Second Life Ranker

16. Squite (16)

“Anyway." She smiled coldly and grabbed her staff.

“I came out of nowhere, too. If we don't get back soon, your wife's gonna fry us. So we can end things right with each other?” I heard the words of the Emperor, and the residents of the Border Champion shouted in haste.

“Everybody spill!” “I'm sorry, it's too late.” As soon as the thousand horses wielded the female staff roughly, a golden beam split in dozens and poured down on each of the seven gods.

They built the boundary, as the border residents said, inevitably pulling their power to the end.

The thousand horses who were aiming for it flew quickly, opening the space, and arrived in front of the nearby Black Fortress of Abundance.

Calm down! The Black Fortress of Abundance, shaped like a frozen ice sculpture, pushes its blade up into the air.

Squeak, squeak, squeak! Meowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Among them are monsters screaming bizarre screams.

Things in an orderly universe with daylight that would never be found. Whether he could think or not, he was repeating the same thing over and over again.

Uh-huh. You.

Uh-huh. You.

The Black Fortress of Abundance also symbolizes abundance (SP ) under the title "Abundance." Since countless beings that existed in other systems were conceived in her uterus, her position was very unique within other systems.

If the resident of the boundary was the king, she could have been a female monarch (6 com ).

Among them, the most nobles followed her faithfully, and the children she had just pulled out by forcing the door open. Things that move only by blind thinking that you have to protect your mother.

The Black Fortress was thinking of tying a thousand horses' feet together and digging a subtle retreat into the square.

I didn't even think about how many children would die. They were just tools for her to sacrifice as much as needed. I had to have an outstanding temper to qualify.

Kakaca - like a bunch of hooligans running around like they're about to tear a thousand horses apart.

The Heavenly Horse let go of the female staff in his hand.

Then, I twisted my body while rolling the crust together. Though it seemed to move so abruptly, Yeon, who was watching the situation, could see that it was never a simple move.

"Jezechuan!" Yeonwoo was a martyr who once learned from King Minhu's faults! Fruit fruit! A golden glow rises from the ground beneath him like a flame and is sucked into his fist.

The Emperor (\ Tsu Tsai) Flame Wheel (% 8\) Bigi (0 ) was just a flurry of firecrackers (4hwaxpods).

To summon monsters and clans summoned by the Dark Lord of Abundance, as well as to make them scatter at once.

Despite the thought that it was just flashing, all the gunpowder spread out in the trunk of the flame to the extent that the bundles could not even recognize the shape.

The Black Fortress of Abundance was able to stay close to the body while building walls with all the power of the other factions to die, but she was badly wounded that half her body flew away.

Absolutely overwhelming destruction. In fact, the Thousand Horses' fists were so big that the space was crushed that there was a big crack.

'Was that... a genre? While Yeongwoo was confronting the gear chaos, she was focusing mostly on the thousand horses.

The battlefield is already dominated by thousands of horses. That's why, although it was relatively reassuring, Yeon-woo was able to sense how low and uneasy she was about the genus.

Obviously, the Heavenly Spirit was less skilled than King Minhu's faults.

But the completeness was different. Aerobics is not just aerospace or physics, but an area that encompasses it all. The way to draw power, interfere with the law, and amplify power was more perfect than that of the late king.

Thanks to it, I had to feel like my eyes were open.

I realized how much I was missing out on myself that had been focusing solely on refining the pitch sword and sharpening the lightning.

On the one hand, I was crazy about other ideas.

“If only I could connect the Sword to the Heavens of Heaven...!? The black force created to destroy the system with the name Causality. What if we could add zebra to it? Could that be a more satisfying outcome? I thought that perhaps the only thing that gains the most from coming to Chronos' mythology is the_sky_of Phneuma.

Even though this new path was presented, it was a big performance for him.

That's it.

The thousand horses, which brought great shock to Yeongwoo, retreated like they were about to finish, and chased the Black Fortress to the end and poured brimstone (Root #]).

The Feast of Overwhelming - Black Abundance has been destroyed most of the remains. The place where the body fell was beyond where the 'night' was buzzing.

The gods of the Honsefalsin and Tamil family, who were watching the Umise Haanik Zig, had a stiffer complexion.

Although it is said to be an incomplete physique made out of only a part of its will, the Temple of Black Abundance was clearly not an easy one to overcome.

But Thousand Horses turned it off too easily. It was even more shocking to know that he was not the body, but the mind.

But their thinking had to stop there.

Tsutz! After finishing off the Black Fortress of Abundance, suddenly the Thousand Horse's body began to split in several places.

Necromancy (Schröw). When the magic technique that the Jade Emperor used for his mushrooms was performed, thousands of different kinds of horses were poured out on the other gods of the Honsefalsen cult.

Zechariah (Belt\ of Oh (Nuclear Petroleum Petroleum Exercise (7 < 57)) Differentiation Forever (Suhaesh Shik - even one person was a huge shock to Honsefalsin, several people -? It was a disaster in the “night."

“I think that monster's over three, four... ten.” "Crazy……! Isn't that a little harsh?" "?” “I have a question. Will their toughness be doubled, or will they be square? If you think it's ten squares, it's less likely that the world will collapse.” Day "didn't make any difference.

Uranos, Metatron and Baal look pale as if they'd seen something they shouldn't have.

However, such self-immolations kindly banished the martyrs to the realm of the 'night' and cut off the gods of other systems who were trying hard to get out.

Absolutely helpless. The existence of the 'Night' against the thousand horses was utterly meaningless.

On the other hand, even during that time, each identity was imprinted on the innards of the feeling of solidarity.


One of the pets sprints toward the Pool. Exactly in the direction of the crawling chaos that was confronting the moat.

Huh. Rock. Y. Female. Period.

Do it. Vatican City Strength.

Han. Age. Month.

Y-yeah. C. Cotton.

The crawling chaos felt the end and muttered indiscriminately while looking at his brother.

Yeon-woo had to quickly turn all her senses back on him. I instinctively felt something ominous.

Or not.

The crawling chaos suddenly pulls out your right arm with your left hand and throws it into the air.

Some of the myths of the crawling chaos have been separated!] [Separated, crawling chaos' mythology strongly responds to the residual mythology of the 'crawling chaos' you swallowed!] [Two myths pull each other hard to make up for the lack!] “What the...!” An unexpected breakthrough.

Your right arm was shattered and turned into a fog and poured down on you.

Yeon-woo didn't know what he was after. However, I had to deploy the acoustic sword because I could not remain vigilant with what I had been doing.

[I want to reject the myth of crawling chaos with an unknown power separated!] [The status of the struggle is shivering.] [Might, the 'Sword of Hades' reveals the nature of the tasting (0418). Strongly demands a separate 'Gear Chaos' myth!] But before I cut it with my sword, the fog was like a vacuum cleaner being sucked into Yeon-woo rapidly.

E. Thing. E. Cotton.

D. ash. Fun. Girl. Look. Yes. Yes.

Crawling chaos grins strangely. A young satisfied smile on the mouth. Soon, I was struck down by the Heavenly Horse in front of me and rushed into the realm of the "Night." Despite the huge destruction of the body, the dazzling eyes did not disappear until they disappeared beyond the 'night'.

Two! [The myth of the merged, crawling chaos' remnants is shaking strongly!] Brains, braces! My heart beat roughly.

Yeongwoo felt it flow into her soul, not into the mythical body of Gachronos.

Maybe he was trying to invade the conscious world like before, but he didn't seem to be. The blood rushed around for a while, and I fell asleep fast. Hades' caribou sword seemed to have somehow managed to digest all the absorbed myths.

Yeon-woo was unpleasant and suspicious. Like a ship_just throws away a myth and disappears? Crawling chaos was never like that. There must be something else to target.

But Yeon-woo couldn't think any deeper about it.

The myth of the crawling chaos that thought something was wrong was as quiet as when it was, and the thousand horses were finishing the theorem of 'night' one day.

“Do you have one last thing to say?" CheonMa stopped walking in front of the residents of the boundary who stared at her.

“We are leaving like this now, but we will not be able to quench our desire to find our father.” I don't know what you're talking about, but I can't stop you from waking up. "” "Yes. Okay, bye." CheonMa kicks out those who live on the border. As his body disintegrated into pieces, he said, "As I returned to the night, I suddenly shrinked to the size of a wall hole and retreated behind him. The blue sky of the" day "filled the place in a heartbeat.

The amber of the battlefield, which had just suppressed my son-in-law so strongly, vanished like a lie. The Thousand Horses who finished their business disappeared quietly, one by one.

Yeongwoo looked at the heavenly horse, but only briefly.

The power of "day" to repel the existences of 'night' that made it so hard to winter.

Rather than being jealous or jealous, I had to feel awe-inspiring.

Especially as Yeongwoo is also greedy to reach "Huang" one day according to the Emperor of Suzung.

You seem to know your way around a thousand horses. It's okay to think that you know so much about creation as you do about it deliberately. Haha! And now that you know about us, you know almost everything. Uranos laughed quietly at the sight of such a fellowship. Metatron and Baal were each instructing his men to clean up the battlefield that a thousand horses had passed.

It seems like a lot of complexity. It's complicated. Yeah, well, they each have just as many secrets as the Genesis Myths, which the Council paints. Maybe space creation is still going on. At the heart of it is the author. Yeon-woo - 'In Uranos' words, I could feel bitterness, even for a moment.

You're welcome.

The gods are so hard-working that they are called "The Red."

Therefore, he had purposely been erased from all myths.

Because the gods would never allow that there was something else above their heads. He was also intentionally trying to hijack his faith in him.

However, the heavenly horse still remains a light that illuminates the universe, rather than erasing its existence.

Uranos seemed to admire him, being cautious of him.

But you must admire or revere Heavenly Horse, but do not be drawn into the pursuit. You and he walk a different path in the first place. If you try to overdo it, I'm afraid you'll ruin everything you've built. In the beginning...... He and "we" are too different. That is why Uranos feared that Yeon-woo might fall for the Empress. Even though there was a movement to exclude the Heavenly Horse among the gods, some of them worshiped the Heavenly Horse in contrast, especially for younger beings, it was even easier.

You have nothing to worry about. Yeon-woo knew and cut off his worries, but Uranos was still a petty fighter.

Yeon-woo did not try to explain the thoughts of the Old Lady to him one by one. What surprised him when he saw the fabric was the overwhelming comfort and relaxation, and the completion of the genus.

In fact, there was no vigilance elsewhere.

'I'm going to bring down Olfowon. That means we may have a chance against the Heavenly Horse in time. "- Oh, my God. If you see your son again later, tell him I'm sorry.

Yeon-woo had still not forgotten what the Emperor had said when he left the Library of Shadow.

I don't know what happened between the Emperor and Allfowon. Olfowon grumbled against Thousand Horses, but Thousands still seemed to love him, so he didn't know what misunderstanding there was between the two.

However, Yeon-woo did not want to know about it. His enemy was Allfowon, and even if he defeated Thousand Horses for it, it was inevitable. I was on my way. It was a reason not to admire him, nor to pursue desires.

In the beginning, the source of his power was also the Dark Lord's, which was the opposite of the thousand horses.

By the way, Uranos is a completely different way of walking.

In that case... I'm glad. "Uranos was a little petty because he didn't know the details of Yeon-woo's thoughts while worrying about it.

By the way, Yes Have you ever seen Heaven Horse in any other time? That's an unexpected question.

What do you mean, "I wonder if this grandfather is mistaken. It seems that Thousand Horses seem to know you well." Girl; I didn't know what Lanohok meant. 'Yeon-woo looked this way and saw Yeon-woo's eyes. At that moment, the thousand eyes glowed with a golden coin.


Faaaah! A thousand horses' new statue was about to go out, but he opened up a space in front of the kite. Faster and more powerful than when repelling the Honsefalsa. Even in it, Jill had these feelings.

Flesh (\ @)! Aigoo.! "Chaoang! As soon as Uranos tries to raise his sword to stop the swamp from falling on her head, he appears between the two with a sharp distortion and picks up his attack.

“You're welcome! What the hell are you doing?!” His furious roar echoes through the world. Metatron, Baal, they're looking over here in a hurry.

However, unlike the relaxed appearance that had been before, Thousand Ma was staring at Yeongwoo with a frightfully cold face.

“Despite just mentioning you.

Yeongwoo had to feel the chills along her spine.

My instincts were crying. If we don't get out of here right now, we're gonna die! [WARNING! A colossal being beyond comprehension by this myth reveals a powerful foe to you! The mythological foundation is shaking! Stop playback now!] [Warning! A colossal being that cannot be created by this myth reveals a terrible burden to you! I'm afraid the myth will collapse! Escape from possession now!] [list! With this myth... ….] [I can't stop playing!] is not stopping!] [This myth is forcibly orchestrated by the existence of a giant! The order of the myths begins to crumble!] [Myth Collapses!] [Myth Encapsulates!] with an imminent warning message.

A thousand horses growled.

As if I've encountered something I should never have seen.

“You are destined to kill my son. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to die here. ”