Second Life Ranker

5. Squite (5)

But it wasn't a blackout.

It was because the Book of Pluto, which was destroyed, exploded just before the Seongseok exploded, squeezing the last remaining magical power.

[Hazard awareness.] [Explore and express the magic appropriate for your current situation.] The buzzing incarnation (&)] The book of Pluto was his intellectual prodigy, which he described at the end of his exploration of knowledge of other systems, and of course, the magic that he had sacrificed was much larger than Zeus thought.

Unlike the expression, "to roar," this magic was born by Abraham because it constantly regenerates the flame storm and has the power to dry up the target's soul.

You hook Zeus up with a giant flaming pillar that may be able to destroy a few planets.

Zeus, who was trying to see the end, realized that the situation was dangerous, and had to rush his arms together and make the shield thicker.

But even that shield was quickly shattered and rebuilt.

Fruit... ……! After the flame storm seemed to last forever, Zeus was able to shake off the roasted shield and spit blood.

“Too bad. A little closer would have made it to the Shoal Sea.” Zeus licks his lips with a red tongue as if it were a pity. The portal that was opened by the imab disappeared. You mean you managed to pull me out of that situation.

But unfortunately, I wasn't worried.

I could clearly feel Abraham's personality shattering with my fingertips. It didn't matter how safe he was.

“You can't stop Guia's curse. Eating away... is power... You can do it after you drop it.” Inside the jewel in his eyes, there were a number of glittering mesh of hazy debts. The personalities that I had secretly eaten were only playing around with my consciousness, but it was clear that they were going to sink soon.

Zeus turns in the other direction.

Now that I had driven out Abraham, who was the biggest basketball game in becoming the only one with the Jade Emperor, it was time to eat what was left.

[Guia's Curse 'Infected!] [Attention! Myths are swirling fast. It needs absolute stability. We recommend relaxing in a safe place.] [Attention! The democracy is collapsing at a rapid rate. We need to find the cause and deal with it quickly. We recommend relaxing in a safe place. Chuen! Holy....] “You look ridiculous. This might be a little risky. # # # I'll yell aloud when I find out." Abraham was moving his cold feet (holding his left chest open with his hands). The limping gait is slow, and the left chest is falling apart.

Just as all personalities did and could not escape, the Gaia curse was too deadly for Abraham.

Especially because he had recently restored his democracy, there was more danger because he could not say that his democracy and mythology were still strong.

The question of how the sea of poetry could hold this many Gaia curses first and now Abraham is at an important crossroads.

Will you enter the Realm of Shadow and rest, or will you return to the villages of the Onehorn Tribe and see the faces of Cesha and Ananta?

Or else.

Would you believe we're going to see Harmonia till the end? 'And the conclusion came after a brief deliberation.

'We have to go.

Abraham smiles bitterly and does not stop walking.

“I know what the answer will be, and unlike me, Harmonia may not seem like much, but she's not listening to it with her own two ears. You better check it out by the end." Meanwhile, Yeon-woo was grumbling too much, but I felt that she was not very different either.

“But where am I?” Abraham narrows his appearance as he looks around the dark-colored forest.

The four that he knew were closely related to the sea enough to keep the 'Key of Poseidon' as a Hidden Piece, because he never did.

“Did the perforated lightning strike the portal with the wrong coordinates?" Obviously, this is the fourth floor. I was unable to pinpoint the exact location.

Even if I try to reset the coordinates to open the portal, the book of Pluto has already been broken and the remaining mysticism is barely keeping Guia's curse at bay.

Abraham got a little nervous. In situations where Guia's curse wouldn't have caused a seizure, Harmonia wouldn't have had the decency to even close her eyes without meeting her properly.


“Are you prepared for the end of the world?” Of course. Haven't you ever seen the prophecy go more smoothly with you? ”I don't know who it is, but the voice of a man I'm not familiar with.

And the next voice he sought to find was Harmonia.

But Abraham did not go straight to you. I instinctively felt that I shouldn't leave now.

Instead, I hid myself under a large tree that was nearby as a key to checking out more conversations. The accent is growing to my waist, and I didn't have to worry about seeing it if I was careful. I hid the flowing mystical power somehow.

"He is already preparing to curl his base a little.

This war is a battlefield for that. ”“ That's a relief. ”But are you still going to hide it until the end of the world?” “Monthly“ Your purpose. ”“ Hehe. Written. ”I heard it from the middle, so I couldn't stop talking.

There were a few things that Abraham could understand.

"Gunpowder? Him? Are you talking about the Black King?" Having a discussion with Harmonia about the Black King, it's more like a brotherhood with meaning than a pledge. Who the hell is that? If only we could talk alone.

"Alone?" At that moment, Abraham suddenly trembled from the inside of his chest.

It was a feeling of daylight.

Later, I realized what it was.

I was jealous.

“I never thought I'd put such an emphasis on rational thinking...... I guess that's changed a lot. `In fact, it was right to return to the Shadow Realm to find a way to recover from the state of the body. You can make another chance, but it's hard to turn back a life once it's blown away.

However, his personality has changed enough to avoid such sentimental judgments, thanks to his time with Sesha and Ananta.

[Guia's Curse] is spreading fast!] Abraham forced himself to shake once more.

“It still doesn't make sense that you, who is one arm of a thousand, are trying to help him.” “Didn't I always tell you? I just want to get this tower back where it belongs. I don't think so." “:” The man blurs slightly and says again.

“Still, it's not bad for the Black King to open his eyes. I don't even believe in the prophecy that you saw. The end I see there is very different from what I see." Okay. If I don't betray you, I won't ask you again. ”“ Good idea. That's what the ocean was after in the first place, right? In the world of equality, under God. A place of equal value, past and deed. ”'Cause in a bear, everything would just vanish into oblivion?“ So you were going to use him as an' egg '? “Because I couldn't be in the first place." Harmonia's voice was filled with bitterness.

“Well, then I can't help it.” “I think you liked him.” “I only punched him once... but even through the apostle, when I looked at him, it reminded me of someone from the old days. The man shouted 'Something on his shoulders.'

“Then I'll go. If Al wakes up on time as planned, won't he drug all over the place in advance?” The man said that and moved toward the edge of the forest. The sound of an accent brightens, and the light passing through the trees flashes slightly over his face and disappears.

It was a brief moment, but Abraham was able to quickly find out who he was.

"Yep!" In the past, when he tried to take over Sumissan as a 'criminal'. I remember Walshman (87 #) guarding the side of the thousand horses.

At one time, he was a martyr and a teacher of Hyun Samkidney.

And a member of the Trinity Wonder, which opens today's 'Top'.

He was having conversations with Harmonia that he didn't understand.

I knew Lee was involved in the sea of poetry, but I didn't think I would suddenly encounter it, so I was surprised as Abraham.

Especially when they were talking, it was clear that the word 'egg' clearly refers to Yeon-woo.

Following the attempt to create the only Religion to replace Allfowon, I think I'm going to use Yeouido somehow to wake up the Black King....

Oh, my god. Then Abraham had an idea.

And I raised my back without knowing it.

If the assumption that came to mind was correct, it was a big deal.

Girl in law knows this somehow) When Abraham's heart was in a hurry.

[The rest of the distractions have failed.] [The 'Guia Curse' is shaking.] Guia's curse shakes one more time. You try to regroup quickly, but some of your strength has already leaked out.

< Turn your gaze this way as if Yi Ahn Ye sensed something.

Abraham breathed.



Lee said, "I felt like I was looking for something.

The grass is shaking.

“Can I help you?” “Here... no. Nothing." This example 'looked around the invisible bush, shaking his head at the sound of Harmonia calling. But the doubt in his eyes remained unchanged until the last moment he left.

That's how Ieyeo left.

Harmonia smiles gladly and says back to where things were just now.

“Why don't you come out now, Abraham?” A little bush shake and Abraham appears from one side of the tree.

Maybe it's because of the dome or because of Gaia's curse.

His complexion is firmer than ever.

"Did you know?" “From the beginning." “And yet you let him go.” Did you know that I hid your movements? because he's the father of my daughter and granddaughter and grandfather. ”Dare to argue that it's so obvious.

Instead, Abraham said nothing.

Then I forcefully pick up my voice. Guia's curse is now completely out of his control and rising to the bottom of his chin. My hands and feet were about to break apart.

... If you think so, why do you keep avoiding me? No, why did he leave Anantara? ”Even if it was understandable to leave you, you couldn't leave Anantara as a 'daughter' if you recognized Anantara as' the result of the experiment `.


Harmonia remained unsettled.

“I never lied.” Pusson: ""! ”“ It's not a lie that I died. Instead of ”What an“, he woke up again. While he could not understand Harmonia for a moment, he was experiencing a contradictory experience in which he gained control.

“The previous life (00/Saw) had all been cut off, and there was only one identity that supported me. To be an heir to His will.” Shhh.! "“ I'm going to ask you this time. ”“ Did you hear that? ”Abraham was shocked, and for a moment he had no answer.

“You heard me." Harmonia sighs deeply.

Abraham also tried to tighten his impression and squeeze the last remaining power.

Phew! The trajectory of light that flew from the air, as if it were a mirage, passed by Abraham.

“The Aeyig trajectory was something even Harmonia could not have imagined, and she opened her eyes.

For a brief moment, Abraham looked at Harmonia with a bitter, shrewd look.

Fast! It spills out into small particles.

Harmonia quickly turns her head in the direction of the trail.

There, Iye stood on a large tree trunk and aimed a demonstration this way.

"I see, there you are.” “You……! * Moment, for the first time.

The fury on Harmonia's face is young.

Goooo! The torrential force is raging like a storm.


“You know that look.

I thought you were just a puppet without emotion. ”I put my bow back on my shoulders, as if I'd just done my job.

On your own.

Harmonia's eyes flutter widely.