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19.Mythological Collapse (3)

Kukukuku...! The sky is ringing.

The dust spilled over the surface of the planet that had just been green while measuring dozens of kilometers of ground flakes, and under it the black lightning started to rain restlessly, warming the atmosphere.

The atmosphere rises rapidly, creating a greenhouse effect with no room to escape and pushing the planet further into the pits of hell. Sulfur fire was dimensioned between the cracked surfaces.

From the point of view of an extinct planet, the situation was expressed in just one letter.


Oh, shit! Chronos! What the hell are you doing? Are you sure that Olympus intends to turn our enemies against Asgard? I will never forgive you! Brünhilda_System (\). This was a point that Asgard took seriously. It is also a place that engages with the realms of Deva, Olympus and Memphas, so we normally deploy considerable troops and remain vigilant.

Their efforts, in front of the appearance of one person, were all bubbles.

"Hahaha! As expected, abandoning 'The Night' and turning it on you was the right choice! I never thought I'd see such a crazy scene in a row! The crawling chaos did not stop at Paan Daeso the whole time I watched the Brinhilda system collapse with Yeon Woo's eyes.

Since I suggested we go with him to find Father.

Yeonwoo said, 'There was no answer about it, but it moved somewhere. The realm governed by another god's society, not by Olympus.

Normally, the gods were quite attached to their realm. Without any further understanding or request for cooperation, breaking and entering was never unusual.

Yeon-woo, or Yeon-woo, noticed the body of the possessed and warned the gods to step aside immediately.

- I'm sorry, but we're gonna have to turn this place upside down, and I want everyone to run for their lives.

Don't worry, the owner of this body will take care of it. You said that a father covers up the mistakes his son committed. Instead, Yeon-woo would accidentally attack them in the future. If she didn't want to get hurt, she told them to leave on her own.

Of course, the owners of the Realm had to fly.

Yeon-woo let go of the mystical power in person, shouting the nonsense that 'I have warned you already, the burden is yours'.

We spread our wings in the sky and drop the lightning at random to see if any planets would survive. We were at the Divine Sovereign rank if we had the power, so we could destroy planets as quickly as possible with our eyes closed and our powers open. However, there was no way the lower gods could withstand the effort.

And after destroying it like that, Yeon caused all kinds of problems by spreading various planets.

The chaos that crawled around made me confused.

It was Yeon-woo who wanted to wake up 'Father' together, but the first thing I thought of was Yeon-woo.

But if you don't give me an answer to that, then you're just poking around other innocent societies, saying, "Here I am! 'and advertise it.

So suddenly I thought, maybe it's a new way to kill myself.

Soon, the chaos that crawled around could soon realize the prey of Yeongwoo.

"Yes. It's best to cover the chaos with bigger chaos.

Pahaha! "The louder she laughed, the more Yeon-woo's impression became.

“I didn't want to do this annoying thing.” Ex: 45: 33 20] 54533 19] Every time the count fell, I felt faint before my eyes.

In fact, what she was aiming for was the place where the Black King was buried.

Rather, it was worrying about destroying Uranos and 'what the day wanted to protect for a short period of time,' but it was not the time for him to avoid the threat of the Heavenly Spirit and end the Chronos mythology.

Of course, he knew that the Black King was hidden in the void.

But the void is vast.

A place that wanders on the outside without belonging to the universe of "day" or the universe of "night." It must have taken so long to explore the specific location where the Black King slept without the concept of coordinates. Even if the crawling chaos helps.

Since Yeonwoo knew that, she thought about dumping the earthly body into the air.

It was impossible to ignore the time limit and search the place.

'But that doesn't mean we can't try and enter the abyss with possession. I don't know how the time difference will fly.` At this time of year, there would be no Harmonia, but there would be no other descendants of the Dark Lord guarding the Gate. '

Even if there was no doorman, opening the "door" directly was a separate area.

"Even if you sneak up on your grandfather, Lee will teach you everything. `No matter how much Uranos cared for his children and descendants, he was a person who lived with the public thoroughly.

Even if you try to find a way to survive, if you ask such a man to do something that betrays his past destiny, he will suffer no harm.


Fortunately, no one knew where the Black King was buried.

No, there were those who knew, even if they didn't.

"The god of death and demons. `The crowd that followed the Black King in this universe.

They used to appear to have a deep interest in the Yeouido since they acquired the Black King's frame one by one.

Despite their respective factions and societies, they did not care about that at all, and sometimes even shared their powers and trials with Yeon-woo, and now they acknowledge him as their leader (Shepardcom).

But on the one hand, he did not hide his hatred for the gods of the other hordes of men who follow the Black King.

If I try to contact them separately, there must be some way.

"The problem is that it's almost impossible to sneak up on only a few of them in this vast universe."

Yeon-woo decided to turn her thoughts upside down.

“If I can't find them, I'll just have to get them all together. `Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.

"Maybe I can break the board and make it impossible for anyone to guess where I'm going. `It was a strategy that Yeon-woo always took when she got hit by the strongmen because she let go of the plague so that she could not take what she wanted.

The user misleads the opposing Pokémon's thoughts and judgments. It can be used to conceal a hand from the opposing Pokémon.

It's the same now.

Yeon-woo purposely provoked and provoked the Heavenly Horse and the "Day," as well as other members of the congregation to forcibly pull the plates aside. Crawling chaos smiles and my valley tries to cover the chaos with even greater chaos.

Then, can I accept that I'm thinking of waking up 'Father`? The crawling chaos understood all of Yeon-woo's intentions and asked while making a sneaky smile.

However, Yeon-woo did not give any answers about it.

Are you up to something else? I laughed as if the crawling chaos was going to kill me.

Well, whatever. Even if you're going to pretend to wake up "Dad," that's not how I'm going to do it. No, rather, the deception that will take place in the process, and the scheme, etc., will be more fun. Yeon-ju still did not dare to speak.

However, unlike other 'night' dependents, the thought was that the chaos crawling around does not seem to have that deep loyalty to the Black King. Sometimes I prayed in such a way that I felt blasphemous.

Just as the gods and demons of this universe think differently, so do all the gods of the other universe. Yeon-woo decided not to think deeply about them anymore.

Now it was more important to focus on this close rope walk. If any bones are clean here, you will die. All I could think about was that.

“Here it comes.” At that moment.

Grrrrrrrrrrr!] A golden beam of light settles on the surface of a planet covered in dust.

"Thousand Horses"? What the hell...! "The gods of Asgard surrounded Yeongwoo and waited for reinforcements from Mainland, were filled with awe at the unexpected existence.

It hurts just because of what Garlic or Yeon did, but why does the Heavenly Horse appear here like a foe to all the gods? However, without their shock, a thousand horses appeared where the beam sank.

He grunts as he sweeps his head up with his hands, his face tightly annoyed. I was dressed for how long, and my face was full of machetes.

“Son of a bitch. You keep training me to poop?” The thousand horses had to struggle because the tribe that disappeared after the mob continued to appear late.

Wherever there was originally light, I should have been able to find Yeon Woo and appear at any time.

I don't know what I'm doing, but I keep getting out of my head from time to time, and if I try to find out how to move to catch it myself, then I'm already out.

So even if I tried to go after him immediately, all the reinforcements who had heard the news mistakenly misunderstood that they had an accident……., Thousands had to go to war with various divine societies unexpectedly. I chased after Yeouido while hitting them, so I couldn't get the speed right.

Thousands of times, after repeated such nonsense, he was only able to catch Yeon Woo's tail.

Not like that, it was all because of Yeon-woo, which made her wrinkle like a seedling for days.

However, it still seemed that the situation was not very good.

[Heimdall is coming! Tur is coming! Thor is coming!] [The Divine Society, the Essence of Asgard, Reveals!] A huge fortress appeared, shaking the dark sky with dust.

Valhalla (\ 3153113).

The Palace of the High Gods of Asgard, including Thor.

I thought it was a ridiculous hoary to hit the youngest son of Olympus Lord…… indeed. You were there, weren't you? In Valhalla, Odin's fury echoes loudly.

Thousand horses' faces were even more distorted.

They seemed to be taking advantage of the alcoholic damage that was happening throughout the universe, not because of the Uranos' tent, which had not yet been adult, but because it was a thousand horses.

It sounded more convincing to me, but the thunderbolt that made me drink unnecessary fights because of smarts or softwood made me angry.

But do it or don't.

[The Divine Society, Asgard, declares all-out war on the Emperor!] [Odin's Might, the Observation of the Three Crows, is triggered!] [The power of Thor, lightning strikes the sky!] [The power of Heimdall, the Rainbow Seven Blades Wind, is raging!] Einherjar, the elite soldier Valhalla holds, marches to the Heavenly Horse in unison.

“Dammit!” Thousands of pissed-off thugs are about to burst a golden stake again.

Wherever he went, Yeon-woo, CheonMa, sent him a breakthrough.

Why, you bastard! I have another gift for you. Pussy ""! Heaven says, "What are you trying to do again? 'I was shocked by the sudden voids around Valhalla.

[Divine Society: Deva's Nature Reveals!]] [God's society, the "Bridge" reveals itself!] [God's society reveals the true nature of Memphas!] All the areas where Yeongwoo had passed have been connected, and many of the divine societies have appeared as one.

Kukukuku! The collapse of the planet is accelerated by the overwhelming amount of cold pressure.

[When multiple gods humiliate themselves, they display a strong adversary to the thousand horses!] And they were presenting a greater homicide to the Thousand Horses, presumed to be behind the attacks than the bitter hail.

No matter how long a thousand horses fly, it wasn't easy to take on all these many gods at once.


Of course I do.

When the Emperor tried to find Yeon-woo who had done this nonsense, he had already concealed his end with the knowledge of 'The Night'.

“Ahhhh! Son of a bitch!” There was a scream, not a thousand horses' screams.

I was buried in an imminent thunderstorm.