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9. Squite (9)

Time and space.

Because I can handle them both at the same time.

Uranos knows why he holds the heavenly statue. It seemed to tell us how it was expressed in the beginning to have a self, and how Olympus was able to create a large group.

“Of course, that doesn't mean you get the battery and the power.” Uranos' voice was full of pride and bitterness.

“I touch time, but in fact, it is not just a peek at other people's cross-sections, but it makes space, but it is limited to the extent to which I am touched. Even if we're dealing with space-time together, it's just a little roller. The causation rate embedded in it (floating bots) is out of my fingertips” No matter what. Even if it's transcendent.

God and the Devil, the Servant and the Giants gather their mouths and say,

What they've accomplished is not true transcendence.

We haven't completely outgrown the evenly distributed causation rate across the universe and dimensions. How can we call it transcendence?

And so was Uranos.

Being completely outside the causality rate and acquiring 'freedom' is called differently.


Chairman of all (0) ( Forest Com).

“That's why this grandfather is only half a man. Maybe... that's the penalty for forcibly taking something that wasn't mine. What I overlooked almost ended with" me "giving back what I had to give to my youngest child one day as I lost my sight.” Just as Kronos' predictions of more than 10,000 futures have seen the winter rains.

Uranos seemed to have peered at something similar.

In the distant future, when his own blood flows from places he may not be alive and he calls for help.

“Maybe grandfather is more……" It took too long for everyone to miss, but in fact, the closest thing to "Huang" was Uranos than Kronos.

However, Chronos was able to handle death as an apostle of the Black King, so he came closer to the believers with greater fear and threat.

based on the assessment of power and power and freedom from causality. Although he said he was half a man, in fact, Uranos might be on the upper line.

And in fact, Uranos was proud of himself, unlike he said.

Who in the world, if they search the entire universe, will be able to stand against themselves?

“With such charisma, even if Olympus were so confused, he would have caught it. `The real civil war started after Uranos lost his power to Gaia's curse.

Exhibit 1: 08: 06 77] "But unlike me, who was forcibly drunk and gripping space, you were born to both Phneumah and Curinare.” Uranos' gaze at the kite shook violently at the moment.

At the moment when I was making eye contact with him, my back was intense enough to stand still.

Could that look be the period for the blessed breed of lotus, or the expectation that his work, which was only half-breed, might be completed in the future? Or him……. Yeonwoo was unable to read the feelings of Uranos.

But one thing was certain.

Ever since I said I was a child of Kranos and Leah, there hasn't been anything but warmth in Uranos' eyes.


There was the power of the conqueror to grasp everything in the world.

“By the way, what you're trying to learn now is the Phoneuma scum, right?” “Yes. Yes.” “Your father gave you a heavy nod, which didn't take much time to learn.

He clearly said that it was not easy to deal with the power left by Uranos.

“But you won't have much time left?” Then 'Kronos added: Uranos will find a way.

- That's the guy.

“It's not that hard to teach Phneuma the sky. I'm just teaching you what you deserve one day anyway. Kronos didn't do it, probably for another reason, right?” Yeon nods heavily.

The reel of time cannot be directly touched by Chronos. He was in a semi-continuous shape, living on the basis of an object called Vigrid.

“If the time is short, we must make a thunderbolt.” “Is there any way?” “Whatever.” Uranos frowns and rolls his mouth as if not to worry.

At that moment.

Zorboat! Yeon-woo's waist tightens with anxiety that I didn't even know existed.

Uranos' laughter seems ominous.

"Damn it! This feeling never misses." Yeon was handcuffed and shackled tightly. At the end of the chain, which wrapped around its body, it was dangled, especially to the heavy weight, not to run away.

I can get rid of enough of Chronos' flesh.

The problem was that the material was Shin Jin-chul.

“Kronos...... I wonder what else you've been through this time.” I heard that one of the young master's mouths smelled bad the other day. Is that what this is about? "“ There's not a day to be quiet. ”“ "But still. I never thought you'd throw it in the night. What if something goes wrong?” “This is the only time you'll be able to fix Kronos' temper.” The gods of Olympus are busy chatting amongst themselves, watching Uranos come together one by one to restrain the people.

“Is this really necessary?” I looked at Uranos, who was instructing me on the task with a face full of grief.

I don't know what that trait education is, but he's not a criminal, and it's a little harsh to tie him to a fake Shin Jin-chul. Thanks to this, Shin Jin-cheol, a powerful booster, sucked up everything, and now I have no strength.

“The place you will enter from now on is called 'The Night.' You've seen it since you got here, right?” What's the connection between that mysterious' night 'and Phneuma's sky?

“Otherwise known as Nyx () 066). It's a creature that has always existed before and wants to somehow eat away the existence of the world. Emptiness, chaos, even the abyss... Everything in there becomes useless and useless.” Nyx.

In Olympus mythology, it was a symbol of the night that was born at the same time with Gaia, the earthly mother who symbolizes the land and pregnancy.

It's okay to think of it as the concept of night.

“That's what the original conceptualists called them." The earthly goddess, who moved with her will, was just an unusual case. Original concepts were not of a certain form due to_concept, and were strong enough to eat all the gods according to their existence. It was just that there was no self.

“What does it have to do with the late night?” “Hmm? Did you know that? It used to be known as late night after defeating the 'Night'... Ah, you were falling asleep again.” Uranos has become a more comfortable face to talk about.

“It's a late-black byproduct, something like that. For example, the light of creation is a fragment of darkness. There are so many reasons why we have been fighting that world for so long. We shouldn't be encroaching on our territory.” I finally understood Yeon-woo.

Olympus has been fighting the Night for a long time, and the end has reached the late end of Dark, the source of its success.

'And while I was investigating there, my father met with Maze. The faction of order and the faction of chaos...... have been fighting each other for a long time.' This is also the history of the unknown and secret universe, so it's good to let them know.


“What does that have to do with Phneuma...!" Uranos explained in a funny way that he was going to die, as if he knew the question of the kith.

“If you go inside, you'll see.” At the moment of grief, I repressed the scorn that was pushed up. The chain was looped up to his toes one day.

“… Grandfather.” “What is your grandfather's strictness?

Call him Grandpa. ”Hating a hard nephew relationship can come from his mouth throwing grandchildren at something so monstrous.

"What I need is not the statue of time." "_“ Haha! That's a funny thing to say.

If a man draws his sword, he must slaughter a beast. Is that all you got? Take a look at the slow aesthetic. ”To learn was to learn properly.

Yeon-woo was sure.

His grandfather was never a communicative person.

“Me! I'm not doing this to unravel any of your father's grievances. Yes." "SLEEP: {:!" “Let's go.” before you even say the word 'khan'.

Following Uranos' instructions, the tall god lifts up the kite and throws it like a shotgun to the place of the Night.

Arrrgh! Yeon-woo gets sucked into the inside of the "night", screaming like that without any resistance.

Bang! I felt like I was underwater.

As Uranos warned. Night seemed to want to erase everything related to the existence of Yeongwoo. Perception, perception, sensation…… even the representation (%) was swallowing them all.

It was similar to when I first fell into the abyss.

Yeon-seo straightens his resolve so that his existence cannot be confused.

"In the Maw, I could see the remnants of the soul that lead to the Leaden Circle or the connections to other life... This place is completely different.

Still nothing. "I expanded my mind to see if there was anything else I could detect, but there was still nothing I could perceive.

Will it all just vanish?

If it were that size, it would have remained in any form. I suddenly felt like I was just going to erase everything that I swallowed. Just pretend it wasn't there.

"Even the concept of_time_is meaningless here. What the hell am I supposed to know? Do you know that Yeon-woo's heart suddenly gets cold?

T 0: 42: 23 32] T 0: 42: 23 31] All you see is the count.

No, not at all.

[Myth regeneration is not seamless due to unknown obstacles.] unplugged time aggregation stops.] is completely gone.

A world where everything is nothing ().

- Come and learn the art of slow.

Uranos' only clue to him was that.

"The Art of Slowness"? `I still couldn't understand it.

If you're just trying to teach us the concept of being slow, there's definitely no place like "night."

However, it was not an element that would help Yeon-woo to repair the reef of time.

“This isn't the only clue my grandfather gave me. Something else, something else...... What other clues did you have? You roll your head, but there's nothing left to do.

There's only one thing.


"Phenomena." Once they said their father's roots were pulled, they followed the time of the universe.

Pneuma (+ 2 66//@) is a conceptual word that, frankly, has many philosophical meanings.

Choice from birth, breath, god...... starting with this metaphysical definition, it covers the overall meaning of thought activities such as desire, representation, reason to capture it.

It's still hard to figure out the connection between this word and time.

There was a vague bar.

“When you look at time as a relative concept by an observer……," In fact, the concept of time is abstract. The velocity of the flow varies from location to location in the same universe. At the point where space collapses like a black hole, it is incredibly fast, but not where there is no fluctuation. It can vary relatively depending on the opinion of the observer, or the subject (*\).

And it's similar when you disconnect consciousness from the outside world. If you turn the speed of the accident quickly, you will be separated from the outside world and have a completely different amount of time.

In fact, Yeon-woo had similar skills.


How many times did it escape the moment of crisis?

After all, time was a relative concept that could be faster or slower depending on the opinion of the observer.

"I'm here to observe the world, and based on that... is it the definition of pneuma?" It's very faint.

It seemed vague, but something was caught.

At that moment.



[Successfully found an important clue to the concept of 'time'.] [There is a new change to the Parallax Disruption '.] [Please wait.] [Please wait.] [You can now find the substance (Delcha) that can repair reel leaves.] [A new sensation has opened up.] [Second of the torso, a trapezoid ( B8) has been obtained.] [Due to the combination of the Heaven and Heaven Paint, we are able to see a new world that we did not recognize before.] [It has become possible to recognize the Scarecrow World.] The night hidden in the mail reveals a new look!] with a lot of messages.

Something else that was hidden under the 'night', something huge with a distorted shape, revealed itself as it released its congested will.

E. Gun.

W-what. E. g.


It was also familiar to Yeon-woo.

“Crawling chaos...? The problem with him was that he wasn't the only one.