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8. Squite (8)

Yeongwoo's eyes sank deeper.

Uranos glares coldly at the sight of him.

“The things related to the sky in Phneuma are still unknown to the youngest child. And you know that? You are only wearing the skin of your youngest child, and you are never the youngest child. Who are you, bitch?” “She still hears words she doesn't understand, but she decides to pretend not to know.

“I don't know what you're talking about, Father. I just..." “Him! Isn't the sky in Phneuma the information I tell my youngest child in the future? [” Kuku! The world trembles with the rugged work of Uranos. I thought the planet would just sit there like this.

I even waited until the ever-expanding “night."

[Battle stature responds to strong stimuli!] [Activity will be cancelled because it is not related to this myth.] Natural Adrenal gland ( & %).

He was the only one who stood up to the Goddess of Earth before the curse of Gaia was broken.

Like the founder and pioneer who created Olympus through the integration of so many societies, it was very frustrating just to pay the bills.

And yet.

On the one hand, Yeonwoo did not miss another emotion under the furious gaze of Uranos.

It was clear that he was worried that his youngest son might be wrong.

Even at this moment, there were all kinds of thoughts in Yeon-woo's head.

"Would it be better to identify yourself and seek your cooperation? The point of recreating Chronos' myth was that Uranos seemed to have a rough temper and was filled with worries about his children.

That must mean you have a great family. I might be willing to help you if I told you I'm your grandson. Given the urgency of the hour, it was the most ideal deployment.

But I had to quickly stop thinking about it.

“I have no proof that I'm a grandson. If you think it's a fake and you want to take it out, that's too bad. `This place is a fictional world, built on the memory and myth of Kronos, but everyone living in it thought it was" real. "

Suddenly, a grandchild from a distant future appeared. If the world was a lie, I was lucky if I didn't listen to the crazy person.

But as long as I had doubts about Yeon-woo, I had to do something to resolve it.


…… I see. So it was. "Uranos' life, which seemed like it was going to end soon, ceased as a lie.

For a short time, he seemed to have made some decisions on his own.

“You... are my grandson. Is it Kronos' child?” How did you find out in 2007? I was surprised when I stopped thinking about revealing myself. "It looks like I lost precisely. This world is a fictional world now... and you must be beaten by the myth of your youngest child, right?” This was like a fortune teller.

Did Uranos have any powers associated with the prophecy of the future? It was true that Tai Lung of Time originated from his grandfather, but he said that he did not have time as a god. Then what the hell...? "How am I supposed to interpret this?

Ugh... How did you know? “Didn't I tell you? The Pneumatic sky is what I tell my youngest child when I'm about to die. What if you haven't noticed something that hasn't happened yet?” Things you still don't understand.

But one thing was clear:

Uranos was' aware 'of what would happen in the distant future, though he could not have foreseen it.

“I met my grandson for the first time, but it's not a place with blood on it. Shall we move on? I thought it would be a long story.

Even at that moment, time was running out.

Ecc 1: 20: 41 06] By the way, this is amazing. I never thought a thunder-naked person could actually see a child.

Oh, my God, there's no such thing as a bruise. Who's the angel who saved the thunder-naked guy with all that crap? ”Uranos brought the kith to his barracks. I told my subordinates not to approach unless they gave me a separate order, and I've been studying Yeonwoo with amazing eyes.

Despite the appearance of Kronos, apparently.

His eyes became warm when he saw himself.

“You look completely different from when you look at your father." Is son love different from grandson love?

On the other hand, I felt an unknown emotion in the middle of my heart, even for Yeon-woo.


In fact, I thought that if I had a grandfather, I might not have gotten along well with him.

So I wanted to talk to him a lot.

Da 1: 14: 25 [98] Th 1: 14: 25 97] My heart kept rushing away.

It's been almost an hour since I entered this fictional world.

“Grandfather, I...!” “I know. There won't be much time left. But don't worry, we'll have plenty of time to talk for a while.” Uranos smiles as if he knows your heart. "

“I'm more curious than that. Can I ask you your mother's name? Uranos asked in a manner that still seemed to see a curious creature.

Yeon said calmly, worrying that Uranos might have an idea.

"This is Leah.” “What?“ “7 Uranos opened his eyes to an unexpected answer.

“Do you think that Leah 7 ′ 44 * *:?" “You're probably right. I heard that you are also my great-grandfather.” Puha! Puhahahaha! "Uranos' laughter echoes loudly.

It's funny. I'm dying.

“On a fabled day, we had a long day and held each other's heads together like enemies. What? Married? Puhahaha! Hahahaha!” I had a strange thought about Yeon-woo.

Although it may be called a adopted daughter and a quantum child, it may be offensive to say that two people who thought they were their own children were married.

I thought, 'I didn't have to worry about that.

Rather, it seemed more pleasant.

“It was also a policy to force Olympus, which was lacking coherence until then, to hold six quantum children. Rather, it was a relief to my grandfather," but I thought he liked it too much to think it was simply the result of policy.

It suddenly occurred to me that Yeon-woo wanted to pour more oil over there.

“Th-there was less of a child." ”" What? Like that? Hahahaha! Oh, my God, it's pouring out! It's pouring! It means it's not going to last! ”Hey.

Yeonwoo stayed for a short while, but she added herself and Cha Jung-woo to the Sixth Brother.

Even though their relationship with each other, it was as true as their blood.

“But I'm really glad for you. The long conflict between Pneuma Pa06) and Czarinale Street () is finally over for them. You are the fruit of them all, or Yeon-woo's eyes sparkled.

I finally got the word I was waiting for.


“Your father and mother's past, have you heard of it?” Nothing “? Looks like you didn't leave any silver behind.” “I know from my youth that you two didn't originally get along." “It's not just bad. He was an enemy. A leader... No, there was a silver star that came down from the beginning." Uranos' explanation was very simple.

The original universe was opened, and numerous identities were born. And since so many societies were created and then collapsed over and over again, it was quite natural that 'enemies' were created in the process.

One of them is the Pneumatic and the Czarinale.

“If you dig deep, you'll get a headache, and quite simply, the PNEUMA Sale was a group of maniacs who had turned the lights on for prosperity and victory.” Uranos speaks slowly.

“On the contrary, the Curinale family was a group of nobles who worshiped the 'laws` of the universe with dignity and honor in mind. Of course, the opposite was true, so they growled at each other in particular.

Both places are deeper in history and tradition than ever before. Well, they both ended up just a fist in front of me. ”Yeon felt how Uranos was being stubborn, but pretended not to.

“But the Pneumatic Parlor has been falling for a long time.

No matter how stubborn they were, they went around picking on each other... ∙ Because of that, the rest of them felt threatened all the time and did what they shouldn't do. "One lip of Uranos is swollen.

“They will give their essence (Hae 0) to the Goddess of Earth to get one child pregnant.” ~ >! ”Yeon-woo was able to figure out what it was at once.


“Fortunately, I managed to save him, but with that, the Pneuma Sale was publicly branded and completely destroyed.” Uranos narrows his eyes.

“By the way, the youngest child does not know what 'pneuma` is. Because I lost my memory in the process, and I didn't tell her the truth.” Open your eyes wide.

I had a hunch.

“And what is the Pneumatic sky": "?" It was their birthright, which their youngest child should have received from their ancestors. ) ”Yeon-woo had only just been drawn in her mind.

“The use of the mystical power that my father learned from my grandfather... That is the heaven of Phneuma." And that would have been the center of Squite.

Yeon-woo was curious.

Now we know what it's like to be remembered and to have a Phineuma.

And what else was the ratio there that could have been the center of squite?

“But now that I've discussed what my youngest child hasn't received yet, I can only assume another creature has entered.” “Still,_there's no evidence that I'm a bloodline, right?” “It's all thanks to Phneuma's sky ~ > 7." What the hell is this?

“Didn't I tell you? The Phoneuma Parlor sought to expand the universe.” Uranos spreads his hands wide.

Then a multitude of stars appeared on top of it, preaching the gospel of the gunned universe.

It was a universe under the influence of Olympus, which he ruled.

“The universe expands. It's infinitely bigger. It's accelerating.

“Livestock" continues to grow. And with that in mind, we... ”compared to the constellations revealed in the preaching of the universe.

Uranos' eyes gleam brightly.

“It's called 'time.'" ”Objection." The Phneuma Parlor was the place that represented that time. Worthy. Respectful. and represent it. At one time, I wanted to describe the long history of looking at the beginning and the end in a book. ”~ … Revelation!" They were prophets and warriors.

Had it not been for the greater greed, if they had not tried to suppress their pursuit, perhaps they would have been where Olympus would be today. ”Uranos' lips twist as much as they can.

“But pursuing time does not mean that it is perfect (ChewSofoam Hot). Because I won, and I took away their power. And that's how I saw the future. Uranos laughs like that.

“I didn't know that was today.” Yeon-woo shut up for a moment.

I felt overwhelmed that I had found a way to repair the Great Plexus of Time.

On the other hand, my heart flutters as I peeked at the hidden secrets behind my back.

Moreover, I was curious.

If the Pneumatics were looking for time in the universe.

What the hell is going on at the Curinare that we've been fighting for so long...? “Can I give you one thing?” Whatever. "So what was it that your mother's family was after?” Uranos gives a big smile and a short answer, as if it weren't obvious.

“Space.” Yeon takes a big breath.

At some point, Uranos' presence filled his vision, his emotions, and his unconsciousness.

“I create the universe with the strings of time in one hand and space in the other. That's why Uranos smiled heavenly.”

“That's me, Uranos. ”