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7. Squite (7)

Da 1: 58: 45 66] Da 1: 58: 45 65] “Where am I?" As soon as Yeon-woo opened her eyes, she wanted to know her exact location and time zone.

I've already played the myth of Chronos, so it will help you play well even if you only know the approximate time frame.

"Barracks?" You feel that Yeon-woo's confidence is much different from that of Olympus, which occupies most of Kronos' memories.

Since there were many gods who were naturally seeking art, Olympus was often decorated with all kinds of statues and 'paintings' based on a palace made of marble.

But the place where Yeon Woo is now was different from that place.

A barracks.

An ancient barracks set up in an ancient battlefield.

Of course, this is a simple barracks made of luxurious fabric, and the patterns on them were exquisite.

Yeonwoo spreads her powers widely with the intention of finding Uranos.

In that moment, there was so much heat, so much speculation, so much life that remained everywhere.

[Strongly irritated.] [The Divine Struggle is raging!] [Currently playing the myth of Kronos. This status has nothing to do with this myth, so your activity will be forced to abort.] [The Faith of Struggle urges you to surrender.] [The status of the struggle is trembling.] to Aggy Fouson "":? It was the first time I had experienced it in my life in Yeongwoo.

The Divine Faith of Struggle is a myth you have built entirely. So there was hardly any dreamy stimulus.

It was also very easy to control.

But you're reacting so harshly? Yeon-woo quickly opened the barracks because she had no idea what time it was.

At that moment.

Phew! “Phew! A very nasty bullet pierces the tip of your nose.

Even Yeon-woo, who fought many battlefields, was fierce enough to breathe the wind.

I was getting a headache just by smelling it. My fingertips were slightly trembling, and my skin was tingling. Beans. Beans. My heart bats violently.

[The Divine Struggle is shaking violently!] [The Divine Struggle strongly warns that this place is dangerous!] [Activity will be cancelled because it is not related to this myth.] Beyond the ominous dark red debt and cloudy smoke…… there was a 'darkling' boasting a huge size.

It was not something I could explain otherwise.

It was just a dome.

A fish that buries its light and its very existence.

Something, like a dark stage, was filling the horizon, slowly approaching at a very slow rate, slowly covering heaven, earth, and everything above.

The sight of it gave me goose bumps and backbones.

“Void? Abyssal? No, it's darker than that. I'd rather be aware of that, but... what the hell is that? Yeonwoo has quickly researched the myths of Kronos and reviewed many of the events she has heard from Kronos, but she has never heard of them.

Was there some sort of myth missing from Kronos? Or did he jump into the wrong place, with an unknown error? Something similar came to mind.

The late night when Chronos first met Maestro.

It may not look like much, but its exterior nature did not seem to resemble it.

But this isn't the first time we've found this place late. He was never in that shape.

“What are you here for? I told you not to come out until you sent someone else.” While I was watching 'Abdoms', I suddenly heard a voice yelling at him from behind.

A gentle voice that I would call "pain," but was filled with anxiety and concern.

I turned my head.

There was a face I had seen drunk in Kronos' mythology.


One of Kronos' brothers.

After Uranos lost power, he started a civil war against Teia.

Originally, I was a warm sexual owner who hated war and loved peace.

Whenever Kronos went through an accident, he stood first and understood his unfortunate position. After Kronos became the apostle of the Black King, he left without any sense and declared his retirement.

“My father was grumpy when he spoke of other brothers, but he emphasized that he was as respectable as Okeanos." Yeongwoo narrows her eyes.

"We don't know anything about his whereabouts since he retired." Not only during the reign of Chronos, but also during the reign of Zeus.

Given that all the gods of the universe are tied together in a tower, it's clear that Okeanos is also hidden together. Later, I heard from Athena that Okeanos had never appeared in Olympus.

I didn't know where I was going to lose my temper after I retired, or if I lived a normal life as a mortal because I lived forever.

He was a man wrapped in many mysteries.

But it was always a reality.

Yun has not forgotten that she has now entered the myth of Kronos and is playing the young Kronos.

[11: 45: 23] [11: 45: 23_30] At this very moment, time was running out.

“It's nice to be inside." Even if Yeon decides to give Kronos the proper answer, Okeanos sighs, saying, "Get lost."

Then I smiled bitterly.

“Ha! Please don't do that.

You're not the only one around here who gets mad at his father if he gets into trouble. ”Okeanos was talking to his gentle brother, a troublemaker, who had a lot of age.

I didn't care about Yeon-woo at all.

“Father?" “You're afraid of me, even if you're running around like a puppy. But this time he insisted on smashing his leg club...!” “Father, where are you? I have something to tell you, Biggo. I'm in a hurry.” Yeon cut Okeanos' waist with a dagger.

Then Okeanos stiffened his face.

“You know my father doesn't have time to deal with you right now...?" The night is raging, and my father and the elders are all very nervous. ”The night? It seemed to refer to that 'um'.

But sharp means Uranos is fighting it.

“But we have to.” "Ha! I see.” Okeanos takes another deep breath and smiles bitterly, as if he wasn't confident enough to convince Yeon anymore.

When did the youngest ever say what he said? He had no idea what he was thinking all the time, so he gave it up again.

But, now that your temper is sharp, you'll get yourself busted for no reason. (?), and I was thinking of falling back on it.

Da 1: 29: 42 91] When Yeouido came to the center of the great army (& '97; Popil) with the help of Oceanus,

“What's there to lose here?" Uranos! Please! Please listen to us! "Why are we the only ones who have to face the night?" I don't understand! "“ That's right! All the other societies, demons, polyps, are just watching. "" "! “ My ears are ringing. So, the last will and testament? ”Uranos!” “Please!” Kuaaaak! Uranos, who has long, gray hair, slashes the necks of those who beg for their lives in silence.

The rope rolls over the head with bloodshed and a frightened, crooked expression.

"Chase! Blood on your shoes. I forgot to change it. It was a pity, but despite all the horrible things he had to order again, Uranos was more worried about his leather shoes without squinting.

“You're walking." That's my grandfather. Yeonwoo shakes her head, thinking of Uranos, who had thrown his fist at Kronos before. Apparently, his personality was definitely derived from his grandfather.

'I'm the only one in this family. I need to straighten myself out.` If Yeon-woo heard Shannon, he suddenly approached Uranos with a look on his face. Okeanos just takes him and says he's busy, leaving him behind.

“What happened? I thought I told you not to leave the barracks until this was over.” Uranos frowned and stabbed as soon as he found the kith. If I came out with useless curiosity, I was ready to strike the sword society in my hand right now.

^ Here, ""_ Thankfully, Chronos was in charge of the role of Peugranos - the sky of Phneuma…… “Please let me learn the sky of Phneuma.” “:“ By? Uranos' eyes widen and stiffened, as if hearing a word he had never thought of.

What's that? - I don't know.

- What? - I don't know.

In my head, 'Kronos and I had a quick conversation.

Kronos' grim expression comes to mind first.

- After your grandfather retired, he taught me a lot about spirituality and status. If something happens to me or my offspring and they meet your shadow, that's a % scandal. He said he would listen to anything.

- I didn't understand what that meant at the time... but I don't know how much your grandfather would have foreseen something like this in the far future.

“You, where on earth...," ”Uranos' eyelids tremble.

Then the elders of the gods of Olympus who were in the twilight became desperate.

“What is it, my king?” Did your youngest son have another accident? ”“ Kronos! What else did you do to deserve Uranos? ”I wanted to be quiet this time...!” Some of them blurted to Yeon-woo.

But Yeon-woo had no intention of caring about that at all.

[1: 27: 56_76] Th 1: 27: 56 75] The time was still fleeting.

“Please help. There is no time." No one knew what the sky in Phneuma was, but no one knew how long it would take to recover the reel of time.

Uranos reads the eyes of a serious kite, then gives a calm daylight, and tells the elders around him.

“Please step back for a moment." “But...!” “Please," the elders then looked at each other and left.


Uranos asks Yeongwoo with his eyes so cold that he can't compare with before.

“Who's the bitch? ”