Second Life Ranker

6. Squite (6)

Bimagildara is coming!] Looking at the message in front of the 77 stages.

[All the gods are in great shock!] The gods have united their hearts.

[All the demons are in extreme confusion!] [All the demons are terrified that Bimagildara might catch your eye!] The demons are startled.


A long time ago, before Tom was founded, A man who boasted of his reputation enough to say, 'If there is a new King (Capo) in God's camp, there is a King of Assyria (1 @ depot) in the Devil's camp.'

Although there was once a myth about Deva's defeat against Indra.

He was pushed out of the coup, but he didn't turn off his dignity.

I've driven Indra to ruin dozens of times, so if I bring anyone from Deva to the end of my career, I can't go crazy.

And recently, he's been wandering the world with me through the crossroads that made him who he is.

I remembered the message that he appeared again, so many people were nervous and swallowed dry water.


“…… It's been a long time.” An older man slowly opens his eyes on his back with a sword bigger than his own height.

There was a realistic look in his eyes.

“Is this the Summer of the Tower?” Kuku...! even though he just opened his mouth.

Clearly, the stage was trembling, no matter how much history it contained, even though a handful of energy was not spilled.

“I like that the air is so fresh. The top is so wet now, it's no fun.” Contrary to what he said, the 77th is now in a situation that cannot be said to be good.

As the aggression of the gods intensifies, so does the amount of magical power that Allfowon sprinkles on the stage. In the process, the space bended around, and the law also broke, so the atmosphere was very broken.

Hot and offensive.

And heavy, stuffy.

Rankers who chased after Yeongwoo and entered 77 positions were all hating each other.

What they were going through, where they were, they were stunned together.

Even the gods were such a grumpy battlefield.

I was expressing it as “refreshing".

Although only a few were integrated into the cult, the Azura (0\ % #\) were born and lived for the Battle of Bondi.

Such a battlefield was like a resting place for him, who was regarded as a king among such kings as a king of kings.

When Malach and Le Infernal made a pact, there was no one left to disturb the order of the world while the world was at peace, and Lucifer turned off his wings.

Those years were too boring and free for Bimarzilla.


Recently, the chaos that has continued to unfold around Yeongwoo has made Bimachildara a little more exciting.

How many times did I start to melt my cold, stiff heart like ice?

Now I've made you get up with a heavy butt.

Allfoone Raid.

Since the gods and demons have joined the heavens, the greatest battlefield has been created.

However, Bimarzilla was not interested in the creator of something that would never be "all-four-one" or "new."

Yeon Woo.

Shouldn't we find the man who called him here himself?

His attention was focused solely on the new god.


[The majority of the gods are terrified and take on the sheer magnitude of Bimagildara!] [A handful of gods clap their tension straps in the appearance of Bimagildara!] “You know, there's a lot of noise going on and on."

Hmm! "You twist the tip of one lip slightly, rather than savoring the hot atmosphere that wields the battlefield called bimarzilla.

Though it may feel as egotistical and solemn as the scholar, arrogance was mixed up in his voice without knowing where it was.

Even if he tries to ignore it, he's been feeling it since he came.

that there are so many eyes focused on themselves.

Fear and vigilance, fear and chaos, and awe.

"Those eyes, you'd better put them aside before you pluck them all out. My concern is that one day, I'm blinded by honor, and I'm not one of those bad people who thinks the crowd is their own strength.” [Many gods hurriedly turn their heads to the side.] [Few gods feel profound insult to Bimachildara who insulted them.] [A small number of gods reveal their willingness to resist Bimachildara. Show hostility.] “Home! Hostile.” As I stroked my chin with a hand called Bimagilda, I let out a light faint.

“You don't recognize the other person at all, and you don't judge yourself coldly.” I took my hand to the hilt of the sword tied on my back.

“You'd better pull it out, too.” Then I pulled it out of the sword and swung it hard.

even though it's just an air freighter.

The results were never simple.

Cuku, urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It's like shooting stars in the sky exploded and became a meteor shower.

All the statutes exposed to Bimachildara's trajectory will fall to the ground in a 'broken' state.

[The Black Gubitara!]] [God, 'Arte' has vanished!] [God, Latu has vanished! God, Aladdi is gone!] [Many gods fall!] [The gods beside the fallen gods suffer from the curse!] [Curse spreads to the gods like a plague!] [Many Gods in times are frightened and take charge!] [A handful of gods are appalled and taken in awe by the splendor of Bimagildara, which has become much stronger than before!] [God's camp is falling apart.] [The Divine Faction is in chaos!] [The Divine Faction has been exposed to 'Fear' status!] [The chief notary of 'Malach', Metatron Ibizildara, is vigilant and warned not to interfere with the Ulpowon Raid.] On Le Infernal's account, Baal kicks the tongue out loud and orders the demons not to get involved with bimarzilla.] [Ernunos still looks at Bimarzilla with a calm eye.] Bimarzilla smiles widely.

I wished I had held my hand from the sword for too long to perform myself (621 @ 77), but it seemed to have increased or not decreased.

I've realized something recently.

I don't know why, but it wasn't a bad thing. Then I needed to get my hands on my altered senses quickly.

And there's nothing better than the sight of blood.

because there are still a lot of eyebrows who don't know the topic and who are staring at themselves.

Bimachilda strikes the sword again.

It's like I'm trying to get rid of everything that's in the way. Like trying to clear a path to Yeongwoo.


Two! What kind of a lover wants to be the new king? It's a lot different than what I saw up there, or worse.

I was so curious, and my heart was already hot.

“Is this the fountain of vengeance? 'According to the myth.

When the new king Kronos made Squite, he collected all the treasures and minerals from the world and immersed them in the Spring of Revenge.

Other details are unknown, but I wanted to know what the Sam of Vengeance was.

Chronos explained it very briefly, as if it were nothing.

- The myth of this father.

Yeongwoo narrowed her eyes to many “scenes" and "typefaces" surrounding her.

How can there be so many scenes that can't be counted? And like a novel, all the writers were biting their tails and playing along the space.

It was a vivid collection of myths that Kronos had built over the last tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of years.

His party was the unconscious world of Kronos, accessible only through unified days.

As if he had entered the water, his body sank. It felt like he had entered a real 'spring.`

- There's Adamant, there's Blackhawk, but most importantly, there's something else.

Just before the tide began to move, Chronos told Yeon-woo about the method of making Squite separately.

- Recovery.

- What if you say repair...? - We have to restore the reel to its original state.

Yeonwoo was able to understand Kronos' meaning straightaway.

Squite itself is a metaphor, based on the myth and stature of Kronos.

If I'm going to get my function back intact, I need to restore the two reels that underpin Chronos.

- The reel of death has already been enhanced by your ascension to the throne and you cannot fully restore it. The notion of death, if you only look at one, you've already surpassed what I was.

- But time is of the essence. It's because time itself is so precious that it's hard to find among the personalities, and so precious that you can't figure out how to restore it, either. - That doesn't mean you can't raise your hand in advance. The Tai leaf of time has been completely aligned with the Monument of Jungwoo for a long time... It's a long way from what the Black King gave you. Completely different from the way you walked.

In fact, the stature of time itself was quite far from the Dark Lord.

The Black King himself existed a void long before the first universe was created. Time refers to a state in which there is no concept and everything is' stopped (\ 1) '.

Taking into account that time is an exercise 00), it is okay to think of it as an anticipated opposite concept.

And yet.

Kronos, an apostle of the Dark Lord, held the Temple of Time.

It was because the statue of time did not originate from the Dark Lord.

Right away.

After obtaining the castle, it was left to the power that Uranos left for Kronos, who was at risk of death.

- It would be best if you could summon your grandfather to learn...... but you can't.

Throughout the talk, Kronos' voice echoes with a profound longing.

If we could summon Uranos with the summoning of the lion, he would be the one with the biggest bones.

- But there's no way around it.

- Get into my myth.

- It's already absorbed my body, and if it's unified, I can get in as many times as I want. I had a fairy tale with him once. Meet your grandfather there, learn about the stature of time.

Maybe it was a fresh idea.

Digging into mythology, meeting a creature you can never meet, learning its power.

But in Kronos' words, it may not be the only way to fully recover the reel of time.

We don't have much time.

Choose the myth you wish to play from among the myths of Chronos, the enumerated.] [1. Guia Era] [2. Age of Anglers] [3. Age of Godly Quantum] [4. Apostolic Age] [Memorandum! You are currently connected to the myth of the old existence. Exposure to other people's myths without defence for long periods of time poses a high risk of self-immolation.] [Display the time limit.] [Connection Limit Time: 12 hours] [Please complete all tasks within the time limit and return. If the time limit is exceeded, there may be a risk of self-obstruction.] [Begin counting.] 2: 00: 00] 125959 99] Da 1: 59: 59_98] Yeon-ju chose the myth of a time without delay.

[Three times out of the book, I chose the age of God-given quantum.]] [The selected myth will be played.] [For smooth progress, Chronos' memory is partially inherited.] Ow! As you get used to the swarm of light, you feel her body slowly lightening.

And then...

On the other hand, I was curious.

Why are the myths of Kronos named after the fountain of vengeance?

Maybe if we experience this myth, we can figure out why. With that in mind.

Yeon-woo's eyes slowly closed.