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15. Squite (15)

[Thousand Horses Coming!] [Warning! A giant creature has emerged that cannot be interpreted by this myth! The mythological foundation can be disoriented!] [Warning! A giant being that cannot be created by this myth is active with 'will'! Risk of Myth Collapse! Stop playback now!] A myth! This myth is destroying the myth of an immense being! Get out of the field now!] [list! With this myth... ….] A thousand eyes glance around you and say a silly word.

“Fuck you." “Huh?" That's what Uranos, Metatron, and Baal put their backs into it. And I even turned my head to the side to make eye contact with the thousand horses. From the glabella, I could see the cooling flow.

How does Yeon-woo look like that? It was awkward for my grandfather, who was not like my father by nature, to be so nervous.

Metatron and Baal are the same. They were the highest (Stir-Fried Home 1 @) with awe and fear among countless gods and demons. He could also be the head of God and the Devil. They even kept the fate of the heavenly world at bay like confections, but they were the ones they were afraid of.

"I knew Thousand Horses were that great, but this..." He said to the Black King, 'I was terrified and hit my head on the back. It's no different for thousands of horses to go into the daytime.

“No, it's similar, but it's a little different. In fact, it's a little different.

I mean, if the fear of the Black King is so deep that even death is as deep as it gets, then it's the Heavenly Horse.

"Like meeting an alleyway master with a heart attack in the back alley:" “? `Why are you here? When I was in the bottle, I was sure to go through my pockets and say one per 10 won, but when I found 50,000 won bills on the sole of my shoes that I couldn't stand.

Even though it was actually appropriate for the Emperor to sit in the position of 'Huang'.

I don't know what to do with that look on Uranos' face.

Yeon-woo became dazed and thought that those three people who lead the "day" could make that face. On the other hand, I could once again desperately realize the difference from the Heavenly Horse that wouldn't give them any room to stand against me.

Even the residents of the frontier who had just been in a tumultuous battle were still motionless.

He stops fighting and just stares at the Heavenly Horse with quiet eyes.

Of course, the expansion of the 'night' was still in progress, but the speed was much slower than before.

It will be difficult for them to move ahead. There was a black king lying in the void before my eyes. It was wrong, or it was all over.

But I don't know if I know the feeling of fear and boundaries.

No, I knew and ignored it, but Thousand Ma called someone with a tremendous tone, looking at the 'night'.

“Hey, Baal.” “Yes, deposit!” Baal raises his waist in reverence. My complexion was slightly more dull than before.

“Can't you do it right?” I'll make it right! ”I told you to keep an eye on them, didn't I?“ Well, yes! ”“ And you're selling me out? I don't really give a shit these days, do I? ”“ Oh, no! ”What's not to like?” “Never!” “Then what's the cookie crumb in your mouth?” “Ugh > >! Baal was furious and quickly shook his mouth with the back of his hand.

The goal is deeper in the thousand-man's brow.

“I'm going to have to take these out.

Is there anything you can do? My wife and I are having a hard time getting back together. ”Thousand horses sighed for a moment, saying, 'Get lost.'

“For now.” Slowly raises your head.

“Let's put them back where they belong first.” At that moment, the glow (dancing ) flashed over the thousand eyes.

At the same time.

Residents on the perimeter who knew the crisis had quickly left their posts.

Fat! A thousand horses have just appeared where the frontier's residents were. He swings his staff roughly, face full of annoyance. The room drifts. A huge shock erupts.

However, the eyes of Yeongwoo reflected that the female staff broke the flow of laws that had been hidden behind the space.

No, it seemed that all the rationalities of the world were revolving around him.

The flow of the world, the flow of dimensions was changing. There was a thousand horses in the middle of all the universe. The world order is rapidly reorganizing around his coordinates. It was at the center of the former universe (08), and all the laws are the starting point for order (6 see).

The rapid change of the world around one person was breathtaking and staggering just by looking at it.

Phew! The residents of the perimeter are left without fully digesting the shock wave. Like a leaf falling in the autumn wind. The man who faced Uranos, Metatron, and Baal at the same time couldn't stand a simple blow.

However, he twisted his body in midair without any change in his expression, despite the shock that his personality was shaking, as he proved that taking the position of 'Night's Father was never a stroke.'

Then I straightened up and stabbed the ground with my feet.

As the ground cracked, a high wall was erected to the left and to the right, and a myriad of 'eyes' appeared while the 'night' was filled.

Similar to the body of the border dwellers, each one of them did not distinguish between the dimensions and the universe, but ignored the list of times from the past to the future, and was an extension of the "door" that 'observes and records all phenomena.

Those who are exposed to that gaze will never be able to escape, and will be fully read.

Thinking, Thinking, Actions, Forecasting…… all of that. Without even the constraints of space-time.

And everything read was forced to twist according to the will of the border dwellers.

Force to force the attribution rate given to the exposed object. It was a force that could force a subject to twist and kill themselves if they wanted to.

Therefore, the existences of the "night", including the other gods, said about him:

It has power (forest) and power (forest).

Except for him.

The highest being that held all the providence of the world was the inhabitant of the boundary.


"Be Locked." "Be Trembling." Bear. It hurts. Crazy. "Die." All gazes fixed on the Emperor tried to force him to intervene in the Causal Ratio and the Saman Islands, which were reformed around him.

The Decree (which was now) was imposed. The language of God was triggered with a system completely different from the power to exert only a defined effect, consisting solely of a specific algorithm.

White-Choi! At that moment, all the laws were twisted around the thousand horses. The black azimuth of the 'night', which protruded the space, bound his limbs and soaked into the ashes. A golden glow wrapped around the thousand horses appeared to be a momentary blur.



I thought I heard that somewhere.

“Oh, that's nice.” But.

“But what happened? I don't know." KhuKhurung-Wajangchang! Even before the commandment forced the thousand horses and causality, everything was cancelled. No, it was more than that. Everything had become "nothing." We haven't even started yet.

It was also a phenomenon that was not low for Yeon-woo. That sound I just heard.

It was definitely the sound of 'Gule' turning.

Clearly, manipulating time wasn't enough to evade the Covenant as long as it was exposed to its inhabitants.

It is not just the "little bowl," but the "big bowl" which symbolizes the entire universe. However, the causal factor is the same as the reset 86560.

Pa! And the thousand horses stand at the frontier, relaxing.

The woman's staff in her right hand twists and turns. The tip throws up a golden glow and shoots you headlong. The flexure (00098), which the border dwellers had built up to protect themselves by distorting countless spaces, penetrated all the way to his chest.

Phew! That's what I heard.

At the same time, everything in 'The Night' that surrounded the residents of the border went out there. The right chest burst, which had been injured by the popcorn or kite, and a black spirit splattered into the air like blood.

Even though all the attacks and defenses have gone unnoticed.

Residents on the perimeter had no sense of panic. I was aware in the beginning that 1,000 horses were out of specification. Rather, it was a natural attitude.

There's one thing he can do here. Just calmly respond to the Heavenly Horse attack.

"Break it down." "Fall down." Be gone. "The Eyes of the Night" were still staring at the Heavenly Horse, and the Second Commandment wanted to take control of him once more. Of course, the mountain shattered without any other effect this time.


It was enough to attract the residents of the border to the time they wanted.

The Black Feast of Abundance is coming!] [Anonymous Fog 'Coming!] [' The Origin of Dirt 'is coming!] All the remaining Hornsefalsin who had not been able to emerge due to the continuous obstruction of the' day 'so far have succeeded in coming all at once.

Of course, not all of their bodies that boasted enormous body appeared. The Wall Hall is too small and we don't have much time.

However, the body that made the mystics tightly held enormous zero pressure (Roll Pop) by itself, and the entire space surrounding them was staggering. The coordinates above the spatial drawings appeared to be collapsing.

They were in a unique shape together.

Some were bizarre looking like Orcs and Trolls, some with tentacles or eight-headed crustaceans.

They got in the way of the thousand horses.



Residents of the perimeter use the bodies of the Honssefalsin as a barrier, breathing harshly backward.

There was a crooked belt flowing over the tom. Following the wound that covered the whole body, a mystical force was seeping out like a broken centurion underneath. It was proof that the impact with the Heavenly Horse had reached its limit.

Kure-Thousand stopped pushing him and took a few steps back.

Unlike the border resident whose complexion began to turn pale, or the stiff Honsefalsin whose face fell off with his arms and legs falling off, he was still smiling relaxed as if he had come out a mountain bore.

Breathing was not much different. The Divine Spirit was still at peace.

Uranos, etc. who was watching it from afar, was firmly bored inside.

Unlike the self that they were now afraid of over and over again, Thousands of horses were displaying overwhelming differences between now and then.

“Huang" was a position that was too visible to the gods.

How many more of us can demonstrate our own status in the universe of order right now? Thousands of other faces? Or... I don't know if I should just rub my face against King Bull Po (Shoop Po), the King of the Child Horses, who always longs for strength, or stay quiet while working alone. Anyway, it was shocking.

Of course, except for the Black King, it's probably the same with the Horn Sewers who lived in a world of fear.

“Hey, I heard you can't move much... because you're not in the void...?" ”Residents on the perimeter opened their mouths to hide.

I won't spare Chus' reassurance, so I was cautious.

On the other hand, I used up a lot of energy after putting the Dark Lord in the air, and I wondered how the thousand horses who were stockpiling up in the Library of Sky could appear here.

In the meantime, 'Night' went out to search for the Black King's traces because it was calculated that 1,000 horses would not be able to do anything rashly.

Nevertheless, appearing like this… ~ meant there was a mistake in the calculation.


“Ha! Japo oil fountain. Aren't you guys overestimating yourselves? CheonMa said, 'I laughed when I saw the residents of such boundaries and the martyrs.

“Did you really think I was the real thing here?” What the……! ”Residents on the perimeter felt something was wrong, and they took it lightly.

“The chicks who lose even though they're black. By” uh-huh, "all the Hon Se gods who knew what it meant later had to be drenched in a great shock.