Second Life Ranker

4. Squite (4)

Oh, shit! Don't you know that this guy is just right! Why isn't it over? "It's no different than attacking the previous heavenly realm!" 77, following the white sky that drained the stage.

There were countless statutes opening up their power.

Fire falls, ice storms surge, etc. The world seems to be in ruins, and the spiritual force is raging with such ferocity that it seems like the end is coming.

Even on the 98th floor of the heavenly realm, this battle would not have taken place well.

If it were, they'd be a society, and the stage would be ruined.

However, the priests tried their best to stay onstage and collapse.

Of course, if it was 77 floors that would easily collapse, it would have been hit instantly.

The world of light recovered quickly, no matter how much damage it took, and reacted without hesitation.

The swarm of light shone brightly. The only mineral dragon left behind (\ 8) flew in and tried to break their limbs, causing all sorts of magic to burst out and disrupt their power opening. When all kinds of debuffs and curses spread throughout the stage, he tried to restrain the priests' hands and feet.

And yet, getting people to actively move their identities

[God, Chandra has gained 130 Contribution Points!] [God, Mentor has earned 210 Contribution Points!] [God, Duncan Cow has gained 152 Contribution Points!] [The highest Contribution Points currently accumulated are 25,500 points and the record is "Saule."] [I hope you'll be a little more excited.] at an instantaneous rate to their eye area.

The deliberate execution by the Central Administration was a constant stimulus to the personalities.

For those who are ridden with a desire and desire for smartness or identity ascension, it can be shown in an easy to recognize record so that they may not get excited. Quests were given equally, regardless of society, faction or class.

Reputation can only have a strong influence on the perception of other statutes by itself, and that becomes "faith." It was the best chance to raise the rank and boost the ranks.

When there was always a huge war, there were always one or two heroes among the inconspicuous creatures.

There was no law telling them not to be like Zeus and the brothers who defeated Kronos, the former god, and sat on the throne of Olympus.

And so everyone was burning with enthusiasm.

It was not only positive.

Phew! Th... Saul, who was trying to score so high that no one could keep up with him, suddenly shed blood for the terrible pain he felt on his back.

Right behind her, her companion, lover, Dajvog twists one lip. Saul put a knife in his back between his eyes.

How many times have I told you that I don't leave things to chance? But ""! Your sacrifice, I will never forget. Charge! Aah! ["Saul" is dead!] [Saul's Contribution Points will be attributed to 'Dajvog'!] Out of sight, treachery is frequent.

Attempting to attack Olfowon is very difficult, but it is very easy to rob the Contribution Points behind a comrade involved in battle instead.

Occasionally, when the guy who used to pump was suddenly starting to stand out, there were many dangerous senior personalities that eliminated him as well.

As Yeon Woo had already guessed.

The hierarchical, proud, jealous personalities never tolerated anyone else standing on their heads.

"Haha! This is bullshit. The demons, like Niflheim and the Dong-man army, who had been watching it, laughed at.

Moreover, the problem did not end there.

* Splash! Saul's corpse falls helplessly to the ground, and falls into the shadow of a calm stream along the floor of the stage. *

It sounds like it was thrown into the water.

The shadows follow the calming waves of dark, much better colors, and soon they soar like waves.

[Power, "Shadow Realm" is eroding the stage a little bit! [Current erosion rate: 17.2%] [Power, the Sword of Hades, murmurs that this is not enough!] [Nevada digestion rate: 72.7%] [Arashi digestion rate: 68.4%] [Saule digestion: 26.19] [The Shadow Realm is undergoing manufacturing of the Apple Apple!] While the priests are busy accumulating contributions and giving and receiving back and forth.

The shadows of Yeongwoo were now adding to their dark properties, and they were enjoying the stage with a very intimate and fierce intensity.

While trying to weaken the power of the stairways set as the sanctuary of Allfowan, it was to swallow up the gods that had died like Saul.

"By the way, there's no such thing as demons." Agarez laughed as he watched the behavior of friendship that never missed an opportunity if only he could see the gap.

I knew it! Dear # # #! I love your personality! He's cute. He's crazy. Ow. Ow. Th-that's enough, kid. "The king! Hell, Jormungan and Fenrir are all busy either gasping or sighing.


[Head of Malach, Metatron's satisfied face, bakes 77 insects.] [On Le Infernal's account, Baal nods that all sorts of malice are as sweet as strawberry cake.] Agares laughs at those messages.

A smile close to ridicule.

"Even if it's absolute good or evil, you're not so different after all.

Right? "[Metatron, the scribe of Malach, says that the heavens are now full of too many beings for size and size.] [The chief notary of 'Malach', Metatron, says' Purification is essential to protect the order of the increasingly dizzying celestial world. '] Hahaha.

Agarez blows up a huge paan barn.

Metatron knew too well that those words were 'sincere', not excuses.

Metatron only seeks the line.

It has no personal judgment or personal motivation.

It was filled only with biased ideology that any sacrifice could be made to achieve the ultimate line.

No matter how many gods die, no matter how many angels of Malach turn their wings off, he won't blink.

And I knew I'd sacrifice my existence to Gas one day if I had to.

"To achieve a goal, even the title is used as a tool...... I think I've seen it a lot somewhere. 'The leader of the absolute line looks like that, but these things can happen.

The world said, 'It must be going crazy.

“Would that be good for me? Hahaha!” Agares bursts into a big, wet smile.

The enmity, malice, and frenzy that was filling his system were constantly irritating his skin.

His stature was growing as he ate them. Following him, Margie slowly whirls.

Mimazildara is very fluffy with her staircase sensibility!] [Kernunos gazes at 77 insects with calm_eyes. I pray that your apostle is safe.] [Bimagildara is especially appreciated for its large events, like every thousand years.] [Bimachildara unfastens and rises from her seat.] [Bimarzilla declares his intention to participate as well.] There are many demons who have been watching Timamazildara.] [I'm nervous about the emergence of the Demon Society, who used to be their general.]] [The Devil Society, 'Arthachap' looks at Bimarzilla with frightened eyes.] [When many demons are wary of bimarzilla.] [A handful of demons silence the trail because they want to catch the eye of Bimarzilla.] Mimadila laughs and ignores all the stares that hinder or deter her.] [Bimachildara `' is trying to descend!] [77th floor, there is a distortion in the coffin of light!] [Attention on deck!] Cough, cough, fruit! In a tumultuous battlefield, thunder and lightning striking.

Abraham was quick to ignore all of them.

Paa- "Harmonia... I have so much to talk to you about. If not now, we won't have time to talk to you." What he was looking for was the location of Harmonia.

Knowing that numerous personalities are rampaging around to earn Contribution Points, and that the attendants are wreaking havoc to gain their one and only. He didn't care about that at all.

Yeon-woo was approaching the Maw and just met her.

But it was always a ritual encounter, and Abraham wanted to meet her 'real' body and talk to her with his eyes.

Perhaps Harmonia knew she was relentlessly pursuing her.

However, there must be a reason why we haven't met.

You have something to hide, you don't want to see yourself.


“Forget all of us. `In fact, all of the relationships he had with Harmonia originally originally came from' jest. '

Abraham loved to explore knowledge that was not in the world, and Harmonia needed the materials of research.

The blood of gods and polyps. I was curious because it was an experiment that had never been done in the history of the universe.

Anantara was born due to such mutual interest.

To put it bluntly, Anantara was the result of an experiment. Abraham left without a clue because he had all the data he wanted.

But over time, I realized a lot of things later.

Abraham finds Anantara, and takes care of the Sesha she left behind. I met Cha Jung-woo and Yeon-woo and came here.

And he wanted to ask Harmonia a few questions.

- What were we to you? If I just answered that it was a fate that had passed, I was going to settle down with it.

I had no intention of holding her by the ankle or convincing her to change her mind.

At first, I wanted to ask why he pretended to be dead, but now I think there must be a reason. I just wanted to hear my heart out loud.

[Player Searching for the exact location of Harmonia.] [I have completed the scan of the 77th floor.

Result, none.] [You have completed the scan of floor 76.

Results, none.] [75 scans have been completed…….] for the fourth floor.

Results, available.] 'Floor 4! "As soon as Abraham pinpointed Harmonia's location, he set its coordinates and opened a portal.

It could be getting into the first tiger's den.

Abraham knew now that he was one of the members of the alliance that would not make a difference.

As long as Cha Jungwoo and Ananta are awake, Sesha will no longer be lonely.

“It's a shame I won't be able to say goodbye to Cesha... but # # # will." Abraham shoved himself inside the portal with a smile thinking that he could exact the same revenge on Yeong-woo, who always had an accident and left the family in charge.

At that moment.

Grrrrrrr! A golden thunderbolt descends from behind Abraham, dreaming of his spine.

Bang!] “Big," "{* Abraham gazed back at the wavering eyes as he vomited blood.

Zeus stands smiling coldly. One eye is quietly shaping into the gem.

~ Deep water "": {'While opening the book of Pluto, he did not catch any surprise due to his concentration of all spirit and spirituality while exploring the staircase by himself.

“Where are you going? We're not done talking about us. You didn't really think I'd take your offer for granted like a dog?” Zeus quickly closest his right hand to Brahms' head.

The shivering vision of Abraham darkens.