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17.Mythological Collapse (1)

Fate? There is such a thing? That was unexpected.

It's a ridiculous thing to say in a rainstorm.

But his thoughts didn't last long.

“Run, grandson!” Uranos, who barely held back the Heavenly Horse's staff, struggles with his magic.

Guangyang! Yeon-woo doesn't look back, but has to stretch her wings out wide.

[Sixth Solution Awakening] [Power Front Opens] Already he enlightened the wings of the sky, bringing in all the power and myth needed in the body. Of course, the body state was different from the body, so I was able to try to escape quickly.

Hit a thousand horses here or die.

The myth of Haecronus was greatly dizzy because of the collision with Gap or 'Bam'. And now you're going to die here by a thousand horses? It had to lead to complete annihilation. The existence of Chronos is erased and withheld.

That's why it must be hard to survive the myth of the fallen lotus.

No, Thousand Horses couldn't have seen that much. Perhaps the Heavenly Horse did not know that this place was a myth of a creature and that it had read something from the pond that was traveling there.

HUM Jing...... is a peek at all the truths. Especially the Thousand Horse's eyes could look deeper inside.

“No way!” Thousand pushes Uranos aside, grabbing hold of the kith somehow and closing his left hand.

Wheeing! Along with a great workforce (9 | 77), the one-to-one space was seized by him and left. Despite the considerable distance of Yeongwoo, it will all be ignored.

The moment his left hand quickly grabbed Yeon's neck.

I don't know what's going on, but I need you to stop right there. ”Guarren-Kuku! Metatron and Baal soon opened up a space next to the moat and attacked the thousand horses." A white island rises, and a black curse descends on your head.

At the same time, Olympus' scholars appeared and tried to stop Thousand Horses.

Thanks to that, I was able to put a distance back between me and the Heavenly Horse.

“These bastards.” When he missed his target again, he frowned, stifling the impression.

“Get out of my way!" Farsi, Farzig-sur-neung! The golden glow from the Heavenly Horse suddenly erased all the powers surrounding him from the brain-wall.

… umm! If we go wrong trying to save our brother's son, or grandson, we will be ruined. "Metatron held his tongue as if he were embarrassed to look at the thousand horses from afar, but his eyes sank deeply, chasing the thousand horses sharply.

“I don't know why you're after Uranos' cub, but I can't open the way. Phneuma... No, I can't afford to lose the descendants of Phneuma and Curinare so easily. And to go beyond that would be a violation of the Treaty.” Then I wanted to draw my twin swords against the thousand horses. Suddenly, a group of archangels' crowd came and began to surround the thousand horses.

["Daylight (eros)" is unleashing hostility on the thousand horses!] The thousand horses stare at them secretly, their heads alone.

“A deal? That's funny. Does it say that it protects what may be the" egg "of darkness?” “It may or may not be an 'egg.'” ”“ Good. I think so. I laughed furiously.

“Then let's see if we can all say the same after we get back." The thousand horses move swiftly.

Beware of everyone! "with the warning of Metatron.

The day and the thousand horses collided.

Sphincter! ~ What the heck? "" "{'Trying to escape the Thousand Horses' perception while traversing the space without rest.

But the nature and stature of Heavenly Horse are in debt.

There is nowhere in the universe where light is not drawn, so it may be nearly impossible to completely escape his realm of perception.

However, while Uranos et al bought us time, we wanted to get as far away as possible.

It was holding onto any coordinates as it shut down, and it was still opening and tilting, so I didn't know where it was going.

[You have entered the realm of God's society, Deva.] [The gods of Deva are baffled by the sudden appearance of visitors.] [Agni watches over you.] [Varuna suspects you. [Brahma chuckles] [The divine society, Asgard, has made an unexpected impression on the uninvited. [Odin narrows his eyes.] [Thor watches your path.] [You have passed Mempas' realm!] [You have passed the 'Door to Be' realm!] But fortunately, no one stood in his way.

On the other hand, I wondered if this really was the myth of Kronos. It's just a myth, and I'm just amazed that I can embrace and create a whole wide world like this.

[Myth Collapses!] [Myth Collapses!] [Collapse is accelerating! We strongly recommend you escape this myth! If you are immersed in a myth, you may not escape!] Then Yeon-woo was barely able to stop moving until she was almost exhausted.

Even though he had drawn some myths of the body, the body was not as perfect as the body, but there were limits to it. There were no Dragon Hearts or Wise Man's Stones in this body. The overload was already hanging tightly and was rattling around.



However, I was worried that Yeon-ju's gaze would follow me, so I couldn't breathe until I surrounded the boundary several times.

I didn't even know where I was. The coordinates are twisted and difficult to measure. I'm still searching for planets that don't feel the vitality of life, but I don't think I'll have much to look at as long as I have mystical powers. It was a dead planet that wasn't even light because it was pretty far from the stars.

“Now, what do we do?" Yeon-woo changed her teeth. How can things get so twisted?

It was good to realize the sky in Phneuma and to sneak a peek at the secrets of the creation of space represented as "night" and "day." However, I was embarrassed because I didn't expect Heavenly Horse to suddenly show such hostility.


[2: 57: 49_25] [2: 57: 49_24] [You have less than three hours left. We encourage you to achieve your goals quickly and come up with a myth.] Excessive regeneration may cause myth to eat away at the self over time.] The count was falling hard this time as well. It was only this much that made the time roll significantly slowly to the sky in Phneuma.

If it weren't for that, he'd be buried in mythology far beyond the time limit while he was already on the run.

The remaining time was extremely little, and the myth was crumbling at this moment. Perhaps the time limit and collapse are the only predictions he can make.

"Regeneration" rarely showed an end. No, even if there was a spotlight, I couldn't let it go. I had to find a way to recover without collapsing somehow. I couldn't let my father be sacrificed again because of me.

But we have to be able to move freely to find a way.

I didn't know when the Heavenly Horse would appear, so I didn't.

In fact, I didn't even know when he would find out where he was hiding. If there is a thousand horses in Huang, they will definitely have power and power.

“Is Grandpa going to be okay?" I was worried that Uranos, Metatron, Baal, and other members of the Day would be okay. "

I hope everyone's okay. No matter how much the Emperor said he had a relationship with the "day," it was doubtful that he would let those who were perceived to be enemies.

My breasts, they ate.

It's like there's no heavy stone.

Shit “"! ”Yeon-woo clenched her fist.

I had to find a way.

A way to restore mythology together, tying the feet of a thousand horses.

I had to get rid of work quickly because I didn't have much time left.

However, I thought it would be so convenient.

"Nothing, nothing. `There was something touching Yeon Woo's head.

The question is, is there a possibility, and I'm concerned about making the myth more confusing…… he. F. Angle.

I'm fine. No, Dong. Of.

At that moment, a familiar conscience rang into Yeon Woo's head.

[The myth of the 'crawling chaos' is mixed with the myth of self-awareness!] Crawling Chaos' self stares at you and dies.] Your back stands on Jupiter.

What is it? Why do I feel this? Apparently, you saw the Emperor tearing into the Night's Realm. Or did they cross over from here to the Night? Yeon instinctively took her hand to the sword and raised the lightning bolt.

Y-yeah. Do it. [0015] Fig.

I-I can't. Find it.

He laughed at that alliance like it was a joke.

Only then did Yeon-woo realize that he was talking to her in the middle of his soul, not nearby.

Ahh. Ahh. How about this? The crawling chaos slowly spoke while refining the notions into one.

It's good to organize thoughts in a language like this, so it's much more efficient and concise to express than to use medium-grade heating.

Instead, there are disadvantages to the fact that the process is so simple that accidents become unified and reckless... Well, I don't think there's anything better to have a comfortable conversation with. No matter how simple a creature may be, you need to learn something. And he smiled satisfactorily, knowing that he was quite satisfied.

“The myth that separated me... I woke myself up by mixing it with the myth of the dead. I remembered the chaos that roamed on the marshes as soon as I lifted one arm and let Hades' spirit sword devour me."

At that time, I saw a message that the two myths of crawling chaos responded to each other, but I didn't think it was for this purpose.

I'm curious because I can't stand it.. For the chaos that crawled around, Yeon-woo was like no other. The existence of a different time period from the 'day' medical world, which is completely different from 'night'. And since he killed himself, how could he not care?

That's why the chaos that crawls around will never meet a fun opportunity like this again.

And one assumption is wrong.

“What does that mean?” I have never separated myths. Even if I have left unnecessary parts behind. ~ >! ”I recognize the meaning of Yeon-woo and open my eyes. It meant that his own self was the body, and that he was thrown into the realm of the night.

Moreover, he was never going to be able to hurt Yeon-woo, even though he woke up his self. He was slowly digesting because he got eaten up. Even though there were mixed myths, it was great just to keep the self like this.

Truly, it was a mental structure that couldn't be understood by Yeongwoo. What kind of madman would go this far?

That's why Yeon-woo couldn't let him go.

It's a hot house.

'I don't know what kind of public you have. It's better to separate only his myths... "Yeon-woo shines coldly in his eyes.

"Huhu. It's nice to think about trying to get rid of me, but do you think I'll be able to open my eyes for a while? The crawling chaos died.

Yeon-woo quickly raised her head up.

[Thousand Horse's Eye is Coming!] I don't know how it happened, but it seemed that the thousand horses were looking for themselves out of the way of the 'day'.

Light is pulling on a planet that's locked up in the middle of nowhere. A beam of light that glistens in gold. It was a "gaze" mixed with the mind of the thousand horses.

No matter how many layers you overlap, if that gaze is drawn, you will be caught.

Yeongwoo grips her sword tightly, postponing her concerns about the chaos that is crawling around. The mysticism hasn't been restored yet, but it looks like I'll have to try again or try to run from here.

So, as I swallow the drought, I'm wary of the "glance" gradually passing through the planet and coming this way.

May I help you? "An Eye" means that I will help you avoid the gaze of the thousand horses. After you died, I had no trouble moving my ego this way, right? It was awkward to borrow the help of the chaos crawling around, but now was not the time to cover the water fire.

“How can I help?” The Thousand Horses are the Light. Then we go to the dome. They call us "The Night." If so, use that power to hide in the Abdome. “But…….” Isn't there no time? Well, I don't think it'll be hard for you to be my father's heir.

Yeongo quickly nodded to the advice that the strange law could be used in Phenouma's heaven.

[Power, the Pneumatic Sky, is working and interfering with the 'Tiny Roller'!] [Small rollers' rolling speed is significantly reduced.] [Causal rate is working.] [Significantly slows down time over a range!] Yeon quickly slows down the time in her surroundings, then reformulates the structure of the barrier as the crawling chaos tells her.

Understanding the knowledge of other systems is not that difficult, as you have already studied the Emerald Tablet.


[Thousand Horse's gaze is upon you!] [Thousand Horse's gaze has been drawn to the conclusion!] [Thousand Horse's Eyes Live On You!] A beam of light soon settles in his boundary.