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20.Myth Collapse (4)

[Asgard, a divine society, has declared war on Olympus!] [God's society, the Bridge, has declared war on Olympus!] [God's society, Memphas, has declared war on Olympus! [Grunts] You hear that? Why: Shhh. Shhh. Like: Eunji, 'Uranos. ”What's the matter?” God is late- ooh, it's not silly to say], it's right to see. "> There are 7, 1 or 1 Hum" The consolation of the bored' This guy.

After forcibly facing the reality of all the tongue flowing through the oars, † la on the oar, I started running the long way, blushing my face.

My head aches just fighting Gap or Night, and all of a sudden I'm fighting another god's faction at once! If Yeon Woo was in front of her eyes, she might have impulsively broken her arms and thrown her legs on the "night."

But Uranos had to somehow stop the anger.

Even if it wasn't an accident that he owed, it happened once.

I was going to kill Yeon-woo later, but now was the time to make a quick situation decision.

Baal added,

“I can't just hide in plain sight. I can't believe you're running so hard to do something about it. Thanks to you, 1,000 horses will be busy.” Baal grins as he bites a cookie. Until just now, he was also exhausted from the party's sudden fall due to an accident like Uranos. The youngest, Andromelious, 72, recovered from bringing cookies.

“But the problem is, we don't know if it's just another society that's pulling people in to escape the threat of the Heavenly Horse or another public." No matter what the old identity was, Baal was now the Demon King. From his point of view, I couldn't help but like Yeon-woo's accident, although it was a burden. Demons were mostly hemispheres that didn't conform to the body.

However, the assessment of Yeongwoo was about to be calmed down.

I wondered if all this was a piece of a big picture of Yeon-woo trying to get on with her life and work at a dead end, or to bring about the reverse.

If it was the former, he'd be a fool who couldn't handle the afterstorm, and would quickly collapse, and if it were the latter....

“Olympus can be built in the heavens, on its own). You can see it that way." Again! The cookie that was in your mouth was broken.

'And depending on that, the next Reinfernal position will be determined.` Baal knew that Uranos would not have long to take direct command of Olympus.

Unlike myself or Metatron, who had relatively "old" power, Uranos was literally giving up everything.

He said that he would somehow preserve the "Day" camp, and that he would enlarge the center and expand the Olympus he had worked for, so that there were not too few groups.

Even though I might be the most powerful man in the society of the gods right now, I knew it was a sand castle that could collapse at any moment.


Uranos knew more about his condition than anyone else.

In fact, he had already talked to them about the order to be 'in his afterlife ().

“Me and Le Infernal stand on absolute evil, Metatron and_Malach stand on both pillars firmly to prevent the 'day' from collapsing…… If so, we will roll moderately without any separate intervention. `But it is only a treaty with Uranos.

It was not a treaty with his descendants.

"The problem is after that. Even if I try to keep the boundary between absolute and absolute evil, I will have no choice but to pursue my own interests or Metatron's own defeat." The beginning may have started with a virtuous mind, but as long as many eventually led the body to power, I was forced to become selfish.

"The location of Olympus is of paramount importance. The children of Uranos are descendants of those who were once with us... but they have no desire or mission for their ancestors. After all, Olympus' future behavior was much different from" day, "Baal wiped out all the remaining cookies in his mouth and then lightly plucked his hands.

Time passes without hesitation, and ideals must be desired. Where will Olympus go if he forgets the teachings of his ancestors?

There was only one answer.

With the kick of Uranos, who sits on the throne? "But Orqueanos, who is relatively in charge, tries to resemble my father the most, so I hope he sits down... but it doesn't seem that easy. I think he's just gonna sit there after all the commotion. `Baal was hitting a lotus that looked more recent than the fugitive Kronos.

Born of Phneuma and Curinare, the power of the Black King is strong, and there's nothing to say if you have a clever head.

It was clear that he would one day claim the title of Olympus.

"Then you can have faith that you can somehow overcome the fate of 'Al'. Then the day will bloom again. `Baal thought that Metatron's thoughts would not be so different from his own.

I wonder if you know what Baal is thinking.

Uranos would clasp his arms and clasp his beans.

"Honk! Don't you think that little rascal has enough belly?” 1Baal spills his disappearance without my knowledge.

One of Uranos' eyes twitches.

“Damn it, why are you laughing?” “I can't help but boast about my grandson even though it's so long." "l_pack“ What the hell? "Uranos in the world can't escape his love of flesh.

Adoptive children, is that it? Yad-taj has no idea where he went in the cruel past. ”The balance of Uranos turns pale red.

“Enough nonsense! Let's go get that son of a bitch before it gets any bigger! There's nothing here!” Uranos grumbles and moves to the place where Yeon Woo is in trouble. "

“It's a dishonest inspiration.” Baal looks at him and looks at Metatron, shrugged and speechless.

Metatron has just been deep in thought.

“What makes you think that?” “Enoxer.” “. What's wrong with that? Enoxer. Le Infernal Revelation contains the secrets of the universe, called Lemegeton.

"There is. Such a thing.

However, Metatron only glanced at Baal and disappeared along Uranos without saying anything.

Baal's impression crumpled.

“One is neurotic, and the other one has no idea what he's thinking. Do we have to keep going with this?” But I don't know what to do. It's my fault for teaming up with those psychopaths. Baal grumbles and disappears, leaving a note for his right arm.

“Agares, take good care of her.” In second place in Le Infernal, Agares gave no answer to Gatabuta. And Baal didn't care much about it either.

It was his strange nature in the first place because he had been drunk for a long time.


Agares' gaze turned sideways into nothing.

Srrok! The air seems to be peeling off, and as it unfolds, Yeongwoo slowly reveals herself hiding inside.

“Agares. I want you to make a deal." Yeon looks at Zigsy Agares.

I came to him for a very simple reason.

The only way to contact the gods of death and demons without being seen by the leaders of the day is Agares. `Yeon-woo had no contact with the Shinigami and the Devil at this time. Obviously, there were some people who were arguing with thousands of societies, but it was too dangerous.

On the other hand, what about the day when Uranos is missing? It was quite possible.

“Funny. I'm the one who wanted to avoid Baal and the like."

What a funny kid. "But Agares' attitude was pitiful. He raises his nose slightly with his arms raised. Even the downward gaze was mixed with contempt.

It looks completely different from the fanatical obsession he would have seen with Yeon-woo in his original time zone.

However, Yeon-woo was more than happy to see him.

It was the arrogant, self-centered Agarash who made it easier to talk.

“.” That's absolutely right.

Agares' glances crumpled.

- Read, "This is the power you gave me.” “It was originally your trademark. Isn't that right?” At that moment, his expression disappears.

It's like a wax doll, cold and beautiful.

“I don't know what you're going to do, but I'll help you.” Agares rolls one tail up before the kith can finish her sentence properly.

Seems like you don't care about anything but your own interests. Is he always this good at asking? 'No way.` I closed my eyes to the question of crawling chaos.

I couldn't figure out what Agares was thinking.

In fact, Yeon-woo was going to buy his attention as evidence of malignant neoplasia and then offer terms of the deal.

It was the soul of him and his brother that Agares was always obsessed with.

Yeon-woo is thinking of taking away some of the myths that make up her soul. It was a dangerous transaction that could adversely affect your identity and your ability to decline, but now was not the time to cover the water fire.

Agares, however, said he would not listen to the terms of the deal and would only help. Given his cynical nature, that would never have happened.

So this time, Yeon-woo had to be vigilant.

“I don't know what to ask you, do I? I don't think you'll be able to afford it.” Against all odds, Against all odds.

I don't know what happened, but it's still a remaining business. Let's just get on with it, okay? I don't know what kind of public he has, but if he escapes this myth, it's between us. Huff! "The chaos that crawled around laughed at them.

But he had a point.

It was better for Yeon-woo. I don't know what kind of clue he's got, but if it was a down payment, we'd be out of here by now.

“I want you to let me meet Halphas.” “Why are you looking for him?" Number 38, Halfa. The Demon King symbolizes death and war.

At that moment, Agares twitches one glance as if it wasn't enough. I'm looking forward to seeing some delicious candy, and I'm supposed to say that it belongs to a kid who says it belongs to a friend other than himself.

Yeon-woo wanted to keep believing in this guy for a short time, but she decided to keep believing.

“Can't I?” “I wouldn't mind my Eastern soldiers, but that's not him.

And do me a favor, why don't you just listen to me? ”I need to meet a god or a demon who is holding death as a god.” Ugh. Was that it? I never thought there'd be a crazier one than me.

Kmm! That's why I left that mark in the future. ”Agarose 'alone - read the intentions of Yeon Woo or dodged.

Even the frenzy of the laughter is suppressed.

“Good. So any demon of death would be okay?" “That's true.” “Then you'd better avoid Halphas. He's like the commander of the Guards blindly following Baal. Instead, I'll introduce you to someone else.” Agarez waves his hand suddenly. A crack in the space opened the portal wide.

[Demon society, the portal to Niflheim is open!] Niflheim meant I'd introduce you to Hell.

Yeon-woo thought it was better. I had no idea Agares had a face with Niflheim since then, but it was much easier for Hel to deal with knowing his personality.

“Oh, I almost forgot. There are a few things to watch out for before you go in.” Agares looked around the pond before crossing through the portal. I feel ominous about the bitter smile on my mouth.

“I don't know if you know this, but the leader is quite a pervert.

You have to be careful. "3707 was wondering what that meant.

At that moment, there were scenes in my head.

- Woof, woof! - Aah! #\ #! You, I can't even die right now.You 're wagging your tail like a big dog, and you're groaning strangely at yourself.

The head of Niflheim... was their father, Loki, right? What if those guys actually look like my dad? One moment.

Yeongwoo had to feel her back twitching.