Second Life Ranker

21.Mythical Decay (5)

[You have entered the demonic society of Niflheim!] [You are currently surrounded by 'Fantasy Fog' surrounding 'Niflheim'.] [Your position is not allowed. Step back.] [It's a confusing place for cognition. The deeper you get into the fog, the more likely you are to become Mia.

After taking permission, we recommend that you re-enter.] The place where Yeongwoo arrived along Agares was full of mist.

Fog that destroys all senses, from vision to touch.

Moreover, even the spiritual system interfered, and the gods and demons seemed to be caught up in this, so they could not recover their sanity.


[ Remain rational due to 'Cold Blood' trait] [Stun status has been terminated.

Confusion Resistance has been created.] [Renal pain (# 08) is triggered.] [Distracted senses are concentrated into one. The chaotic senses will be corrected again.] [The barrel illuminates the way.] Soon, with a successive message, the world was once again calibrated, and there was no fog dripping.

“I feel unpleasant every time I get used to this place, and I can't get over it.” Agarez shook Yeon-woo up and down as if it were red.

Nevertheless, Niflheim was a society that was so familiar with the fog that its original meaning was the 'world of fog'.

It has a long history of being said that space creation has only just begun to exist.

That's why Niflheim was more proud of himself than any other society.

In a chaotic era where so many societies have crumbled and been reunited, they have kept their power steadily intact, and they boast a great reputation among the transcendents, so how can they not get their strength into their shoulders?

Such pride, however, gave rise to a thorough obstruction.

They had a strong, united, and advanced culture without having to interact with the outside world.

So Niflheim wrapped a thick fog around the outer wall and refused to visit anyone.

Sometimes it only loosens the fog when you allow people to visit you. However, it took considerable time and complexity to get permission, so visitors were extremely rare.

“In the tower, 'it looked like the activities outside were relatively...... Did their tendency to change as they were in the heavens?" Even though Niflheim remembered only the open favors as a brothel, the nature of what they had originally seen was a bit surprising.

After facing this fog in person, I could understand their history as they only knew it in common sense.

In fact, there were mixed ideologies such as' reject ',' push 'and' confuse 'in the fog. And as they went deeper and deeper into it, their intentions such as "curse" and "kill" became clear that they had a closed personality.

Nevertheless, even Niflheim's deficit did not defeat the heavenly bodies and barrels of transition. As Agarose, who already knew how to solve the fog's characteristic of "cognitive_dissonance (850µ hatch)", it seemed strange to her.


There was another person who looked at such a pittance as a ruse.

"Oh-ho! I was hoping some other idiots would play the dragon, but there are two handsome brothers!" The girl is so hot, she's going crazy. Tsutz! With his voice echoing from above, one person walked out again as the fog gradually dissipated. Along with the sound of high heels pounding on the ground, elegant angles appeared, and a woman who looked so beautiful that she thought her eyes would stay still.

^ Mother ""? 'Yeon-woo felt troubled the moment she saw her.

Clearly there was no corner that resembled Mother, but even though the vibe was similar, it was too similar.

Then Yeon-woo narrowed her eyes.

“No, Edora? No. I think Sesha would look similar... - What is this? A group of people quickly overlaps over the face of a woman in bright clothes and disappears.

It frees your mind and favors your opponent, but instead, Yeon-woo feels quite a touch of glamour there.

All of those things felt unnatural.

[Remain rational due to the 'cold-blooded' trait] [Heaven Barrel Opens Eyes.] [A cloth can open your ears.] [Opponent's Hidden Encounter Reveals!] As my head cleared up, I could see the woman's face clearly without any overlapping images.

At that moment, the woman's mouth curled up.

“I didn't think 'cognitive dissonance' would overcome 'masturbation hallucinations (4)', even if I did. I barely recognized Odin's cowardly crows. I love this guy.” The woman slowly approaches and gently strokes her collarbone with her fingertips.

It was a beautiful gesture to make the men's hearts tremble, but Yeon-woo was so unpleasant that she shook her hand.

However, the woman breathed around her lips with a red tongue as if she liked Yeon-woo's attitude better.

“And instruments, too? Intellectual and cold. I love it. Really.” Yeon-woo doesn't even want to go ahead with it, so she looks at Agarez and asks him to do something about it. It was because I had no idea who she was. The woman was now explicitly giving Yeon-woo a sticky glance.

“Don't give me that nagging tone, Loki.” Agarez also looks at the head of Niflheim, the woman, as if annoyed.


Fenrir, Jormungan, Hel. That's how the three brothers' "fathers" representing Niflheim appeared. And I knew that one of the myths representing Danloci was that they were "manipulating gender to make fun of harassment."

“It's even more annoying to see." If you have this unusual hobby, you have no reason to get close.

"Hehe! I don't know what gender is...... but at least I think you look like one of them." I decided to ignore the words of the crawling chaos.

Even so, because Agares warned him, Loki is stepping back, not flirting with Yeon-woo anymore. So I thought I'd be a little grateful.

“I had him first.

You'd better not think so carelessly about mine. ”What?" Oh! What do I do? I enjoy taking possessions more. ”“ Do you want to lose? "Oh! That's it, isn't it? I've always wanted to do this!” Watching Loki cheer for his love of grassy agares as he lived.

Yeon-woo had to take a few steps back.

"Huh-huh.There's a lot of crazy stuff. Yeon-woo seriously had to think that maybe she came into the cave.

Crawling chaos is so fun, it makes me want to die.

“It is our principle that we never accept unauthorized visits... - but we have two handsome brothers who have come, so we have tried to use the power of a girl." Again. Every time Loki takes a step with a big smile, the fog around Niflheim is lifted.

Then came the sights.

It was all beautifully embellished.

A place where the oceans are spread out along a land that is as rich as an island under clear skies. The beautiful landscape of each compartment made my heart melt by itself.

Although it is usually described as Magic Pa where the Devil lives, this place was completely different from those that were once known.

Rather, it has the beauty of forcibly melting the mind. One was rather unnaturally close to Yeon-woo, and it felt awkward. It felt like I was being forced.

Meanwhile, the beasts that saw the snares were leaving the grass and flying in the sky. If the demons of Renfenal are usually in human form, then the demons of Niflheim appear to be in animal form.

Loki explains Niflheim in different ways, but he doesn't pretend to hear Yeon at all. Right now I'm just focusing on observing Niflheim. And it was looking at Niflheim's demons as well, exploring Yeon Woo, a visitor who had just come together.

“Hmmm! That's a lot to take in. Brother, if you ignore her so blatantly, you'll get a girl...!" Then Loki narrows his eyes and looks at the kith. But he had to stop on the way, not say anything.

From a ridge far away from the stars, a massive chase came swiftly. Every time I pumped, the ground shook, soy.

It was Fenrir.

He crosses in front of Loki and suddenly stops in front of Yeon Woo. Then I started sniffing the smell of honey while snorting.

“Does he show interest in other people even though his father is, no, his mother is right in front of him? That's right.” Loki grumbles and looks back and forth between Fenrir and Fenrir, whining that Fenrir doesn't pay any attention to himself. I'm surprised that the person who is most wary of others among his children is curious about someone I've never seen before.

Especially given that Penlor possessed one of Niflheim's most special senses throughout the universe….

“Is there something about this man?" Loki narrows his eyes to the thought that Agares had brought an unusual guest.

As he was always so playful in the beginning, he became even more interested because he was always interested in the existence of the arrogant Agarash like this.

Moreover, what makes Loki more interesting is that the fearsome gods and demons only see the appearance of Fenrir, whereas Yeon Yu is very comfortable dealing with him.

Then Penhir suddenly opens his mouth and bites the bottom of the stream.

At that moment, Agarés, who looked at him as if he didn't like what he was doing, thought Fenrir was going to attack the kite, and then he whimpered his eyes and pulled Margie up.

Rather, Yeon-woo almost touched his hand and blocked his actions.

Fenrir burns a lotus on his back.

Fenrir seems to know what he's trying to say, even if he doesn't say it himself.

“Do you have somewhere to take me, King? Penry smiles happily and nods his head loudly at the question asked by Yeongwoo.

“Yes. I don't know where, but let's go.” Yeon-woo gently strokes Fenryr's neck. Fennlr wags his tail as if he was in a good mood, then jumps back and forth in a different direction from where he came from.

Loki suddenly opened his eyes as if he had lost Yeon Woo in a daze.

Especially Agares, who trembled with furious fists. His face was already frowning.

“Son of a bitch!” Whatever.

Fenrir is running as far as he can while he burns the kite. Spring to winter, desert to iceberg. Different sections swiftly passed in front of the stream, and other places were the tip of a steep cliff.

King! Auwie! Penlìr raises his giant head and keeps talking back to him, until he reaches Howling. It looks like it's looking for something.

You can see a wide open plain below the cliff.


It wasn't like that that caught Yeon Woo's eye.

"Ahh!" The great king's descendant... is finally here, according to the prophecy! In the middle of the plains.

Hel chants a loud prayer over the fiery altar by his side.


[Osiris is coming!] Tergall is coming!] [The Royal Highness is coming!] [K-city - Garba is coming!] [The Ishma-Daiba is coming!] At the front of the altar, the innards of the gods of death and demons come, grabbing one knee and slowly squeezing its head.

They worshipped the king who led them and swore allegiance.

I never thought I'd see you here.

Yeongwoo's eyes grew on their own.