Second Life Ranker

13. Squite (13)

“What a relief to look at Uranos without knowing it.

The residents of the border and Uranos have a meal, even if it is done somehow to prevent the expansion of the 'Night'.

The title was the first I had ever heard of.

But I didn't know.

I couldn't tell.

Instead of holding the secrets of the creation of space, it was one of the 106 0ㅇ009. No, it was just hard to say "one."

Yad-taj was, in fact, one of the chiefs of their representations7/'}'_Now, over the long years, even those who are perceived as distant from the faith become very rare, and do not have the will or ego to do the same to themselves. Among the early (& chief) and concept gods (\ exhale) with the origins of the universe, Yard-tag has a very high proportion.

If there was a border dweller between the other gods and Honsefalsin, it was okay to consider -Yard-Tag among the high lords.

And Uranos is that Yad-Tag? "But I'm sure Yad-Tatag knows...!" Then Yeon-woo hurriedly looked back at Uranos in a different way than what she had seen in the Revelation.

“Yad-Tatagra.” Uranos smiles as he quietly forges his old name.

It's like I miss something.

“There were times when it was certainly called that. At that time, the residents of the border narrowed their glances, hugging Uranos up and down, giving a strange look.

“No. You're not_Yard-tag. But what I have is too worthless. Do you have a cell that transcends eternity or the power to control Samra? You're scum.” All the way through Uranos, the frontier's voice was filled with contempt that seemed to have seen garbage.

Even though it would feel silly, there was no such thing. It seemed as if Uranos was a denial of its existence.

I saw garbage that I shouldn't have seen, and I thought I saw garbage that I shouldn't have.

Yeongwoo said, 'I was annoyed by the attitude of the resident of such boundaries. Especially with his father's face and his attitude, I was so horrified.

Though he pushed himself into extreme environments.

For Yeonwoo, Uranos was a precious grandfather.

Grandpa gives warm eyes.


Uranos was not at all dazzled by that gaze.

“Piece of junk... Well, you can look at it that way. But as you can see, me and I at the time have completely different identities and identities. If only there was power and power.” No, there was even a small talk in his mouth.

“What do you know about slaves sucking each other's asses without the sheer power and power to use them freely, staying in a muddy well with no change or fun?" “How dare you, 'Father'...!" “Father? Ridiculous. The man who was beaten by my family? And then you got blown up by a thousand horses and went into the void, right? So let's just hear it's stupid.” Miiiac. "And you, Dad, don't you ever get tired of talking like a parrot? I don't think he's going to treat you like children anyway. The frontal resident's face rises to the surface. An attitude that is about to explode.

He would, and the gods of the other world, have been trying for countless years.

It existed before the creation of the universe, but was blinded by the betrayal of those who feared him.

At the end, he was forced into the void by the thousand horses, and the road had to sleep.

For the other gods, including Honsefalsin, he was far too good to be defined as an afterthought or a triumph.

All of them.

The source that made them appear in this world.

was rooted.

That's why they called him “Father," but they thought it was blasphemous that he lacked such a title.

By the way.

Uranos considers their faith insignificant in just a few words.

Then he mocks you for being cynically stupid.

It was a disgrace that could never be found as a vigilant resident. It's been a long time since I felt this rage.

Do you know anything about the creation of space? And the message of Uranos was dug in, as if to explain to me the side of the pond, which was looking at the opposition of those two people quietly.

I know the great river. It doesn't sound like much. I think I know more about what's at night than I thought. How well did you know them in your time? The Realm of the Fire Branch .

We know it's all there is to see. Really? Haha! But fortunately, our efforts have become so useless. Thank God. "Us.

Yeon-woo will feel a strong weight in that.

Maybe it wasn't just meant to be Olympus here.

Higher dimensional beings. It seemed to refer to Uranos and others.

Light was born for the first time in a world filled only with chaos and chaos, and as the early universe expanded, numerous beings were born with different laws and repeated it. Then sometimes surviving gains Eternal Property (\ %) and acquires Holy (Subtraction) to create eyes. "The first light born in the first universe. That's a thousand miles. The moment he said," Let there be light, "the creation of the universe began.

For the first time in a turbulent world, laws and concepts were implemented and order slowly caught up. Such things were not egotistical, phenomenal and Godly. That's what we call the concept god. Typically, there was an earthen godmother.

But some existed before the creation of the universe began. I used to follow my father around in a cloudy world, but gradually I felt deep fear and crisis, and I hit my back with a thousand horses. At that moment, one thought passed through Yeon-woo's head.

An information window introducing the Black King's frame. Inside '???' or the traitors.

- What about??? I trembled at the betrayal of the field and held a grudge against the thousand horses who gave themselves such a profound look.

- The feelings leading to despair, grief and anger are now driving the new movement of the Great Father. He is now preparing to curl his base.

Those who have caused the sleeping Black King to experience despair, grief, and anger! And the money's ""? What does that mean? Yeon-woo's voice trembled a little.

I feel like I opened Pandora's Box in a place I never thought of.

In return, they were “baptized" by the Heavenly Horse and turned completely this way. And we could have pioneered a new universe as we wished. How happy are you that you can no longer face the fear of your father? So they mostly gained peace and rest, and were increasingly assimilated by the law of providence. I didn't have much strength left anyway. But Uranos said that there was a great mixture of laughter.

It has become extremely rare for those who remember, not only in your time, but also among the gods, where this grandfather lives. Lady But there were some paranoid patients who thought, "Father" would be in the gutter and he would come back and harass them again. Fools who really care about their lives. Yeon-woo felt like she had seen something that had only been lifted up while the veil had been hidden.

The battle against the Black King, Yad-Tag and other high lords, was most likely ragged by the time the creation of space began. So they assimilated a new cosmic causality and all sorts of things.

However, some who still feared the appearance of the Black King would have only lasted forever. It's as clever as ever.

"scum" to endure and earn.

“Is that a Phneuma or a Curinale, including Uranos...? But even they usually disappear or leave Olympus as one of the final results? 'Maybe.

From the moment Chronos became the apostle of the Black King to the moment when Yeon Yu was branded a successor.

Everything that I thought was a simple coincidence, what I thought was random in the system, has been like a thread for a long time, and I thought it was something else to myself.

In that case.

What the hell is the Dark Lord thinking, knowing all this? "From the Dark Lord's perspective, you must be descended from a group of traitors who betrayed me." Then why did you choose me? "Yeon-woo's mind got complicated.

"There's something. Something." I must have missed something.


Uranos quickly found traces of the Dark Lord in the stream.

When he finished repairing the left wing, he read 'Death' buried in it.

I will not tell you to do our work. I don't want to know what else that stupid maniac has in common.

I knew that sleep wouldn't last forever anyway. "The work of that age is yours. I don't want to buy anything from you. That's what Uranos was saying.

But this is what I... No, it's what we have to do. It is a mission (# Shu) that must be accomplished before death. At that moment, Uranos' eyes vomited a bright blue mesh.


With space deflected around him, other personalities appeared one by one.

“Ugh, what is this? Why is he here?" "Shit! I was just trying to keep the night from opening. Commander! What the hell happened to that sword again, huh?“ That's why I told you, Kronos, you shouldn't have thrown that Thunder Nude into the night! In the end, it was just an accident...! Aaaah! I can't live! ”“ If this goes wrong, won't they be scrambling for clueless cubs? This is dangerous. ”" My days are different, though. Oops, I can't live with myself. ”Shut up, you bastards! The only thing that's kept me going is old and old! Don't you move?" Uranos gives a loud shout to those who grumble openly. The statutes were fierce 'Ni, Ni' but fiercely shined as the eyes, alerting the residents of the border.

The scholars who fought through the many battlefields along Uranos of the time and gave birth to Olympus.

It was a comrade of mine who had been trying to stop the Black King from speaking with Uranos since time immemorial.

Though I cannot find the old glory over and over again.

That is why the world can shine brighter than any other star.

"Night" refers to the area of activity of those who wander around looking for a dull madman who has not forgotten the old glory. So stupid, so pathetic. That's why we have to kill more. All that is left of the creation of the universe and just floating around.

And we who somehow defend this created universe against them. "Uranos took a breather, took a breather break, and spoke up.

It is called "day." The message ended there.

It was because the residents of the border had barely shed their anger and revealed their murders.

“Worms. I will enlighten you all." A vigilante lays his hands on you. Then the Walhall that was sitting behind him grew momentarily. 'Night poured out of the Wall Hole in an instant and consumed the great dark world. And the gods of Hornsefalsin and the other side, which are revealed gradually, approached in an ominous way.

“You've made so many in your absence. But you still feel lonely, don't you?” Uranos smiles at them.

At that moment.

["Day (eros)" reveals itself!] The flash of light spread between Uranos and the scholars, stopping the expansion of the night for the first time.


[Metatron is coming!] [Maal is coming!] ~ ~ >! "As a courtesan," she said, "with a message I never thought of.

In one sky of the "day," there is a swarm of archangels.

On the other side, a horde of Demon Kings appeared and started spreading aggression at night.