. The information was recorded firmly in the system and was very difficult to modify.

However, I was a little surprised by the snowflake that did not make such a difference in the framework of the Black King.

I think the Black King recognized him…… I couldn't figure out what the additional information was.

"How much has it changed?" Yeon quickly checked the information window.

[Brothers of the Black King] Classification: Set Grade: Impossible to Measure Description: Transcendent beings who inherited the will of the world and ruled the civilizations and planets of the universe, from beginning to end. One day, the 'God` of the field and 'King' of the 'Great Father' became aware.

“I'm sleeping." Then I thought,

“You were the ones who put me to sleep." I trembled at the betrayal of the field and held a grudge against the Emperor who had given himself such a profound look.

The feelings leading to despair, grief, and anger are now driving a new movement of the Great Father. He is now preparing to curl his base.

All of these brothers sent to their heirs must be the sacred symbol (horn) of Him. Handcuffs refer to the soul, to death in chains, and to the antichain, which stands for the will of Abdome.

The owner kills himself, or he's forcibly branding all the souls who have been killed. At this time, the sealed souls are recognized as the property of the owner and are bound by compulsory restraints. This stigma will never escape until extinction, and even if it is circumcised by diarrhea, the owner's influence will never go away.

Depending on the owner's skill level, the amount of stamped soul is greatly increased, and sometimes it is possible to restore the power of life and give freewill.

A form enhanced with Black (Stir-Fried Tea). Can be used to consume bound souls and convert Magic Power to Dark Attribute. Dark is a fundamental property that is much deeper than darkness, and can only be observed in the universe that existed before the beginning.

Powers up attributes by the number of souls consumed. In this case, the magical power used is buffed for allies, including casters, in the installed area, and a strong curse and fear for the targeted enemy. At this point, the random curse will be a great "tragedy" to the enemy.

On the other side of the world, it is possible to draw out a part of the void that belongs to another. However, the void full of chaos and chaos is sometimes a catastrophe that can eat even castles, so you should be careful about using it.

C. There is only one in the tower and it is completely attributed to its owner. Not transferable or transferable to another person.

. You must meet certain qualifications or conditions to unlock it.

. You must meet certain qualifications or conditions to gain authorization.

- Despair: It can rule a desperate soul.

- Grief: Death by grief is at hand.

- Rage: Able to control the shifting dome in anger.

- Audience Clock: It is directly connected to the "Leaf of the Clock" of the old Apostle Chronos to move the "Small Wheel".

-Bigrid: It's directly connected to the old Apostle Kronos' "Death-Leave" to enhance the concept of death and dominance.

Significantly different from before.

'All the descriptions were first-person… the Black King's point of view changed. "The previous explanation, which was all three people, now represented his feelings by the award.

"That's what the other gods used to call the Black King." Then you betrayed the Black King '?? ""' Do beings mean the god of the other world? But it didn't seem like it.

"There is still no reason why the God of Death and the Devil would reject the other gods who follow the Black King as equally. `With the birth of the Thousand Horses (* 6), the universe was divided into order, chaos, balance and chaos, and even within the followers of the Black King. It was still just a guess, but the exact lining was never known.

So Yeon-woo '???' I didn't think it would be a false god or a god of death or a demon.

Maybe it was a third party that had not yet been revealed, or it could be some other concept that had not yet been fully revealed.

What is certain is that if the Black King completely wakes up and the world comes to an end, they too will be forced to be there.

The Dark Lord who had seen Yeon-woo all these years was never going to forget his grudge. Even though it was only conceptual, it must be wobbling with enormous willpower.

Like the name of the three templates.

"This is probably evidence that the Black King woke up in such deep slumber that he was conscious. `Some information in the templates was enhanced and some were omitted or integrated with others.

The options "summon lion" and "spirit of the eleven thousand" disappeared. It must be combined with the option.

Other ratings that were marked with question marks were marked with the word 'non-measurable,' and the word 'ghost' was replaced with the word 'soul.' That must mean the quality of the soul you can forcibly take has changed.

Previously, we had to consume that much ghost to raise it to the level of the soul, but now we don't have to.

"I don't know what the sea of poetry did, but it's true that the Black King is opening his eyes a little bit. 'And after killing Olfowon, Once the tower is destroyed, you'll be completely awake in your sleep.

Yeongwoo was able to arrive at the next place, thinking like that.

[We've arrived at the fountain of vengeance!] [Player, 'Adamant ×?' has arrived! Is he really here? "In a dark world that flows like waves.

Anastasia suddenly opens her eyes wide, instead of smoking a bear stand all by herself, without starting her car all the time.

My eyes fluttered with the flashing message.

And Adamant appears on the floor with a bunch of bright debts.

How many were stacked so much higher than a person's height.

As she once loved Adamant, she had no choice but to wear her tongue because she had never seen so many sheep.

Given the fact that Adamant is a cosmic precious mineral... I wondered if I could get this much from the Buy More Table at once.

On the other hand, there was a laugh that seemed to make the hardships of the last hundred years that had been leaping to make Adamantine Nova seem to be falling apart.

Or should I say, son of Kronos.

She once lived as Leah's pawn in Olympus, and was the unmitigated pawn of Kronos.), and in some ways, it seemed natural.

Kronos' blood will never go away.

She's already been beaten by Yeon-woo.) Or not.

'By the way, "Anastasia has a slight score on her forehead.

"When does this notification end? ['Tinted light') ×? 'has arrived!] [Ele Moscorium ×?' has arrived!] [Platinum Diet ×? 'has arrived!] [Valeria River (Sun) ×?" You've arrived!] Where the hell did all the metal come from?

Moreover, the metals that arrived after Adamant were also rare in one hand. Good quality stuff, too. I wonder where the warehouse is.

"I don't need to think any more." I decided to bury my curiosity because I thought it would only tickle my head and not benefit me at all.

“Where else did he threaten to get someone like this?” Meanwhile, Hanova, who was sitting across from Anastasia, stood up in a blanket with a hammer without any further ado.

Prior to the onset of the 77th floor siege, Yeongwoo had arranged for Anastasia and Henova to be separately contacted and prepared for the production of squite.

As Henova, I didn't realize that the guy who had been blinking silently for two years would suddenly start yelling again without showing his face.

Even though it's a long time ago, she complained that she can't help it.

His eyes are burning with enthusiasm.

Helping Yeon and Cha Jung-woo is also helping, but more than that, he was delighted by the fact that he was taking on a new challenge following the stone of Quinee and Sage.

“Squeetera, squeeze! I never thought I'd be able to make the armor the king used before the tower was even built!” At that time, the muscular man sitting with Henova breathed and clenched his fist.


One of the four masters who had the title of 'Master' in the tower, he was a leading man with Henova who could handle ore.

I rarely show my face outside, but I was in a hurry to hear the news about Henova wine kite.

He was also greatly pleased with the fact that he could make a new body with his hands.

In addition to.

“Teacher, what should I do first? Victoria looks at Anastasia with a hard face and asks. The most important thing to make squeeze is how much good Adamantine Nova you can make. I was extremely nervous about it.

Next to her, the three Cyclops groan loudly.

All the masters except for Abraham and Yeouido. And where the finest smiths gather in the whole of the Summer and Heaven.

Anastasia, their conductor, opens her mouth.

“As I said before, squites are not just made by Refining, they are more like machines that are only operated by elaborate combinations of objects and objects according to a given blueprint. Anastasia was the only one who witnessed the birth of the previous Squite. That's why I had to do it several times.

Known to the outside, Squite was known as a substitute for the symbol of the new king Kronos.

But that's only part of the truth.

In fact, Squite was, to be precise, a 'being' that was close to a surpassing being (hall #).

It was because the gods of Olympus, who had the best time of their lives, were symbolic of the gods themselves made and dedicated to their absolute loyalty in order to sing of their own greatness.

All the idols that were iconic of Olympus at the time, or the precious idols and pieces of society that Olympus had acquired from all over the place, were put together.

connecting each of the properties to the structured circuit so that it can complement and further amplify each other without conflict.

It was compressed several times in the form of a weapon, and it was completed by installing hundreds of phantom limbs.

A powerful spiritual instrument (\ horn view) that contains the highest power (ball @ harvest).

Squite didn't just have a doctor, but he was already an outstanding shoe (horn) with the state-of-the-art Ever-Gooders himself.

I wonder if Zeus and his brothers would take Kronos' place, then fear Squeeter for refusing the new owner and scatter the pieces all over the universe.

I had to be very nervous to recover it completely, or, rather, to make a much better armor. But the fact that great achievements can be born with their hands excites me.

“Well, let's get started!” According to Anastasia's cry, they've all moved into their positions.

From now on, each of the 'parts' will naturally become a creature possessed by the divine 0\ '$) elongation (horn), and they will form a squeeze around the beagrid.

So if there was more than one 'part', or if there was a defect, squite fabrication was over.

That was unacceptable in their presumption and pride.

Gorgeous! The Sanctuary of Yeongwoo, where the Masters live, is tied up in hotter heat than ever before.