Second Life Ranker

11. Squite (11)

[This myth is not suitable for the complete implementation of power, the 'darting pole'!] [That power is a power that has not yet emerged. Not a good time to show up] [Complicated conditions are needed to implement that power. This myth does not meet its requirements.] [The myth of the struggle fills a certain amount of shortage.] [The myth of the struggle fills a certain amount of shortage.] [Due to the calibration effect, part of the 'Lightning Mace' will be implemented!] Guarrueng-Original Yeon did not think that I would be able to reveal my full power from the time I developed the Puppet Pole.

Chronos' myths are different and his myths are different. So it was never possible to fully implement.

Above all, his possessed body now belongs to young Kronos.

Of course, I had to lose my physical ability.

In his prime, the body of the new king was quite a crowd just by implementing lightning bolts now.

In fact, now the body has been crumpled as if it were about to collapse. If I touch it wrong, I feel like I'll collapse like sand castle.

“It's not a Mola, what did you do before the new king...!" But Yeon-woo forced many of those burdens into the stature of struggle.

Of course, this could have a negative impact on the status of the struggle. He is at risk of developing a fever or collapse in his first position.

But what is the fundamental principle that struggle works? "Against." And the 'struggle' of Yeouiwoo contained a higher dimensional characteristic.

Against the impossible.

He completed his brother's revenge by destroying the eight generations that no one else thought was possible, led by the polyps and giants, and now he wants to compete with the all-fou that no one has ever faced.

The god of death gave him great power, but in fact, the driving force that drove him to move was the enhancement he wanted to go higher.

Therefore, the status of the struggle that resembled the personality of such a master had the symbol of a frog that protruded greatly as he suppressed it.

It's the same now.

When the overload hits the body, it puts a considerable burden on the body, and it rises up even louder as if it is not going to be able to help itself.

[The Divine Struggle Roars!] Though he left quite a mark on the peaceful myth of Kronos.

[External mythology is forcibly described.] [The mythical army is breaking down!] In doing so, he struck the Arctic monarch on his own terms.

Rrrrgh! The sound of his tears shook the universe. Despite no medium to transmit the sound waves, it seemed like I heard something like that.

The sovereign monarch was in such pain. I wonder if he's ever felt this pain in his entire life.

All this time, the creatures have been regarded as bugs, and since they occupy the highest ranks within the family, they must have been feeding on the gods of other worlds.

After going through this humiliation with Yeon-woo, who thought it was a joke one day, I had no choice but to get more angry.

Phh. C.

Phh. C.


Kill. Phosphorus. C. Dead. Work. C.

The sovereign prince of the extreme wanted to catch Yeon-woo somehow, spreading his blood.

The spark burns more brightly. It was as if supernova had exploded. The fiery magnitude of the fiery flame spread to all sides and warped the pond several times.

An enormous asteroid, the size of which could be easily destroyed, spills out. On the floor, the flame of light that had been painted with whirl ignited several times and set the lotus on fire.

Whenever it did, Yeon-woo popped a meteor and forced the fire out. And I was busy trying to find the nucleus of this thing that was moving around without a shape.

One corner of "The Night" became noisy as much as possible due to the two clashes.

Because of this, Yeouido faced the supreme ruler of the polar sphere, and couldn't help but notice the surroundings.

I was most concerned because I didn't know what the hell was going on with the gear chaos watching me.

One by one, you pay attention to this side, and feel the pressure of the gods approaching.

Of course, if you are a common god of another system, you don't have to worry about it. They are. If you hit them a few times, they'll break free, though.

“There are too many outsiders." Especially those who pretended to be nothing behind it, but were a little bit interested here.

Families that crawl in chaos, or are called more.

minus 0% of the Temple of Black Abundance).

Unnamed fog.

The source of the impurity.

Green dancing lights.

The singer of doom.

They had only seen the name in the book of Revelation one day, and had never seen its existence.

No, not only that, but the celestial beings are only attempting to observe, as well as those that have never been faced directly.

It is characterized by ubiquity (internal show\), reality distortion, causal manipulation, and intangibility, and is powerful enough to be considered to possess power and power when viewed by imperfect personalities.

Celestial beings that can often be classified as order factions were created when the universe was founded.

That is why, in the heavenly world, they felt that they needed to classify the gods of other worlds and the aliens separately, so they all stumbled and referred to it as this.

Honsefalsin (Bupan/\\).

There are eight identities that rule the universe that cannot be banned in this world.

They had already been with the Black King before, so they pointed to a phenomenon that ordinary beings could not observe.

There was nothing widely known about them in heaven.

So it was rather cautious and frightening. To the transcendents, the unknown (%) they have no choice but to become a domain of fear.

I had seen the book of Revelation even though it was part of the plan, and I was only a little more knowledgeable about them as I became the descendant of the Dark Lord.

However, all of these things were before they were established in this age.

It was before the concept of "passiveness" was founded.

The towers were not built, and the gods and demons were busy dealing with the heavenly horses who had begun to act. The transcendents were arrogantly posturing that only the universe and dimensions they were carrying were everything in the world.

That's why I had to question Uranos who was too busy dealing with the existence of 'Night'.

Of course, I don't have time to think about it right now.

However, the biggest problem I faced immediately was that the attention of the monarch of the polar kingdom was focused on him just by dealing with the crawling chaos.

And some of them were the ones that complicated Yeouido's planting.

"Residents of the boundary. The end of the night. There's a giant eye staring this way.

Being strong enough to make the crawling chaos and other megalomaniacs think of it as a handful.

At first glance, I could think of it as a door. The myth was trembling just by looking at Yeongwoo.

All the attention of [Foot (Knox) 'is focused on you.] [Resident of the Boundary' observes you.] [Residents of the boundary are strongly interested in the fact that there is a presence outside of 'Knox'.] [Residents of the Boundary wonder why you, who are outside of the Night (Knox), feel a familiar aroma.] I saw only a part of the Revelation, so my knowledge of the border dwellers was brief.

At first glance, he showed great interest in the Order Faction, but he said he had no influence on the tower because of his ecological limitations.

When I found out about it, I thought it was better.

Very little is known about the residents of the border. There's nothing good about hanging out with a guy like that.

But he was showing interest in himself. It was definitely a bad sign.

Above all.

["Hornsefalsin" observes you. Hornsefalsin would like to observe you. Hornsefalsin would like to analyze you.] ['Hornsefalsin' ……] ['Hornsefalsin` 's observation adversely affects your being.] [Foreign substance (substance of chaos) is mixed in this myth.] [The myth contains a mixture of foreign substances (raw materials of disorder).] [list! If too many foreign substances are mixed into a myth, the identity of the myth can be shaken. Identity decay can lead to cracks, so be careful.] [Warning! This myth has been exposed for too long to the current unauthorized place, Knox. Escape as soon as possible, as this can cause a rift in the myth.] Hornsefalsin is "The Night," as it may be. Particularly, border residents are not at all strange to be called their father (tapo).

It is okay for those who observe the lotus tree to mean that the whole world of 'night' wants to bind the lotus tree.

It could never have been as good as the warning message.

And the more attention they have, the more activity they continue, the greater the world's restraints.

It was never a good idea for Yeon-woo.

Even if you get locked up in this world in the first place, or somehow avoid it, you risk being captured by them.

“Grandpa couldn't have just thrown me into a den like this for fun. Then what the hell are you trying to pull? I think it means" to enlighten the concept of time. "In all stationary worlds, we know that time is not just an absolute law, but an observer's subjective concept.


"I'm picking up on the vagina, I'm lighting up Phneuma bit by bit, that's the message. And after this? What am I supposed to do?" If I detect a substance, how do I extract it? How do I use it? How do I apply it to Phneuma and actively use it? In fact, vaginal discharge has been detected for some time. It was because I felt something foreign along the 'night' with the cloth and cloth barrel connected.

I'm not dreaming right now, but I think I can use my powers to force it to move.

But it only gets in the way if you don't know how to handle it efficiently.

There will be instructions for using it. A way to use these so-called substances to move the notion of time. Can we turn the other gods' attention to that? And the answer came out quickly.

No, I've thought about it before.

Parallax. There must be some way.

“Parallax was originally speeding up my thinking, making the outside world look artificially slow. But what if we made it look real instead of what it looks like?" My head was rolling fast.

“There's no need to make the whole world around me that way.

Only the place I'm aware of... can roll as slowly as possible in this narrow space. The pieces of the puzzle were connected and the big picture began to be seen.

“Tissue is the oyster (plow) of the wheelchair that makes such a 'small roller'. Phneuma is the handle that makes this mandrel move... Is that how the parallax disruption rolls? `When I got there, my mind suddenly lit up.

[Congratulations! You've got a concept for Phneuma! Phneuma is the breath of something massive that has awoken the beginning of Bondi. Feeling and accepting this breath also means that the soul is richer and close to freedom.] [You got the back of an unwatched post.] [You are one step closer to the secrets of the universe.] [You have obtained clues about the beginning and the end.] [Iron Black King smiles at you suddenly.] [Interesting to see the progeny of the Black King gradually growing.] [I realized the fundamental side of the 'Pneumatic Sky'!] The message that the Black King was interested came to mind on one side of the retina.

Yeon-woo couldn't care less about it right away.

“In order to extend the nature of the parallax to appearance, we need that material. The raw materials... I would have thought. The second thought followed with a tail.

“Then we need to make the transition stronger.

Much bigger than now. I realized the application of 2 ["The Pneumatic Sky"] so soon that I could roll the 'Wheel of the World'!] [Concepts of Concepts have been incorporated into the Pneumatic category. From now on, you can use Phenomena freely.] [Power, the 'Heaven of Pneuma' has been created!] "Slow down the wheel of time somehow." Yeon strikes the sovereign lord of the extreme, vomiting another ball of light, sinking her eyes deeply.

[Power, the Pneumatic Sky, is working and interfering with the 'Tiny Roller'!] [Small rollers' rolling speed is significantly reduced.] [Causal rate is working.] [Significantly slows down time over a range!]