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18.Mythical Decay (2)

Yeon-woo was very nervous.

Heavenly horses can see that they cannot even see the gods. Beyond the constraints of space-time, everything can be observed. But in order to do that, there has to be a medium of debt.

It was well known that there was no mistake in the words of the crawling chaos that covered the light with a dome.

But even so, I had to be very nervous when I was being chased.

[Thousand Horse's gaze finds a strange place.] [This is an uncollected area.] [Thousand Eyes Watch carefully around the Seal.] Yeon-woo had no choice but to find nothing and just let it pass.

And I bated my sword just in case.

Though I wasn't trying to raise the spirits on purpose to see if even a little prayer can flow.

It was full of hands due to tension.

[You've got Thousand Horses' Eyes!] I hope that only the same message comes to mind.

[Thousand Ma's gaze marked a sharp question.] [Thousand Ma's gaze did not find anything unusual.] [Thousand Horses' Eyes Away!] The golden beam continues to observe only the strangely distinctive perimeter of the chasm, and eventually leaves for somewhere else.

You're not going to move right away, are you? However, the crawling chaos warned that Yeon-woo might notice something else.

Of course, Yeon-woo did not dream.

Unlike the cynical appearance, Thousands of horses had a very dragon-driven personality. Of course, it was impossible to just leave without any action, leaving behind a place that was unsettled.

[Thousand Ma's gaze is looking this way.] [Thousand Horses' gaze has left!] pretending to leave, but he did it again.

However, after the golden beam of light had completely left, she remained in place for a long time, and was able to move only when there were no more defects.

The sweetness flowed from my mouth. Even if he did not move, the extreme tension was a massive loss of mental strength as well as physical strength. The clothes he was wearing were also cold and nuclear wet.

And 'Yeon-woo looked at the system he had installed with a strange eye.

You can have this effect just by applying some of the laws of the Night. Indeed, the world of knowledge was infinite. And the crawling chaos is one of the foremost intellectuals.

So I thought about it.

I don't know how to deal with this guy.

"The fire is urgent, but you know it's not over yet, right? The crawling chaos noticed the importance of such a breeding ground at once, and naturally began to talk.

He was speaking plainly.

Can you just throw yourself away like this? The chase of the Thousand Horses will be relentlessly.Don 't you need your own knowledge and judgment?

It's already been useful once, and we can turn the tide if we stay with ourselves.

Making a crisis an opportunity. I thought I knew why the Giants and polyps had fallen to his side.

So to speak. Yeon-woo weighed the advantages and disadvantages of keeping the crawling chaos quiet for a short time.

The crawling chaos whispers in a low voice to gain more weight wherever it wants.

The way you first came to mind. I think it's okay. If you use it well, not only can you solve this crisis, but I think you can solve the problems you're facing right now. At that moment, Yeon-woo's face hardened.

“With the information I gained from your possession, I can easily deduce your position. I continued to say that the crawling chaos was nothing.

Possessed by the myth of another person for some purpose, and detained in the myth by unexpected bursts of variables.... If that's the case, it's not uncommon for the man who defeated me in the future to show up at this hour. Right? Although it's amazing that the myth of being is being solved so widely that it's just a myth of being... It's not uncommon to say that you're in such a myth of being. “So? What do you want to say?” Furthermore, in fact, it is not without example that you have suffered a similar crisis. "There are more similar examples?" Does that mean there's a solution? Yeon-woo kept her lips shut and said nothing. I just decided to listen to him more. I wanted to find out more about the hand I wanted to see.

Myth, the work of an individual () sublimates into existence. Deity, class, power... That's where it all comes from. But that's the story of looking at the skeleton all the time.

In itself, mythology is essentially 'storytelling`. all the way through the description. Yeongwoo felt an epileptic sensation on one side of the fish cell chest.

Tales of existence are constantly being told to the world. That way the faithful will be constantly meeting, perceived stronger, and show their faith. It is binding on the law. However, if we reverse this, it means that in order to create and maintain the myth, we only have to keep the narrative's goalkeeper. At that moment, I had an idea in Yeon Woo's head.

“Does this mean all you have to do is steer the story in the right direction?” Yes. All you have to do is make sure the end is clear. Yeon-woo had a glimpse.

If the thousand horses were so fast, if they threw so much distance that they could no longer be of interest to you, the chaos of crawling around was not only discussed, but in fact, the way Yeon-ju had just considered.

But I just thought it could have been more confusing, and I couldn't afford to try it in advance.

However, the chaos that crawled around told me to push the idea of such a alliance.

And I'm proud that I can be of some help. It suddenly occurred to me that Yeon-woo would be wandering around if she could see the chaos.

Wake the Father together. The end of anecdotal mythology follows. “… What about Thousand Horses?” “Unknown. Maybe he went back to the open air library.” Damn it! ”Uranos, nervously in Metatron's answer, walks a stone beak nearby.

Anger rises. It was the first time in centuries that anyone had touched Itorog's mind. Even the scholars who were with him couldn't help but sigh.

Instead of fighting them, the Emperor turned his back and hid his longevity completely, leaving only his identity behind.

“But you'll have to wait a little while, after you tell Malach and the rest of us to search together. Baal tries to soothe him with the sadness of his heart, but the deformed face of Uranos rarely shows any flaws.

In fact, he knew that this was not very comforting.

Thousands are very persistent. And persistent. Such a stubborn nature might have given birth to him today, but there was no greater fear for those who encountered him.

The horrified fangs of a thousand horses staring at a Hospitam. In fact, among the gods and demons that were at odds with him, he was often crossed first by a neurotic agent.

However, it is said that the persistence of Heavenly Horse was given to Yeon-woo. Of course, I felt anxious.

"Daylight" forces, including Malach and Le Infernal, flowed throughout the universe.

It's not easy to find a specific entity in such a vast world.

It would be even more difficult if even the existence was frenzied.

'Obviously there are no more complaints that were just now.... Where the hell did he go? "Why invade the realm without saying anything in advance, and why other societies that flew into the pile are now silent.

Should I think of this as good news, or should I think of it as being backed by a thousand horses?

“This is crazy. The party is so tense, Baal shakes his face and sweeps his head with his hands.

It was too stuffy even when I felt frustrated. I pulled the cookies or candy I left at home like crazy.

No, if I just bite one of the nuts at a time like this, would it be okay? My original hobby was to quit smoking. I think I can go to Deva and ask Brahma for one, but it's too annoying and annoying to do that.

No, maybe.

“I'm sorry about Uranos, but would it be better to say it's good from afar?" Night that the 'Al' candidate is missing. JL: ““ {Baal 'went crazy thinking about it and baked his back head.

“I may be crazy, but I'm definitely crazy. I don't think you should be thinking about useless things." The disappearance of a person who may be the leading candidate for 'Al' may be a good thing to welcome with open arms in the long run.

But Baal decided not to think about such assumptions.

Just because we let our brother's flesh get hurt because we are simply afraid of the Black King, it makes us feel no different from the Black King who betrayed us and turned away in the first place.

I'm afraid of the existence of "Al," but that's something that he has to deal with.

All he could do now was stay true to this time.

So we have to do our best to find him.

And maybe.

Baal's eyes deepened, "Even if it was spotted as an 'egg', if we could simultaneously_link_the progress of Phneuma and_quinales ~ …… we could somehow create a solution."

“They were the ones who crashed that stupid maniac head-on." I'd like to recheck Le Infernal's report while I sort that out.

"Su-yeon, Su-yeon! I found Kronos!" The message flew urgently through the pairing. 39.

Baal raises his head.

What? Where is it? Zaya, under the jurisdiction of Veda. But that's... Why? Is there a problem? Baal was very nervous that he might have found Yeon Woo first.

By the way.

Th-that's not it. Then? Poetry, Poetry! :: What? Baal frowned for a moment as he wondered what this meant.

In his mind, he could not find any connection between finding the alliance and putting up a fight.

But Malphas was also one thing to be confused about.

Went to Viyasa, the guardian god of Zaya, and punched her. Earlier [ The reinforcements who came to rescue Viyasa beat him up and ran away... That's why Deva turned around and is chasing Chronos right now. [200Baal felt like his head was turning pale.

You're being chased by a thousand horses, aren't you? Then why aren't you in Olympus, and why are you ganging up on other societies? But his chaos did not stop there.

As if he had waited, the supplies from the other subordinates rushed out.

In the realm of Asgard, 'Valhalla,' Bali fainted fighting against Kronos, so the pursuit is now a Kronos Fucker "" "! For Minh's injury in Mempas, Chronos...! In the Dilmoon, Olympus will be held accountable for this and declare all-out war! Even in the Jesquenelli, 'Chronosphere::!" What the hell is going on? "

Baal turned his head to the side without even knowing it.

Metatron, who was frozen in the brow like himself, met with the snow.


They seemed to be working hard on similar reports.