Second Life Ranker

10. Squite (10)

What lay in front of the moat was an unusually large, steamed planet.

Overwhelming size that makes the current pond look like a single little dot. It was much bigger than the one who had previously fought outside the tower, uniting with Maestro.

“Besides... the crawling chaos, it's not just this one. 'Because the crawling chaos boasts overwhelming size and presence, there are many things beyond what are well visible.

Some even had the power to fold even the chaos of crawling around.

"Is… the fickle world… referring to the semantics (@\)? It was only after the tower was erected that Yeongwoo began to observe the other system, the world of disorder and chaos.

Was that not it? Obviously Olympus was at war with these.

We don't know how much Olympus knows about them, and we haven't seen how big they are. I could tell it was never small.

'Obviously, when I first met Uranos here, there were gods who fled because they were afraid of them.` “The Night 'must have been a formidable opponent of Olympus, led by Uranos.

“The heavens were pretty nervous when I saw the crawling chaos, the only thing I could see." It was barely sealed because he forced his way into the conscious world against the crawling chaos. If they were, they would not be able to win the battle so easily.

But there are such cosmic beings here, and I feel things that are similar or higher.

I don't know why those beings are gathered in "one place."

Obviously, I could never look away.

It was necessary to be as tense as the gods of cystic body (0: m 00Sean 5), the so-called gods of the other world.

"Are the subobjects roughly wealthy? This is why the body is so difficult to prohibit levels: It was also because the restrictions on Yeonwoo were too strong now, as it entered the body of Chronos as a child.

Fortunately, it seemed impossible to predict whether they were keeping the 'night' or almost having an effect on the outside.

No, the expression is more indifferent than that. I'm not thinking about going outside of The Night at all.

Even though he had detected Yeongwoo, all he cared about was the crawling chaos.

"If only they could project their power beyond the 'night'...... Even the Olympus wouldn't have been safe. `That's why I doubt it.

Why can't they get out of the night? Obviously, given that the Night continues to expand and encroach on Olympus' territory, the law is not inevitable.

Talk to me. D.

Between the troubles of Yeon Woo and me.

The crawling chaos was still talking to Yeon-woo, focusing all of its intentions on her.

He is the most curious of all the other gods, so he was the one who showed the most interest in the 'Tower'.

He was also curious about Yeon-woo, who was moving under a completely different law.

Talk to me. D.

"What do I do? 'Yeon-woo thought for a little while whether to fight here or pretend not to know the end.

I can't reveal my skills because I'm still in Kronos' body. Even so, it was clear that fighting would not be an easy battle.

That's gonna take a lot of time. As the message has been warned, you will be penalized if you exceed the time limit. You get eaten by the myths of Kronos, or you just drift away.

"It's not good to be tied to Shin Jinchul. First of all, if you fight and get hurt or die...... you don't know how your father's myths will twist. `The myth of Kronos is already firmly built like a tower. If you do anything unusual in there, everything could collapse. That's why I thought of disappearing after studying only the sky in Phneuma, in line with the mythology.

I don't think this is going to be easy.

'My father will curse me so much,' that was more than anything else.

I'll only get the hook if my father catches my weakness.

Al. Ah. Listen. I can't. Ha. Me.

Even in that moment.

Crawling chaos continues its search for the pond.

No, I was more interested.

I thought if I just let it go, I'd lose interest and disappear. It was not like that.

Ooh. Dun. Hall. [0015] Fig.

Y. Rehl. Fig.

"How long has Grandpa been trying to keep me tied up? The beggar Yun is now irritated by the chaos of crawling around trying to explore inside him.

[The Faith of Struggle reacts strongly to the external will!] [Activity will be cancelled because it is not related to this myth.] And you didn't listen to the status of the struggle. It's been this shape ever since I played the myth of Kronos.

But I kept pressing it.

'Just go.` I waited for the chaos that crawled around Yeon-woo to quickly gain interest in me and disappear. His intention was already to observe the day within him.

At this point, Chronos was still a child, so he would only be considered a lowly lowlife by the standards of crawling chaos.

Nothing. Me.


Khh. W-we can't. Ha. Me.

E. Prize. Ha. Military.

Sense. Yes. E. Yes. Yeah, Dunn. The same.

After all, the chaos that crawled around was just staring at Yeongwoo for a long time, and he slowly tried to get his mind back. At that moment, Uranos waits for him to quickly pull himself out without losing his tension.

At that moment.

[Some of the remnants of the energy swallowed by Hades' Sword of Ritual Sword, which had made up the 'crawling chaos', respond gradually to external will!] [Externally penetrated consciousness is strongly detected!] [Activity will be cancelled because it is not related to this myth.] ~ “" "The eyes of Yeon-woo grew larger. I can't believe the myth of the gear wielding chaos that was absorbed here by Hames' blade long ago! Although the activity was canceled immediately because it had nothing to do with Chronos.

There's no way the crawling chaos could have missed it.

E. Gun.

Kukuqui! The willingness of the crawling chaos suddenly turned to mysticism and covered the lotus.

Yeongwoo's face is getting stiff.

Eat. G.

Tae-wool. W. c.

Earl. Reel. W. c.

A different form of God came rushing up from the chaos crawling under the feet of the interstellar pond.

It had the appearance of a huge ball of flame glowing with light, as if the world were about to burn.


It had a habitual temperament for Yeon-woo, with the chaos of crawling around, unlike other gods of low spirituality.

"Mahai!" He rushed into the tower at the last minute and was ultimately examined by the system. ) The god of the other world, the supreme sovereign who had fallen to Hidden Stage.

That's what it looks like! The monarch of the Circle died long dead in the shape of a fireball in order to swallow Yeongwoo straight away, without any reluctance of crawling chaos.

I don't know why he suddenly reacts like that. But at this rate, I had to make a move, not only for myself, but for Kronos, a mythical judge to be eaten together. His camouflage tour was enough to explore Mahal.

[Unknown power triggered!] [Some of the restraints that were clumsily bound were cut.] [Some of the restraints that were clumsily bound were broken.] "Unknown Power ', was the Tongue Sword.

A black sword is a realm of realization, not a skill or 'power.' Or, it was an area of heresy (roll\) such as hacking and abusing.

Therefore, the system does not specify any characteristics of the acoustic sword, so it is designated as the "unknown force."

In the beginning, Yeon-woo possessed the flesh of Kronos, but did not worry much. If I could use a sword even if I was in crisis, that would be it. It was also why he was so easily imprisoned by the words of Uranos.

"Of course, there was also a grandfather who was as clumsy as that." If Uranos had a harsh mind, he would have become a 'body,' not a 'restraint.'


At the same time, Yeon-woo tore off all the chains that were tied around her hands and body, and she opened her mouth wide to denounce the supreme ruler who dared to swallow her.

Khh! Ugh. Ah, ah.

Ah, dig.

Ah, dig.

The sovereign ruler of the extreme kingdom managed to quickly separate his appearance from the range of the black sword and return to the rear of the pond, proving that he did not just win the fierce blow.

But I could not avoid the wound completely, or I cried violently enough that 'The Night' left. Then I rushed straight back to Yeon-woo, bursting with hostility.

The flames of light swirled around the twilight and swirled the flurry of Yeon-woo. It seemed that the lotus would melt away soon because it boasted more intense light than the sun.

But unlike those debts, he was fond of the enormous cold that made his soul freeze to death.


The Arctic Monarch vomited sparks of light as a key to killing the kite. The cold pours out and tries to freeze the body of Yeon Woo, and frozen icicles spill like rain everywhere. You try to block the movement of the moat while hitting the giant mythical whirl.

“I wanted to get over it as quietly as possible... but I can't help it!" There was a threat to Kronos' myth. I didn't know what kind of rebuke I would hear from Kronos in the future, but I thought it would be a quick mission to escape the night first.

“Weapons first!" The kith nearly reached for the broken pieces of the chain. The fact that it remains salty without breaking even more in this powerful mystical storm meant that it was as durable as it was.

And he prides himself on being in the hands of Shin Jin-cheol.

Even though the body is weak beyond reality, it seems to be able to strike them with an iron fist. Shin Jin-chul is a god of other systems, so it doesn't weaken or affect.

Of course, we don't know if Uranos has anticipated and deployed this far.

Whistle! The pieces of the chain converge into the grasp of the kite, and, depending on the mysticism he emitted, they form and become united. And when it got sucked into his hand, it suddenly turned out to be the same shape as Beagrid.


Huaaaa! Yeon-woo unleashes her divine power on the outside, putting all her will into the blade and swinging it to the Arctic Monarch in accordance with the tomy of the Sword.

[An unknown power wants to flood the night (Knox)!] Choi! Every whirlpool of divine power that seemed to be about to burn, or freeze, soon broke off.


The sovereign ruler of the extreme was very embarrassed, as if this little creature didn't know whether or not to remove his power.

Pa! Meanwhile, I cut open the soft ground and dug into the 'head' of the polar monarch in one swoop and struck the sword again. A sharp condensed lightning bolt explodes along the blade, and a massive black and red lightning bolt splits into the body of the massive creature.

[An unknown power implements the 'Lightning Mace'! The Archdiocese grows louder and louder as he screams.

[The Divine Struggle reacts strongly!] [Activity will be cancelled because it is not related to this myth.] [The Divine Spirit of Struggle wants to break the tyranny!] [Activity will be cancelled because it is not related to this myth.] [Statue of Struggle……] [An unknown power wants to configure the state of the Ghost (\ Horn) for seamless activity.] [Unknown power forcibly intervenes in mythology.] [External mythology is forcibly described.] [External mythology is forcibly described. [Struggle_Statue Awakened!] [The combination of Heaven and Heaven Pain makes your senses even more sensitive!] [Detected vagina.] [Detected vagina. Phneuma wakes up a little.] [Many beings are watching you.] Meanwhile, the chaos that has been crawling around has been bitten behind her back, looking faintly at the conflict between the monarch of Yeongwoo and the polar regime.