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14. Squite (14)

“Metatron? Baal? Why are they? 'Yeon-woo's eyes widened.

Baal that makes Metatron and the Demon Kings who are leading thousands of archangels bombard 0).

They looked exactly like what he saw at the tea party last time, but the atmosphere was completely different. If it wasn't a notification window, it would have been a completely different person.

However, they belong to the 'day'? “So that's it.” Yeon-woo muttered a little.

“Then they were traitors too..." I don't know the name of that “scum.”

It was clear that they were also those who were high enough to be recorded in the book of Revelation.

"Then the absolute good, the absolute evil, reminds me of a tea party hosted by Metatron and Baal.

Malach and Le Infernal were clearly known primarily in Segan. It was because they were representing the absolute good and the absolute evil, and they were confronting God's and the devil's.

However, they were known to 'negotiate' with the Five Moon Eastern sentiments to maintain order and minimize damage between factions.

Of course, I knew that confronting the tea party was a trick and a way to maximize the interests of the two forces.

What if it's not even known? "Everyone's fooling you. `In the beginning, I thought that the order of the heavenly world was a thorough script of them.

Of course, it could not be.

From the time of Uranos to the time of the Tower, there was a significant time, during which Metatron's relationship with Baal could have been completely wrong.


For years of cowardice, those who have struggled solely to stop the Dark Lord's "base dog," those who have lived for their high ideals, what is it that makes them shake? She thought it was hard.

'Maybe inviting me to a tea party has something to do with my grandfather.` The Olympus of Kronos vs. () had never known Malach, Le Infernal to have this kind of interaction. It's the same for Zeus.

However, I thought, 'I don't know why they approached Yeon-woo.

"All common sense is wrong.

Yeon-woo shed a smile. He came merely to acquire the technology to restore the reel of time, but he felt that the board was spinning completely differently than he thought.

Cough, cough! Tough debt swarms spread along the fruit-fruity-sky.

This is the outskirts of this vast universe. There was an apocalypse here that did not seem to be many people who were aware of it.

The appearance of the archangels and the Demon Kings who wanted to somehow stop the horns from crawling out from the "night" was as majestic and beautiful as the appearance of a sacred flower (horn horn horn).

It was that terrible.

Uranos and his disciples were joining the group some time ago. Every time Uranos waves, lightning strikes, and the gods of the other tribes burn.

“I'll have to step up, too. `Yeon-woo looked at them and tightly grasped her sword.

The chaos has already begun.

Just because we have the Pneumatic sky in this kind of judgment doesn't mean we have to leave here. I was worried about the myth of Kronos for the first time.

We could not defeat the other gods, but we needed to push them into the road 'night'.

So I focused on the agenda, or the pneuma. I'm trying to meddle with the little roller by blowing power into the wings of the sky.

'What?' Yeon-woo could feel the fierce gaze of the Demon Monarchs who were focused on fighting the gods of the other side.

Where I turned my head. Agaresh stares at himself. He always had wet eyes, but here he was as expressionless as an ice sculpture.

I didn't want him to do that. Agares returns to the fighting pits as if nothing had happened.

I didn't have any contact with Agares yet, so something was a little awkward.

[You have successfully recaptured the axis of time that was shaken by Phneuma. [7: 35: 66_49] [7: 35: 66_48] "Let's do it." Based on what I realized at night, I tried to roll the 'little roller' with the idea of focusing on Phneuma and twisting the world around me. I drew an image in my head for smooth operation.

Inside, he was a reel that spins a clock, and Phneuma was a tiny cog that operates alongside countless parts connected to the reel. And when they start to come back together as they engage,

The syringe moves.

[Power, the Pneumatic Sky, is working and interfering with the 'Tiny Roller'!] [The speed at which the 'small roller' rolls is significantly reduced.] [Causal rate is working.] [Significantly slows down time over a range!] and.

[7: 35: 51_30] [7: 35: 51_30] [7: 35: 51_30] [7: 35: 51 29] The rate at which the counter fell began to slow significantly.

The first thing Yeon-woo encountered was crawling chaos.

It was successful to follow the occupants of the border and get out of the night '.

Despite his slow pace, he was moving slowly, noticing the thunderbolt and approaching.

Of course, it was only part of it, not the whole thing.

[Crawling chaos' watching you.] [The crawling chaos' have strong roses on you.] [Crawling chaos' curiosity reveals the various phenomena that are shaped around you.] Ku-woo - the giant body that makes up the creature slowly moves.

Like a big cloud floating around.

[The residual myth of the 'crawling chaos' you swallowed is still violent in the encounter with the original owner!] [The residual myth of the crawling chaos you swallowed calls for salvation from the original master!] [Crawling chaos raises strong doubts about your identity!] You.

Daytime. John. Ash. Oh, you.

W. Q.

The chaos that crawled around was suspicious of the identity of Yeon-woo.

He would, too, have been peering into his myth from Yeonwoo. You have to wonder about that.

Mythology is a way of walking and identity. Of course, the same myth was never possible.

Rather, if you saw it, you'd be furious.

The crawling chaos was trying to analyze Yeon-woo calmly without any disturbance. One day, if the seafood tried to replicate itself, it would be unpleasant, but it smelled just like Yeonwoo.

Of course it would be strange, but there would be evidence that there was traces of him outside.

On the other hand, I did not think that it could 'already' appear.

He predicted it would take some time to find traces of him. Finding traces meant that he was preparing to spread his base a little bit, because he could never be here at this point.

And yet he has his mark, and oddly, even his myth.

What the hell does that mean? Gearing chaos was born of intellectual curiosity, unlike other other gods, primarily instinctively, and enjoyed observing and analyzing phenomena as a hobby.

At the end of all those bars. The crawling chaos concluded one thing.

Yeon-ju is not a person in this time zone! In the distant future, it was his judgment that the creature who accidentally gained the Black King's mark in a time unknown had defeated himself, and that he had suffered a kind of behavior and had appeared for a short time at this time.

Of course, he first came across the concept of time. However, it was not difficult to use it as a material for analyzing. The book is not called "The Night" for nothing.


The chaos that crawled around was intended to hold onto Yeon-woo somehow.

If we can capture him alive, we can dig up a lot. I could speed up the search for him, and I could get a lot of information about the "day." Maybe we can find out about the thousand that put him to sleep.


I don't know what his end is.

Whoo-hoo - Many complex ideas of such crawling chaos were passed on to Yeon-woo without purification.

And I was impressed.

“You're gonna die," you enjoy? 'The crawling chaos was joyful.

Death is the domain of the unknown to the gods and demons. Even those who put death as a god cannot completely escape the concept. Nevertheless, they called themselves immortal because it was hardly worth dying for. Even more so when it comes to Hornsefalsin.

Nevertheless, the chaos that crawls around finds out that he will die one day.

Such a daytime concept evokes redness. How do you die? And what else happens after he's dead? Is it simply vanishing and drinking, or is it still parasitic somewhere? What are the traces of themselves that remain in this world?

"I knew you weren't in your right mind...... but you were just leaving.) Even when I encountered Yeon Woo, the chaos crawling around the tower was like this. Just because I wanted to know how things were going with him, I suddenly forced myself into the conscious world instead of fighting. Are curiosity and interest the driving force behind him? Then it must be crazy, but it must be solid.

“I'll swallow it again.” I've already killed him once. I wondered what would happen if I swallowed the same myth twice.

[Unknown power triggers to amplify the power of the Lightning Mace!] [Phneuma concentrates.] Yeongwoo developed a musical sword from the beginning. To purge the crawling chaos. You have plundered the chaos of countless lightning arrows with lightning bolts.

Fragments splinter into the air. Even though the debris was larger than the size of the island, one of the large debris rushed towards Yeon-woo, having the shape of a human being.

Guaoang! It has a face close to the swamp, not Kronos. A body shaped by crawling chaos while continuing to analyze the lotus. That's why it had to look a lot like Yeon-woo.

““ “" This sucks. ~ However, Yeon-woo felt uncomfortable because she thought he was closer to her sister than she was. They were twins, but they had other corners.

Guar-Kugu, Kuku Kong! And the chaos that crawls around with Yeon Woo spreads.

The collision between "day" and "night" grew incredibly large.

“This sucks. What's all this commotion all of a sudden? I was just about to heal by eating Deva San cookies at home... I think I ruined everything!” Baal frowns at the frustration of being disturbed by the rest of his time. The cookie crumbs are clever in your mouth, as if you were in a hurry to get out.

"I'm sorry. My grandson had an accident. Grandson? That's funny to you." "“ Zen Baal looks at the chaos that is crawling far away and the pond that is working hard, not to say anything, but to go deeper into his mind.

“You're not the one who's been bragging about being a dick all the time.” "That son of a bitch.” Oh. There must have been a girl who accepted that personality. “Leah”... Hmm? Did I hear something wrong? Baal glances at his ears, wondering if his ears are wrong.

Few of the children of Uranos remember Dawg. Kronos went through a traffic accident, and Leah got bored of praising Uranos. Especially if Leah had kids, she'd be okay as a daughter-in-law. They're meeting? In the future, Uranos frowns as he looks at what the dog next door sounds like, but his shoulders groan as he smiles.

“I like them. What can I do?" Huh! The Pneuma and the Curinale merge? The descendants of An-Sook who wandered off to kill each other just by looking at their faces? The world is really going crazy. ”Baal covers his face with his absurd hands and sweeps it down slowly. At that moment, his face was cold.

“Then that dull lunatic should be enough to covet. Huh! Is that why the concept of death felt so intense? I'd rather...!” “I wouldn't do nothing if I were you, Baal.”... Isn't that a joke? Rather, "Baal looks back at Uranos as if he were going to kill him soon. Then he tasted it.

If there is a 'bowl` that the Black King cares about, it will be easier to take care of it immediately...... But it doesn't mean it's not too much. It also has ties to Uranos, and if we kill Yeon-woo now, it could only be the body of Kronos.

There was no guarantee that even the possessed pond could be captured.

“If 'he' finds out about this, he'll be a fucking plague, so get rid of him as soon as you can.” So let's hope it's a slutty topic.

At that moment.

“…… damn it. He used to say," I hate noise. But the residents on the perimeter... I don't think it'll work. It's not easy to fight harder when you're talking like this. I'll go first. Uranos and Metatron's complexion is slightly pale. Picture something you don't want to think about.

Specifically, Metatron flew his back head nervously so as not to fit into his face, and swooped out of the sub-space and rushed to the frontier residents in a flash.

Residents on the perimeter were never easy to deal with. Still, it was much better than dealing with his neurotic personality. When I was beheaded for annoying reasons, the hump didn't sink for many years.

Favorite - Whenever his white wings hurt roughly, the spiritual force swirled and tried to strike the residents of the border. Several light arrows dropped to the ground, and a rainbow-like colored wave filled the battlefield.

Uranos and Baal stand behind him. It was a tremendous shot of power that could destroy space several times.

Three-to-one. They were clearly outnumbered. It also stands for "day," and even though the strongest people who searched the universe and dimensions were united, they had no choice but to share their power.

Residents of the boundary confronted them, but instead smothered them with a smile and scattered their other hands roughly in front of them.

All the power that had been poured out on him, along with the illusion that space was drifting away, was stripped away.

Instead, the Tidal Wave of the Night struck three people over their heads. Uranos et al. had to quickly open the space and attempt evacuation.

The residents of the border are busy moving behind them.

Kuku Kuku - After that 'Night' has been busy_trying to expand. The day builds up a huge barrier with every effort to push it away.

A strained battle with no retreat.

However, the strength of the 'Night' side was rougher. Darkness gradually erodes the Realm of Light. And that aspect seemed to tilt the balance towards the 'night' more as Honsefalsin illuminated his insides. Uranos and the like had to be that busy.

Just then, suddenly, from beyond, the void opened and a column full of golden waves sank down.

"Cutting the boundary between 'day' and 'night' in exactly half.

Looking at it.

“" "l. Fuck!" Uranos was getting insulted.

"Candlelight.” Baal looks so tired of seeing things he should never have seen.

And Metatron covers his face very quietly with his hands without saying a word.

Like a man who's been sentenced to a deadline, the world is over.


where the golden tide had passed.

“Shut up, you bastards! I was just about to fall asleep because of you guys! Do you have any idea how hard it is to put a baby back to sleep?" The thousand horses growled 'and revealed themselves.

With a female staff in one hand.