Second Life Ranker

12. Squite (12)

[We are reviewing the content to print accurate information about the acquired power, the 'Heaven of Phoneuma'.] [Please wait.] [Please wait.] [It has been determined that you possess a number of skills with similar attributes and traits to those powers. Increases effectiveness and power when skill integration is performed. Do you want to proceed with the integration?] [You have chosen to proceed with the integration.] [Skill Combination will begin.] [Skill,. Incorporates parallax separation.] [Skill,. Time Forecast ".] [Power, the 'Heaven of Pneuma' has been upgraded one level. Check the info window for more information] [Exit the info window.] [Phneuma's Sky] Grade: Explanation of Power:“ Phneuma should be the key to my valley of breath and to the providence and laws of the world… - > … of those who acquire it. And those who inherit it. You will find the only way to reach the source of the world. ”The above explanation is part of a prophecy from ancient times, named in the beginning. A group that had existed long before societies such as Olympus and Asgard were even born, a group that had been fundamentally pursued by the 'Pneumatic (0)', a group that had not distinguished between God and the Devil and the polyp and the Giants since ancient times.

Time 'is the central skeleton that penetrates multiple universes and dimensions, and how many times have they cried out that you can only handle the mysteries of ancient times.

But they gradually collapsed by forming conflicts with groups, and in the distant cosmos, they were buried like that.

Right here.

There are those who will inherit their blood and will.

Could the prophecy be true? Substance (Degradation) is the smallest unit and fundamental principle that makes up the original material world. It does not have a different meaning on its own, but it can only function in a form (table) and shape 00\) together.

Finds and enables them to work At this time, the amount of substance available varies proportionately depending on the performance of the intention (pneuma).

Incorporates skill 'Parallax Distortion'. artificially between the world surrounding the caster and the two hours of the world that the caster perceives. At this point, the differential may be faster or slower than the margin at which the causal rate does not deviate.

However, if the parallax is too large, it may be triggered by the attrition rate, causing the operation to stop forcefully, or it may be permanent in the timeline that was abandoned.

Consolidated skill 'Time Forecast'. In a short period of time, we will examine all possible past, present and future possibilities based on the world's information that the caster is aware of.

At this time, the probability of being reviewed will be more accurate as the time approaches, and the farther away it will be.

The Pneuma Sky, which combines two of the most common skills used by Yeongwoo, has already been incredibly effective.

In particular, there were some options that caught the eye of Yeon-woo's biggest.

Review Time.

Unlike the time forecast that only presented the near future possibilities, the time review was not courted.

From the past to the future, we have reviewed and presented several possibilities across the frontlines.

Although there were disadvantages that the accuracy decreased as time went away, in fact, this alone was a very large weapon.

This was the biggest secret that caused Kronos to doubt whether or not he had obtained the cell (Chu # 0) in the past, so no, leave everything else behind.

Yun was already very aware of how powerful the potential for this time review was.

When I first entered Kronos' corpse. In the myth of Kronos, he and his brother were seen in the future when Kronos defeated Allfoone.

And based on that, we could have a lot of condolences.

In fact, it was like we finally had the biggest weapon that gave birth to Yeongwoo today.

Of course, it wasn't a weapon we could use here right away.

It was worth taking the risk and meeting Uranos.

Huaa! In a world where everything is rolling very slowly, you firmly grasp a sword made of shin iron.

The Archdiocese, the crawling chaos, and all the other Confederates are moving like a palace.

“It's time to escape. `Of course, those who are about to be martyred can ignore the movements of these' little rollers'.

However, Yeon-woo was confident that she would make up her own agenda.

“They didn't have the concept of time in the first place." What if they come across a concept they've never seen before? Of course, I was forced to be humiliated.

That's what Yeon-woo wanted to do.

Of course, I didn't have the idea to use the 'little roller' to fight them.

That was just an exception.

Obviously, the concept of time may be a weapon of their own imagination, but it was clear that those around them would quickly 'understand' and counter the notion of daytime.

That way, the weapons I've prepared will be useless.

"This is what my grandfather wanted to lead me to, and 'Uranos must have known that the gods of the other world were ignorant of time. So you could just throw your grandson away and get him out.

It was doubtful that they believed in themselves that much or that they were irresponsible.


Yeon-woo tries to slip out of their perception quietly.

We don't have the coordinates, but first we need to get outside the Night. Yeonwoo did not want Uranos' help. I had faith that I would help with the crisis, but I felt much more comfortable going through it with my own strength than relying on it.

The question was whether "night" could easily be confronted with the original coordinates of the world.

If I could touch the void, it would be easy to escape, but I can't right now.

"Obviously, the Dark Lord's brotherhood was a scam." Of course, that didn't mean there was no way.

Fire landing! I wonder if black and red flames flare along the back of the moat, and I slowly have the shape of wings.

[The Divine Struggle wants to look like me!] [Attention! The stature of struggle is not the statue of this myth. The continued influx of external myths can have a profound adverse effect on this myth.] [Attention! The status of the struggle is too crazy. It has a strong impact on regenerating this myth. It is advisable to stop the renal function.] [External Myth Simultaneously Played.] [Democracy of Struggle Implemented!] [Power, 'Heaven Wing (Right)' has been created.] in a world that's never been slower.

The dark red flames twisted and formed a bow, and the flames scattered all around became feathers in an instant.

He said to his father, 'I'm sorry.

I had to find a way out of here, even with Yeonwoo.

The conclusion was that the coordinates facing outward through the wings of the sky were forcibly opened.

It was very easy to make the wings of the sky.

In the beginning, I made the wings of the sky myself, so I knew the components best.

The status of the struggle that becomes the keyword is exclusively Yeon-woo's. Unlike the death received from the Dark Lord, we were able to quickly regenerate in a 'slow' world like this.

Huarthuck! Though it was only half, I could feel the strength of Yeon-woo growing.

In addition, I wanted to find a path to the outside as my senses became more and more sensitive with full mysticism.

"Here!" Yun read the path of the chain that passed through here from outside ', night', opened the gap and swung the sword roughly. The lightning bolt jammed into the gap and forced it to explode.

A black entrance with a completely different color from "The Night" opened its mouth. I'm trying to get in there fast.

[Resident of the Boundary 'observes you quietly!] immediately before entering the crevice, I felt my spine twitching.

And swiftly turned his head back.

As it covered the sky ($) of the night, the 'door' and 'snow' were looking at this place.

Bright and bright.

Tom. Qu. Hall.

Go, Chi. Go. Yes. Military.

Shya-Hagg. Lee.

Moon. phosphorus. Let's go.

The problem did not end there.

The remnants of the [Gear Chaos' myth are reacting strongly to the encounter with the original owner!] “Oops!" I heard it was leafy.

This time, the crawling chaos was trying to react.

[Crawling chaos]] [Gearing chaos' is a strong curiosity in front of the low line concept! Get more interested and interested in you!] Hong Mi. With.

Liver phosphorus. Ash. Fun.

[Attempts to invade by a strong force from the outside.] [The pneuma that was pulled by the little bowl flows. Power, the Pneumatic Sky, is forcibly suspended.] [Causal rate worked.] Swarm time has been restored to its original state.] A large window! It sounds like a glass shattered.

“This isn't enough?" While Yeongwoo's face became stiff.

Khhh! The reign of the polar monarch has been broken since the tyranny of time.

The fire of debt poured down from all sides.

It's not just burning it, it's freezing a strange flame to the soul.

Yeon-woo 'eventually had to give up entering the gap and turn the sword back. Half the wings of the sky blaze into the air like a beacon, and the lightning is more intense than ever.

Grrrrrrrrr, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The over-effective lightning with the added power of the wings of the sky was very strong. It was not enough to forcefully cut through the flames of lightning. Even the remaining flames of light were plunged into the four corners.

Ah, ah. Ahh.

Phew! A sad cry from the monarch of the extreme echoes through the world of the night.

The circulation of air flowing through the "night" becomes turbulent, and pieces of debris spill under the ledge. From there, the mystical forces that formed him spattered like blood, forming a vast galaxy.

Meanwhile, the crawling chaos that had only been observing Yeongwoo has moved. From him, a swarm of tentacles flew out in the courtyard.

Palace. Gold. Do it.


Palace. Gold. Ha. C.

Tom. Qu. Thread. Hum. Sie.

[Power, the Pneumatic Sky, wants to interfere with the Small Wheel!]] [Causal rate is working. [Pufferfeng! Yeon continues to move the skies of Pneuma, pushing the tentacles away and looking for a way out.

However, the gods of the other system, who had been just looking at it, began to move as one, even though the chaos of crawling around was directed separately.

I had to feel the faint sensation and awareness of divine power pouring out everywhere, and the rush of divine power.

Achievement of [newbie\]! The target is not logged. You can hijack some of the subject's myths.] [New Year's Achievement!] [New Year's Achievement!] But the biggest problem was the vigilante.

I wanted his eyes to roll very slowly upward-but it looked so big that it was never slow--you fixed your gaze in the gap that just opened.

Y-you. Wh, uh... Cotton. Ah, Burgie. Let's go.

Fruit! Fruit! Fruit! All the 'night' laws poured into it, just by looking at it. The crack that was about to close again was forced.

The cracks spread sharply along the space, as if sticking a metal pillar into a small hole and forcibly opening it. Outward facing wall hole (\ 0000016) was constructed.

And some of the other gods went to Wall Hall. As the night naturally expands to it, the material world and the scarecrow world try to mix.

If we keep that up, everything will be ruined.

Yeongwoo quickly moved towards the entrance of the Wall Hall because of the crisis. and then sprinkle with the bracelet. The strength of the struggle was great, but I couldn't keep up with the extent of Yeongwoo's use in reality, so I told the agents to stop all of them.

[Achievement of new kills!] In the meantime, I'm reminded in succession of the message that the other gods died.

V. Turn it on. D.

Jiaying! Suddenly, the snow that covered the sky of the night disappeared, with intense determination to feel the tinnitus.

Then something appeared in front of Yeon-woo. A creature with the same face as Yeon-woo, or Kronos, to be exact. Yeongwoo instinctively quickly realized that it was the appearance of a border dweller who had changed to act comfortably.

Yeongwoo quickly dislocated the firefly shaped threshing god that was about to swallow her, then hurled the sword toward the residents at the border.

Six pole (200). Even though it had already reached its limit as a rainbow, it was developed with extreme force.

Guaoang! "~: ′ Suddenly]" The left arm of the border dweller protrudes into the air with long arms. He brutally swings his remaining right arm, making insults with his annoyed face.

The moment the palm was fierce in Yeongwoo's chest, the flow of mystical power that had been wandering around inside her body all this time was broken. Some went in the opposite direction and broke the organs. Reverse Blood ( Quench). In the one-horned tribe, it was an early symptom of a phenomenon called a coin mouth.

Phew! The vigilante strikes Durin in the chest once more. In the end, Yeon-woo couldn't hold on much longer and was stuck in the Wall Hole, and had to be pushed out into the world like being sucked into a sewer.

“Is this the place where... he lives?” Residents of the border who came out of the 'night' with Yeongwoo had a strange look on their faces with a completely different feel. He was still face to face with Kronos.

Blue sky. Black earth. It was too low for him to live in a world where everything was in chaos.

But I didn't feel any pink. I had to distort my face in the middle of my chest.

A shiny sword was piercing his right chest.

“Putting a knife bread on the man with his father's face..." It can't be cold. ”Far away.

Yeon-woo bleeds on the floor '!' I was rubbing my mouth with my hands in the valley. His eyes widen in fury like a flame.

On the empty left back, new wings were about to bloom.

[I want to force the notion of death!] [Forcibly regenerate your body.] Heaven Wing (Left) 'Begins to Implement!] As a matter of fact, I had no intention of making the wings of the sky intact.

It would have had a profound adverse effect on the myth of Kronos even now, but it would be dangerous to take it all back.

However, if we let them run wild like this, the myth would be completely destroyed. In fact, the 'night' was flowing out of the line from the month, trying to escape one by one. I couldn't take it anymore.

Whistle! When a completely regenerative force spreads like a storm and tries to wipe out the mysticism spilled by the border dwellers.

... Father? Who the hell are you! ”Residents on the perimeter stared at Yeongwoo in shock. He must have found traces of the Black King in a place he never imagined.

However, such conflicts did not lead to conflict.

[Uranos is coming!] As a bolt of lightning fell from the sky, not only did it wipe out the strength of the border dwellers who remained in Uranos, but also the influence of the 'night'.

“Oops! I just wanted you to understand the essence of Phneuma, but I didn't expect you to go this far……, I see that my grandson is worse than my father. Huh!" Uranos shakes his head as if he couldn't dry it while looking at the kith. However, my grandson, who had grown so fast, had a peculiar smile on his mouth.

Then Uranos slowly turned his gaze towards the residents of the border.

His face is stiff.

Like when I was beaten by Yeon-woo who was thought to be below, I was surprised to meet the enemy of life and death in an unexpected place, not anger.

“Yard-tag? Why are you here? ”